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Parents Giving

Gifts from all DePauw parents provide essential support of the University to help create and maintain valuable academic and leadership opportunities for students. DePauw thanks the following alumni and non‑alumni parents of DePauw students—both current and graduated. 

The University is especially grateful to the following parents for their service on the 2013-2014 Parents Council:

Thomas Casey Briere Sr. and Christine Crane Briere, co-presidents

Jeffrey R. Balser and Melinda S. Balser

David W. Devonshire and Lidia S. Devonshire

Joseph Carson Evans

Janet Crawford Schwartz ’75

William Ryan and Lisa D. Ryan

John J. Tanner and Jill H. Tanner



Ken W. Coquillette ’82 and Carrie Melind Coquillette ’82

Tony J. de Nicola ’86 and Christie B. de Nicola

Vernon O. Hamilton Jr. ’64 and Valerie Watson Hamilton ’65

R. David Hoover ’67 and Suzanne Anderson Hoover ’67

Marshall W. Reavis IV ’84 and Amy Zino Reavis

Michael L. Smith ’70 and Susan Leet Smith ’71

Lee E. Tenzer ’64 and Marilyn E. Tenzer



Robert L. Krouse ’77 and Sarah Strauss Krouse ’74

Brent E. St. John ’89 and Katherine Cornelsen St. John ’90

Max K. Walker ’35 and Elizabeth Dye Walker ’35

John H. Wallace ’76 and Sarah Reese Wallace ’76



Charles A. Adams ’64 and Linda Howell Adams ’64

Lawrence W. Clarkson ’60 and Barbara Stevenson Clarkson ’61

Janice Mullen Cooke ’51 and Bruce H. Cooke

Robert J. Darnall ’60 and Marletta Farrier Darnall ’61

Robert B. Holland ’65 and Elizabeth Gross Holland ’65

Robert E. Houk ’42 and Marion Pfitzner Houk ’42

Kyle E. Lanham ’79 and Sally Erickson Lanham

George L. Mazanec ’58

Janet Crawford Schwartz ’75



Lucile E. Burkett

Luis R. Davila ’81 and Deborah White Davila ’82

Stephen K. Gauly

Joe Gregory Hollingsworth ’71 and Nancy Bartlett Hollingsworth ’72

Michael B. McCracken ’79 and Wendy Reuter McCracken

Robert A. Schmidt ’69 and Margaret Sheridan Schmidt ’69



Rhett W. Butler ’62 and Kay Burney Butler ’62

Newton F. Crenshaw ’85 and Susan M. Crenshaw

Graham C. Grady

Michael R. Maine ’61 and Suzanne Bauman Maine ’62

Robert L. Mitchell ’60 and Rebecca A. Mitchell

Andrew J. Paine Jr. ’59 and Jane Medaris Paine ’60

Gordon V. Smith and Helen C. Smith

M. Scott Welch ’82 and Kimberlee A. Welch



Arthur L. Bryant ’56 and Carol Shanahan Bryant ’58

Nicholas D. Chabraja and Eleanor Chabraja

Matthew S. Darnall ’85 and Jennifer Lindamood Darnall ’85

Carleton J. Evans and Lisa Emmert Evans

James T. McCoy ’62 and Linda Bollinger McCoy ’62

F. Garret Pfleeger ’67 and Marcia Swearingen Pfleeger ’67

Richard A. Warne ’54 and Jane Leahy Warne ’54

Jerry L. Williams ’54 and Jane Jones Williams ’57



Frank B. Adney Jr. ’42 and Mary Alice Claycombe Adney ’42

Don B. Ansel ’52 and Irene Koebke Ansel ’52

Jeffrey R. Balser and Melinda S. Balser

Barbara Van Dellen Beré ’47

Thomas Casey Briere Sr. and Christine Crane Briere

Anne Husted Burleigh ’63 and William R. Burleigh

Robert G. Burney ’58 and Kathleen Wisner Burney

John W. Busey ’61 and Judith R. Busey

Robert R. Carpenter ’78 and Sally Henning Carpenter ’79

Philip L. Carson ’64 and Susan Weeks Carson ’64

Judith Banker Castellini ’81 and Jerome A. Castellini

David D. Colburn

James S. Cunning ’74 and Lisa Stone

David W. Devonshire and Lidia S. Devonshire

Cynthia Ann Diller ’73

John P. Douglass ’68 and Emily R. Douglass

Paul E. Drack and Elaine Drack

Megan Reese Edwards ’88 and Eric L. Edwards

Mark A. Emkes ’75 and Maria Concepcion Emkes

Mark E. English ’64

L. Penfield Faber ’52 and Marilyn Melvin Faber

Daniel M. Falotico ’88 and Linda Ely Falotico ’87

Nancy Hunger Galliher ’57 and David A. Galliher

Thomas R. Gibson ’64 and Sophie H. Gibson

Robert H. Giles ’55 and Nancy M. Giles

David S. Goltermann ’78 and Elizabeth Gray Goltermann ’80

Susan Schacht Hagaman ’64 and T. Carter Hagaman

Donald L. Hamilton ’57 and Emily Hooton Hamilton ’58

T. Lyle Harlor ’48 and Pam Harlor

Anne Mossberg Hillman ’51

Max W. Hittle Jr. ’66 and Vicki Noe Hittle ’71

Linda Link Huff ’60 and Noble F. Huff

John W. Jakes ’53 and Rachel Payne Jakes ’51

Charles A. Leis ’52

Judy Blang Locke ’58

Charles Rickie Miller ’69 and Janel Howell Miller ’69

Todd D. Mitchell ’85 and Margaret Crowe Mitchell ’86

Douglas Charles Mogck and Kimberly Mogck

David J. Morehead ’53 and Marjorie Davis Morehead ’54

John B. Patton and Jodi L. Patton

Paul F. Radcliffe ’49 and Sue Oettinger Radcliffe ’47

Richard A. Reck ’71 and Susan Marshall Reck ’70

Frank H. Roberts ’41

James E. Robinson ’70 and Carolyn Russ Robinson ’71

Edward M. Roob ’56 and Barbara Leske Roob ’57

Rhys A. Rudolph and Laura B. Rudolph

Breton A. Schoch ’86 and Laura Parsons Schoch ’87

John A. Scully ’79 and Karen N. Scully

Brynne Williams Shaner ’83 and William M. Shaner III

Grover B. Simpson and Mary Beth Simpson

Norval B. Stephens Jr. ’51 and Diane Forst Stephens ’51

John J. Tanner and Jill H. Tanner

Robert F. Wells ’66 and Barbara Stoner Wells ’66

Sandra Major Wiese ’60 and Theodore O. Wiese Jr.

