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DePauw Legacy Society

The DePauw Legacy Society recognizes and thanks those individuals who have made estate plans, established life-income gifts, or initiated other deferred gift commitments to benefit DePauw University. Membership in the DePauw Legacy Society has no minimum gift level, as each commitment represents a lifetime relationship with DePauw, reflecting the future of what is possible through philanthropy. These commitments are an investment in the future, and in future generations of students. DePauw University is indebted to the following individuals and couples who made new and additional legacy gifts and commitments from July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014.



Frank B. Adney Jr. ’42


Janet Carlisle Archer ’53

J. William Asher ’50 and Dorothy A. Asher

Emily B. Beer ’36

James B. Bolen Jr. ’50

Randall L. Braddom ’64

Frank W. Braden ’23

Beth Heuring Christensen ’43

Jack P. Cittadine ’63 and Karen A. Cittadine

David A. Claar ’64 and Virginia Jackson Claar ’63

Sally Smerz Cowal ’66 and Robert L. Muse

Lee Sheridan Cox ’38

James S. Cunning ’74 and Lisa Stone

Robert H. Farber ’35

Patricia K. Fehl ’49

Donald C. Findlay II ’56 and Judith Lilly Findlay ’57

Ted C. Fleming ’36

Donald B. Gardiner ’62 and Karen Ottsen Gardiner

Stephen K. Gauly, Parent

Thomas J. Grant ’56 and Ann Luttrell Grant ’57

Judson C. Green ’74 and Joyce Taglauer Green ’75

John W. Hake ’56

Vernon O. Hamilton Jr. ’64 and Valerie Watson Hamilton ’65

David L. Heetland and Kathleen K. Heetland, Parents

Roberta Gates Hill ’58

Robert B. Holland ’65 and Elizabeth Gross Holland ’65

Philip F. Holton ’29 and Ruth Clark Holton ’29

Robert E. Houk ’42 and Marion Pfitzner Houk ’42

Arthur E. Klauser ’45

Richard C. Kraege ’70 and Anne Beekman Kraege ’70

Elizabeth Harvey Kraft ’59 and Michael Baker Kraft

Mary Baker Kraft ’30

Robert L. Krouse ’77 and Sarah Strauss Krouse ’74

Doris J. Lawhead

John F. Meyers ’64 and Sally Zoller Meyers ’64

Patricia J. Middleton ’59 and Jean L. Forest

Roger B. Nelsen ’64

Elizabeth Emison Peterson ’40 and Theodore R. Peterson

Robert F. Reckman ’44 and Carleen Stone Reckman

Martha Steele Robes ’66 and Dana R. Robes

Steven K. Robison ’76

Kenneth Dyer Rogers ’42

Evans M. Rust and Roberta Rust

Robert Sattler ’47

Michael L. Smith ’70 and Susan Leet Smith ’71

Theodore M. Solso ’69 and Denny Manning Solso ’69

Otto L. Sonder Jr.

Richard L. Turmail ’54 and Dorothy Louise Turmail

Charles A. Vickers ’55 and Martha Johnson Vickers ’55

Helen Cox Walker ’28

Kathryn D. Weinrichter and Leonard C. Sundeen

Joann Wine White ’52 and William H. Beckett

George B. Williams ’59 and Shirley Lorene Williams

R. Lee Wilson ’76 and Deborah Riefe Wilson ’76


Report of gifts received and pledges made July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2014. Names in italics indicate donors who are deceased.

DePauw University has made every effort to maintain accuracy in the preparation of the Donor Annual Report and Honor Roll of Donors. Unfortunately, mistakes and omissions can and do occur. If you should find an error in these reports, please notify the University so that our records can be corrected. Write: DePauw University, Stewardship Office, Attn: Donor Annual Report, Greencastle, IN 46135-0037 or email: