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About our Alumni

What could SRF do for you?

Polly Haight '13

With plans to attend medical schools since before coming to DePauw, Polly discovered a new passion in biomedical research. Accumulating valuable research experience at DePauw, Polly hopes to combine being a physician with her passion for biomedical research

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Becca Maddrell '13

Combining her scientific education and training at DePauw with her passion for social work, Becca hopes to utilize the SRF experience to make the world a better place

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Stephen Hesterburg '13

Finding his true passion of marine biology through SRF, Stephen Hesterburg is now pursuing his research interests at the University of South Florida doing his PhD

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Beth Drewes '08

Finding her niche in Science Research Fellows, Beth Drewes found she loved Geosciences and decided to go to graduate school. She has many options after receiving her Master’s Degree but has not decided yet.

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Erin M. Rees Clayton '01

Receiving her PhD from the University of Michigan, Erin M. Rees Clayton has had many untraditional experiences. She believes SRF proved invaluable for her work in higher education.

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Gregg Wagner '08

Three years into a PhD program with Indiana U. Purdue U. in Indianapolis, Gregg Wagner is currently researching novel protein therapies. Wagner felt SRF helped him narrow the large field of science.

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