Paul Robert Wood and Corinne Joyce Gieseke Wood



Steven C. Aanenson and Beverly K. Aanenson

George C. Alter and Elyce J. Rotella

John T. Anderson ’52 and Nancy Filkey Anderson ’52

Robert S. Apatoff ’80 and Vicki Garrison Apatoff ’80

Susan Suckow Barkhausen ’78 and David N. Barkhausen

Jeffrey M. Bernacchi ’79 and Mary Lynn Scovill Bernacchi ’79

Jeffrey Clyde Bird ’81 and Susan Anne Bird

Edward B. Blair Jr. ’71 and Barbara Houston Blair

Peter B. Blankenhorn ’77 and Kristie R. Blankenhorn

Peter A. Boyer ’66 and N. Ling Boyer ’66

Scott R. Brewer and Carol B. Brewer

Thomas L. Brunkow ’61 and Katherine Ault Brunkow ’64

Albert Carl Buehler III ’78

William J. Butler ’82 and Kim Klinger Butler ’81

Kathryn Doermer Callen

Richard T. Carlin ’68 and Roberta Graef Carlin ’69

John M. Cassady ’60 and Nancy Earls Cassady

John C. Cassidy ’82 and Susan McNichols Cassidy ’82

Cynthia Lewellen Coble ’85 and Christopher L. Coble

Peter E. Coburn and Susan D. Coburn

Barbara Tracy Cochran ’58

Benjamin G. Cochran ’55 and Patricia Sutton Cochran

Sarah Robinson Coffin ’74 and Rick L. Coffin

Alexandra Lutzow Cole ’76 and William L. Cole

John R. Costello and Helen O. Costello

Page Cotton Jr. ’71 and Narda Greising Cotton ’72

Jack Dalenberg ’68 and Judy Dalenberg

Glenn E. Davis ’79 and Susan Melberg Davis ’79

Richard E. Deer ’54 and Lee T. Deer

William C. Dillon ’87 and Sarah Clark Dillon ’87

Lee E. Dirks ’56

Peter M. Donahower ’70 and Lucia P. Donahower

Gary Paul Drew ’61 and Sandra Aldrich Drew ’62

Donald H. Driemeier ’60 and Joyce Driemeier

J. Walter Duncan IV ’88 and Ann Clore Jones Duncan ’89

Frank W. Durham Jr. ’48 and Shirley Gilbert Durham ’47

James W. Emison ’71 and Mary Kathryn Holmes Emison ’72

Marilyn Sanders Ferguson ’64 and Roy J. Ferguson

David M. Findlay ’84 and Susan Scott Findlay

Donald C. Findlay II ’56 and Judith Lilly Findlay ’57

Robert J. Fleschler ’87 and Katherine Roob Fleschler ’88

Edward T. Fry and Kathleen Fry

Jane Brazes Funke ’78 and David W. Funke

John W. Gibson ’85 and Pamela C. Gibson

William H. Gilbert ’66 and Kathleen McKay Gilbert ’68

Julie Houk Goodrich ’73 and David W. Goodrich

Joan Austin Goodwin ’59 and David G. Goodwin

Judith Drompp Guild ’53

M. Lewis Gulick ’44

Megan Lewis Haddox ’79 and Craig A. Haddox

Linda D. Hale

Glenn C. Hannah ’52

Robert Brooks Harding ’64 and Susan Stone Harding

Charles M. Harris ’70 and Marie Rhine Harris ’70

Russell H. Hart Jr. ’50

Jeffrey L. Henry ’68 and Melinda P. Henry

Amy Wilmer Hill ’83 and David L. Hill

James M. Holland ’54 and Jackie P. Holland

Steven A. Holt ’70 and Emily Ann Holt

Herbert W. Hoover ’51 and Barbara Burton Hoover ’49

John E. Huepenbecker and Marcia L. Page

John R. Jewett Jr. ’77 and Perry Bockstahler Jewett

L. Edward John

Arvid C. Johnson and Anne M. Johnson

David S. Johnson ’53 and Anne Prindle Johnson ’54

Ingrid Grujanac Kay ’78 and John Douglas Kay

Bradley Alan Kelsheimer and Katrina L. Kelsheimer

Judith McNew Kiely ’60 and Donald E. Kiely

Julie Reynolds King ’77 and Robert M. King

Neal E. Kitchell ’72 and Diana T Kitchell

Paul S. Kittaka ’85 and Jill H. Kittaka

Peter F. Kunz and Jane Elder Kunz

Evelyn Whaley LaFollette ’63 and James W. LaFollette

E. Henry Lamkin Jr. ’56 and Martha Dampf Lamkin

James R. Lancaster

Thomas P. Laskey Jr. ’83 and Betsy Baker Laskey ’83

David F. Lau ’73 and Nancy Pfeffer Lau ’75

Frank W. Lincoln ’61 and Marlene B. Lincoln

Bonnie Stout Lloyd ’66

Robert W. Lloyd III ’65

G. Richard Locke III ’83 and Jean L. Locke

Jonathan T. Locke ’85 and Kathleen Galliher Locke ’85

Mark D. Locke ’87 and Sarah Bovaird Locke

Glenn Bryan Logan and J. Anna Logan

George C. Lortz ’62 and Rebecca Watts Lortz ’63

Saundra Fabrick MacGregor ’62 and Michael D. MacGregor

Thomas M. Mansager

Edward B. Martin ’73 and Anne Zonsius Martin ’73

Kenneth B. McCoy Jr. ’64 and Barbara Swensrud McCoy ’64

Michael McGowan

Edward McGrath

Charles F. Meyer ’86 and Ann Ferry Meyer

Daniel Lee Meyer and Anne F. Meyer

Jack L. Moore and Kathleen M. Moore

Catherine Cockerill Moran ’84 and Michael J. Moran

Daniel Herbert Mowrey

Robert P. Musgrave II ’79 and Cheryl Waldron Musgrave ’79

Virginia Condon Neff ’51

John S. Null ’61 and Nancy Spier Null ’59

Thomas M. O’Neil ’69 and Beth K. O’Neil

Maclyn T. Parker ’51 and Patricia Opie Parker ’51

Raymond J. Payne ’51 and Elizabeth Class Payne ’53

Stephen E. Pinaire ’81 and Beverly Lay Pinaire

Glenn Todd Plymate ’75 and Elizabeth Myers Plymate ’76

Jerry D. Pontius ’56 and Mary Goff Pontius ’57

Dale S. Porfilio ’92 and Carol Campbell Porfilio ’90

William R. Powell ’57 and Paula Weir Powell ’58

John L. Rabb ’66 and Sharon Freeman Rabb

Ronald L. Randall ’62 and Carole Lee Clark Randall ’61

Margo M. Reese

Carla Bauer Rentrop ’73 and K. Peter Rentrop

Ted A. Repass and Zrinka N. Repass

David D. Riefe ’85 and Susan Sampson Riefe ’85

Lawrence D. Rink ’62 and Eleanor Zimmerly Rink ’62

Barry O. Rudert and Rosalie Rudert

John P. Rudy ’51 and Barbara M. Rudy

Ann Meeker Ryan ’81 and Steven M. Ryan

William Ryan and Lisa D. Ryan

Thomas A. Sargent ’55 and Frances Petty Sargent

Richard L. Schaefer ’61 and Katharine R. Schaefer

Richard E. Schulte ’69 and Jamie McDaniel Schulte ’70

Edward G. Schussler III ’65 and Sharon Gierach Schussler ’65

Daniel Reed Scism ’58 and Paula Sedgwick Scism ’57

Steven M. Sear ’87 and Karen Stehlik Sear ’87

Diane Black Seebass ’64 and James Stewart Seebass

Anne Korb Shane ’71 and David N. Shane

Melissa Tharpe Smith ’77 and Gregory W. Smith

Ned A. Smith ’52 and Marcia Fobes Smith

Sarah Guild Smith ’88 and Timothy S. Smith

Jon E. Socolofsky ’68

Thomas J. Spackman ’59 and Donna Stewart Spackman ’59

David B. Stevens ’51 and Sally Symon Stevens ’52

Thomas L. Stiers ’60

Thomas M. Strader ’85 and Kelly Wodetzki Strader ’85

Nancy Stewart Surber ’67 and Donald E. Surber

Bradley Joe Tandy ’81 and Jennifer Whitehead Tandy

Maureen Sullivan Taylor ’64 and Elias L. Taylor

Nancy Lindquist Temple ’58

Susan Leis Thiele ’79 and Howard N. Thiele

Jane C. Thomas

Mary Hardy Turner ’61

Catherine Curtis Van Duzer ’82 and John B. Van Duzer Jr.

Morris R. Weidner and Katherine S. Weidner

James L. Whitlatch ’80 and Ann Baur Whitlatch ’80

Frederick R. Williams ’56 and Nancie Clark Williams ’58

Lynn Halloran Yaeger ’73

Gilbert Zucker and Cecilia T. Zucker



Joel E. Allen and Patricia L. Allen

Peter T. Allen ’67 and Sally Hauck Allen ’67

Roy J. Anthony ’73 and Cynthia S. Anthony

Mary Jo Morrison Ardington ’78 and Mark Winsted Ardington

William J. Baier ’67 and Virginia Baier

Barbara Forsell Barbieri ’51

E. Webb Bassick IV ’74 and Kathy L. Bassick

Richard L. Beardsley ’75 and Dianne Korff Beardsley ’75

James H. Beatty Sr. ’58 and Ann Beatty

Carolyn Bednar Good ’75 and Steven Kent Good

Thomas N. Bemenderfer and Kathleen L. Bemenderfer

Barrett L. Boehm ’73 and Tamara Watling Boehm

James L. Bogue ’52 and Madelyn Hatch Bogue ’53

David A. Bohmer ’69 and Lynn Reuss Bohmer ’69

Kevin B. Bradshaw ’82 and Eve C. Bradshaw

Suzanne DeCosted Breckenridge ’57 and James A. Breckenridge

Elmer P. Brestan ’64 and Marguerite Brestan

Robert S. Bridges and Anne W. Bridges

William L. Brown III ’69 and Susan Lange Brown ’68

Emily Elliott Browning ’84 and Robert Lewis Browning

Alberta Matzke Buckman ’59 and William M. Buckman

Andrew B. Buroker ’84 and Susan Novak Buroker

Martha Taylor Burtenshaw ’83 and Barry L. Burtenshaw

Kevin Campbell and Alice J. Campbell

James M. Caplinger and Pamela A. Caplinger

Stacey Noonan Carter ’85 and Donald Lyle Carter Jr.

