Do you have questions about the new SAT? Check out the most frequently asked questions below.

The Redesigned SAT

Class of 2017

  • DePauw University will consider and accept scores from the redesigned SAT as well as the previous SAT for admission and scholarship consideration.

  • Concordance tables comparing the previous and redesigned SAT exam scores will be available in summer 2016.

  • Please have your official scores sent directly from College Board.

Class of 2018

  • The majority of students will have taken the redesigned SAT; however, if students have taken the previous SAT, we will accept these scores as well.

  • Please have your official scores sent directly from College Board.



Why did the SAT change?

According to the College Board, their goal is to “support college readiness and success for more students and to make sure that those who are prepared take full advantage of the opportunities they’ve earned through their hard work. Because a test alone can’t change student outcomes, assessments such as the SAT must be integrated with rigorous classroom instruction, and through their results, propel students to greater opportunities. The redesigned SAT will reward productive use of classroom time and a focus on rigorous course work.”


What are the changes to the redesigned SAT?

There are two required sections for the redesigned SAT: 1) Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, which includes a reading test and a writing and language test and 2) Math. The new SAT also has an optional essay, which some colleges may require. For additional information, you can go to the College Board’s Redesigned SAT page.


Will DePauw University require the essay section?

DePauw will not require applicants to sit for the essay section.


Will DePauw University have a preference for the previous SAT or the redesigned SAT for the class of 2017?

DePauw does not have a preference. We will accept both exams and encourage students to continue to send us all scores.


Will DePauw University superscore the previous SAT and the redesigned SAT?

The Office of Admission will continue to superscore and use the highest sub scores from all official scores submitted. For the previous SAT, we considered the highest critical reading and math scores. For the redesigned SAT, we will consider the highest evidence-based reading and writing component and math component scores. We have not yet determined if we will combine the subscores from the previous SAT and redesigned SAT. Following College Board’s release of the new concordance (comparison) tables in early summer 2016, a decision will be made regarding the two tests.


What affect will the redesigned SAT have on DePauw University's admissions decisions?

Scores will still be just one component of our holistic review process to determine a student’s admissibility. Therefore, at this time, there will be no major changes in the way we review applications.


What will be the average score and/or middle 50 percent range of the redesigned SAT for incoming freshmen?

The redesigned exam was first offered in March 2016; therefore, at this time, there is no data available. For fall 2015, the middle 50 percent range of SAT scores for admitted freshmen was 1150-1300 (critical reading and math only); however, this class could only take the previous SAT.


When will DePauw University have a new concordance (comparison) table for the redesigned SAT?

College Board will make the concordance (comparison) tables available in May 2016. A comparable ACT score will be derived by matching the redesigned SAT to the current SAT, and then the current SAT to the ACT, using validated concordance tables.  


Will fee waivers be considered for the new test?

Yes, the College Board will continue to make SAT fee waivers available to students who need them.


Is the ACT changing too?

According to ACT, they are not currently planning to make significant changes to its test. You are encouraged to view the ACT website for updates.


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