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Vera Scholarship

The Vera Scholarship for International Students at DePauw University was established by an alumnus of the University to enable exceptional students from Croatia, Slovenia or the Balkan region to access the many educational, cultural and life-long benefits a DePauw education provides. The Vera Scholarship recipient will receive a four-year award of up to the full cost of attendance at the University, based on financial need.

This scholarship opportunity is competitive and is designed to reward outstanding prospective students who are committed to the hard work and campus involvement necessary to make the most of this remarkable opportunity.  Selection of Vera Scholars will be based on the following criteria:

  • First consideration will be given to students from Croatia or Slovenia who will enroll at DePauw University for during fall semester.
  • The Vera Scholarship recipient will be an exceptional student who exemplifies initiative, focus and self-direction that will enable him or her to excel at DePauw both in and out of the classroom.
  • The Vera Scholarship recipient will also be encouraged to be actively involved in one or more of the many co-curricular opportunities available at DePauw, including but not limited to work study and travel/internship opportunities.
  • The Vera Scholarship recipient will require financial assistance in order to attend DePauw University.
  • To retain the scholarship, the Vera Scholarship recipient will be required to maintain a minimum 3.3 cumulative grade point average (on a 4.0 grading scale).

In order to apply for the Vera Scholars Program, students must submit the Vera Addendum, which includes an online application, an essay, academic/personal information, as well as the appropriate financial documents. Please read the following instructions carefully.

The procedure to apply for the Vera addendum is as follows:

  • Submit the Common Application including all required admission materials.

  • For Vera Scholarship consideration, students should have exceptional academic
    credentials and exhibit exceptional leadership skills.

  • Access the following link to apply for the Vera Scholars program. 

  • Submit the appropriate financial document (Certificate of Finances and CSS Profile) 

Contact the admission office if you have any question. Email: intladmission@depauw.edu