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Note: You must fill out an internship agreement form. Request a copy from the Asst. or Assoc. Director 



Frequently asked questions about Science Research Internships (not to be confused with summer job 'internships'). 

Any and every student is eligible but the most likely candidates are those who have completed at least two years of college education and preferably, three years with a GPA of above 3.0.  SRF Students are required to do a second research internship after their first experience on campus.  It can be at DePauw or elsewhere!   

1. Who is eligible for an off campus internship? Any student is eligible to apply for an off campus internship. We are happy to provide the resource information for you. It is up to you to make an appointment and ask. 

2.How to I find an internship? 

 Google® Research Experience for Undergraduates or check DePauw Science Department websites and bulletin boards. Information is easy to obtain if you look for it!  Start now.

3. What is needed to get an internship

Good grades (3.0 gpa+), letters of recommendation from faculty members, typically a resume and cover letter (depending on the location) to accompany the application (usually found on-line). You must also start early. Oct./Nov. is the best time if looking for a summer internship.

4. How can I afford an internship? 

Most summer science internships provide stipends and many provide housing and transportation allowances. What a great summer experience for a science student! Start looking now and apply early. 

Looks like I forgot to add the last few summers ('14-16). Let's skip ahead to summer of 2017:

Summer 2017:

  • 3 Students will be in Boston at Harvard University for 2 different programs in Biochemistry and Biology

  • 2 students- University of Cincinnati--R.E.U. program

  • 1 student-Eli Lilly Co.; Indianapolis (Computer Science)

  • 1 student-Eskanazi hospital; Indianapolis

  • 1 student- Indiana State University; Geosciences dept.

  • 1 student- Stanford University; California

  • 1 student- Rice University

  • 1 student-DePauw Astronomy Dept.

Summer 2013 Internships:

  • Sam Anderson ('14); University of Wisconsin-Madison; REU Biochem

  • Alli Caplinger ('14); DePauw Univ. Dept. of Psychology

  • Vincent Guzzetta ('14); Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Woods Hole, MA

  • Caitlin Handy ('15); Indiana University Herman B. Wells Center for Pediatric Research

  • Clare Hasken ('15); Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison; REU Biology

  • Carter Mikesell ('14); Herman B. Wells Center for Pediatric  Research; Indianapolis

  • Seth Mills ('14); Univ. of Cincinnati; REU/SURF program; Dept. of Pharmacology

  • Cole Rodman ('14); DePauw University Dept. of Chemistry

  • Robert Wieland ('14); University of Louisville, School of Medicine, Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

  • Mike Curts ('14); Colorado State University; Toxicology Lab

  • Carly Dutkiewicz ('14); Iowa State University REU; Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

  • Drew Rohm-Ensing ('14); Purdue University; Physics Dept. REU

  • Lauren Salay ('14); University of Kentucky; Biochemistry Dept. REU

  •  Hengshuo Zhang ('15); Fall semester 2013: Oak Ridge National Laboratories, Tennessee

Summer 2012 Internships:

  • Huo, Da 'Christopher' ('13); DePauw Univ. Dept. of Computer Science

  • May, Megan ('13); University of Tennessee-Knoxville

  • Gale, Christina ('13); DePauw University; Dept. of Chemistry

  • Haight, Polly ('13); Univ. of Cincinnati; College of Medicine; Dept. of Environmental Health

  • Hesterberg, Stephen ('13); South Carolina Dept. of Natural Resources; REU program

  • Johnson, Allana ('13); DePauw University; Dept. of Computer Science

  • Kukurugya, Matt ('13); Duke University; Dept. of Marine Science; Lake Mattamuskeet, North Carolina

  • Wei, Yucheng ('13); DePauw University; Dept. of Computer Science

  • Whitney, Alicia ('13); DePauw Univesity; Dept. of Biology

  • Brauer, Ethan ('14); Argonne National Laboratory

  • Burgeson, Jack ('14); Ohio State University; Dept. of Neuroscience

  • Conard, Ashley ('14); Informatique Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Brussles, Belgium (spring semester '12)

  • Guzzetta, Vincent ('14); Eli Lilly and Co/ELANCO; Indianapolis

  • Hindsley, Ethan ('14); DePauw University; Collaborative independent study--Depts. of Biology and Biochemistry

  • Hoover, JD ('14); DePauw University; Dept. of Computer Science

  • Ni, Yandan 'Joey' ('14); Carnegie-Mellon;  Dept. of Materials Science/Engineering; Pittsburgh, PA