Phillip A. Cheeseman ’72 and Lynn Liebig Cheeseman ’73

J. Eric Christman ’64 and Marsha L. Christman

Frank J. Clark ’75 and Kimi Scott McGreevy

David R. Cobb and Sara B. Cobb

Pamela A. Collins ’75

Earle M. Combs IV ’80 and Karla Kreisher Combs ’81

John David Cook ’66 and Ann Barrow Cook ’67

Stephen X. Daly ’80 and Candace Johnson Daly ’81

James W. DeArmond ’61 and Patricia Murphy DeArmond ’62

Mary Loop Doughten ’45 and Philip T. Doughten

James W. Downey ’66 and Abigail A. Downey

Jeffery A. Drew and Angelita R. Drew

James W. Dutton ’67 and Sarah Katterhenry Dutton ’69

David L. Emison ’73 and Elizabeth J. Emison

Gary Hand Emmert and Joan Ellen Emmert

Glady Caley Faires ’56

Kent Farnsworth and Julie L. Farnsworth

Kris Maroon Faulk ’76 and David L. Faulk

Timothy S. Feemster ’68 and Gretchen Benedek Feemster ’68

C. Thomas Floyd ’51 and Charlotte Thiemelke Floyd

Michael D. Freund and Barbara M. Freund

Sharon Sanders Gammon ’77 and James R. Gammon

Donald W. Garlinger ’56 and Barbara Thompson Garlinger ’56

Carolyn Beasley Gilbert ’58

David W. Gilbert ’65 and Margaret Becker Gilbert

Dave Gislason ’82 and Susan Clift Gislason ’82

Timothy J. Graham ’76 and Catherine Chriss

David Martz Grant ’79 and Patricia Strauss Grant ’78

Ronald Glenn Haggin and Christine Marie Haggin

Elizabeth Nesbit Halbert ’76 and Donald N. Halbert

Adolf Hansen and Naomi Hansen

K. Larry Hastie ’64

Philip C. Hauck ’64 and Kathrine Harris Hauck ’64

Dana C. Hayes Jr. ’86 and Sharon Sandbo Hayes ’86

Kevin C. Haynes and Nancy M. Haynes

Prudence Dix Hilger ’57 and James Robert Hilger

Sue Strickland Hirschman ’59

Mildred Greenleaf Hodshire ’50

Sarah Harman Hunter ’79 and John J. Hunter

Joseph T. Ives Jr. ’53 and Mary Shattuck Ives ’53

John A. Jennings ’54 and Patricia Williams Jennings ’53

John R. Jewett ’44 and Marybelle Bramhall Jewett ’45

Sajiv John and Reena John

Peter Martin Johnson and Elizabeth H. Johnson

James H. Jones ’76 and Elizabeth Coe Jones ’77

Jill Tanner Kamman ’81 and Kean A. Kamman

James W. Kelley and Mary E. Kelley

John S. Kemper ’59 and Margaret McElwain Kemper ’60

Edith B. Kinsey

Cynthia Coridan Klee ’79 and Robert Edward Klee

Quang H. La and Mai X. Dang

Paul J. Lanham and Lori Lanham

Michael W. Laukitis ’64 and Lora W. Laukitis

Robert J. Lavidge ’43

Kathleen Baldwin Leipprandt ’84 and Douglas J. Leipprandt

Joe C. Leonard ’62 and Karen Leonard

Mark E. Lewry and Jean W. Lewry

C. Sumpter Logan ’59 and Linda Ware Logan ’61

Robert F. Manges and Natalie L. Manges

Dinah Eggers Mannlein ’64 and William J. Mannlein

James H. Mason ’52 and Anabel Russell Mason ’52

Pamela A. McCord ’66

Stuart A. McCrary and Nancy L. Davis

Michael S. McCrea ’74 and Gay P. McCrea

Timothy Richard McFadden ’84 and Barbara Leslea McFadden

J. Kevin McGrath and Gail A. McGrath

Gary K. McWilliams ’59 and Nancy Redding McWilliams

John C. Melangton ’52

Engrid Hitch Meng ’66 and Jack Meng

Jane Schwalm Miller ’54

Robert L. Muller ’55

David C. Murray and Susan V. Murray

David W. Neeb ’64 and Sarah Carroll Neeb ’62

Hung P. Nguyen and Minh N. Nguyen

Richard W. North ’87 and Leslie Alexander North ’87

Greggory Alan Notestine ’83 and Sarah Jane Notestine

Robert F. Ogden ’49 and June Jensen Ogden

Fredrick W. Parker II ’69 and Barbara White Parker ’69

James F. Parker and Julia F. Parker

Kay E. Pashos ’81 and Neal W. Steinbart

Kathleen Meredith Pearson ’87 and Thomas Joseph Pearson

Richard W. Pell ’63 and Jane E. Pell

William David Pendl ’78 and Deborah Meier Pendl

George W. Phillips Jr. ’56 and Martha Williamson Phillips ’57

Kenneth A. Prine ’82 and Carmen M. Prine

Mary Leonard Ramshaw ’70 and Gregg Ramshaw

Michael F. Rapp ’67

Cynthia Adolphsen Rasp ’70 and Fred L. Rasp

Nels Peter Rasmussen Jr. ’79 and Margaret Mathias Rasmussen ’80

Laura Cochran Reavis ’84

Richard H. Reitz ’62 and Catharine Pierson Reitz ’63

Daniel J. Riley and Rebecca Riley

Craig J. Rojek and Karen J. Rojek

Victoria Kensek Ross ’74 and Robert Ross

John N. Royse and Priscilla G. Royse

Sara Wooden Salsbury ’64 and Phillip J. Salsbury

Jane Crum Seigel ’76 and Christopher Dean Seigel

James E. Shields ’56 and Irma Huber Shields

Erika Esser Shorney ’61 and William G. Shorney

Karel J. Simbartl and Loretta A. Simbartl

Charles M. Simons ’64 and Alice Simons

Carl P. Singer Jr. ’86 and Stacy Aschenbrener Singer ’86

Steven R. Smith ’85

Gustav E. Staahl Jr. ’67 and Mary Thomsen Staahl

Beverly Mullen Stodghill ’58 and Jack R. Stodghill

Raymond M. Stout Jr. and Teri L. Stout

Sue Farrell Supple ’57 and Robert N. Supple

John W. Taylor III ’62 and Kaari Torsteson Taylor

Mildred J. Tracht

Daniel C. Tsui and Ann G. Tsui

Jane Hale Utterback ’50

Peter Colburn Vaky ’75 and Debra Thompson Vaky ’76

Robert E. Van Metre ’63 and Barbara A. Van Metre

Ann Thomas Wade ’58 and Douglas M. Wade

William E. Wagner and Emily A. Wagner

Melissa Watson Walker ’61 and Richard L. Walker

Michael S. Wallace ’84 and Kristin Schurmeier Wallace ’85

Nancy Rockhill Walters ’49

Alexander H. Ware and Amy S. Ware

Randy Ray Wells ’77 and Sarah Kile Wells ’78

Gregory A. Werner ’89 and Nancy Cowan Werner ’89

Stephen R. Wetoska ’88 and Kelly Burk Wetoska ’87

Paul Wham and Gail Hurley Wham

Hollis Newcomb White III and Marla Kay White

Bert M. Wilhoite ’65 and Caryl Fernandes Wilhoite ’65

John P. Williams ’59 and Mary Walbaum Williams ’59

Dale G. Wills and Cynthia B. Wills

Dawna Sinnet Wilson ’82 and Larry J. Wilson

James A. Yoder ’70 and Ellen White Yoder



David T. Allen ’61 and Carol Ann Allen

Richard A. Ames ’60 and Marcia Barron Ames ’59

Jim Anderson and Marilyn Anderson

Samantha Hulbert Anshutz ’84 and Scott Bradford Anshutz

Susan Haynes Austin ’78 and Joe N. Austin

Lynn Maish Babcock ’61 and James L. Babcock

June Scott Barber ’69

Jody Witherspoon Barry ’78 and Richard P. Barry

Robert C. Bayer ’51 and Patricia Bayer

Jane Evans Berghoff ’46

Christine Boeke ’78

Nancy Bardonner Bossert ’51

Patrick C. Botts and Jane E. Botts

Lynn Tozer Bowles ’52

Max L. Boyd ’51 and Betty Soukup Boyd ’53

Randall L. Braddom ’64 and Diana Verdun Braddom

Frank D. Brauer and Maryann Brauer

Miriam Cole Breese ’57 and Robert F. Breese

Mary Murphy Bretscher

Thomas S. Bridges ’82 and Cynthia Treadwell Bridges ’83

Robert D. Britigan Jr. ’58 and Susan Locke Britigan

Robert Dana Britigan III ’84 and Claudia Dee Britigan

Raymond P. Brown ’48 and Lourdes Rushton Brown

Daniel E. Brunette ’74 and Mary Beth Dreyer Brunette

Howard L. Bull ’64 and Sheila Kay Settle

Anthony W. Byers and Jacqueline A. Byers

Jack B. Campbell ’68

Robert C. Canfield ’60 and Patricia Harms Canfield ’57

Guy A. Carter ’63 and Sondra Carter

John T. Casey ’67 and Mary Butt Casey

Ronald E. Christian and Helen W. Christian

Marc E. Cooper ’76 and Linda K. Cooper

Loraine Loomis Cox ’54

Gregory A. Crow ’78 and Arlene Burnside Crow ’78

