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Dig Deep

“At DePauw, we define the characteristics of the most respected and values-driven leaders – those who bring their best and bring out the best in others – as the Gold Within, and our passion is to help our students develop those qualities.”

– Dr. Lori S. White, President

And find your gold within.

You’ve been preparing your whole life for this moment. You’ve worked hard, found the courage to put yourself out there. Now it’s time to become the you you want to be.

At DePauw University, we ask you to dig deep. We challenge you, because that’s the best way to find out what you’re all about. We push you to experiment, to explore, to test things. To test yourself.

But we never ask you to go it alone. In fact, you won’t find a more supportive community than DePauw’s, where classmates, professors, staff members and alumni will challenge you and cheer you on as you become the you you are meant to be.

The Liberal Art of Success

Discussion in class



In a world of uncertainty, a liberal arts degree provides assurance that you have credentials ideal for almost any career path. That’s one of the reasons the Center for Education and Workforce in 2019 found that the median return on investment of liberal arts colleges was $200,000 higher than the median for all colleges.

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You’ll have the broad knowledge, relational skills and intellect that enable you to pivot quickly. We’re so sure you will that we provide the DePauw Gold Commitment: a pledge that you’ll achieve a first destination within six months of graduation. If not, we’ll help you find a first professional opportunity or offer you an additional term tuition-free to hone your skills and connections.

Student using VR headset in the Tenzer Center

“More than ever our world needs individuals who are critical thinkers, problem solvers and innovators and who understand the value of diversity, consider and integrate ideas from many academic fields and are brave enough to challenge the status quo. A liberal arts education at DePauw will provide you with these skills, perspectives and experiences and more.”

– Dr. Lori S. White, DePauw president
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We’re dedicated to live, learn and grow together in community. Our 700-acre campus with its 520-acre Nature Park oasis is heralded among the nation’s most beautiful. With our campus just 40 minutes from Indianapolis, you can be far from the crowds or hop down the road to one of the best cities in the nation for young adults.

Students jumping and Nature Park

Most of our students, though, are content to remain on DePauw’s park-like campus – with its open green spaces dotted with Adirondack chairs; trail network; historic buildings; performances; clubs and organizations; and sports events – or to stroll down the street to enjoy Greencastle’s small-town charm, concerts, First Friday celebrations, restaurants and shops.

Students using VR at Tenzer Center and basketball players holding basketball


Whatever you’re exploring, put your classroom knowledge into real-world practice with workshops, renowned guest speakers and professional development opportunities.

Violinist playing and two students in front of the soundboard at DePauw's radio station WGRE


  • Eugene S. Pulliam Center for Contemporary Media
  • Hartman Center for Civic Engagement
  • The Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics
  • Justin and Darrianne Christian Center for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Kathryn F. Hubbard Center for Student Engagement
  • The Robert C. McDermond Center for Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Tenzer Technology Center and Visualization Laboratory
  • 21st-Century Musician Initiative

Prepare for Your
Leading Role

Music Education Class

As one of the oldest and most respected music schools in the country, the School of Music brings artistry and intellect together for a comprehensive and contemporary music education.

Studying the arts and humanities, prepares you to take related jobs or adapt to other career choices. You will develop thinking and communications skills; deepen your understanding of other cultures and others’ experiences; cultivate empathy; and nurture creativity – abilities today’s employers seek.

The CEOs of YouTube, Apple, Whole Foods and Starbucks – as well as DePauw graduates Elisa Villanueva Beard, CEO of Teach For America, and Kathy Patterson Vrabeck, senior partner for Korn Ferry’s digital, technical and consumer markets – have humanities degrees.

TOP 5 MOST IN-DEMAND SKILLS FOR 2019 (LinkedIn) are all outcomes of a DePauw education:
  • CREATIVITY – key to innovation.
  • PERSUASION – key to pitching and negotiating.
  • COLLABORATION – key to an effective workplace.
  • ADAPTABILITY – key to being prepared for continual change.
  • TIME MANAGEMENT – key to making the most of the work day.

Softball athletes and coach



On our 100% residential campus, you’ll find a close-knit community of thinkers, leaders and passionate change-makers who thrive in a connected environment.

Spend an afternoon exploring the greenhouse, play a game of pool with friends in the campus living room or run or walk along the People Pathways, which connect 18 miles of trails through Greencastle. Here, you’ll form meaningful friendships and make profound connections through collective experiences.

Students in front of a food truck on campus

“I chose DePauw because I expected it to be more than an academically inclined school – and that’s what I appreciate about it. I will always remember the invaluable friendships and connections I’ve made.”

