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Summer Research 2016

Summer Research begins on Tuesday, May 31. The SRF students who have just completed their sophomore year will be on campus for a 9-10 week summer intensive research project alongside faculty members. It's a fun summer living in your first apartment and getting to know a community of passionate young scientists-in-training.

Prof. Sharon Crary
Dept. of Chemistry/Biochemistry
 (1) RNA-protein interactions in Ebola virus & (2)  Creating a rapid diagnostic assay for Leishmaniasis


Ben Kusber, Mary Ann Etling
Prof. P. LaFontant
Dept. of Biology
Coronary Angiogenesis during Cardiac Repair and Regeneration Johnathan Pai
Prof. J. Hale
Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
Fluid Mechanics, Nuclear Scattering andthe Fabric of Space-time Jacob Boudreau, Tristan Stamets
Prof. Sarah Lee
Dept. of Biology

Biodiversity and Ecosystem functioning in Indiana Streams Michael Littau, Lexi Miller
Prof. Janet Vaglia
Dept. of Biology
Secrets of the Salamander: A study of tail dynamics during development Michelle Wiebe, Brian Saulnier
Prof. K. Stewart
Dept. of Computer Science
Brainwave authentication Kevin Harlley, McKenzie Allaben
Prof. J. Mills
Dept. of Geosciences
Reconnaissance Mapping of the SouthwesternSt. Francois Mountains, Missouri Nick Meszaros
Prof. Robert West
Dept. of Psychology
--title-- Emily Budde