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Where is DePauw?

DePauw is centrally located in the United States in Greencastle, Indiana. Greencastle—a safe and welcoming community with a population of 10,000—is a 40-minute drive from the Indianapolis, Indiana, metropolitan area of about 800,000 people. Greencastle is within a three-hour drive from Chicago, Cincinnati, and St. Louis. The campus has 36 major buildings on 695 acres (281 hectares), including a 520-acre (210 hectare) nature park.


What are the most popular majors at DePauw?

Forty-two majors are offered in the College of Liberal Arts, and three degree programs are offered in the School of Music. The most popular academic majors include: Biology, Biochemistry, Communication and Theatre, Creative Writing, Economics, English Literature, Modern Languages, Music, Political Science, and Psychology. Visit our Departments and Programs page to find out more information.

Is there an international student adviser at DePauw?

Yes, the International Student Services office serves the needs of the international students on campus. International students and scholars are bringing their own experience of the world to the DePauw community while enjoying the many benefits that a DePauw education has to offer. The International Student Advisors in the Office of Intercultural Life assist international students, scholars, and international faculty and staff at DePauw by advising them about federal immigration, tax and labor regulations and providing counseling about personal, academic and cultural matters. In addition, Multicultural & International Life promotes cross-cultural awareness in the DePauw and Greencastle communities through educational programming such as orientation, cultural adjustment, international events and community programs.

What is there to do around DePauw?

There are lots of things to do on any given day at DePauw. Take a look at upcoming events on campus on the DePauw Calendar. You might be listening to a notable speaker, cheering on one of DePauw’s 21 varsity athletic teams, attending a School of Music performance, or perhaps participating in one of DePauw’s 100 exciting student organizations. 

What are the average temperatures at DePauw?

Fall (September to November):
24 to 78° F/1 to 25° C
Winter (December to February): 
18 to 40°F/-8 to 4° C – average snowfall: 4 to 7 inches/10 to 18 cm
Spring (March to May):
32 to 74° F/0 to 23° C
Summer (June to August):
61 to 86°F/16 to 30° C

Is this program open to Students from all countries around the world?

Yes, this program is open to all students from any country in the world.