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Step Into the Life of a DePauw Student

DePauw offers an immersive education unlike any other, and our students have access to incredible resources, panels, and speakers. These featured virtual events, open to both the DePauw community and to prospective students, will allow you to engage in some of the incredible opportunities DePauw has for our students. You will engage with professors, current students, alumni, and featured guests to showcase various aspects of the educational and co-curricular experience at DePauw.  

Talk about the times: a weekly Prindle conversation - every Tuesday at 6:30pm

"These are challenging times, and with each day that passes, we’re asked to confront issues we might never have encountered before. Should we continue to use services like Instacart during a pandemic? What should we do if a family member refuses to comply with social distancing recommendations? Are social distancing rules morally acceptable in the first place?

We discuss questions like these and more each Tuesday at 6:30p.m. ET. Any current high school student, educator, or parent is invited to join a Zoom discussion with Andy Cullison, director of the Prindle Institute for Ethics and host of the popular podcast Getting Ethics to Work."

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