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Memorial Gifts

Many members of the DePauw community find memorial gifts to the University to be an appropriate way to honor and celebrate a relative or friend. DePauw University is grateful to receive these gifts, which provide important resources for DePauw students and faculty members.



Ruth Loop Bull 1910

Howard L. Bull ’64 and Sheila Kay Settle, Parent


Helen Cox Walker 1928

Lee Sheridan Cox ’38


Mary Baker Kraft 1930

Elizabeth Harvey Kraft ’59 and Michael Baker Kraft


Robert H. Farber 1935

Nancy E. Werbach and Marc Werbach


C. Robert Weimer 1935

Connie Weimer Asbury ’67 and Kenneth Leroy Asbury


Elaine Showalter Smith 1936

Andrew P. Coolidge ’93 and Emily Smith Coolidge ’93


Howard B. Burkett 1938

Lucile E. Burkett, Parent

William F. Carroll Jr. ’73 and Mary Cooke Carroll

Bridget L. Gourley

Lucile E Burkett Trust

David A. Poggemeier ’79


Virginia Burns Boynton 1940

Barbara Boynton Connor ’71


William F. Welch 1940

Leonard Frank Anglis and Nancy Moss Anglis, Parents

Nelson J. Becker and Dixie Becker

Sue A. Beesley ’77

S. Andrew Bowman and Patricia Bowman

C. Harvey Bradley

Edward L. Bremner

Gary Paul Drew ’61 and Sandra Aldrich Drew ’62

William L. Elder

William L. Elder Jr.

John Elder

Daniel R. Fagan and Mary Ann Fagan

Robert R. Frederick ’48 and Carolyn Smith Frederick ’49

Laura A. Ginger ’76 and George Dreher

Marion Pfitzner Houk ’42

Ryan Kitchell and Molly Kitchell

Gary L. Klotz ’74 and Terri L. Klotz

Sally Bradley Peacock ’70 and Jay Peacock

Kyle E. Lanham ’79 and Sally Erickson Lanham, Parent

Pam Mahoney and John G. Mahoney

Betty J. Masters

W. Tobin McClamroch ’77 and Carolyn Kubec McClamroch ’79

Howard R. Meeker Jr. and Mary Jane Meeker

Charles F. Miller Jr.