Harry C. Dees Jr. ’67 and Patricia Brown Dees

John J. Dillon III ’82 and Anne Trudgen Dillon ’81

Robert J. Distler and Margaret K. Distler

Duane L. Dowell ’58 and Vera Ferris Dowell ’60

Rick Dwenger and Martha Dwenger

Shannon Coghlan Eades ’81 and K. Luke Eades

Charles A. Eberle III ’66 and Janet C. Eberle

David M. Eckert and Aileen F. Eckert

Carrie Reavis Erzinger ’83 and Christian H. Erzinger

Vicki Lind Ferringer ’69 and Bernard F. Ferringer

James B. Fleece ’60 and Karen Hoven Fleece ’60

Thomas R. Flickinger

Linda Sellen Frazier ’62 and Marc A. Frazier

Donnie Galley and Leopoldine Kpegba

Robert H. Gardner ’65

Clinton B. Gass

Thomas H. Gee ’73 and Tedra Mosley Gee

Robert K. Gibson ’50 and Lynn Sturgeon Gibson

Hector Orestes Gonzalez ’83

Scott P. Granger ’75 and Karen Louise Granger

J. Thomas Grayson ’63 and Helen Gerber Grayson ’63

Alan L. Grogan and Susan A. Grogan

David M. Harsha and Catherine G. Harsha

Nancy Lewis Haswell ’63

Nancy Crane Heller ’60

Mark R. Hendrickson and Kathleen O. Hendrickson

Tamryn Maione Hennessy ’82 and Joseph J. Hennessy

Michael A. Herrell ’60 and Helen H. Herrell

Nancy Rich Herrin ’66 and John Q. Herrin

G. Richard Hershberger ’57 and Jo Petry Hershberger ’57

Cleveland P. Hickman Jr. ’50 and Rae Rickenbacher Hickman ’49

Susan Stechschulte Hilbrich ’81 and John Lawrence Hilbrich

Ronald N. Hinkel and Debra Ann Hinkel

Elizabeth Surbeck Hitchner ’42

Jeffrey L. Hodge ’80 and Kathryn Beth Hodge

Steven David Hoenig ’82 and Julia May Hoenig

William B. Hoenig Jr. ’56 and MaryBelle Ferguson Hoenig ’56

Richard C. Holland ’52 and Barbara Swisher Holland

Jane Roehr Hughes ’59 and Thomas J. Hughes

David M. Ivey

Jay Michael Jackley and Mary Hartfiel Jackley

Susan Crabb Johnson ’59

Lornell Elizabeth Jonason

Donald Jones ’49 and Salena Hotchkiss Jones ’49

Terry L. Karpinski

Linda Martin Katula ’62

Margaret Tucker Key ’65 and Ronald P. Key

David G. Killpack

Jane Clements King ’55 and James Howie King

Paul R. Klug and M. Phoebe Brown

David John Krabill and Beverly Sue Krabill

Deborah Zonsius Lane ’71 and Jack H. Lane

Elizabeth Rothfus Lenz ’64 and David E. Lenz ’63

Virginia Cook Lester ’68 and Raymond M. Lester

Daniel E. Lewis Jr. ’58 and Linda Brainard Lewis ’60

Thomas E. Lilly ’59 and Marianne Schlosser Lilly

David W. Luhman and Carol A. Luhman

Richard S. Marshall and Cheryl M. Marshall

Dwight E. Matthews ’73 and Ellen L. Matthews

Todd V. McMurtry and Maria C. Garriga

Timothy Edward Meyer ’82 and Melissa Phillips Meyer ’81

David Mailen Mills and Gretchen Haak Mills

James D. Moore ’74 and Diana P. Moore

Mary Johnson Moran ’79 and Michael J. Moran

Jay A. Morris ’52 and Marilyn Miller Morris ’54

John R. Mote ’50

Thomas R. Mote ’74

Jack C. Naylor

James B. Nelson ’63 and Jean S. Nelson

Robert E. Nelson ’68 and Janet Nelson

George Wilking Norris ’87 and Kimberly Hinkle Norris ’87

Joseph S. Northrop ’71 and Marcia Utter Northrop ’71

Kevin J. O’Brien and Theresa A. O’Brien

Marilyn Thomas Peterson ’52 and Kimberly Peterson

Marcia Edwards Peterson ’53 and Robert L. Peterson

Michael K. Petrone and Patricia M. Petrone

Terry R. Piotrowski and Barbara L. Piotrowski

Jeffrey M. Pittard and Michele Pittard

Jeanne DeCosted Pittman ’61 and Glen D. Pittman

Bing Byington Pratt III ’58 and Susan Pettijohn Pratt

Elizabeth Doeller Radcliff ’61

Esteban Ramirez and Andrea Ramirez

Daniel H. Ransdell ’81 and Rhonda Sue Ransdell

Erick R. Ratzer ’54 and Jeanne Mason Ratzer ’54

Paul T. Reineke and Melinda Reineke

Linda Ieler Reinhardt ’56 and Charles F. Reinhardt

Richard A. Rezek and Shannon M. Corrigan

Jeffrey L. Rhoades ’70 and Cynthia Sadler Rhoades

Douglas L. Rossiter ’66 and Rosemary Rossiter

Michael E. Salazar Sr. and Gloria L. Salazar

Gary E. Schmidt and Therese A. Schmidt

John F. Schneider ’58 and Frances Harnach Schneider

Richard L. Schubert ’69 and Judy Chupp Schubert ’69

Carole Summers Shaw ’79 and Kevin Trent Shaw

Sue Lett Showalter ’68

Gerald Skidmore and Sarah G. Skidmore

Lucy Brown Sloan ’61

Keith H. Smith and Teresa Esther Smith

Matthew T. Smith ’84 and Christine Trentadue Smith ’85

Sogi Soder ’49 and Alice Soder

Lisabeth Fortune Somerville ’78

Ronald W. Sondee ’56 and Mary McCorkle Sondee ’58

Gilbert D. Standley ’82 and Sarah Englehart Standley ’80

Gordon Patrick Steele and Patrice McOwen Steele

Stephen E. Strup ’84 and Sue H. Strup

Patricia Hollister Sutton ’76 and Larry Gene Sutton

Bruce Stephen Terlep ’81 and Virginia Stephens Terlep ’82

Michael Andrew Terry ’74 and Elizabeth Godfrey Terry ’76

Gene R. Thiem ’86 and Rebecca Brumbaugh Thiem ’85

Richard A. Thornburg ’48 and Joyce Ledstone Thornburg

Peter Wencelus Tinsman and Heather Von Maur Tinsman

Mark E. Vannatta and Julie D. Vannatta

David Matthew Walker ’78 and Patricia Jacks Walker ’80

Philip David Waller Jr. ’64 and Gail Robertson Waller ’66

Mary Hunter Wedding ’85 and Steven E. Wedding

Virginia A. Weise ’57

Lawrence E. Welker ’69 and Joyce A. Welker

John S. Wells Jr. ’47 and Deborah Trees Wells ’51

Marietta May Willman ’68 and John R. Willman

Marianna Soaper Wright ’75 and Robert B. Wright

Thomas S. Yeo ’70

Robert C. Zimmer ’50 and Ethel Ford Zimmer

Miriam Ely Zukoski ’52



Ruth Henley Adams ’48

Oluwole A. Adeniran and Oluwakemi A. Adeniran

Thomas L. Agnew and Lucinda Kathleen Agnew

David C. Ahlgren ’73 and Deborah Adams Ahlgren ’73

J. Patrick Aikman ’57

Judith Folk Aikman ’57

O. Bukky Akinbola and Obo Effanga Akinbola

Karl W. Alleman and Kathleen M. Alleman

Melvin L. Allen ’53 and Joyce Vietzke Allen ’53

William R. Allred ’59

Ann Freehafer Andersen ’58 and Donald K. Andersen

Leonard Frank Anglis and Nancy Moss Anglis


Jack R. Arnold and Norene M. Arnold

Jill Thompson Ash ’78 and Michael R. Ash

William C. Ashman ’52 and Gloria A. Ashman

David Lee Baker and Janet Prochaska Baker

Mark A. Baker and Mary Kay Baker

James H. Barrett ’79 and Beth Stewart Barrett ’81

Bernard F. Batto and Teresa Ann Batto

John J. Baughman ’48

Sharon Young Beaver ’64 and Monte L. Beaver

Sharon Latham Beck ’65 and Arthur F. Beck

David A. Beery ’64 and Katherine B. Beery

Karin Hennings Bennington ’53 and Lewis R. Bennington

Thomas L. Benson III

Amy Thurston Berthouex ’74 and Albert K. Berthouex

Gloria Routt Beswick ’73

Alfred D. Biggs Jr. ’54 and Ruth Hawkins Biggs ’54

Allen K. Billingsley ’54

Kevin Blair and Mary Blair

Richard W. Block and Elisabeth F. Block

Cynthia Smith Bolander ’88 and James E. Bolander

John A. Bollero Jr. and Katherine O. Bollero

Robert Simpson Bond and Maureen Catherine Bond

Michael Thomas Bontreger

Bryce C. Boothby

Timothy Scott Borne and Ann Spear Borne

Charles Richard Bowers II ’72

Marilyn Smith Boxell ’61 and John F. Boxell

Nancy Eshcoff Boyer ’73 and Thomas P. Boyer

Philip F. Bradford ’55 and Sally F. Bradford

Lenisha Braxton

John W. Breck ’75 and Sarah Smith Breck ’76

Andrew J. Brown ’74 and Betsy Steffen Brown ’74

Larry S. Browning ’75 and Constance S. Browning

Beverly Tansey Bryan ’59 and John I. Bryan

William R. Buckley and Margaret K. Buckley

Thomas L. Bugielski and Kathleen M. Bugielski

Michael Ardel Bunge and Nancy Jane Bunge

Jerry M. Burand ’55

John F. Burger and Sherrie L. Burger

Victoria Ann Burton Burke ’70 and David L. Burke

John M. Burnett and Deborah A. Burnett

Joanne Gits Burnham ’59 and Keith W. Burnham

Stephen G. Burns and Joan W. Burns

Vic K. Burriss ’81 and Susan West Burriss ’81

Judith Staebler Bushouse ’63 and Stanley R. Bushouse

Donald Keith Campbell ’47 and Mary Fran Campbell

Christine Niles Cancelmo ’74 and Jesse James Cancelmo

Alejandra Laszlo Capshew

John M. Caraher and Lynn A. Caraher

Nancy Carlson

Paula Stenger Cassiday ’52 and Jack Cassiday

Douglas R. Chamberlain and Linda J. Chamberlain

Robin Cochran Christman ’69

Joseph H. Clark ’49 and Barbara Brewer Clark ’52

John W. Cleveland and Joan E. Cleveland

David W. Clifford ’61

Jean McCalister Clifford ’60

Ellen Myers Clippinger ’62 and W. Michael Clippinger

Douglas P. Conner ’79 and Tracy Gibson Conner ’79

Tonia C. Cooper ’82

Diane Davis Cordell ’68 and Alan S. Cordell

Francoise Coulont Henderson

Mark V. Courtade and Ruth M. Courtade

Andrew Richard Creighton and Katherine Mary Creighton

Douglas Daniel Cripe ’82

David E. Cross and Charleen Cross

Harriett Hesslin Crum ’47 and Glen F. Crum

Waneta Maxwell Dailey ’54

Russell R. Dart and Marilyn Sue Dart

Suzanne Wagner Davis ’58 and Richard F. Davis

Henry C. Deaver and Maren W. Deaver

Rebecca Wray Degitz ’43

William B. Degitz

John R. Dehner ’56 and Sandy Dehner

Maribell Dehner

Nancy Wittgen DeVoe ’46

Thomas C. Dewland and Pamela J. Dewland

Daniel C. Dillon ’64 and Catherine Hash Dillon ’65

Mac R. Dixon Fyle and Joyce E. Dixon Fyle

George T. Dodd ’59

Derek K. Doehrmann ’88 and Carrie Gibson Doehrmann ’88

Steven K. Donisch and Renee A. Donisch

Herbert K. Douglas ’56 and Sharon Ronneau Douglas

Robert J. Dow and Vicki D. Dow

Ronald K. Drake and Elaine C. Drake

Philip B. Dray and Meredith L. Dray

Gary J. Dressel and Marilyn Sue Dressel

William M. Dugan Jr. ’60 and Ann Carper Dugan ’61

Daniel J. Dunaway ’86 and Angela Ohmer Dunaway

Carolyn Hungness Dunlap ’62 and Charles E. Dunlap

Katherine A. Duval ’62

James J. Eckerle and June A. Eckerle

Robert W. Edmunds ’55

Roger Edvenson and Peggy Edvenson

William K. Elbring ’64 and Judy Hartline Elbring ’64

Charles R. Ellinwood ’51 and Susanna Bowers Ellinwood ’52

Susanna Bowers Ellinwood ’52

Donald F. Elliott Jr. ’43 and Dorothy Yates Elliott

Carol Olson Emens ’62

David S. Ensing ’83 and Gretchen L. Rohm ’83

James Mark Erlandson and Dawn Jocelyn Erlandson

Kathleen Vietzke Evans ’61 and Donald J. Evans

Gary Dean Everhart and Toni Leigh Everhart

Thomas N. Ewing Jr. ’35

Barbara Evans Farris ’50

Gary W. Fedinets and Natalie A. Fedinets

Peter M. Fellegy and MaryEllen D. Fellegy

Daniel Francis Fernitz and Kathryn Ruth Fernitz

John D. Fetters ’50 and Marilyn Holtman Fetters ’54

J. David Field and Dianne L. Hardin ’80

Jane Lancaster Fitzpatrick ’85 and Owen B. Fitzpatrick

Hilliard J. Fjord ’47

William H. Fletcher ’45 and Helen E. Fletcher

David G. Fontana and Jeanne Fontana

John P. Forde and Kathryn M. Harney Forde

Nancy Arvay Fowler ’79 and Kenneth D. Fowler

Thomas C. Fox and Betty W. Fox

Willard J. Frederick ’70 and Kathryn J. Frederick

Jerry A. Freeman ’53 and Alice Rogers Freeman ’53

Brian Earl Frost and Julianne Deely Frost

Timothy W. Frost ’84 and Margo Calvetti Frost

Charles L. Gardner ’71 and Rita Gardner

James F. Garrett

Nancy Matthei Garrigus ’72 and Mark T. Garrigus

John William Gaughan and Kathleen Drack Gaughan

Joseph E. Gerhardstein and Donna C. Gerhardstein

Lisa Raible Gladson ’81 and Michael Dean Gladson

John A. Gleason and Amy S. Gleason

Anne Troxel Golden ’72 and Thomas R. Golden

Ralph C. Gonzalez and Carole A. Gonzalez

Todd L. Gordon and Margaret R. McCleary

Sarah Graser Gray ’73 and David Welker Gray

Frederick M. Green ’66 and Judy L. Green

Mari McGaughey Greves ’68 and John H. Greves III

Gerald H. Gruber ’59 and Linda Asper Gruber

John J. Guagliardo and Jane F. Guagliardo

John K. Guild Jr ’80 and Dana Grabb Guild

Barbara Gurney ’51

Edward F. Hackett and Amy R. Hackett

Chris W. Hallett and Susan L. Hallett

Marion G. Harcourt ’50

Thelma Hunter Harkness Thompson ’59 and Thomas O. Thompson

Louis W. Harmening Jr. ’61 and Janet Bloxsome Harmening ’61

Anne Emison Harmon ’54 and Howard L. Harmon Jr.

Kenneth C. Harms and Pamela S. Harms

David M. Harr and Annabell Harr

Thomas G. Harvey Jr. and Arvilla Harvey

David Scott Hathaway ’84 and Ann Rita Hathaway

James B. Hawkins and Marcia Trisler

William F. Hayes Sr. ’47 and Susan Seaforth Hayes

Robert W. Haynes ’83 and Susan Henlein Haynes ’85

Tavia S. Pigg ’84 and Wade N. Hazel

Dorothy Sams Healy ’62 and Michael T. Healy

Craig R. Hedin ’72 and Andrea K. Hedin

Patricia L. Henderson ’66

Charles Henry and Sherry Henry

David B. Heyde ’81 and Alison Mason Heyde ’81

Sarah Staub Hicks

Thomas C. Hillman ’80 and Lou Ann Hillman

Kymberly Bailey Hlavin ’89 and Justin J. Hlavin

John B. Holdeman ’61 and Dian Alfrey Holdeman ’63

Elizabeth Hardy Holland ’55 and George F. Holland II

James A. Hollensteiner ’53 and Wanda Peterson Hollensteiner

David W. Holty ’61 and Jane Striebeck Holty ’61

Sharon Fulton Hoover ’83 and David E. Hoover

David J. Hruska ’77 and Robin Ackerman Hruska ’76

Nancy J. Hubbard and Jimmy R. Hubbard

Marillyn Knuepfer Hudson ’48

David Wayne Huffman and Jena L. Huffman

Mary Lou Coyle Hughes ’66

Lois Kjellberg Hughet ’44 and Keith R. Hughet

James O. Huisinga ’60 and Joan Furlong Huisinga ’61

John J. Hulewicz and Debra J. Hulewicz

David C. Hyde

John E. Ibendahl and Barbara Ibendahl

Kenneth R. Ingle Jr. ’60 and Elizabeth Johnson Ingle

Anthony P. Isch ’77 and Anna Marie Isch

Kareen M. Jacobs ’54

Miriam White Jacobs ’46

Norman F. Jay ’55 and Judith Harding Jay

Rajeskhar Jayaraman and Mary R. Jayaraman

Thomas J. Jeffers and Kathleen M. Jeffers

Marvin R. Jewell Jr. ’54 and Mary Jane Jewell

Basil L. Johnson and Helen T. Johnson

Robert V. Johnson ’56 and Virginia Milbacher Johnson ’56

William K. Johnson and Martha Johnson

Jeffrey P. Jones and Carolyn A. Jones

Louise M. Jones

Jack Edward Jordan and Hope Carmen Jordan

Sunil K. Kadam

Annichen Bohn Kassel ’54

John Paul Kelly ’75 and Diane Kelly

Helen Anne Kendrick

Carol B. Kenney ’58

Kris W. Kindelsperger and Roxanna Reasor Kindelsperger

Robert D. Kingsley and Patricia Kingsley

James W. Kirkpatrick and Laurann R. Kirkpatrick

Robert J. Kleymeyer

Richard E. Knapp ’56 and Ann Bland Knapp ’57

Barbara Steele Kniskern ’76 and Robert J. Kniskern

Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Koenig Jr.

