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SRF Research

The Science Research Fellows program allows students to conduct research along with faculty in multiple departments, facilitating critical thinking along with knowledge of research methods

Lizard Fever

Students Ethan Hindsley '14 and Alicia Whitney '13 studying Lizard Immunology for summer research

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Fusing Art and Science

Students, along with Prof. Daniel Gurnon, create life-like models of protein structures

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Parachuting Frogs

These students turned fun into a scientific experiment by studying the parachuting behavior of frogs falling through the air

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Sights and Sighs

Along with Professor Michael Roberts, students study art appreciation by tracking eye movements

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High Speed Classical Phenomena: Imaging, Analysis and Education

Is running barefoot better than running with shoes? Using advanced imaging, these students is deriving insight by analyzing such question with a high-speed camera.

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Climate Sensitivity of Trees in Putnam County

Students collected and analyzed samples from trees in the DePauw Nature Park to examine the patterns of weather change

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