Michael J. Hebenstreit and Robyn Moberly Hebenstreit

Russell G. Mobley

Mary K. Muth

William H. Noel

John S. Null ’61 and Nancy Spier Null ’59

Andrew J. Paine Jr. ’59 and Jane Medaris Paine ’60

Steven L. Pratt and Jane G. Pratt

Peter D. Prowitt ’77 and Nancy Gibson Prowitt ’76

Myrta J. Pulliam

Stephen A. Rappaport and Pamela Flummerfelt Rappaport, Parents

Frank H. Roberts ’41

John Schaff and Mary E. Schaff

Randolph L. Seger and Beth Seger

Anne Korb Shane ’71 and David N. Shane

Frederick Tucker III ’69

Bert M. Wilhoite ’65 and Caryl Fernandes Wilhoite ’65


Wayne May 1941

Jeralyn M. Klasik

Marietta May Willman ’68 and John R. Willman, Parent


Helen Bates Weimer 1941

Connie Weimer Asbury ’67 and Kenneth Leroy Asbury


William H. Poggemeier Jr. 1944

David A. Poggemeier ’79


Charles P. Erdmann 1945

John S. Moffet ’73


Ray S. Jacobs 1945

Miriam White Jacobs ’46


Margaret Zwigard Lavidge 1945

Robert J. Lavidge ’43


Sally Lowden Holmes 1947

Mary Karyn Emison Uptain ’98 and Jeremy Brent Uptain


Bette Johnston Boothby 1948

Bryce C. Boothby, Parent


William W. Carpenter 1948

Douglas J. Carpenter


Dorothy Jacobs Carpenter 1949

Douglas J. Carpenter


Cyndalu Stivers Piquette 1949

Judson P. Spore Jr. ’50


Gretchen Trees Wells 1949

John S. Wells Jr. ’47 and Deborah Trees Wells ’51


Alfred Piquette 1950

Judson P. Spore Jr. ’50


Lewis J. Bodi 1950

Sara Lord Bodi ’49


Boots Duesing 1950

Nancy Duesing Takaichi ’79 and Drew C. Takaichi


Doris Wells Duesing 1950

Nancy Duesing Takaichi ’79 and Drew C. Takaichi


Thomas S. Emison 1950

Mary K. Emison


Anna Schmidt Hamilton 1950

Richard E. Hamilton ’49


Theodore W. Swift 1950

David A. Poggemeier ’79


Charles V. Reed 1951

Susan J. Breen and Bradford S. Breen

Patty M. Hefner

Judith F. Rush and Gerald L. Rush

Margaret Turchette

Carolyn Wencker and Carl Wencker

J. Frederic Wiese Jr.

Cynthia H. Wilkens

Jerry L. Williams ’54 and Jane Jones Williams ’57


John E. Beesley 1952

Lester E. Beesley ’50 and Nancy Gatling Beesley


Jack B. Tykal 1952

Loren D. Daily ’51 and Gloria Lindquist Daily ’52


Charles C. Adams 1953

Marcia Terwilliger Adams ’53


James K. Baker 1953

Douglas A. Holmes ’58 and Martha L. Holmes

John S. Null ’61 and Nancy Spier Null ’59

Philip Steinberg ’53 and Doris B. Steinberg

John W. Wehrenberg ’90 and Wanpen Wehrenberg


William M. Clark 1953

Gerald Anderson and Catherine Anderson

G. R. Stephens Jr. and Betty H. Stephens


Henry J. Hoenes Jr. 1954

Elizabeth S. Bush-Ivie and Clyde Ivie

Donna Payne Hoenes ’54

Thomas J. Mulligan and Frances M. Mulligan


Frank J. Tolford Jr. 1954

Virginia Chittick Tolford


Joann Decker Burand 1955

Norman F. Jay ’55 and Judith Harding Jay, Parent


Neal A. Cochran 1958

Barbara Tracy Cochran ’58

Tracy Cochran Garrity ’82 and Dennis J. Downing


Sarah Gregory Phillips 1958

George A. Gromeeko ’45


Gayle L. Byers 1959

Lee Byers and Misty Byers

Stephen M. Garvey and Diana J. Garvey

Barbara Krueger

Idonna L. Lehigh

Andrew Lewis and Lynn D Lewis

Robert A. Morr and Elinor F. Morr

Joyce F. Peterson

Sandra K. Shanks

Charles R. Smith and Susan A. Smith

James H. Stockman and Sandra M. Stockman


Patricia J. Middleton 1959

Patricia J. Middleton ’59 and Jean L. Forest


Barbara Nelson Bracey 1960

H. Dale Bracey ’57


Lois Southard Snelson 1960

Eloise Eskew Coffey ’60 and Joseph D. Coffey


Brenda Enmeier Stiers 1960

Thomas L. Stiers ’60


Arden R. Chilcote 1962

Carol Helms Chilcote ’64


Robert C. Nordvall 1962

Rhett W. Butler ’62 and Kay Burney Butler ’62

Jean S. Legros


Ronald L. Randall 1962

Barbara E. Smith ’62 and William E. Phillips


Judith Holden Wright 1963

