Posts occurring in March 2014

  • My First Time Dining at the Hub

    Yusu (Sue) Liu ‘16

    The first time dining at the hub at DePauw was full of excitement and content for me. I was in the U.S from 2009 to 2010 as an exchange student in Pennsylvania, and went back to China to finish my high school there and prepare for college applications. I loved American food and missed them a lot after I came back home. I was so excited to see my favorite chips -- Doritos -- after such a long time and…

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  • Tiger Tracks & The Job Hunt

    Stephanie Wethington ‘14

    DePauw is constantly adding new things for the students to make this campus even better! I would say something that really helped me this year, especially for being a senior, is the new website, TigerTracks. TigerTracks is a place where students can fill out a profile so that companies and professionals can look at the profile. Students can upload resumes and cover letters that can also be seen by…

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  • 11 Things I Wish I Had Known Before DePauw

    Laura Ledesma ‘17

    1.    Don’t be over confident:
    Yeah, high school was maybe a breeze and a blow-off for some, but not anymore. GET OUT OF THAT MINDSET! You can’t get away with not studying or not reading for homework because it’s so easy to fall behind and you definitely do not wanna be that person.  

    2.    You’re not done:
    That being said, just because you successfully graduated high school and got into a great college…

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  • Church: An International Perspective

    Yusu (Sue) Liu ‘16

    My first church service was actually a youth group worship night at my old church, near our house in Pennsylvania. Not a Christian then, and not being exposed to Christianity culture at all, I did not know what “youth group was”, and didn’t even know what a “worship” was like. My host mom just told me it was a good chance for me to meet other kids in our community, since I just got there and would…

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