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INTERNSHIP LOCATIONS and what's new for summer 2018

Keep in mind that internships are becoming increasingly competitive as all colleges/universities are encouraging their students to obtain these important and valuable hands-on experiences. The best advice we can give is: Keep up your grades and make sure you have lined up faculty members to write a good letter of recommendation. Apply early. Get help with cover letters and resumes from the Office of Experiential Education (DPU Hubbard Center) for professional appearance and content. Apply to as many as interest you. Do not limit your applications to specific geographic areas. Talk to other students about their internships. Talk with faculty. And most importantly, Do not wait until the last minute to apply.

What have I received for Summer 2018 so far:

The DOE Scholars Program is open to undergraduate and graduate students, and recent graduates majoring in science, engineering, technology, mathematics, and other related areas.  U.S. citizenship is required. Benefits: Stipends start at $600 per week depending on academic status. Travel to and from the appointment site for participants who live more than fifty miles, one-way, from their assigned appointment site.   How to Apply: Applications and supporting materials must be submitted at   Application deadline: December 15, 2017, 11:59 PM ESTFor more information:  Visit or contact

 Tarleton State University is now accepting applications for our 2018 summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program funded by the National Science Foundation. The overall project is "restoring cattle ranches for sustainable land and water resources." Successful candidates will receive up to $750 in round trip travel from home institutions, free on-campus housing in an apartment style dormitory, a $550 weekly stipend, $70 weekly food allowance, and basic medical insurance. If you or anyone you know is interested, please feel free to contact me anytime ( or visit our website ( for more information.   Research opportunities:


This is the beginning of the 2017 posts but remember--many of these are offered year-after-year...Look 'em up. Amgen Scholars: Program is assoc. w/ 10 different universities; US citiz., 3.2 gpa, interest in pursuing a PhD, early Feb. deadline,

Oak Ridge National Laboratory: App. open now *until Dec. 31, 2016; Stipends generous and based on academic status, travel/housing assistance, min. gpa 3.0/4.0, US Citizen, legal perm.res. and eligible international citizenship,

584 different paid summer research programs for undergraduates:

355 different graduate programs in STEM:

Tips and resources for applying:

Follow us on Facebook:


Univ. Pittsburgh;Dept. Pharmacology/Chem.Biology: see flyer by SRF office; May 22-July 28 (10 wks); $3500; housing/travel funding; App. opens Nov. 1; closes March1 but rolling acceptance so now better than later;

Eli Lilly: Chem/Biochem/Biology majors: see flyer on board by SRF office; 12 week projects; GAP min. 3.0; chem and biol. classes with labs; $14.50/hr.; no housing provided but DPU can help find. January 31 deadline; Resume, research summary of your undergrad. research, or

Dow AgroSciences; Chem and Biol. majors (juniors),  Apply NOW thru November 1st; Location in Indianapolis; May-August; housing offered; stipend; go to for general information and search for links to applications depending on your major. This is also available to international students enrolled in a US college/university.


Summer 2016: U.S. Locations (Why are these still listed? Because many repeat each year...check the individual websites to see if the internship is renewed for the current summer.)

General REU site (Research Experience for Undergraduates): This is the best place to start! or or   Don't be discouraged by the size of this file--there are so many opportunities offered by the National Science Foundation. You can search based on your individual interests or major. 

2/24/16:  North Dakota State University; REU in Developmental Physiology and Ecology of Solitary Bees and Honey Bees "Pollination Nation"; Dept. of Biological Sciences; NDSt. Univ; 10 weeks (may 23-aug 7); stipend and housing provided; travel expenses too; 2 positions: 1) characterization of the physiological mechanisms regulating larval develmt. in different species of bees. 2) field work to maintain local populations, experimental studeis of adult behavior and performance and ensure availability of samples. In addition to online application you need a personal statement and CV and 2 academic references. (see the poster by my office) to with subject title: REU Position Summer 2016; This is the application:  Follow the rules!

