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Step Into the Life of a DePauw Student

DePauw offers an immersive education unlike any other, and our students have access to incredible resources, panels, and speakers. These featured virtual events, open to both the DePauw community and to prospective students, will allow you to engage in some of the incredible opportunities DePauw has for our students. You will engage with professors, current students, alumni, and featured guests to showcase various aspects of the educational and co-curricular experience at DePauw.  

Talk About The Times: A Weekly Prindle Conversation - Every Tuesday at 2:00pm EST

"These are challenging times, and with each day that passes, we’re asked to confront issues we might never have encountered before. Should we continue to use services like Instacart during a pandemic? What should we do if a family member refuses to comply with social distancing recommendations? Are social distancing rules morally acceptable in the first place?

We discuss questions like these and more each Tuesday at 2:00p.m. ET. Any current high school student, educator, or parent is invited to join a Zoom discussion with Andy Cullison, director of the Prindle Institute for Ethics and host of the popular podcast Getting Ethics to Work."

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Kelly Writers Series Alumni Panel - October 21, 2020 at 7:30pm

Join DePauw alumni Rajpreet Heir '12 and Clayton Clark '06 for a brief reading and panel moderated by English Professors Joe Heithaus, Ph.D., M.F.A and Gregory Schwipps, M.F.A. Rajpreet and Clayton will be reading and discussing their latest works and answering panel questions about their writing process, their time at DePauw, and how their writing courses on campus led them to where they are today.

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Network Now - Virtual Event for future tigers - October 21, 2020 - 7:00pm

Join Admission Counselors Lauren Jay and Julia Michaels '20 as they host a networking event with prominent alumni in many career fields who will be there to talk about their DePauw experience and how it helped them to get to their current career path as well as answer your questions about their fields. This virtual event will consist of Zoom breakout rooms with alumni representatives in the following career fields:

Breakout Room 1: Business - Mary Beth Oakes '90, CEO of Business Furniture LLC

Breakout Room 2: Entrepreneurship - T. Ray Phillips '91, Founder, Family Business Legacies, LLC & Jeffrey Smith '94, President and Owner of City Wide Maintenance of Indianapolis

Breakout Room 3: Medical Field - Stephen Strup '94, Chief of Urology, University of Kentucky & Phyllis Barkman Ferrell '94, Global Head, External Engagement, Alzheimer's and Neurodegeneration, Eli Lilly and Company

Breakout Room 4: Law - Megan Mullford '02, Intellectual Property Partner at Bose McKinney & Evans LLP & Carrie Doehrmann '88, Attorney at Law for Frost Brown Todd LLC

Breakout Room 5: Communications (Journalism, Media) - Adrienne Westenfeld '15, Assistant Editor at Esquire Magazine & Aaron Luchetti '96, Senior Publishing Editor for the Wall Street Journal

Breakout Room 6: Research and Technology - Maria Webb '10, Assistant Professor of Information Systems, University of Cincinnati & Brooke Curtis '13, Program Coordinator, the IL-NET 

Breakout Room 7: Arts - Brian Hersh '99 - Program Director, Any Given Child

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School of Music workshop with fifth house ensemble - October 26 at 6:30pm EST

Programming is about so much, much more than the tasteful selection and ordering of music—yet this is where many program ideas leave off. Are you really telling with your programming and connecting it to your audience in the most effective way? Learn how programming relates to venue and site selection as well as how to pick the right partners both within and outside of the arts. In this workshop we’ll arm you with the right questions to pose of potential partners, explore the role of commissioning, and survey approaches to programming across a variety of spaces both traditional and adventurous. Your artistic programs will never be stale again after this invigorating plunge into sonic storytelling.

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McDermond Center Speaker Series - Naeem Muhammed '13, Founder & Ceo of dreamt foundation - October 27, 2020 at 4:00pm EST

Join DePauw alumnus Naeem Muhammed '13 for a talk about his work starting the DreamT Foundation. Naeem, an Economics major during his time at DePauw, is originally from the Bronx in New York City. Raised in River Park Towers, one of the more dangerous areas in the Bronx, Naeem grew up in an area where very few people pursue careers in finance. He started the DreamT Foundation as a way to introduce financial career pathways to kids growing up in the Bronx, utilizing the natural grit and tenacity of those growing up in this area to cultivate and prepare them for a career in the financial world. Through the foundation, Naeem hopes to change the narrative for kids in the Bronx, leading them on pathways that allow them to thrive, rather than just survive and to create opportunities for positivity and generational wealth to those in his community who need it most. 

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mcdermond center wealth management panel - November 16, 2020 at 4:00pm Est

Interested in a career in wealth management? The McDermond Center will be hosting a career panel featuring DePauw alumni in the wealth management field. The panel will feature:

Robyn Jenkins Newman '09, Executive Director, JP Morgan Chase & Company

Shanda McFadden '03, Financial Advisor, Asst. Vice President, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

Leslie North '87, Principal, Stonebridge Wealth Advisors, LLC

Randy Dippell '91, Owner, Nestegg Advisory

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School of music deep listening and social impact - November 19 at 6:30pm est

First pioneered by composer Pauline Oliveros after an inspiring trip to a cistern with a 40-second reverb near Seattle, Deep Listening is a practice with a number of community and education intersections motivated by the idea that making and experiencing music is everyone’s birthright. Through an array of activities including active listening walks, rhythmic machines, improvised text scores, and movement exercises, Deep Listening provides an astonishing array of tools for communal music-making. Strategies for guiding improvised compositions as well as designing musical experiences for participants of all backgrounds will be explored, as we experience how Deep Listening’s emphasis on mindfulness and play can transform people’s sense of agency and bring about new ways of relating to one’s environment.

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school of music workshop with fifth house ensemble: bios, resumes and interview skills - December 3 at 6:30pm ESt

Preparing to graduate and enter the job market? It’s time to tell your story in print and in person. This workshop covers the basic materials you’ll need to have updated and at the ready when applying for work as a performer, educator, or administrator. We’ll also show you how to focus your materials to create the best match between your experience and the needs of a prospective employer, and role-play interview scenarios (the good, the bad, and the ugly).

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