If visiting campus is the best way to get to know DePauw, a close second just might be hearing directly from our student bloggers.

Student Bloggers

  • Atypical Academic Opportunities Available at DePauw University

    Meg Morrow

    I started my freshman year at DePauw University with a very clear idea of the career path I wanted to follow. I was in the Media Fellows program and immediately got involved in The DePauw newspaper, rising to Managing Editor by just my sophomore year. I also had multiple radio shows on WGRE, one of which was called Tiger Talk where fellow… Read more.

  • Between Two Schools: Why DePauw

    Caitlin Muller

    I’ll never forget hopping off the plane after a long vacation during the winter break of my senior year of high school. After being out of the country, I quickly turned my phone on to receive the text messages and phone calls I missed over the past two weeks. After scrolling through various messages from friends, I found a voicemail on my… Read more.

  • A Letter From Nate: 5 Tiger Tips

    Nate Spangle

    Dear Future Tigers,   Things to do before coming to college (Bucket list)  I remember being so excited to start college. All summer I couldn't wait to be done working, and to be here in Greencastle, beginning the next step of my life. My biggest piece of advice is to not rush it! You will have four years here to get all your college experiences… Read more.

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  • The Opportunities Will Surprise You: IT Associates Program

    Vance Berry

    Growing up, emerging technologies played a huge role in my life. I was always interested in finding a next new gadget or console- ready to tear through the documentation, find every function of the device, and maybe even take it apart to see inside.

    During my first year at DePauw- I took a few Computer Science classes, recognized my fit with the department, and declared CS as my major. Along the way…

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  • DePauw: My New Home

    Meredith Antley

    Coming from North Carolina, the majority of my friends applied, got in, and are currently at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (go Tar heels, am I right?). Unlike my friends, I knew that I wanted to be out of North Carolina, and meet new and different people.

    When I first heard of DePauw, I did not have any desire to apply, visit or drive the eight and a half hours through the corn fields to…

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  • Making Miracles: DePauw Dance Marathon

    Emmy Minturn

    I learned about Dance Marathon my freshman year at one of the activity fairs. Although I didn’t have dance marathon at my high school, which many do, DPUDM is one of the largest and fastest growing organizations on our campus, so I thought it would be a good way for me to get to know some of my fellow classmates. For those of you who don’t know what dance marathons are, they are semester long fundraising…

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  • Summer in Greencastle

    Clare Lansden

    By the end of my first semester Freshman year, I was ready to go back home to Springfield, IL.  My plan was to work at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, but plans soon changed for the better.  Just before the semester wrapped up, I was accepted to work as a Tour Guide Intern at the Office of Admission.  As I was looking forward to being a tour guide, I was hesitant at the idea of spending the…

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  • Moving Out Of My Comfort Zone, Getting All My Fitbit Steps In Everytime

    Emily Galloway

    The first couple of weeks back on campus are always a whirlwind.  Moving back to campus, seeing friends, and finding your groove can be difficult and it takes some time to get used to.  Now that we are almost a month into classes, things are starting to settle down. Every school year I make a new goal for myself to try something new around campus. Being from California, I love to be active and try…

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