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DePauw offers financial support to students pursuing research, scholarship and creative activities during the academic year and the summer.

Attending Undergraduate Conferences
Students who have been accepted to present a paper or poster at a conference may apply for funding to help with travel, housing and meals. Support comes from a variety of funds, including the:

Student Research & Artistic Grant Application
Applications should be submitted by the 15th of every month, and will be reviewed on a monthly basis while funding lasts.

Note: Students may also apply for funding to attend and present at conferences through

Eligibility: Students must be in good academic standing and have no incomplete grades in regular semester courses to be eligible for funding. Graduating seniors are eligible to receive funding for conference activities completed by June 30.

Note: Students who wish to attend a professional conference, but have not been accepted to present may apply for funding to help with travel, housing and meals from the Hubbard Center or the Hartman Center.

Student Research or Creative Projects
Students pursue research and creative projects as part of their senior seminars, in independent study classes, as part of an off-campus study program, and as part of the summer research program. Students also pursue competitive opportunities off campus during their academic career and after graduation.

On-Campus Summer Research Program
Upperclass students can engage in 8-10 week collaborative research with faculty members during the summer. Faculty members submit an application for a Student-Faculty Summer Research Grant. Students are selected by faculty members and are expected to submit a statement as part of that application.

Sponsored Research with Faculty
Students of all class years wishing to pursue research projects collaboratively with faculty members or research projects with faculty sponsorship that take place during the academic year or that do not last 8-10 weeks in the summer can apply for funding to support their work.

Application for Funding to Conduct Undergraduate Research in Psychological Science

Application for Funding to Conduct Undergraduate Research, Scholarly or Creative Projects (in all other disciplines
Students funded through this application process can receive funding from a variety of endowed funds, including the J. William Asher and Anne F. Harris Endowed Fund in the Humanities, the William and Dorothy A. Asher Endowed Fund in the Social Sciences, the J. William Asher and the Melanie J. Norton Endowed Fund in the Sciences, and the Frank W. Howes Student Summer Grant. 

Competitive Opportunities Off Campus
Students regularly pursue competitive opportunities as part of their undergraduate experience as well as after they graduate. These include competitive fellowships, such as the Goldwater and Udall Scholarships, research experiences for undergraduates (REUs), and a variety of supervised research internships. Some students also pursue research as part of semester study abroad programs, such as Euroscholars, School for Field Studies and School for International Training. These can be explored further on the off-campus opportunities page.