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Resources for Doing Scholarly and Creative Work

You aren't alone. Whether you're just getting started or are nearly complete with your scholarly or creative project, there are a number of resources across campus to help your project be outstanding!

Faculty advisors and the associate dean of undergraduate research are good places to start if you're looking for ways to get started, including who can serve as a research advisor, what ongoing research opportunities exist, and how to find funding.

Digital Scholarship
Digital scholarship consists of using digital sources and/or digital methods when doing scholarly work, and communicating results via digital platforms. Librarians  are great resources in getting started with digital scholarship, while staff in information technology can help with digital media and music technology. The GIS Center can help with visualizing data spatially and temporally.

DePauw librarians are an incredible resource to help navigate the process of finding sources and using resource guides, citing sources and sharing your work. Whether in person or via Ask the Librarian, there's tremendous support across our libraries.

Want to see what faculty and other students are doing? Visit the Scholarly & Creative Work library page, where you can search by author or discipline. 

Academic Resource Center
Writing consultants can help you polish your writing, helping with thesis, organization, development and voice. The Speaking consultants can help with preparing a presentation or performance, as well as organizing ideas and preparing visual presentations. Quantitative tutors can help with incorporating and writing about your quantitative work. 

Funding & Opportunites
Check out the DePauw Funding link and the External Research Opportunities Link for more information. Or you can reach out to the associate dean of undergraduate research for additional help and guidance to search or apply for funding and opportunities.