William C. Kooiman and Eydie C. Kooiman

Sandra Woods Kryspin ’89 and Ted Kryspin

Gregory Lee Kunkel and Laurie Ann Kunkel

Robert S. Kurtz ’68 and Charla Kurtz

Radoslav Kyurkchiyski and Elka Kyurkchiyska

Leland A. Lahr ’52 and Nancy Cox Lahr ’52

Jane Elizabeth Lambert ’78

Shirley Veneman Lanum ’51 and Raymond L. Lanum

Henry Lewis ’50 and Pat Croghan Lewis

W. J. Lewis Jr. ’48 and Ann Hodson Lewis

John A. Light III ’50

John B. Lindamood ’63

Richard W. Loring ’52 and Janet Teetor Loring ’52

John C. Lowe ’53 and Judy S. Lowe

Joan Jackson Lucky ’61 and Robert W. Lucky

Nancy Norberg MacGregor ’66 and Norman E. MacGregor

James A. Madison

Rodney William Mail and Lora Babcock Mail

William S. Margulis and Marion S. Margulis

Robert E. Matthews

Scott W. Maxwell and Leslie L. Maxwell

Stuart Wayne May and Cheryl Sue May

William P. Mayr ’70 and Barbara Brucklacher Mayr ’70

Brian E. McCann ’87 and Mary Erin McCann

Charles W. McConnell ’61 and Nancy Hackler McConnell ’61

Mary McTague McDaniel ’77 and William Joseph McDaniel

Robert J. McDaniel and Cynthia McDaniel

Thomas A. McElhaney ’63 and Janice M. McElhaney

Joseph Francis McGonigal and Denise Roney McGonigal

R. Edward McGreevy Jr. ’54 and Patricia McGreevy

Brian L. McPheters and Michal McPheters

Linda Kuonen Medlock ’63 and Paul A. Medlock

James C. Menne and Sandra Menne

Valerie C. Merriam

Eileen O’Brien Metzger

Christopher Linn Meyer and Janet Kay Meyer

Kathryn Weesner Miller ’46

Linda Mitchell Miller ’65 and Keith L. Miller

Clara Lou Aumann Milligan ’47 and Dale Milligan

Katherine M. Mills ’64

Paul D. Milne and Elizabeth A. Milne

Stanley Dean Minnick and Jo Minnick

Theodore E. Mioduski Jr. ’80 and Eileen Mioduski

Donald W. Montgomery ’47 and Mary Catherine Montgomery

John W. Mooningham and Gretchen M. Mooningham

John W. Morris ’50 and Wilma Elaine Bishop Morris

Norman G. Morris ’51

Thom J. Morris ’84 and Gwen G. Morris

Marilyn Stevenson Morrison ’51

Richard F. Morrisroe and Sylvia C. Morrisroe

J. Brad Morrow ’90 and Julie Carson Morrow ’91

Peter C. Mountz ’60

Jennifer Davis Moy ’82 and Eric Richard Moy

Carolyn Schrank Mugge ’66 and Larry J. Mugge

Karen S. Murfey

Alphonsus C. Murphy

Michael Allbee Murphy and Fran Garrison Murphy

Suzanne Pulliam Murphy ’46

Sreenath N. Murthy and Babitha A. Sathyanarayana

Todd M. Myers ’89 and Jennifer Neal Myers ’91

Bruce D. Myrehn ’82 and Kimberly Holycross Myrehn ’83

John Michael Nafziger and Margo Eileen Nafziger

Sami B. Nammari and Joan Nammari

Shelley Clark Naum ’83 and Chris C. Naum

Bonnie Moore Nealon

Michael G. Neill ’82 and Michelle Palmer Neill ’82

Harold E. Nelson ’46 and Joan H. Nelson

William R. Nesbit ’52 and Nancy Hartz Nesbit ’52

Richard D. Nice ’64 and Karen Nice

Sonya Jones Nicely ’59 and James E. Nicely

Mike C. Nichols

Joseph R. Niemann and Margaret C. Niemann

William R. Niersbach Jr. ’74 and Karen Maier Niersbach ’74

David S. Norris ’82 and Anne Boyd Norris ’82

J. Raymond North Jr. ’56 and Sue Sappenfield North ’56

Malott Nyhart and Nancy Ryan Nyhart

Carilee Phillips O’Banion ’81 and Dan J. O’Banion

Mary Sullivan O’Brien ’88 and Todd Robert O’Brien

Michael F. O’Brien ’66 and Alice Weyeneth O’Brien ’66

Dayle A. Ohlau ’82 and Theodore W. Graham

N. Randolph Oliver ’78 and Martha Linscott Oliver

Donald M. Olson ’64 and Mary Harrison Olson ’65

Jacob M. O’Neill and Michelle B. O’Neill

John C. Otteson ’84 and Elizabeth Cartwright Otteson ’85

Gloria T. Owiredu

Michael G. Pascua and Aphrodite Pascua

Joyce Adams Patterson ’51

Andrew J. Paul and Leann Paul

Randy M. Pavlick ’81 and Ingrid K. Katzfuss Pavlick

Donna Hostetter Peebles ’57

William A. Pendl ’54 and Deborah G. Pendl

Marilyn Seabrook Pinaire ’48

Todd W. Ponder ’81 and Carolynn M. Ponder

Talmage N. Porter and Anne Porter

Don E. Prosser ’71 and Darcy Anderson Prosser

Stephen A. Rappaport and Pamela Flummerfelt Rappaport

Carolyn Humbert Rasmussen ’58 and Frank M. Rasmussen

Mary Simmons Reece ’55 and Plenny J. R. Reece

Mark E. Reid and Janice R. Reid

Mary Shauman Reiff ’57

Karen West Reiman ’63 and Timothy A. Reiman

Preston L. Richards and Kathryn Richards

Timothy C. Riehle ’86 and Tiffany Renwick Riehle ’86

Karen Knutson Rikhoff ’56

Sally Smith Robbins ’64 and William H. Robbins III

Mark A. Robertson ’72 and Susan Jennings Robertson

William J. Roess ’79 and Rebecca Hawk Roess ’77

Carolyn Braden Ruark ’82

Ned P. Rule ’61 and Lynn Rezek Rule ’61

Randal J. Sable and Karen S. Sable

Charles A. Sadler Jr. ’87 and Jamie A. Sadler

Richard R. Savage ’48 and Patricia Dungan Savage

Jilann Wilkins Savery ’86 and Joseph B. Savery

Jeanne A. Schirmer ’51

David L. Schmalz ’60 and Mary Ann Schmalz

Marilyn Miller Schmid ’60 and Walter F. Schmid

Robert Emery Schoen and Lori Ann Schoen

Henrietta Link Schwartz ’87 and Eugene Perry Schwartz

Phyllis Rauth Sells ’57 and L. Ray Sells

Edward Seto

Clifton Weir Shannon and Sheila Rae Schreiber

David R. Sheaffer ’58 and Nancy Grumling Sheaffer ’58

Roger A. Sheppard and Janine Susott Sheppard

Earl M. Shiring

Laurel Evers Short ’87 and John F. Short

Stuart Showalter ’68

Carmen Lynch Siegel ’54 and Edward A. Siegel

Gretel Heinzerling Smith ’54 and Donald E. Smith

Donald R. Smith and Elaine L. Smith

Elizabeth Nelson Smith ’71

James M. Smith and Marilyn Koch Smith

Mary Ann Smith ’53

Robert C. Smith and Cynthia M. Smith

Ronald D. Smith ’53 and Marilyn H. Smith

Roy T. Smith ’59 and Marilyn F. Smith

Wrede Howard Smith Jr. ’71 and Melissa Uelk Smith

Richard C. Smock and Angie P. Smock

Dennis Stephen Spooner Sr. and Karen Spooner

Robert J. Sprawls and Sheryl M. Schneider

Jeffrey J. Sroka and Pamela A. Sroka

Eric A. St. Bernard

Patrick C. Stack and Pamela J. Stack

Max L. Stackhouse ’57 and Jean Hostetler Stackhouse ’57

Jay Forrest Stannard II ’70 and Mary Elizabeth Stannard

John R. Stauffer ’51 and Marilynne Curtis

Joyce E. Stauffer

Ralph S. Steele ’46 and Myrene L. Steele

Paul P. Stemler and Mary B. Stemler

Joan Brattain Stewart ’52 and George F. Stewart

Jerry William Stewart and Sueanne Stewart

Steven M. Still ’76 and Lynn Bryant Still ’78

Carlton B. Stringfellow ’58 and Joellen McFarland Stringfellow ’58

William B. Strubbe and Kim H. Strubbe

Marilynn Ballard Sturgeon ’63 and John A. Sturgeon

Kim W. Suchy ’77

James E. Swearingen ’80 and Tracy Dentel Swearingen ’80

Daniel L. Swift ’69 and Susan Christopher Swift ’69

Margaret Hastings Teegardin ’71 and Edwin D. Teegardin

Dolores M. Templeton ’64

John F. Throckmorton ’63 and Martha Jane Throckmorton

Mary Gadd Tiemann ’69 and Robert D. Tiemann II

Craig Arlan Timmer and Susan Ann Timmer

Gregory E. Tipsword and Marilyn J. Tipsword

Anne Harter Tobik ’76 and David Vance Tobik

William T. Tobin and Jacqueline E. Tobin

Jacqueline A. Todman

James M. Totman ’55

Jay H. Tressler ’64 and Patience Tressler

Russell F. Triebel ’51 and Jeannine Spangler Triebel ’51

Martha Moore Trowbridge ’58

Vincent P. Truax III ’86 and Kristy Dalby Truax ’87

Barb Martin Tubekis ’80 and Thomas C. Tubekis

Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Tubergen

Ann Clarkson Turpin ’58

Tracy L. Upton

Raymond G. Vasey and Janet Vasey

Gregory J. Viti

Kurt I. Voigt ’84

John W. Von Stein and Karen M. Von Stein

Jeffry A. Waggoner ’79 and Beth Ann Waggoner

Margaret Brown Wagoner ’60 and Norman O. Wagoner

John Haworth Waitt and Karla Jo Waitt

Christopher L. Walker ’72 and Shelley Holmes Walker ’73

Thomas J. Walker ’60 and Ellyn Vyhnalek Walker ’59

Barbara Griffiths Walters ’59 and Donald B. Walters

Joe B. Walters and Leah P. Walters

Charles H. Watson ’59 and Rosanne Nelson Watson ’59

Sharon Stallings Watson Wardrum ’60 and Earl R. Wardrum

Larry Eugene Weber and Dena Joann Weber

Marsha Brown Webster ’81 and Stephen Lee Webster

Carolyn Smith Weimar ’64

