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DePauw Research

Students engage in scholarly and creative work across campus through collaboration with faculty members and participation in four-year programs that include substantial research opportunities.

Departmental Research

Art & Art History
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Computer Science
Physics and Astronomy
Sociology & Anthropology

Honors & Fellows Programs

Honor Scholars
The Honor Scholar Program is open to DePauw students of any major who show unusual promise and commitment to the development of the life of the mind. Each year a small number of carefully selected first-year students are invited to participate in the program and the special opportunities it presents. Students select their own major, enroll in highly interdisciplinary, discussion-based seminars, and pursue a major capstone thesis project conducted with faculty members.

Science Research Fellows
The Science Research Fellows (SRF) program is an honors program for outstanding students interested in studying science and getting significant hands-on research experience as an undergraduate. Our program prepares students to be top candidates for post-graduate study and a wide variety of careers in science.

Environmental Fellows
The most pressing challenges of our times require an understanding of the ways the environment sustains and intersects with every facet of our lives – science, technology, human health, war and peace, politics and culture. The Environmental Fellows Program prepares students to deal with this complexity.