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Research Experience I- HONR 291

Through the half-credit HONR 291 course, SRF sophomore students carry out research with DePauw faculty during the fall semester. Examples are listed below.

Fall Semester 2017: HONR 291 Sophomore Yr. Research Experience I

Prof. P. LaFontant
Dept. of Biology
Models of Cardiac Regeneration B. Davis  
K.Hester  C.Washam      
Prof. S. Lee                     Dept. of Biology Diversity and Function in Stream Shredder Communities S.Congress
Prof. R. West   
Dept. of Neuroscience and Psychology
Why our Brains do BAD things M. Kaur 
B. Kirby   
K. Mattson
D. Um
Prof. J. Hansen
Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Flow Chemistry in Organic Synthesis & Drug Discovery E. Grubbs  D. Cordero
Prof. D. Gurnon                        Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry Characterizing Rare Disease Mutations S. Araki  M.Black   J. Reinke
Prof. J. Hale                              Dept. of Physics & Astronomy Fluid Dynamics: Scattering Droplets P.K.VanDyck

Fall Semester 2016:
HONR 291 Sophomore year research experience I

Prof. P. LaFontant
Dept. of Biology
Cornary Vascular Development R. Berwanger
G. Coffing
P. Patel
H. Walther
Prof. W. Hazel
Dept of Biology
Prof. K. Stewart
Dept. of Computer Science
Using Simulations to test Hypotheses
about the Evolutionary Biology of
Human Twinning
M. Hoover
B. Richardson
A. Vespoint
S. Wilder
W. Harsha
Prof. R. West
Dept. of Psychology &
The Self and Feedback Processing: How does
your sense of agency and rsponsibility influence
the processing of gains and losses? --and--
Decision Marketing Informaton Security
K. Malley
Q. Nguyen
Prof. M.Kertzman
Dept. of Astronomy
Looking at datasets to get measurement of high 
energy electron spectrum and indirectly look
for dark matter
M. Bigler
Profs. P. Babington &
Dept. of Kinesiology
Competitive Swimming Variable on Human
Performance (Work, Power, Strength)
N. Greenberg
L. Hudgins
A. Randall


Fall Semester 2015   This is now a sophomore class research experience=HONR 291 (0.5 cr)

Prof. H. Schneider
Dept. of Biology
Could Antidepressants be
Used as a Smoking Cessation
McKenzie Allaben
Ben Kusber
MaryAnn Etling
Emily Budde
Prof. W. Hazel
Dept. of Biology
Differences Between Migratory and
Non-Migratory Milkweed Bugs
(Oncopeltus fasciatus)
Johnathan Pai
Michael Littau
Lexi Miller
Prof. M. Petreaca
Dept. of Biology
The Importance of LIGHT/TNFSF14 in
Neutrophil Function
Liz Aquilar
Maddie SMith
Michelle Wiebe
Prof. B. Hanson
Dept. of Biochemistry
Effective Workflows for Metabolomics Brian Saulnier
Prof. N. Shifa
Dept. of Mathematics
Cluster Analysis of Explanets Jacob Boudreau
Prof. N. Shifa
Dept. of Mathematics
Visualizing the Mean Kevin Harlley
Prof. N. Shifa
Dept. of Mathematics
Investigating the Impact of Coal Bed Methane
Hydraulic Fracturing of the Water Quality of
Turtle Creek, Indiana
Tristan Stamets
Nick Meszaros

Fall Semester, 2014

New program changes have us in a transitional year. The Cl. of 2018 students will do their small group research in Fall, 2015 (new course title HONR 291)

Prof. D. Dudle
Dept. of Biology
Mapping an Invasion: The Expansion of Phragmites australis in the DePauw Nature Park from 2012-2014 Lateral Entry students; Cl. of 2017:
Kaitlin Berry
Clay Langley
Peter Steiner
  • Fall Semester, 2013
    Prof. J. Hale
    Dept. of Physics
    Big Wheels Keep on Turnin' Jia Qi
    Allison Foster
    Danielle Dattilio
    Stephen McMurtry
    Aaron Zell
    Prof. J. Bendix Dept. of Biology Variability in Antipredator Responses of Cricket Frogs Erika Kischuk
    Madeline Lee
    Scott Espich
    Sam Lohmar
    Diana Zajac
    Prof. N. Shifa
    Dept. of Mathematics
    Multinomial Logistic Regression Model for Predicting Intensity of Tornadoes Based on Length and w
    Caleb Akers
    Nathaniel Smith(resulted in publication)
    Prof. N. Shifa
    Dept. of Mathematics
    The Effect of Diabetes on RDI as a Measure of Sleepdisordered Breathing Using GEE Angela Hacker
    Prof. N. Shifa
    Dept. of Mathematics
    Derivation of Function of Energy Estimation for VERITAS (Very Energetic Radiation Imaging Telescope Array System) Jiaxin Su


  • Fall Semester, 2012
    Prof. J. Mills
    Dept. of Geosciences
    Dendroclimatology in Putnam Co., Indiana Ben Harsha
    Rudra Vishweshwar
    Weiqing Zhang
    Julia Roell
    Peter Konieczny
    Prof. J. Hale
    Dept of Physics/Astronomy
    High Speed Classical Phenomena: Imaging,Analysis and Education Hannah Lukemeyer
    Tao Qian
    Sterling Brooks
    Nick Moore
    Michael Tobin
    Heather O'Brien
    Prof. S.Ross
    Dept. of Psychology
    The Psychology of Csikszentmihalyi's Flow:Investigating Components of Flow and Relations to Personality Maya Arcilla
    Doug Tipsword
    Hengshuo Zhang
    Ellie Hoover
    Adam May

  • Fall Semester, 2011:
    Prof. Jim Mills
    Dept. of Geosciences
    Evidence of Climate Change in Putnam County through the Last 150 Years Caitlin Handy
    Megan Morrison
    Carly Dutkeiwicz
    Mike Curts
    Garth Synnestvedt
    Prof. Daniel Gurnon
    Dept. of Chemistry
    Visualizing Protein Dynamics Sam Anderson
    Ben Cox
    Haley Pratt
    Erin Komornik
    Ben Fisher
    Prof. H. Schneider
    Dept. of Biology
    Biology of Serotonin and Nicotine Clare Hasken
    Doron Kantor
    Seth Mills
    Lauren Salay
    Scott Gryspeerdt
    Prof. H.Brooks
    Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
    Seeing the Invisible Sky Quincy Abarr
    Madeline Perry
    Drew Rohm-Ensing
    Xin (Alice) Zheng
    Fall Semester, 2010:
    Prof. Dina Leech
    Dept. of Biology
    Gender Bending: The Effects of Atrazine on Freshwater Zooplankton Communities Ariana Borello
    Ethan Hindlsey
    Robert Weiland
    Stephen Hesterberg
    Alicia Whitney
    Prof. Louis Smogor
    Dept. of Mathematics
    The Great Forest: A Mathematical Exploration of Gokigen Naname, a Japanese Puzzle Andres Adams
    Vincent Guzetta
    JD Hoover
    Christina Gale
    Brad Wethington
    Prof. Hilary Eppley
    Dept. of Chemistry &  Biochemistry
    But are the Good for Anything? Preliminary Investigations of a New Class of Metal-containing Ionogels Ashley Conard
    Carter Mikesell
    Cole Rodman
    Polly Haight
    Matt Kukugurya
    Prof. Howard Brooks
    Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
    Cosmic Rays Studies in the Stratosphere Ethan Brauer
    Allison Caplinger
    Luke Miller
    Yandan 'Joey' Ni
    Yucheng 'Vigo' Wei
    Prof. Michael Roberts
    Dept. of Psychology
    Additive Effects from Multiple Primes Jack Burgeson
    Chelsea Ohler
    Jon Stroman
    Jimmy Burgess
    Allana Johnson
     Fall Semester, 2008:
    Prof. Dan Gurnon
    Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Investigating Protein-Protein Interactions in Human T-cell Lymphotropic Virus Type I Liz Anichini,
    Lala Tanmoy Das
    Katherine Janowski
    Tanner Miller
    Kelly Summers
    Prof. Louis Smogor
    Dept. of Mathematics
    Decisions, Decisions Brian GroendykeKreigh KammanCourtney BrimmerSiobhan DeisZimu Yang
    Prof. Terri Bonebright
    Dept. of Psychology
    Perception of Emotion in Utterances:  A Neuroscience Project Annie Collier
    Jennifer Rutkowski
    Xinyi (Sunny) Wang
    Paul Elliott,
    Diane Fernandez
    Prof. Alexander Komives
    Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
    A High Altitude Cosmic Ray Detector Lindsey Bauman
    Ginny Bruce
    Sam Cheesman
    Bryan Edwards
    Michelle Whitehead
    Prof. Pat Babington
    Dept. of Kinesiology
    The Influence of Skin Receptors on Neuromuscular Excitability Jackson Beatty
    Kelsey Gagesch
    Max Hudson
    Paul Mooney
    Katie Summers
    Fall Semsester, 2007:
    Prof. Dan Gurnon
    Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Gene synthesis of a control peptide for protein characterization Noe Flores
    Nicki Hewell
    Elizabeth Medlock
    Nida Berhanameskel
    Graham Williams
    Prof. Louis Smogor
    Dept. of Mathematics
    Grey Codes in Black and White Wes Cleveland
    Erin Connerley
    Becca Maddrell
    Kasey Aderhold
    Abel Yehdego
    Prof. Terri Bonebright
    Dept. of Psychology
    Debriefing for Perception of Infant Vocalizations Project Maggie Baber
    Ryan Edelen
    Kevin Pereira
    Andrew Porter
    Prof. Alexander Komives
    Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
    The Design of a Constant Altitude Observation Platform using Solar Balloons Steven Benner
    Gretchen Kasting
    Daniel Bampoh
    Hoa Li
    Yavor Kovachev
    Prof. Tim Cope Dept. of Geosciences Exploring drainage basin properties on fault-block mountains using GIS Brian Allman
    Julia Beck
    Eric Hawley
    Christopher Neal
    Neil Fitzharris
    Prof. Dana Dudle
    Dept. of Biology
    Investigating variation in plants' responses to touch among families of Apocynum cannabinum David Everson
    David Hangar
    Matt Howes
    Vanessa Mock
    Jamie Grivas
     Fall Semester, 2006:
    Prof.Wade Hazel
    Dept. of Biology
    Crypsis: What is the Significance of the Photoperiod Effect? Kyle Foster;
    Darrin Hinkel
    Michael Lutz
    Kate Mittendorf
    Elizabeth Newell
    Prof. Dan Gurnon
    Dept. of Chemsitry & Biochemistry
    Investigating Protein-protein Interactions in Human T-cell Leukemia virus type HTLV-1 Steven Cudney
    Elizabeth Heiser
    Chris Mahnken
    Jessie Ann Pa'ahana
    Prof. Andrew Ellett
    Dept. of Mathematics
    Sudoku Puzzles: If a system is modified, how is our understanding changed? Megan Carmony
    Amy Coleman
    Allyson McLoed
    Jyotishman Nag
    Brad Riley
    Prof. Alexander Komives
    Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
    Muon Detection and Special Relativity Ian Boyd
    Jessica Kendziorski
    Amanda Meyer
    Cody Roldan
    Brian Spector
    Prof. Terri Bonebright
    Dept. of Psychology
    Perceptions/First Impressions or How do Humans Categorize things ('unit bias') Alison Case
    Cody Glover
    Michael Forde
    Ben Golden
    Tia Malcom
     Fall Semester, 2005
    Prof.Jim Benedix
    Dept. of Biology
    Local Adaptation and Acclimation by Bluegills to Shifting Water pH Levels: A Tale of 120,000 Breaths. Allison Barnes  
    Megan Bowker    
    Zac Keller    
    Jac Cooper    
    Haley Grace
    Prof. Tim Cope
    Dept. of Geosciences
    Using GIS to determine stream winding and gradient in River Morphology Alex Breitinger   
    Emily Rigsbee    
    Michael Gentry 
    Staci Hollar   
    Megan Zimmerly
    Prof. Louis Smogor
    Dept. of Mathematics
    Creating Statistical Tests and Mathematics of Puzzling          David Moore
     Lindsay Schroeder   
    Kate Ziegelgruber  
    Sara Tomasic 
    Eric Wudkte
    Prof. Kelly Van Busum
    Dept. of Computer Science
    Robotics  Linnea Zielinski   
     Tram Nguyen    
    Chad Byers     
     Erica Ross   
    Sean Teska
    Prof. Alexander Komives
    Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
    Neutron Decay  Dan Bennett
    Nikki Stone
    Caragh Cooper
    David Cheeseman
    Inna Kulheyko                
    Prof. Kevin Moore
    Dept. of Psychology
    The effects of ovulatory status on perceived appearance   Matt Cleverly  
    Summer Drake  
    Lauren Huff  
    Andrew Kehr  
    Megan Morgeson


    Fall Semester 2004
    Prof. Dana Dudle
    Dept. of Biology
    Evolutionary Ecology of an Abandoned Limestone Quarry Suzanne Donoval 
    Jessica Boyer
    Evan Dickerson  
    Bryan Helm
    Lissy Garland
    Prof. Jim Mills
    Dept. of Geosciences
    Paleothermometry of Mississippian Limestones in the DePauw Nature Park Andrew Bever 
    Beth Drewes  
    Lauren Guggina   
    Phil Mooney
     Nich Vetz
    Prof. Louis Smogor
    Dept. of Mathematics
    Analysis of Properties of Some Mathematical Systems Rupak Shivakoti  
    Karl Koehler 
    Josh Wyant 
     Femi Akeredolu
    Gregg Wagner
    Prof.Henning Schneider
    Dept. of Biology
    Molecular Basis of Locomotion and Aggressive Behavior in Zebrafish Jeremy Alland   
    Jesse Bright  
    Bryce Lynn  
    Erin Swisshelm    
    Libby Allard
    Prof. Alexander Komives
    Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
    Electron Collimator Design for the Measurement of the Electron-Antineutrino Correlation in Neutron Decay  Taron Davis   
    Sara Carlson  
    Jeff Tienes 
     Kyle Kimberlin  
    Betsy Feighner               
    Prof. Kevin Moore
    Dept. of Psychology
    Evolutionary Psychology and Human Behavior Erin Andrade  
    Lauren Auld   
    Sam Rund  
    Jesse Williams   
    Marissa Yochum