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Note: You must fill out an internship agreement form. Request a copy from the Asst. or Assoc. Director 

1. How do I find an internship? 

Be savvy and make use of multiple resources: This DePauw website includes many science examples of off-campus opportunities. Talk to peers and upperclassmen about their external research projects, as that might directly connect you or give you related ideas. Talk to your faculty members and look at DePauw Science Department websites and bulletin boards.  Google® Research Experience for Undergraduates for NSF-funded summer opportunities and use Indeed.com to search for research opportunities (you can limit the search to particular locations). Information is easy to obtain if you look for it!  Start now.

2. What is needed to get an internship

Good grades (3.0 gpa+), letters of recommendation from faculty members, typically a resume and cover letter (depending on the location) to accompany the application (usually found on-line). You must also start early. Oct./Nov. is the best time if looking for a summer internship.

3. How can I afford an internship? 

Most summer science internships provide stipends and many provide housing and transportation allowances. What a great summer experience for a science student! Start looking now and apply early. 

Here are some examples of recent external summer research internships:

  • Harvard University for 2 different programs in Biochemistry and Biology

  • University of Cincinnati--R.E.U. program

  • Eli Lilly Co.; Indianapolis (Computer Science)

  • Eskenazi hospital; Indianapolis

  • Indiana State University; Geosciences dept.

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison; REU Biochem

  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Woods Hole, MA

  • Indiana University Herman B. Wells Center for Pediatric Research

  • University of Louisville, School of Medicine, Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

  • Colorado State University; Toxicology Lab

  • Iowa State University REU; Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

  • Purdue University; Physics Dept. REU

  • Oak Ridge National Laboratories, Tennessee