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Get Caught Up in College Search

October 1, 2019

Students walking on campus

As you’re in the final stretch of your junior year, you’re also nearing the starting line of your college search process. By now you’ve browsed our website, emailed your DePauw admission counselor, took a look at visit options and started thinking more about scholarships and financial aid! Great work!

No…?  You’re not there yet? That’s ok! Below are some great next steps for you to consider as you wrap up your year and begin your summer. So follow along with these common questions and answers to help in better understand DePauw!

Q1. The DePauw website- What’s the best way to navigate a college website?

A1. Every college website, including DePauw’s, has a search bar. That search bar works just like Google, but for DePauw specifically. Interested in Political Science? Type Political Science in the search bar, and it takes you to all of our resources and pages about our major, internships, and graduates. Interested in the fun traditions of campus, or the football team, or the AP credit…

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What is a college interview like?

March 9, 2017

student and parent talking to faculty members

Who are these interviews for?

They are for you, the junior, who is on campus this spring for a visit. Who are these interviews not for? Your parents. Admission offices use the interview process as a unique opportunity to chat one on one with you about your passions, your classes, your high school experience, your clubs and you as a person. So while your parents want you to major in medicine, the interview is the opportunity for you to secretly disclose your love for creative writing. Who will you be interviewing with? At DePauw (and many small private colleges), you’ll be meeting with an admissions representative or Senior Intern who is ready to get to know you, and ready to share more information about DePauw.

What exactly are these interviews?

Well, they are part evaluative, and part informative. Evaluative, because we want to assess your high school experience. We like to get to know you beyond a transcript and a test score, and this evaluative part of the interview is a way for colleges…

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Junior Year: Putting Your Best Foot Forward

January 9, 2017

Junior year is one of the most telling years for college admission offices. And guess what? You’re halfway done with it already! Today’s blog will highlight what we consider during your junior year, and why it is important in preparing you for DePauw!

We like junior year for a variety of reasons:

  1. It allows us to see the trend of your grades. Since freshman year, have your grades gone up, or down? Clearly, we prefer your grades to go up, it shows you’ve got a better understanding of high school, you’ve already dealt with transition from middle school, and you know the demands of participation in high school. By junior year you’re an upperclassman who knows how to perform in classes, so an upward ‘trend’ is seen as a great sign!

  2. It allows us to see your performance as you potentially increase the rigor during your junior year. Sophomores may be able to take 1 AP (if that), but juniors are finally exposed to the AP or IB offerings at their school, if available. Does your high school…

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The Secret Formula to a Successful Senior Year Schedule

November 28, 2016

Are you a junior in high school?

Are you thinking about what classes to take your senior year?

Are you also considering what the best class options are, in order to be admitted into the college of your choice?

Don’t you wish there was a secret formula of classes to take and grades to earn in order to ensure success?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this blog post is for you!

What you’re about to read is top secret.  The best colleges in the country don’t want to let you in on this information, but as I mentioned in a previous post, we are letting you see the ‘man behind the curtain’. Part of demystifying the college search process includes letting you in on our process and this blog post will be all about the secret formula of classes to be successful in applying to colleges.

Are you ready for it?  Did you grab a pen?  Are you sitting down?






That’s it. That’s all.  I apologize if I’ve over-promised and under-delivered here…

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November 16, 2016

One of the first questions we receive after acceptance is about cost and financial aid. One important thing to remember is that the sticker price is not what most students pay at DePauw and many other colleges. There are a lot of ways you can lower your cost including grants, work study and scholarships, a few of which are highlighted below. 

Each of these scholarships have different applications and particular qualifications. In addition to academic achievement, involvement in school and in your community will bear much weight in consideration for these scholarships.

The Rector Scholarship

The Rector Scholarship is an academic scholarship for our highest-achieving students. The Rector Scholarship Committee seeks students who are committed to making DePauw’s community better through their involvement on campus in various ways.

A key qualification for this scholarship is a nomination by a school teacher or guidance counselor. 

The Holton Memorial Scholarship

The Holton Scholarship…

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