John J. Wellik and Susan A. Wellik

Kenneth B. Welliver ’51 and Mary Lee Hickman Welliver ’51

Charles P. Welter and Elizabeth Ann Welter

Drew Rexferd Wendling and Deanna Loft Wendling

Scott A. Wickman and Karen H. Wickman

Rebecca Fortenbery Widmer ’76 and Richard J. Widmer

Julie Smith Wiehl ’74 and Roger S. Wiehl

Kenneth A. Wieland Jr. ’82 and Constance E. Wieland

Martin Wilkey and Vicki Wilkey

Douglass E. Williams and Terri G. Williams

Susan R. Wilson

David E. Winton ’56 and Nancy Harrison Winton ’56

Eric Witte and Annette Witte

Marta Hawthorne Wolfe ’76 and Douglas Walter Wolfe

Saihua S. Wong

James W. Wood ’59 and Sandra McDermond Wood ’61

John Philip Woods ’81 and Susan Lewis Woods ’80

Wendy Ferguson Wright ’73

Zhichang Xu and Lu Fang Xu

Segundo Yaipen and Martha Yaipen

Noble H. Yoshida ’56 and Fumie Yoshida

Kimberlee Tweedy Young ’73 and Richard A. Young

Pamela L. Zdunek ’81

John F. Zeiger and Joan Zeiger

Elio Paul Zerbini and Karen Arthur Zerbini

Joelen Cox Zimont ’54 and Charles R. Zimont



Hector Aguilar

James E. Aker ’64 and Jenny L. Aker

Marie Albrecht

Victor P. Andrade and Becky L. Andrade

James L. Andrew ’64 and Nancy Andreae Andrew ’64

Keith A. Archer and Melissa D. Archer

Glenn Arita and Carleen Arita

Kimberly Johnson Arrington ’76 and Robert S. Arrington

Paul Major Ash II and Carole Niliah Ash

Brian Bruce Baber ’76 and Wanda Jean Baber

Jay D. Bach and Patricia J. Bach

Thomas D. Baker and Krista K. Baker

Michael P. Baldwin ’87 and Karen Barg Baldwin ’88

Gary M. Barcus and Regina Minear Barcus

Jeffrey T. Barker and Joanna L. Barker

Marcia Ellett Barker

Jennifer D. Barlow

Johanna E. Bartlett ’84

Marymae Gingrich Beaty ’76 and Brent E. Beaty

Nancy Netherland Becker ’73 and Dennis C. Becker

Lester E. Beesley ’50 and Nancy Gatling Beesley

Allen A. Bell Jr. ’73

Douglas Jay Binion and Linda Anne Binion

Julia Rudolph Bishop ’80 and Daniel D. Bishop

Henry Douglas Blair and Shari Lynn Blair

Dan R. Blunt ’63 and Phyllis Stormont Blunt ’64

John K. Bradley and Polly A. Bradley

William J. Brems and Nora E. Brems

Parke M. Brewer ’75 and Denise Ward Brewer ’75

William J. Brunsman and Diana L. Brunsman

Malgorzata Bruynseels

Judith Hager Bryan ’59

Jeffrey Allan Buckley and Linda Jean Buckley

Mark A. Buening ’84

Genevieve Renee Bullock

Candace Judah Butler ’73

Rex A. Call and Carol Ann Call

Dorothy Scott Capp ’50 and Clifton C. Capp

James Herbert Capshew

Lisa Marie Carlson ’84

David Carns

James G. Carr ’55 and Carol Warren Carr ’55

Pamela Mills Casagrande ’60 and Peter J. Casagrande

Steven Thomas Catton and Debra Tarshes Catton

Eric M. Cavanaugh and Patti Paquin Cavanaugh

Kenneth Ray Chance and Renee Anne Chance

John P. Chaney and Bonnie Chaney

George L. Chastang and Rhonda E. Chastang

Herbert Chasteen Jr. and Kimberly Chasteen

Donna M. Chioke

Constance Evans Claar ’58 and Richard E. Claar

Martin J. Cleary and Annelisa S. Cleary

Nancy Hilliger Coan ’69 and Henry Coan

David A. Conrad ’79 and Karen Uhlir Conrad ’79

Glen E. Cook and Amparo Garcia Cook

Michelle Molin Coon

James A. Crawford and Stephanie B. Crawford

Wendell R. Crook and Marilee E. Crook

Charles H. Dale ’50 and Mary Stone Dale

Thomas C. Dascoli ’70 and Jo Ellen C. Dascoli

Robert T. Dassow and Katherine A. Dassow

John C. Davenport and Amy J. Davenport

Douglas S. DeFries and Lisa D. DeFries

Gerry A. Dick and Roz Redman Dick

James C. Dillon ’62 and Susannah Harger Dillon ’60

Janice M. Dobbs

Stuart Wayne Donaldson and Mindy Lee Donaldson

Harry Arthur Donovan III and Cheryle Lyn Donovan

Thomas C. Dugan ’82 and Pamela Arbuckle Dugan ’82

Sara Schacht Dugdale ’82 and Jeffrey Paul Dugdale

Nigel A. Dundas and Barbara Boydston Dundas

Darrell Durham ’73 and Kathleen Durham

Darla J. Edwards

James Robert Eichelberger and Geralyn Mary Eichelberger

John N. Elliott ’53 and Joyce Whitehead Elliott ’53

Howard W. Eloe ’48

Randall A. Emerson and M. Jo Emerson

Chad Ross Eppelheimer and Kathy Sharon Kessler Eppelheimer

Philip N. Eskew Jr. ’63 and Ann Brewster Eskew

Rosemarie Hosbach Faber ’48 and Thomas J. Faber

Xiangming Fang and Sulan Yao

Richard Joseph Fantus and Pamela Patrick Fantus

Donald G. Farquhar and Jeanne H. Farquhar

Janice E. Fellows and Vern W. Fellows

Susan E. Fischer

Tim R. Fox and Melba M. Fox

C. William Freeby ’51 and Marcia Andrews Freeby ’50

Clifford H. Freiberger and Sharon Freiberger

Robon G. Fry

Kim Lori Gandhi

Matthew Lloyd Garrison and Diane Elizabeth Garrison

Michael David Gastineau and Catherine Louise Gastineau

Alexander Gatdula and Bernadeth Gatdula

Kirkland H. Gates and Kathryn G. Gates

Donald Gatwood and Linda Suzanne Gatwood

Rafal M. Gawlik and Katarzyna J. Gawlik

Janet Gemma

Robert H. Gipson ’50 and Alicia Gipson

Margaret A. Glover ’78

Susan Gottlieb

Thomas W. Grabow and Joan C. Temmerman

Kenneth Hoover Granger and Janet Kerr Granger

Sheila Jo Green

Gerald D. Greeter and Carol Greeter

Pauline Grossman Gregory ’44

Ricky Lee Hale and Lana Dee Hale

George C. Halfmann ’57 and Mary Morgan Halfmann ’59

Mary L. Halfmann ’85

Eugene N. Halladay ’57 and Virginia C. Halladay

Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Hamilton

Gary W. Hampel and Ann E. Hampel

Linda Stang Hanahan ’58 and James R. Hanahan

Rebecca Neal Hancock ’84 and David J. Hancock

David J. Hansen and Susan S. Hansen

Diana L. Hanson

Stephen Randal Hardacre and Vivian Jean Hardacre

James W. Hardy ’62 and Jean Berg Hardy ’63

Michael J. Hasenour and Vicky Hasenour

Amy E. Haug

Mark S. Hazen and Sherrie L. Hazen

David L. Heetland and Kathleen K. Heetland

Barbara P. Henderson ’56

Rhonda G. Henderson

Patricia P. Hentze ’63

Gloria Reichenbach Hill ’60 and Herbert N. Hill

Dennis J. Holtkamp and Joyce Holtkamp

Marcia Fergus Hopkins ’71 and Donald W. Hopkins

Phillip E. Houk and Lynda M. Houk

Daniel Joseph Howard and Sherri Joanne Howard

Gregory A. Hudson and Cheryl A. Hudson

David P. Huffman and Peggy A. Huffman

Peggy Ragan Hughes ’52

Robert A. Hulse

Mitchell James Hyatt and Kimberly Jo. Hyatt

Caryn Y. Iber

Bruce Christopher Inman and Margaret Mary Inman Murphy

Allen F. Ivey II and Penny M. Ivey

Cheryl Sorenson Jamison ’66 and Paul L. Jamison

Cline R. Jensen and Elizabeth A. Jensen

Franklin Johnson and Susan M. Johnson

David C. Jones

Janet L. Jones ’69

Robert C. Jones ’53 and Esther Julian Jones ’53

Stephen C. Jones ’69 and Kathryn D. Jones

Timothy William Joseph and Gerianne Merkel Joseph

Todd J. Kaiser ’83 and Linda Hunter Kaiser ’85

Thomas W. Karbowski ’85 and Jessica Smith Karbowski ’86

Jean Pounds Kasl ’73 and David R. Kasl

Christopher J. Kernan and Cindy J. Kernan

Brendan P. Kerrigan and Anita R. Kerrigan

John C. Kestler and Elizabeth N. Kestler

Linda Bellinger Kinnett ’72 and Joe D. Kinnett

Gertrude Macomber Kivett ’54 and Charles H. Kivett

Meredith Miller Kling ’55 and Carl Kling

Geoffrey D. Klinger ’88

Jayne Proudfoot Klose ’81 and Kevin V. Klose

Jeffrey D. Kovac and Susan D. Kovac

Ruth A. Kovac ’71 and Harry Hertzberg

Alan D. Lang and Kathleen B. Lang

Arlen W. Langvardt and Mary Langvardt

Constance Ryan Lathrop ’72 and John M. Lathrop

Richard R. Lear ’73 and Patricia A. Lear

Nik E. Lee ’82 and Laura Winans Lee ’83

Clarence Lehman and Christina Lehman

William B. Leist ’56 and Mary Kendall Leist ’58

Robert L. Levy ’69 and Betsy A. Levy

Madeleine Marie Lewchanin

James B. Life ’58 and Patricia Moore Life ’58

Jo Ankeny Lindamood ’62

Gary S. Linn and Sherri R. Linn

Phillip B. Livesay and Rebecca L. Livesay

Douglas A. Logan and Gina O. Logan

Bradley Thomas Long and Debra Sue Long

Sam Frank Lucente Jr. and Frances Santa Lucente

Alberta Finch Lyons ’70

Kevin Thomas Lyons and Linda Lyons

Bruce L. Macy and Tamera S. Macy

Erin Allyse Mahoney ’86 and Rick Ray Sutherland

Nancy Vititoe Mahoney ’71 and David F. Mahoney

