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Imani Winds promo shotVirtual Master Class: DePauw University Band and DePauw Symphonic Band

Guest Artist: Imani Winds

September 29 • 4:00 pm EST

The members of Imani Winds lead the DePauw bands in a master class with topics including learning to listen and play with chamber music ears in a large ensemble and having the technique and musicianship to be flexible with the variety of styles in a given collection of pieces. Imani Winds will coach students in repertoire and hold a Q&A session at the end of the master class.


Quince Emsemble promo shotFrom Sounds to Symbols and Back

Guest Artist: Quince

Date: Tuesday, Oct. 13 • 8 pm EST 

How do you interpret a comic strip in song? Members of Quince Ensemble talk about graphic notation - an alternative to sheet music. Participants will have a chance to explore their unique voices in sound making and in the creation of their own graphic score. 


Contemporary Choral Music with Quince promo shotContemporary Choral Music with Quince

Wednesday, Oct. 14 • 7-8:30 pm EST

Quince discusses asynchronous music making and explores extended vocal techniques with the DePauw Treble Choir. 


Workshop with Fifth House Ensemble promo shotWorkshop with Fifth House Ensemble: Artistic Programming

October 26 • 6:30 pm EST

Programming is about so much, much more than the tasteful selection and ordering of music—yet this is where many program ideas leave off. Are you really telling with your programming and connecting it to your audience in the most effective way? Learn how programming relates to venue and site selection as well as how to pick the right partners both within and outside of the arts. In this workshop we’ll arm you with the right questions to pose of potential partners, explore the role of commissioning, and survey approaches to programming across a variety of spaces both traditional and adventurous. Your artistic programs will never be stale again after this invigorating plunge into sonic storytelling.


Deep Listening and Social Impact promo shotDeep Listening and Social Impact

November 19 • 6:30 pm EST

First pioneered by composer Pauline Oliveros after an inspiring trip to a cistern with a 40-second reverb near Seattle, Deep Listening is a practice with a number of community and education intersections motivated by the idea that making and experiencing music is everyone’s birthright. Through an array of activities including active listening walks, rhythmic machines, improvised text scores, and movement exercises, Deep Listening provides an astonishing array of tools for communal music-making. Strategies for guiding improvised compositions as well as designing musical experiences for participants of all backgrounds will be explored, as we experience how Deep Listening’s emphasis on mindfulness and play can transform people’s sense of agency and bring about new ways of relating to one’s environment.


Workshop with Fifth House Ensemble: Bios, Resumes, and Interview Skills promo shotWorkshop with Fifth House Ensemble: Bios, Resumes, and Interview Skills

December 3 • 6:30 pm EST

Preparing to graduate and enter the job market? It’s time to tell your story in print and in person. This workshop covers the basic materials you’ll need to have updated and at the ready when applying for work as a performer, educator, or administrator. We’ll also show you how to focus your materials to create the best match between your experience and the needs of a prospective employer, and role-play interview scenarios (the good, the bad, and the ugly).