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Dr. Sununu’s Light

December 19, 2013

Conversations with alumni often turn to stories of professors whose high expectations and dedication to teaching profoundly change the lives of their students.  These are the stories of Raymond Pence, A. W. Crandall, and Jack Cook, to name just a few.

This tradition was on my mind today on an early morning walk through campus.  As is often the case in late evenings and early mornings at DePauw, the Asbury Hall office light of Dr. Andrea Sununu burned brightly.  Dr. Sununu’s commitment to students, reflected in one-on-one paper review conferences at all hours of the day, is well known to the DePauw community and to me personally. I am one of the many alumni who continue to benefit from the unsurpassed commitment and coaching of Dr. Sununu.

For alumni who enjoy recalling the enduring influence of DePauw professors on their daily lives, and to anyone who wonders where extraordinary teaching and mentoring occur on campus today, I will point you toward this light in Holton Quad.

Thank you, Dr. Sununu, DePauw University’s Raymond W. Pence Professor of English, and all current and retired DePauw faculty members for focusing your life’s work on changing the lives of generations of alumni leaders and thinkers.  We’re a loyal bunch, but we may never be grateful enough.

Steven J. Setchell '96
Associate Vice President for Alumni Engagement

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