Jenna L. Majors

Bradley W. Malayer and Mishelle D. Malayer

Timothy P. Maple and Elaine M. Maple

Gary A. Marfise and Karen Marfise

Zlatko Markovski and Jasmine Markovski

Susan Steele Marquez ’67 and Ernesto Marquez

Harry G. Marshall Jr. and Shirley Marshall

Carol Conder Martin ’58

Michele M. Martin

Wilson Martinez and Lorena Gonzalez

John Chester Mascoe and Shirley Ann Mascoe

Larry K. Mason ’75 and Bonnie Burgess Mason ’80

Brian A. McBlain and Kathryn J. McBlain

James A. McCarthy and Mary McCarthy

Paul M. McCaulay and Eileen M. McCaulay

W. Tobin McClamroch ’77 and Carolyn Kubec McClamroch ’79

George C. McDermit and Donna A. McDermit

Timothy A. McKean and Donna L. McKean

John W. Meek and Tina D. Meek

Rajnikant K. Mehta

Stephen R. Meiners and Sharon C. Meiners

Wilfredo Melendez and Luz E. Melendez

Edward H. Meyer Jr. ’62 and Mary Ann Armer Meyer ’61

Karen Wichterman Molitoris ’73 and Bruce Molitoris

Andy Molnar

Bruce Allan Montigney and Linsee Turee Montigney

Kevin E. Moore and Harriet T. Moore

Sarah Dewart Morrison ’81 and George Gordon Morrison III

Stephen D. Morrison ’63 and Carol Parks Morrison ’64

Greg D. Mounsey and Tamara M. Mounsey

Paul Alan Muth and Lisa Ann Muth

Matthew Scott Nay and Trudy Renee Nay

Barbara Barr Newlin ’50 and Robert E. Newlin

Timothy A. Noonan

Kevin O’Connell and Jill O’Connell

Michael C. Ojika and Precious N. Ojika

Douglas B. Oler ’62 and Brenda Oler

Judith Brown Olson ’64 and David C. Olson

Dennis M. O’Neil and Susan K. O’Neil

Don M. Owen ’56 and Sue Richardson Owen ’57

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Pace

Upendra H. Patel and Viraj Patel

Neal Remi Pattyn and Dawn Elizabeth Pattyn

Mary Simmons Pauley ’48

Michael Daniel Pavell and Lori Lynn Pollock Pavell

John C. Pechette ’74 and Celeste Crittenden Pechette ’76

Michael Alan Peden and Janet Arlene Peden

Mark D. Perfitt and Diane M. Perfitt

Marla Stanish Perkins ’91 and Christopher E. Perkins

Stephan P. Perry and Sheila M. Carroll

Joseph P. Pertile and Mary Elizabeth Pertile

R. R. Petterson ’54

Dian Der Ohanian Phillips

Karen L. Phillips

Janet Lynn Pickett

Tom Pierce

Marilyn Pollock

Eugene M. Ponzi and Leilani Ponzi

James E. Powell and Susan B. Powell

Jeffrey Robert Powers and Mary Frances Powers

Mark K. Powers and Crystal G. Livers Powers

Val Price Jr. ’50 and Kathryn Ellis Price

Marlon Query and Diana Query

Elsie Ferguson Rafferty ’70 and Michael J. Rafferty

Becky Hunter Ragsdale ’81 and Randy J. Ragsdale ’81

William T. Ramsey and Cathy D. Ramsey

David P. Rardon and Karen L. Mahakian

Anup Raychowdhury and Sukla Raychowdhury

Robert Brent Reed and Julie Lynn Reed

Nelson F. Reed and Carka V. Reed

David L. Reese

Richard K. Reider and Patricia D. Reider

Gabriel E. Reising and Susanne E. Reising

James M. Renshaw and Julia J. Renshaw

Daniel B. Rice and Nancy A. Rice

Jay Darryl Rich and Monica Jo Rich

Richard C. Richmond III and Constance T. Richmond

Richard Rifkin and Soula Rifkin

Brian Richard Rittgers and Pat Kay Rittgers

John T. Roberts ’80 and Robin Richey Roberts ’80

Albert Lewis Robertson and Angela Mia Robertson

Michael D. Robinson and Belinda K. Robinson

Richard T. Roessler ’66 and Janet Williams Roessler ’66

Jeffrey Scott Roller and Janet Marie Roller

Greg Lee Rominger and Beth Ann Rominger

Sabrina Roske and Howard E. Roske

Gregory A. Rosner

John D. Ross and Susan Ross

David H. Routh and Marcia S. Routh

Robert W. Rund and Mun Eu Rund

Paul Lee Rush and Rhonda Kay Rush

David Robert Rusie and Linda F. Rusie

Glenn B. Russell and Bonnie B. Russell

Barry D. Sandman and Sally Sandman

Debra J. Sands

Richard W. Sasso

Mark C. Sausser and Julanne M. Sausser

Eric J. Schacher and Jaime B. Schacher

G. David Schiering ’62

David Alan Schmelzer and Kelly Elizabeth Schmelzer

Richard Charles Schroeder and Angela Marie Schroeder

Kara Peterson Schroeder ’87 and John C. Schroeder

Anthony P. Schwab

Beverley Barnes Scott ’63 and Gene A. Scott

Gary L. Scott ’75

Tophel Secuskie III and Julie Kay Secuskie

Bradley C. Sellers ’87

Wayne E. Shaffer and Virginia Shaffer

Joanne Arvidson Sheperd ’52

William A. Simmons and Susan C. Simmons

Russell W. Sinn and Cynthia Paige Sinn

Cleve Skelton and Karen F. Skelton

Paul Thomas Sloan and Darla Jo Sloan

Donald S. Smith ’78 and Debra Jo Smith

Sandra Beth Smith

Lantz E. Snider and Larraine B. Snider

Matthew Robaert Snively and Beth Ann Snively

Bruce Roderick Snyder Jr. and Jeanna Marie Snyder

Philip D. Snyder ’73 and Judith Stone Snyder ’74

Scott M. Sobek

Sidig Somun and Emina Somun

Dr. and Mrs. Dale Sorenson

Peter C. Sorg and Lisa Griffith Sorg

Elizabeth A. Spencer

Larry N. Spilbeler and Pamela Spilbeler

Mary Baughman Spilman ’53 and Donn H. Spilman

Kenneth R. Spoon

Gayle W. Springer

Karen Good Stahly ’64

Bruce L. Stallings ’77 and Katrina Sorenson Stallings ’79

Robert Todd Stamper and Angela Dawn Stamper

William F. Steck III and Julie S. Steck

William H. Steele and Amy C. Steele

Joseph Martin Stein and Donna Louise Stein

Roland R. Stephens and Amy M. Stephens

Aaron Wade Stephenson and Amanda Machelle Stephenson

John A. Stevens and Carol A. Cavallaro

Virginia Gibson Stieglitz ’44

John A. Stroh and Elizabeth Ann Stroh

Frederick L. Stroup

Peter G. Stuart and Kristy L. Stuart

James M. Stutz ’52 and Patricia Warner Stutz ’54

Brent E. Stutzman and Nancy S. Stutzman

Chris Sullivan and Dina Carol Sullivan

Martha Libka Sutherlin ’89 and Eric Lee Sutherlin

Clare Johnson Swanson ’62 and Douglas C. Swanson

JoAn Guthrie Swartz ’64

Peggy L. Swihart ’74

Mark Steven Tabler

Janet Graves Teeguarden ’64 and William K. Teeguarden

Bradley L. Thompson ’86 and Susan L. Thompson

Brent Ray Thompson ’89 and Sarah Jorgensen Thompson

William J. Tremaine and Kathleen I. Tremaine

Tracy Weston Turner ’87 and James D. Turner

Kenneth B. Valentine and Flora M. Valentine

Thomas M. van der Meulen and Jane H. van der Meulen

Mark A. Vermillion and Linda S. Vermillion

Timothy J. Vieke ’86 and Lisa T. Vieke

Paul Edward Voorhorst and Karalyn Jane Voorhorst

Gary T. Voss and Heidi Voss

Ted William Wagner and Wendy Ann Wagner

Marcia L. Walker

Terence Anthony Walsh and Debra Susan Walsh

Thomas Jefferson Walsworth III and Dianne Louise Walsworth

Sharon Walters

Susan Morrison Wanberg ’56 and T. B. Wanberg

Wendall Morris Warfield and Suzanne Michelle Warfield

Robert T. Watson ’44 and Jean Mehlig Watson ’45

Kevin K. Watts and Pamela S. Watts

Timothy L. Weadick ’83 and Kelly Chapman Weadick ’83

Charles R. Wesley and Patricia S. Wesley

Barbara Carnahan West ’74

Michael E. Wheaton and Michelle K. Wheaton

Christopher R. White and Kimberly A. White

Tina White

Anne Ringer Whitlock ’84 and Foster M. Whitlock Sr.

Catherine Hess Williams ’70 and Douglas G. Williams

Derle L. Wilson

Peter E. Ritz ’76 and Verlyn Wilson

Wayne L. Winter and Nickey Winter

Tamara Sue Wise ’81

John W. Wooding and Elizabeth Ann Wooding

Carl Manley Wright and Kari Lynn Wright

Laura L. Wright

Michael J. Wright and Melanie A. Stallings

Henry L. Young and Carol Y. Young

Nancy Iannelli Zacha

James D. Zachritz ’55 and Arlene Calkins Zachritz ’60

Kevin Vincent Zaletel and April Sue Zaletel

Mary Jeffrey Zellers ’50 and Fred Zellers

Cheryl Kay Zoll

Report of gifts received and pledges made July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2014. Names in italics indicate donors who are deceased.

DePauw University has made every effort to maintain accuracy in the preparation of the Donor Annual Report and Honor Roll of Donors. Unfortunately, mistakes and omissions can and do occur. If you should find an error in these reports, please notify the University so that our records can be corrected. Write: DePauw University, Stewardship Office, Attn: Donor Annual Report, Greencastle, IN 46135-0037 or email: