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  • DeWords: Be In The Know - DePauw Student Lingo

    Ellie Locke

    Every college campus has their own lingo. Being a senior, I can proudly name a few of “DeWords”. After interviewing DePauw students, here is all lingo you must get to know in alphabetical order:

    Birks- (Birkenstocks) shoes seen on many feet of DePauw students

    Blend- smoothie bar created and planned out by a 2014 alum for her senior capstone project located on first floor of Lilly gym next to the…

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  • Atypical Academic Opportunities Available at DePauw University

    Meg Morrow

    I started my freshman year at DePauw University with a very clear idea of the career path I wanted to follow. I was in the Media Fellows program and immediately got involved in The DePauw newspaper, rising to Managing Editor by just my sophomore year. I also had multiple radio shows on WGRE, one of which was called Tiger Talk where fellow now-senior Robert Sherman and I would discuss and dissect DePauw…

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  • Great Scott! DePauw Offers A Lot!

    Grace Noden

    Since arriving in Edinburgh, Scotland last Friday, all I can think to myself is ‘Great Scott!’ Yes, I am that blown away by Edinburgh and its majestic beauty. While it is hard to start my junior year away from DePauw, I know this semester will be the experience of a lifetime and that I will see all of my friends next semester. Afterall, it’s not goodbye but see you later.

    So, how did I get here? What…

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  • My DePauw Experience: From Greencastle to Jerusalem

    Jackson Blanchard

    I won’t lie to you - when I first arrived on campus last year, I wasn’t sure that DePauw was for me. But I quickly discovered that I belong here, even if it doesn’t always feel like it. As a Bonner Scholar, I’ve been pushed time and again to critically examine who I am, why I am, and who I want to become. I’ve done this in my work on DePauw’s behalf at the Putnam County Museum, where the staff confront…

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  • The Truth About Syllabus Week

    Majenica McLeland

    At many colleges, the first week of classes is a very relaxed time where your professors will cover the syllabus and don’t do much else. Get that expectation out of your mind now and get ready to work! The professors at Depauw University waste no time! They dive right into the material, and expect you to follow. Be prepared for a rigorous swim!

    I was very unprepared for the amount of work I encountered…

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