Charles E. Wright


Kirby W. Bay 1964

L. Terry Chappell ’65 and Barbara E. Chappell


Robert W. Lloyd III 1965

Bonnie Stout Lloyd ’66

William F. Springer and Carolyn Springer


John C. Barber 1966

June Scott Barber ’69


Carol A. Farmer 1966

Pamela Blake Peters ’66 and Robert K. Peters


Glenn V. Woike 1966

Kay Reinhart Woike ’65


Anne Meadows Gottbrath 1968

Christopher L. Gottbrath ’96 and Lara A. Dodds ’97


Stephen S. Ross 1968

Paula Lynn Ross


Susan L. Saunders 1968

Suzanne Barker Sjostrom ’70 and Darryl B. Sjostrom


Ronald B. Eich 1970

Charles H. Southwick ’70 and Nancy Herbert Southwick ’70


Beverly A. H. Phillips 1970

William P. Mayr ’70 and Barbara Brucklacher Mayr ’70


Patti Harper Coyle 1971

Margaret Horrigan ’71 and Terry N. Foster


Steven W. Surbaugh 1971

Nancy Shoemake Surbaugh


John H. Farquhar 1972

Susan Farquhar Lipchak ’68

Sabyna S. Sterrett-Mills


Linda Nohacs Farquhar 1973

Susan Farquhar Lipchak ’68

Sabyna S. Sterrett-Mills


Brian Burton Hoover 1983

Peter H. Pogue ’83

Edward A. Reser ’83 and Lesley Nelson Reser ’83


Peter J. Rogers 1984

David M. Findlay ’84 and Susan Scott Findlay, Parent

David W. Johnson ’85 and Caroline Trout Johnson


David W. Oskin Jr. 1987

Debra Good Spanbauer ’90 and Scott K. Spanbauer


Meghan Kelly Parker 1994

Fredrick W. Parker II ’69 and Barbara White Parker ’69


Polly Elizabeth Marchese 2001

Susan J. Anshutz ’77

Ashley S. English ’01


Kimberly Ann Taylor 2007

R. Brandon Sokol ’04


Shelby Leigh Evans 2011

Carleton J. Evans and Lisa Emmert Evans, Parents




Faculty and Staff


Peggy Platt Gilmer

Amy D. Landauer-Ruder

Elizabeth Munger


Leo F. Goeke

Michael Jason Sered Zabelin ’05 and Kate Sabatini


Michael D. Johnson

Carol A. Moyer ’77 and Louis T. Zaczkiewicz


Theodore M. Katula Jr.

John S. Moffet ’73

Donald M. Olson ’64 and Mary Harrison Olson ’65


William F. Lamar Jr.

Sharon L. Heinrich ’86


Keith M. Opdahl

Dennis Ahlman and Sherry Donovan-Ahlman

David A. Bohmer ’69 and Lynn Reuss Bohmer ’69

James L. Chamberlin and Debra M. Chamberlin

Douglas A. Colwell and Gale R. Colwell

Joseph A. Donovan & Marjorie A. Donovan

Ids de Vries and Anneke L. Herrold

George W. Hettenhouse and Nancy D. Hettenhouse

Robert D. Kingsley and Patricia Kingsley, Parents

Kathleen M. Lezotte

Nick Mourouzis and Marilyn Mourouzis

Roger S. Roof, Parent

Robert J. Thomas

Sharon Walters, Parent

Eleanor S. Ypma


G. Bromley Oxnam

Emily B. Beer ’36


Clifton J. Phillips

Harry M. Joiner ’65 and Suzanne B. Joiner


John A. Ricketts

David A. Poggemeier ’79






Elizabeth Elser Doolittle

Elizabeth Elser Doolittle Charitable Trusts


Colin M. Dyer

Dorothy Giles Dyer ’47


Nancy J. Lee

Betty-Jane Yuncker Lee ’42


Robert T. Owens

Anna Campbell Owens ’65


Donald A Randall

Betty-Jane Yuncker Lee ’42


Ira Jay Sheier

Linda Erf Swift ’67






Frederick W. Blackmun

Kyle E. Lanham ’79 and Sally Erickson Lanham, Parent


Patricia Gauly

Barbara E. Smith ’62 and William E. Phillips


Sally H. Gray

Paul D. Fredrick ’83 and Tomoko Takagi Fredrick


James W. Heyde

Andrew L. Aaron and Jacalyn F. Aaron


Report of gifts received and pledges made July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2014. Names in italics indicate donors who are deceased.

DePauw University has made every effort to maintain accuracy in the preparation of the Donor Annual Report and Honor Roll of Donors. Unfortunately, mistakes and omissions can and do occur. If you should find an error in these reports, please notify the University so that our records can be corrected. Write: DePauw University, Stewardship Office, Attn: Donor Annual Report, Greencastle, IN 46135-0037 or email: