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Research Experience I- HONR 291

Through the half-credit HONR 291 course, SRF sophomore students carry out research with DePauw faculty during the fall semester. Examples are listed below.

Fall Semester 2017: HONR 291 Sophomore Yr. Research Experience I

Prof. P. LaFontant
Dept. of Biology
Models of Cardiac Regeneration B. Davis  
K.Hester  C.Washam      
Prof. S. Lee                     Dept. of Biology Diversity and Function in Stream Shredder Communities S.Congress
Prof. R. West   
Dept. of Neuroscience and Psychology
Why our Brains do BAD things M. Kaur 
B. Kirby   
K. Mattson
D. Um
Prof. J. Hansen
Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Flow Chemistry in Organic Synthesis & Drug Discovery E. Grubbs  D. Cordero
Prof. D. Gurnon                        Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry Characterizing Rare Disease Mutations S. Araki  M.Black   J. Reinke
Prof. J. Hale                              Dept. of Physics & Astronomy Fluid Dynamics: Scattering Droplets P.K.VanDyck

Fall Semester 2016:
HONR 291 Sophomore year research experience I

Prof. P. LaFontant
Dept. of Biology
Coronary Vascular Development R. Berwanger
G. Coffing
P. Patel
H. Walther
Prof. W. Hazel
Dept of Biology
Prof. K. Stewart
Dept. of Computer Science
Using Simulations to test Hypotheses
about the Evolutionary Biology of
Human Twinning
M. Hoover
B. Richardson
A. Vespoint
S. Wilder
W. Harsha
Prof. R. West
Dept. of Psychology &
The Self and Feedback Processing: How does
your sense of agency and rsponsibility influence
the processing of gains and losses? --and--
Decision Marketing Informaton Security
K. Malley
Q. Nguyen
Prof. M.Kertzman
Dept. of Astronomy
Looking at datasets to get measurement of high 
energy electron spectrum and indirectly look
for dark matter
M. Bigler
Profs. P. Babington &
Dept. of Kinesiology
Competitive Swimming Variable on Human
Performance (Work, Power, Strength)
N. Greenberg
L. Hudgins
A. Randall