The Pro's and Con's of a Three Week Externship

January 22, 2014

Winter Term gives us this great opportunity to dip our toes into something whether it be a class, study abroad, or in my case the professional world. However the three weeks goes FAST and you ask yourself is three weeks enough time? Enough time for what you may ask. For me, it’s enough time to make an impression. As a senior, I want to secure a job for next year and Starcom is high on my list of places I’d like to work. That’s why I’m braving the freezing cold (literally, it’s 3 degrees today) to do this externship. Here’s a pro of the Winternship, I get a look at the company to see if I would really fit here. Also, the Winternship replaces the interview so it’s not just a 45 minute conversation that determines your fate, but three weeks to show what you can do. On the other hand, three weeks isn’t long enough to do a long term project or for your supervisors to teach you a ton of stuff. In my experience, it’s been a lot of short, quick projects and shadowing of other people. Due to the nature of the projects, I finish them efficiently then am left asking my supervisors “Do you have more work for me?” At times, I feel completely arbitrary and almost in the way asking these questions. BUT my advice to you is don’t feel that way! The Winternship, along with regular internships, are great for gaining professional experience but you have to remember, it’s only temporary! Therefore, it’s okay to do all the little projects that no one else would do. I’ve found that the more work I ask for, the more responsibility my bosses have given me. Even though I don’t know exactly what it is like to be a full-time employee, I get a good idea by working on little projects with everyone. So although the time is short, make the most out of it and the externship can be just as beneficial for you and your employer.

Stay warm, friends.


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