2/16/16: MedIX:MEDical Informatics eXperiences; Univ. of Chicago/DePaul Univ; 10 weeks; June 13-Aug. 19; $5000; US citizens; must be rising sophomore but not graduated; cannot have another job or take classes in summer; C.S. Mathematics, Biology, Neuroscience and related fields. Application deadline March 4; Application here and information

2/9/16: Internship opportunity with former SRF student, now PhD in N.Dakota...Critical examination of the model for insect body size determination: the mechanisms of body size variation in bees (NSF proposal).  Contact Tavia if interested.  Deadline in March..act now

2/9/16: Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory; Columbia University; Earth Institute.  Rising sophomores (!)/juniors, US citizens only. Feb. 15 deadline; Earth, Ocean, Atmospheric and Environmental science.  Research projects involve climate, biology, field work, lab. and modeling studies==analyzing global databases. $5000 stipend, housing, travel allowance,.   or Dr. Dallas Abbot for more info: 

2/9/16: Neuroscience Summer Research NSF funded: 9 wks; stipend and housing; 1st gen. and underrep. strongly encouraged to apply; genetic model systems, neuromodulation, cellular responses to neurotrauma, rodent behavioral assessment, cognitive and stress neuroscience. Joint venture betw. Ohio Wesleyan, Kenyon, Earlham, Coll. of Wooster.  for more infomation:    apply by March 11: 

2/9/16: Cneter for RAN Biology: Columbus Ohio; Ohio States Center for RNA biology; 9 weeks; generous stipend, housing, meals. elgibility: 3.5 GPA, Interest in pursuing a PhD in RNA biology; Jr./Sr. standing. May 23-July 22; Deadline is Feb. 15; only contact info I have is (Zack Mikesell)

2/4/16: Biomedical Science at Univ. of Alabama, Birmingham:Sophomores/Juniors interested in careers in biomedical sciences. US Cit. stipend and housing; Feb. 15 deadline; June 2- July 29;   This program is a different one that next one on this list.

2/4/16: PARAdigm: Univ. of Alabama Birmingham: June 2-July 29; stipend/housing; This is preparation for Graduate and Medical Education career options; NIH funded program. App. is due by Feb 15, 2016;

1/27/16: Urban Water Innovation Network; 8 wks (June 6-July 29); $4000 plus extras; great locations (CO, NJ, AZ, CA); see website for projects to choose from; publication when done; prep. for grad. school incl.; US residents only;; Deadline for application is Feb. 5.

1/7/16: Seismological Research: Deadline to apply is Feb.1, 2016. stipend, travel, room/board, housing. requirements: 3.0gpa, 2 sem. math, 2 sem.physics, seismology or geophysics course suggested, CS programming a plus (Java, Matlab, C++, etc)

1/7/16:National Center for Toxicological Research at US FDA in Jefferson, Arkansas. US citizens, 2.5gpa, phsics, math, stats, cs., life sciences.   Deadline to apply is February 19, 2016; flyer is on SRF bulletin board

10/29: US Dept. of Homeland Security; HS_STEM Summer Internships: $6000 stipend; 10 weeks in summer; C.S., Math, Physics, Chem., Biol, Envir.Scie, US Citizens only; Deadline is Dec. 16th, 2015; and

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN; or email: for additional information or questions.  Deadline is October 9th for spring semester!  Areas of research include: materials, neutron sciences, energy, high performance computing, systems biology and national security.  16 weeks; spring semester 

Cincinnati Children's Hospital SURF (Undergrad.Research Fellowships) for 2016 will be open in November, 2015:

Roche Diagnostics has internships:; STEM internships Job ID: 00441859  Christine Webster will be at DPU for Career Fair and do an information session: WED. Sept. 30; 6:30-7:30 pm; contact her if interested in learning more or attending the session:

US Dept. of Energy Scholars Program: Application deadline is Dec. 15, 2015.  Physical sciences, Physics, Mathematics and Statistics, Environmental science, Computer Science, Infor. Technology. Many locations in which to be placed. US citizens only. Jobs and Internships available

National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bethesda, MD Student Research Opportunities:

Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, Long Island, NY;

American Astronomical Society; REU Site (approx. 30 sites listed):

 Amgen Scholars Program in Biotechnology:;

 Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL;

 Mayo Clinic; Undergraduate Research Internships;

 Washington University, St. Louis, MO; unergraduate research internships:

 Howard Hughes Medical Institute; Janelia Undergraduate Scholars;

 University of Missouri, Columbia; 

 Mountain Lake Biological Station, University of Virginia, Mountain Lake, VA 

 Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory; Batavia, IL for Physics majors;

 Rocky Mt. Biological Station, Crested Butte, Colorado; 

California Institute of Technology; SURF (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships) or MURF (Minority Undergraduate Research Fellowships) MANY to choose from 

I know some of you have heard about the opportunity at Mass. Gen'l Hospital/Harvard/Mucosal Immunology lab; you cannot apply for this independently; you must go through the SRF office after talking with Tavia about it in the fall semester; resume/cover letter/2 rec. letters/junior status/good gpa required; Deadline for appl. is late November, 2015. 