  • Ohler, Chelsea ('14); Univ. of Illinois at UC; Beckman Institute; Lifelong Brain and Cognition lab

Summer 2011 Internships:

  • Catie Baker ('12): National Institute of Standards and Technology; Gaithersburg, Maryland

  • Elizabeth Botts ('12): DePauw Univerisity; Dept. of Biology; NIH Grant

  • Lindsey Bauman ('12): Indiana University, Motor Control Lab; Dept. of Kinesiology; Bloomington, Indiana

  • Courtney Brimmer ('12): Duke University Medical School; Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology

  • Jimmy Burgess ('13): Aerospace Corp; California

  • Schuyler Cook ('13): DePauw Univeristy; Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry

  • Jonathan Cripe ('12): University of Florida International REU; School of Physics and Astronomy; University of Birmingham, England after orientation session in Paris, France (!)

  • Tanmoy Das('12): Children's Hospital Boston; Dept. of Cardiology

  • Jianling Fang ('12): Pennsylvania State University; Distributed Research Experiences for Undergraduates; University Park, PA

  • Kelsey Gagesch ('12): University of Chicago; Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology Dept.

  • Rachel Gearinger ('13): Wells Center for Pediatric Research; Riley Children's Hospital; Indianapolis, IN

  • Maria Haag ('13): Univ. of Missouri; Dept. of Animal Science

  • Kelly Harms ('13): Vanderbilt University; Nashville, Tennessee

  • Katherine Hill ('13): DePauw University; Dept. of Biology; NIH grant

  • Kelly Hoerst ('13): Johnson and Johnson Co.; San Diego, California

  • Matthew Keinsley ('13): DePauw University; Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry

  • Sarah Kortebein ('12): University of Tennessee; Dept. of Microbiology; Knoxville, Tennessee

  • Ruizhe Ma ('12): Argonne National Laboratories; Argonne, Illinois

  • Megan May ('13): Mount Desert island Biological Laboratory; Salisbury Cove, Maine

  • Elias Oziolor ('12): Harvard Medical School; Mucosal Immunology Labs; Boston, Massachusetts (Spring semester thru Summer)

  • Alessandra Pistoia ('13): Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratories; Crested Butte, Colorado

  • Amy Richmond ('13): IU Center for Biological Microscopy; Wihsard Memorial Hospital; Indianapolis, IN

  • Rachel Rominger ('13): Eli Lilly Corp; Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Xinyi 'Sunny' Wang('12): Johns Hopkins School of Medicine; Baltimore, MD

  • Elizabeth Weingartner ('13): Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Dept. of Vertebrate Genomics; Berlin, Germany

  • Brad Wethington ('13): Aerospace Corporation; California

Summer 2010 Internships:

  • Brian Allman: NOAA National Marine Fisheries, Seattle, WA

  • Maggie Baber: Research and Discover Program, University of New Hampshire

  • Julia Beck: National Science Foundation REU program at University of Southern Alabama

  • Siobhan Deis: DePauw Univeristy, Dept. of Chemsistry, Dr. H. Eppley

  • Ryan Edelen: Eli Lilly Corporation, Indianapolis, IN

  • Bryan Edwards, Bloomington Bone and Joint Clinic; Bloomington, IN

  • Paul Elliott: Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore, California

  • Diane Fernandez: Mucosal Immunology Labs, Harvard University

  • Noe Flores: National Science Foundation REU program, Colorado State University

  • David Hanger, Univeristy of Illinois-Chicago, Dr. S. Olson Labs

  • Rebecca Maddrell: Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL

  • Elizabeth Medlock: US-EPA-Mid Continent Ecology Division, Deluth, Minnesota

  • Paul Mooney: SURP program; University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine

  • Cody Roldan: School for Field Studies; Turks/Caicos; Bahamas

  • Katie Summers: Indiana University School of Medicine, Dept. of Cellular and Integrative Physiology

  • Kelly Summers: Eli Lilly Corp., Indianapolis, IN

  • Michelle Whitehead: Independent Study, DePauw University, Depts. of Mathematics and Physics/Astronomy

  • Liz Anichini ('12): DePauw University; Dept. of Biology; Dr. Janet Vaglia; NIH grant funded

  • Virginia Bruce ('12): DePauw University; Dept. of Biochemistry; Dr. J. Roberts, FDC funded

  • Annie Collier ('12): Wells Center for Pediatric Research, Riley Children's Hospital, Indianapolis, IN

  • Kelsey Gagesch ('12) : DePauw University; Dept. of Biology, Dr. W. Hazel, Mellon Grant funded