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The Frank W. Braden Scholarship Program was established in 1989 by the late Mr. Braden, a long -time Decatur County resident and 1923 DePauw University graduate. Mr. Braden was a native of Greensburg and created this program to provide scholarships to Decatur County students who attend DePauw.

Graduates of North Decatur High School (or any successor to said school) will be given preference in the selection process. Qualified applicants from Clay Township, Decatur County, will also be considered in the selection process. In the absence of sufficient qualified applicants from the North Decatur High School to fully utilize the available scholarship funds, applicants for these scholarships may be selected from other Decatur County High Schools. 

Selection criteria for this award will include but not by limited to the following: 

  • Academic Performance

  • Ambition

  • Work History

  • Life Objectives & Goals

  • Leadership Potential

  • Demonstrated Interest in DePauw University  

Awards will be based primarily on academic and personal merit. Financial need may be considered but will not be given a higher priority in the selection criteria than merit factors. Each scholarship candidate will submit the DePauw University Application for Admission consideration using the Common Application or DePauw Application. 

If you have any questions please contact Orlando Ramirez (765-658-4185), Interim Director of Recruitment, Braden Scholarship Liaison and Admission Counselor for Decatur County.