 American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists Jobs online:

 Ornithological Society of America posts summer jobs on-line at

 Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Jobs online:   or

 E.P.A. Research and Devleopment Job Opportunities for Students and Recent Graduates: Check this one out! Many opportunities :

 DAAD/Rise; Research Internships in Science/Engineering; Biology/Chem/Physics/EarthSciences; in Germany (!); This is a great program and NO you don't have to speak German. You will work with German PhD students, there is a cultural emersion segment at beginning of summer; we've had several DPU students do this one and they loved it.      for summer of 2016--Apply between 12/1/15-1/15/16:

 University of Cincinnati Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships: has several different programs depending on your interest. They bring in over 1500 students per summer. Other opportunities: PSTP - Summer Physician Scientist Training Program

 SURPCC - Summer Undergraduate Research Program in Cancer and Cell Biology

 SURPN - Summer Undergraduate Research Program in Neuroscience

 CCHMC - Undergraduate Summer Student Program at the Cincinnati Children's Research Foundation

 STING - Summer Training IN Genetics in the Department of Molecular Genetics

 NIH- Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Functional Genomics and Cell Biology

 SPEP - Summer Premedical Enrichment Program Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine

 REWU - Research Experiences for Women Undergraduates

 NSF REU Site Program in Membrane Science, Technology, & Applications

 ASPET SURF - Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Pharmacology, Toxicology, & Pharmaceutical Sciences

 REWU - Summer Program, Research Experiences for Women Undergraduates


International Locations

 Combining an internship with a semester/summer study abroad program can be coordinated through the DePauw Center for Experiential and International Education (now called Hubbard Center) and the SRF Director. Plan well in advance (1 yr) to organize these incredible academic opportunities.

 New! EURO Scholars: European Undergraduate Research Opportunities: EuroScholars is a unique study abroad program for advanced undergraduates whereby students can conduct research at a high caliber institution while taking a language and culture class. The EuroScholars program is targeted at highly talented students from the USA and Canada. These students are welcome to request more information on this innovative program. Select a research program of your choice from and fill our the application form. Then contact the project supervisor to discuss a match between your interest and the research project and sign the learning agreement. Select from 12 leading European Research Universities. 500 (Euros) scholarships available for students with 3.5 gpa.   Talk to the Hubbard Center about this one!

The School for Field Studies--The Hubbard Center has info on these programs too. (Note: These are not necessarily 'research' programs and must be pre-approved by SRF Director)

 Most DePauw Science Department websites have links to summer internship information that they have received. Some information is shared. Some isn't. Note for DePauw University International students: 

Other Information we have received:

Iowa State University; CenUSA bioenergy Research: 

New STEM program in London, Spain, Italy

National Center for Toxicological Research (NCTR), U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in Jefferson, Arkansas.

Student, Alumni and Faculty Research Opportunities at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) – Oak Ridge, TN Opportunities for qualified students and faculty to participate in hands-on research in a real-world setting with award-winning scientists  Higher Education Research Experiences (HERE)· Undergraduates, Post-BS and AAS, MS, PhD and Faculty – Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics (STEM) majors · Stipend based on academic status ·Travel/Housing assistance (if eligible) ·Full-time and part-time appointments · Professional development activities  Minimum GPA  - 2.5/4.0· U.S. Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident (LPR)

Nuclear Engineering Science Laboratory Synthesis Programs (NESLS) ·      Undergraduates, – Majors related to Nuclear Science and Nuclear Policy; Engineering; Physics; Nuclear Medicine; Stipend based on academic status; Travel/Housing assistance (if eligible); Full-time and part-time appointment; Professional development activities; Minimum GPA  - 3.0/4.0; Open to U.S. and International Citizenship Visit or contact ORNL Education Programs at for more information!