— Gabe Eckler, undeclared major
Students on stage


DePauw is one of the top colleges in the nation for the number of its students who spend time abroad. Choose between winter or May term programs and full semesters abroad as you discover new ways to encounter the world and put your global-minded education into practice.

Two of our course requirements, Global Learning and Power, Privilege and Diversity, help our students understand difference; appreciate cross- cultural skills; understand barriers to inclusion; and grasp and analyze structures of power that create and sustain marginalization.

“Trying new foods, witnessing traditional customs and learning the history of Italy have reinforced the importance of being global-minded.”

—Ty Hou, economics major
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You want to feel confident and prepared as you enter the workforce, and we’ll provide the foundation to make it happen. Our experienced advisers offer guidance when you need it and connect you with our expansive network of prominent alumni as you explore professional opportunities.

When you embark on an internship, you’ll join legions of DePauw students and graduates who have done so.

Writing, speaking and quantitative reasoning – called W, S and Q requirements – are distinct features of our professional preparation at DePauw, equipping students with confidence in quantitative thinking and communication.

Two surgeons in scrubs


Mason Lee gained a whole new perspective on anesthesiology during his winter term internship at South Bend Memorial Hospital. “I’m still shocked at how many different procedures I was able to observe; some of the most fascinating ones included laser eye surgery and even a craniotomy.”

Career Fair

“Getting to see students in action outside of class is always a delight. Classrooms provide content, but leadership, self-confidence and intellectual liveliness get developed outside of the classroom.”

– Jeff McCall, Ph.D. ’76, communications professor


We’re educating leaders who propel their teams and their community forward.

Division III athletics, intramural sports teams and student organizations offer you the chance to engage in rigorous activities alongside your academic curriculum. You’ll find plenty of ways to get in the Tiger spirit – playing on a team, cheering for friends or gathering with peers to get active.

  • 23 NCAA DIII athletic teams
  • 52 Intramural teams
  • 100+ Clubs and organizations
Student using stethoscope to listen to a baby's heart


Making an impact at DePauw is a big part of the student experience – but it’s also a lot of fun. Connect and grow with your friends and classmates while you organize student activities, volunteer to help the Greencastle community or just get together to discuss pop culture. With more than 100 engaging options, it’s easy to make friends and make a difference.

Students seated on the Boulder


  • A Midwestern Review ArtHaus Film Clubs
  • College Mentors for Kids DePauw First (supporting first-generation students)
  • DePauw Student Government Entrepreneurship Club
  • Oxfam Charity for World Hunger Presidential Ambassadors International Student Association Young Life
Students volunteering to add mulch

If you volunteer or work at the Ullem Campus Farm and Center for Sustainability, you’ll know that you had a role in producing the delicious meals you and the entire DePauw community eat at Hoover Dining Hall.

Career Fair


A liberal arts degree from DePauw is your launchpad to an inspiring career and purposeful life. Nearly 100% of our grads prove that every year. They are doctors, lawyers, politicians, scientists, engineers, CEOs, COOs and entrepreneurs. They’ve won Pulitzer and Nobel prizes, written New York Times Bestsellers, anchored newscasts, adventured into space, and founded or led business and organizations the world over.

Surgeon in surgery

College is costly; we get that. But it’s an investment in yourself and your future.

The return on your investment in a DePauw education includes:

  • PERSONAL ATTENTION. Our student-faculty ratio is 8-to-1 and more than three-quarters of our classes have fewer than 20 students, so your accomplished professors will know you personally and support your goals.
  • OUTSTANDING COCURRICULAR OPPORTUNITIES. Study abroad. Conduct research with a professor. Make professional connections with alumni. DePauw offers an honor scholars program, three fellows programs and eight cocurricular centers that complement and enhance your coursework, regardless of your major.
  • A SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME. Our four-year graduation rate is 84%, far better than rates at public universities. And nearly 100% of our graduates are employed, in graduate school or enjoying another positive outcome six months after graduation.
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Check your eligibility for financial aid by submitting a FAFSA. Nearly 100% of DePauw’s students receive financial aid. We consider your unique circumstances when we review your submission for assistance, which includes:

  • Need-based grants.
  • Merit scholarships.
  • On-campus employment.
  • Tailored payment plans.
  • Loans. A study by LendEDU found that borrowers in DePauw’s Class of 2018 had the lowest average debt among graduates of all private institutions in Indiana. Explore your options at DePauw Financial Aid.
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Visit our gorgeous campus – one of the Top 50 Most Beautiful, according to Condé Nast Traveler. Visit for more information about individual visits.


Eager to take a look right now? Explore DePauw through 360-degree panoramas and make your way around campus through our virtual tour:


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