Studying in Australia

January 21, 2014

London and Paris and China, oh my! Many students are off campus currently exploring these wonderful places around the world. Students are on some crazy adventures in Africa while others are lending a helping hand in Costa Rica. I guarantee it will be one of the most memorable times in his or her life. I also know that mine was probably a better experience than anyone else’s. I know that sounds snobbish, but Australia was an eye opening experience for me! 

I was able to travel to Australia for a May Term this past summer with only 13 other students from DePauw. Andrew Hayes and Steve Timm led the trip, I personally could nothave picked better leaders. They were extremely chill, fun but also made sure we didn’t die on our adventures.

This was the first time I left the country other than on a cruise with my family. I was witha lot of familiar faces, but I only had really talked to a handful of the students. However, by the end of the trip I had made many new friends with plenty of memories. I still feel bad for the only guy on the trip. He was really able to get to know us, probably more than he would have liked. While in Australia, our group was able to go abseiling (yes, that means stepping off a 30 meter cliff), snorkeling with manta rays (no, they are not the same as string rays), and had kangaroo for dinner (yes, it was delicious)! Along with those adventures, I was chosen out of a 300-person crowd to feed a dolphin at the dolphin show we attended in Shark Bay,Australia. Who gets to feed dolphins in the clearest water ever!? This girl! I wassuper excited for the rest of the day. We even went to another country that brokeaway from Australia. Yeah, one (crazy) guy decided he wanted to make his home a different country. He had a church, government office, and he was the prince of the palace. This visit was probably the most terrifying experience of the trip. I don’t know anyone who would do a thing like that.

Even though they speak English in Australia, their culture is completely different from ours in America. Going to bed at 7:30 PM and getting up at 6 AM was a complete change for me! However, going to the land down under made 6 AM not so bad. The gorgeous photos and great conversations we had with people living in Australia made it worth it. Oh, and the 16 hour plane ride from LA to Sydney, Australia wasn’t bad either!

Stephanie Wethington '14

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