Univ. of Knoxville: Department of Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biolog Sensing and Signaling in Biological System; Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)The BCMB Department at UT-Knoxville will once again offer a special REU program for undergraduates interested in hands-on scientific research experience. The broad focus is on Sensing and Signaling in Biological Systems. The team of REU faculty represent multiple modern scientific disciplines including cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, physical chemistry, and computational biology.We especially encourage rising sophomores and rising junior undergraduate science majors to apply.Underrepresented minorities, women, and first generation college students are also strongly encouraged to apply. Applicants must be a US citizen or a permanent resident. More information and on-line applications are available at our web site at:  or email

Check to see if these still exist:

Univ. of Louisville; Plant Biology, Biochem, Development, Ecology, Genetics, Genomics and Molec.Biol; . 

Summer ORISE program at CDC (Centers for Disease Control); Chem and Biology students; Appointment is thru Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education; application found at  Resume, transcript, recommendations. 

 REU on Sustainable Land and Water Resources; One of three locations (teams)--St.Anthony Falls Laboratory-Univ. of Minnesota, Salish Kootenai College, Montana, Fond du Lac Reservation in northern Minnesota. see for more info. Deadline soon.

 DAAD RISE-Germany internships (don't have to speak German) will be on line as of 12.6.12   Available to US and International students 

VanAndel Research Institution, Michigan:  

Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship Program (SULI) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)!! ORNL is the largest science and energy laboratory in the Department of Energy system.  Scientific programs focus of materials, neutron sciences, energy, high-performance computing, systems biology and national security.  Visit to discover some exciting reasons why ORNL offers a great internship experience! Benefits of the spring SULI program include: 

  • 10 weeks (June 3-August 9) engaged in a research project under the direction of a laboratory scientist or engineer
  • career development workshops
  • laboratory tours
  • stipend of $500 per week
  • travel reimbursement (for those who qualify)
  • housing allowance (for those who qualify) 
    Contact Julie Malicoat at for additional information!

Dow Internship: R&D internships are available in several chemistry, biology and computer science related disciplines, including (but not limited to) biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, microbiology, plant breeding, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, surface chemistry, engineering (chemical, biological, material, or optical) and informatics (bio and chem).  All R&D lab-based internships will be located at our global headquarters in Indianapolis, IN, and field internships will be located at any one of our 15+ field/breeding stations located throughout the US.  This is a paid internship (salary is based on year completed in school and any relevant experience), expecting 40 hour/week work schedules for 10-12 weeks during the summer months.  Housing is significantly subsidized and provided to any student whose permanent address is greater than 45 miles from our site.  Attached is our brochure; please feel free to print it out, post it or distribute it to your students as you deem appropriate. Please encourage your students to submit electronic resumes and cover letters via email to   If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email at

 University of Michigan School of Public Health. We are interested in sharing information with you and the students at Depauw University about our summer program in public health. Next summer, we will invite 50 undergraduate students who are interested in learning more about public health to our campus for a 9-week experiential experience with a final week spent at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, GA. The program pays for round-trip transportation from the student's home to Ann Arbor, MI; accommodations in a university residence; and a stipend paid in 3 equal payments over the summer. The student will have the opportunity to be engaged in a local-area public health organization to get real-life experience as well as seminars/workshops about the field and graduate study.

Here is the link for you to have a preview of the program:
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
Sincerely, Susan Frazier-Kouass

REU in Sensing and Signaling Research for Undergraduates--May 28-Aug. 3, 2012; Cell Biol; Genetics; Biochem; Biophys; avail to sophomores and juniors; $5000 stipend; travel, housing, supplies;

 https//; deadline for application is Monday, March 30

 Western Kentucky University; NSF-REU in INvestigative Biotechnology--Runs May 29-August 3, 2012; Rising Juniors and Seniors; must have taken core courses in sciences, Biology--Chem--Math--C.S.; $500 per week stipend, housing, meals, travel allowance, lab supply monies. Applications accepted on rolling basis means 

 University of Las Vegas REU for Environmental Microbiology; big stipend (5000.00) airfare and housing in dorm; Program runs June 4-Aug. 10, 2012; for application. Deadline for application is March 9, 2012. You need one page statement of interest, transcripts, and one letter of recommendation from science faculty member.

