Waiting for your Acceptance Letter

November 21, 2016

So you’ve just submitted the last of your applications and now you’re sitting there in front of your laptop trying to figure out what you’re going to do with your life until those letters start coming in. You could just mope around and constantly think about if you’re going to be accepted or if you’re common application was good enough. Or, you could follow these simple (scientifically proven) guidelines to help you survive until that day.

First things first, you have to completely empty your mind of anything college related. That means no researching colleges, no dorm room shopping and no watching college-themed shows on Netflix! The more you associate yourself with college-related things, the more you’ll think about those acceptance letters, which is what you want to avoid.

Secondly, you want to keep yourself distracted. Remember that you still have another semester  of classes, so make the best of it. Keep up with your classes and make the best memories you can. It’s around this time that senioritis really begins to set in for most students, so you have to try as hard as you can to keep that from happening. Take up some new hobbies, read a bunch of books, write a book of your own, anything that will keep you productive.

Lastly and most importantly, just don’t let it get to you. You have to remember that you might not get accepted to every college you applied to, let alone your number one choice. When I was a senior, I applied to 16 different colleges thinking that I would get accepted to at least 10 of them. It was to my surprise and disappointment though that I was only accepted to FIVE of them. As you can imagine, I was pretty devastated at this (I hadn’t even been accepted to my number one choice!). Mix that with the immense senioritis I was having, and you had a recipe for disaster. My second semester of my senior year was probably the hardest ever, but that was only because I had let senioritis and the acceptance letters get to me. If you follow these simple guidelines, I can guarantee that you will have the best rest of your senior year ever.

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