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Nanami Mezaki '23

Nanami MezakiProject Mentor: 

  • Jacob Hale, PhD

Other Student Authors:

  • Ben Wilkerson

Project Abstract: 

Droplet Impact  Part 2: Engineering a Droplet Generator 

Prior droplet impact research at DePauw used a syringe to pump fluid through a tube to create a droplet. This method generated ~2.5mm diameter droplets with secondary satellite droplets that formed during pinch-off and influenced rupture upon collision with the main droplet. Furthermore, the large diameter caused the droplet to experience significant oscillation as it fell, making it difficult to control impact shape without changing impact velocity. Part of this summer’s research focused on adapting pre-existing designs for droplet generators to build our own version that creates small, consistent droplets without interference from satellite droplets or jets (which form at high speeds/large diameters).

Nanami Mezaki Poster