 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey--RiSe (Research in Science and Engineering) Summer 2012 program;; over 30 programs in sciences/math/ etc. biomedical, sustainable fuels, nanotechnology for clean energy, stem cells, cullular bioengineering, pharmaceutical engineering, etc. stipend, housing and travel allowance; rolling application means apply NOW--once positions are filled--that's it.

Marine Environmental Sciences Consortium: REU Marine Sciences Fellowship: Dauphin Islande Sea Lab; 12 weeks; $5,400 stipend, room & board , travel assistance; Application deadline: Feb 12, 2012: Online application/ college trascripts, 2 letters of rec. and statement of career goals and research interests:


For more opportunities; Dauphin Island, Alabama


The Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship (MLEF) is a 10-weekpaid summer internship with opportunities in the USDepartment of Energy, Office of Fossil Energy, for womenand minority students who are currently enrolled in Science,Technology (IT), Engineering, and Math majors at anaccredited college or university. MLEF MISSIONProvide opportunities for educational advancement andcareer development through an award winning internshipprogram for women and minority students in Science,Technology (IT), Engineering and Math. ELIGIBILITY: Applicants must be a US citizen; Undergraduate students completing their sophomore year in Spring 2012 through PhD candidate; Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above Application deadline is December 31, 2011. The start date for the summer internship program is June 4, 2012.For more information about DOE/FE and to complete theMLEF application, please visit our webpage: Email:

 Georgia Tech; Chem & Biochem undergrads; May 21-July 27 (10 wks); NSF-REU and 3M Corp; $5,000 stipend, travel allowance, housing. Must be US citizen, Analytical, Biolgoical, Inorganic, Organi c, Physical and Polymer chem; Dealine for application is Feb 15, 2012; Notifications by March 30. also check out Chemistry Summer theory Program, Organic Photonic and Electronic Materials Program and Aquatic Chemical Ecology Programs all REU's at Georgia Tech

 An American in Paris--Pasteur-Paris University International Program; 2012 Undergrad. Internship Applications due Dec. 16, 2011; US Citizens in Jr. or senior year only;

 Univ. of Cincinnati College of Medicine and Cincinnati Children's Hospital Summer Undergrad Research Program 2012 is now up! Feb. 15, 2012 deadline; ; for students in STEM disciplines; for more info:

 US Dept of Homeland Security; STEM Summer Internships; $5000 stipend; 10 weeks; C.S. math, chem, biology, environ science; Projects located at National research laboratories--Argonne, Idaho, Livermore, Los Alamos, Oak Ridge, Pacific Northwest, Savannah River, Appl is open NOW!

 Oklahoma State University; Dept. of Psychology; Biological basis of human and animal behavior; REU Summer 2012: Program dates: June 2, 2012-July 29, 2012 ; Applicaiont Deadline: February 1, 2012; To be eligible, students must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident who is currently enrolled in an undergraduate program. Students must be returning seniors, not receiving their bachelor’s degree before December 2012. Each student will reside in a campus dormitory (at no cost to the student) and receive $500 per week to cover food and other living expenses. Students will receive a $500 travel stipend to pay for their travel to and from campus and a $500 additional stipend, if students present research at an academic conference.;

Graduate School Information:

Department of Energy' The Office of Science Graduate Fellowship Program
The Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science (SC) has established the DOE Office of Science Graduate Fellowship (DOE SCGF) program to provide support for outstanding students to pursue graduate degrees and research in areas of physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, computational sciences and environmental sciences relevant to the Office of Science, and to encourage the development of the next generation scientific and technical talent in the U.S.
Fellows will receive a $35,000 yearly stipend for living expenses, $10,500 per year for tuition and fees and a $5,000 research stipend supplement for research materials and travel expenses. Fellows will be required to attend the annual DOE SCGF Research Conference to be held each summer at a DOE national laboratory. Travel expenses and accommodations to the Conference will be provided by the DOE SCGF program. .
For more information about the program, eligibility, benefits and application visit
The DOE SCGF program is managed by the DOE Office of Science’s Office of Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists ( ) (WDTS) and administered by the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education ( ) (ORISE). 

The University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine provides an outstanding environment for the training of future veterinary scientists through our combined VMD-PhD (DVM-PhD) program. It's an excellent way for you to continue your education while impacting the future of medicine for humans and all species. Find out more at