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The Frank W. Braden Award

The Frank W. Braden Award Program was established in 1989 by the late Mr. Braden, a long-time Decatur County resident and 1923 DePauw University graduate. Mr. Braden was a native of Greensburg and created this program to provide awards to Decatur County students who attend DePauw. 

Number and amount of Awards: Although the number of awards may vary from year to year depending on income available from the endowment, we will offer at least one award each year which covers tuition, room and board and textbooks.* The annual value of the award for 2019-2020 is:

Tuition $51,736
Room & Board & Fees $14,762
Book Allowance $800
Total $67,298


The only additional costs to be paid by the student are DePauw’s fees which are currently $868, book fees above $800 and other personal living expenses. 

*Tuition aid may include a combination of institutional and/or state grants.

Eligibility: Residents of Decatur County, Indiana are eligible to apply; however, because Mr. Braden was raised in Clay Township, within Decatur County, DePauw University particularly hopes to receive applications from Clay Township and North Decatur High School students. 

Application Process: To be considered for the Braden Award, candidates must submit the following to the DePauw University Office of Admission by February 1, 2020

  1. A complete, Early Action DePauw University application for admission including an official high school transcript, official test score results on the SAT-I or ACT, a letter of recommendation, and School Report; 
  2. A letter of interest, highlighting the applicant’s name and township of residence. The letter should address the following two questions, in no more than three pages: 
    1. Why is the scholarship important to the student and his/her family? 
    2. What are the student’s three most substantial accomplishments?

The letter may be sent to Benjamin Hatchett, Assistant Director of Admission and Braden Award Liaison, at

Selection Criteria: Selection will be based on academic performance and personal merit (ambition, work history, life objectives and goals, leadership potential) as highlighted in the letter of interest and interview.

Interviews: The DePauw University Office of Admission will review applications and select students for will select students for interviews, which will be held in February 2020. Those selected for interviews will be notified of the date and location by Benjamin Hatchett and the DePauw University Office of Admission. Students not selected as Braden Award recipients will be considered for any and all other need-based and merit award opportunities at DePauw University. 

Renewal Criteria: The Braden Award is renewable annually for up to a total of four years (eight semesters). Recipients must maintain a 2.75 cumulative grade point average in their DePauw courses and remain in good academic and social standing. The program administrator will review students’ standing annually and may terminate the scholarship if a student has not maintained the required grade point average or has been subject to disciplinary action. If a student receives an “F” as a final semester grade in any course the scholarship may be withdrawn. 

Requirements for Accepting the Award: While financial need is not required to receive a Frank W. Braden Award, Braden Award recipients are required to file annually the appropriate need-based financial aid forms stipulated by the DePauw University Financial Aid Office. The forms must be filed with the appropriate office or agency no later than February 1. Our intent is to utilize any federal and/or state grant assistance available to support students’ DePauw experiences, thus enabling the Braden Award monies to support as many students as possible. 

Obligation to Repay the Braden Award: Mr. Braden wanted to make a substantial commitment to Decatur County’s best students and DePauw University. In doing so, it was his hope that the students receiving the Braden Award would make a similar investment in future generations of DePauw students and repay the Braden Award support they received. We do ask that Braden Award recipients acknowledge a moral obligation to repay to DePauw University, during their lifetime or upon their death, the financial assistance that they received from the Braden Award fund. 

For clarity, we do not wish to discourage students with significant financial need, who are concerned about encumbering themselves with a repayment obligation, from applying. Thus, DePauw University asks for repayment of the Braden Award funds only in the amount of money not covered by state, federal and DePauw University merit award assistance that the student would otherwise receive. In other words, Braden Award recipients who apply and qualify for state, federal and DePauw University financial aid are only asked to repay the portion of their Braden Award that exceeds any combined gift aid funds for which they are already qualified. 

Braden Award repayment is to be arranged for during the lifetime of each Braden recipient, and preferably within twenty (20) years after the last assistance was received by the student. The repayment may be accomplished by means of a trust, bequest or other gifts in form(s) acceptable to DePauw University. The University relies upon the good faith efforts of recipients to comply with the terms of the award agreement. All gifts to the University without regard to type or purpose will count. 


About the Braden Award and other merit or need-based financial aid opportunities at DePauw: Please contact Elreo Campbell, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management, and his staff in the DePauw University Office of Financial Aid at 765-658-4030. 

About admission and other information on DePauw University: Contact Benjamin Hatchett, Assistant Director of Admission and Braden Award Liaison, at 765-658-4545 or