My Last First Day

January 29, 2014

First last day ever!? Excuse me? Yesterday marked the last first day I will ever have in my educational career. (As of right now I am not going to graduate school). To be honest, I didn’t even realize it was my last first day until at the end of the day when I was getting ready to go to bed. As I sat in my room last night, I thought back to a lot of different things. The first thing that came to my mind was: Why did I ever take that statistics class!? I never even needed it! After I got over the fact that I took some classes that I wish I never had put myself through, I realized that I was truly interested in all of my classes this semester. Luckily, my struggle isn’t classes anymore; my struggle is a lot more real. I mean real life. Its almost February and still unemployed!

Every person I have seen to “catch up” with after winter term keeps asking, “Do you know what you are doing after graduation?” Every time I get that question I just want to punch someone, but I understand that would be wrong. So I politely say, “I have been interviewing with a few different companies and waiting to hear back.” Sometimes I feel like they think I’m just saying that as an excuse, which adds more stress to my life. But as I thought about it last night, I only have ONE semester left at one of the best universities in the country! In five months, it is not socially acceptable to sleep in until 1 PM on the weekends, or hang out with your friends every night until 3 AM, or even to order Marvins three days out of the week when you are just really stressed and bored. This is the last semester to do all of that! I can’t be caught up on being upset about a job search or just digging myself in a stack of applications. The interviews and job offers will eventually come! But, everything that happens this semester is my last time! I am really looking forward to this semester because while I am freaking out about currently being unemployed, I still am surrounded by a great group of friends at DePauw. There are so many things still left to happen this semester! I have to enjoy every minute here during my last go around. And on the plus side, I realized a lot of other seniors are in the same boat, which made it a little more comforting! 

Stephanie Wethington '14

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