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Summer Research 2018

Summer Research begins on Tuesday, May 29, 2018. The SRF students who have just completed their sophomore year will be on campus for a 8-10 week summer intensive research project working alongside science faculty members. It's a fun summer living in your first apartment and getting to know a community of passionate young scientists-in-training.

Prof. J. Hansen
Dept. of Chemistry/Biochemistry
 A flow process for the aldol epoxidation reaction 


Cuong Vo and Sang Truong
Prof. D. Gurnon     Dept. of Chemistry/Biochemistry Characterizing rare genomic variants in lactate dehydrogenase Morgan Black and Kassidy Mattson
Prof. H. Eppley      Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry Exploration of metal aggregate formation in ionic liquids Gina Federighi
Prof. P. LaFontant
Dept. of Biology
Nerve Regeneration during Corneal Repair; Endocardial Contribution to Cornonary Development; Nerve Guidance during Zebrafish Coronary Development Cassie Washam, Preet Kaur, Kamil Hester, Daye Um
Prof. J. Hale
Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
Design, Construction and implementation of an interferometric microscope for thin film measurements and What is keeping it Afloat? Droplet rotation reversal and lubrication forces. Christian Mulmat and Momoka Goto
Prof. Sarah Lee
Dept. of Biology

Describing biofilms in Indiana streams using flow cytometry Sarah Congress and David Cordero
Prof. M. Petreaca
Dept. of Biology
Characterizing the effects of nutraceuticals on the resolution of inflammation Anna Foley and Julia Grace Reinke
Prof. C.Byers and S. Bogaerts
Dept. of Computer Science
Machine learning and the Birds of a Feather Challenge Juan Pablo Arenas-Uribe and Shuto Araki
Prof. B. Howard      Dept. of Computer Science Applying Functional Programming to build a Secure Operating System Rodman Myers
Prof. S.Wilkerson
Dept. of Geosciences
Seismic interpretation and cross-section balancing in the Hudson Valley Fold-thrust Belt, NY Benjamin Magnin
Prof. Robert West
Dept. of Psychology and Neuroscience
Deciding to Be Bad: Neural Correlates of Information Security Brittany Davis, Bridget Kirby and Katharine Yancy