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DePauw Loyalty Society Annual Members

The DePauw Loyalty Society celebrates all members of the University family who make a gift to DePauw for 5-24 consecutive fiscal years. Every gift matters, therefore gifts of any size can qualify a donor for annual membership in the DePauw Loyalty Society.

DePauw Loyalty Society Annual Members


Eric D. Aasen ’02 and Kimberly Breen

Sally J. Abarr ’85 and Russell L. Abarr, Parent

Claire Bishop Abely ’00 and William Francis Abely II

Bethany Bailey Abercrombie ’03 and Sean W. Abercrombie

Alice Houston Abney ’89 and Russell Thomas Abney

Neal B. Abraham and Donna L. Wiley

Richard W. Abraham ’93 and Ruth Abraham

Karen Koning AbuZayd ’63

Aaron Buntin Acton ’09

Christine Dugan Adams ’01 and Jason M. Adams

Lauren McDermit Adams ’07 and Leland D. Adams

Michael D. Adams ’00

Zachary William Adams ’06 and Amy Eshelman Adams ’06

Joan H. After ’66

Brian H. Ahlborn ’84 and Leslie Catherine Li

David C. Ahlgren ’73 and Deborah Adams Ahlgren ’73

Thomas E. Ainlay Jr. ’73

Peter J. Akey ’98

Carol Shauman Alaimo ’61 and Charles L. Alaimo

Marcia Engel Alden ’86 and Rhett G. Alden

Patricia A. Aldrich ’74

Christine Dean Aleman ’90 and David R. Aleman

Jeffrey M. Aliotta ’94 and Susanna C. Kemper ’94

Bruce D. Allen ’59

Kimberly Allee Allen ’88 and Thomas R. Allen Jr.

Kyle L. Allen ’04

Patricia Lasley Allen ’77 and Spencer S. Allen

Marie A. Alles ’74

Mark Robert Alson ’05

Ellyn Ikeda Alt ’88 and Henry Mark Alt

Haley Carney Altman ’02 and Daniel Altman

William L. Amers ’58 and Betty Jo Purcell Amers

Christine Amidon ’87

Carol Lester Andersen ’77 and John S. Andersen

Caryn Cockerill Anderson ’89 and David T. Anderson

Diane Dredge Anderson ’76 and Steven D. Anderson

Jane Eklund Anderson ’65 and Allan James Anderson

Jared M. Anderson ’99 and Traci Close Anderson ’99

Karl G. Anderson Jr. ’51 and Beth B. Anderson

Thomas F. Anderson ’61

Alison Merrell Andrews ’08

Kathleen C. Andrews ’84

Thomas B. Andrews ’83 and Laurel Brown Andrews ’82

Cynthia Perin Annett ’71 and Richard B. Annett, Parent


Kirsten Hagen Anthony ’02 and Leonard Anthony

Donald E. Applegate ’50 and Peggy Patterson Applegate

Kyle A. Applegate ’01 and Rebecca Collevechio Applegate ’02

Austin A. Arceo Negrich ’06 and Varinia Salazar Arceo ’05

Mary Jo Morrison Ardington ’78 and Mark Winsted Ardington, Parent

William H. Arends ’72

Matthew James Arient ’04

Glenn Arita and Carleen Arita, Parents

Kevin R. Armstrong ’82 and Nancy S. Armstrong

Janee Minar Aronoff ’77

Connie Weimer Asbury ’67 and Kenneth Leroy Asbury

Jason A. Asbury ’95 and David Smith

Julie Seddelmeyer Ashabraner ’98 and Aaron S. Ashabraner

Richard J. Ashton ’91 and Amy S. Ashton

Beverley Johnson Atkins ’59

Blair McCarthy Atkinson ’07 and James Atkinson

Mary Hammond Atkinson ’84 and Clark R. Atkinson

Bonnie L. Austin ’64

Mary Larsen Austin ’56 and Arnold P. Austin

John Fullilove Avery III ’05

John T. Ayers ’61

James Patrick Babington and Cynthia Ann Babington

Frederick E. Bachert ’67 and Constance Nagle Bachert ’67

Emily A. Backer ’90 and Timothy C. Gatewood

Julie Strader Baer ’94 and Joseph C. Baer

Elizabeth Bailey McIntire ’82 and Donald J. McIntire

Holly Adams Bailey ’92 and Paul A. Bailey

Laura K. Bailey ’78

Bridget Hynds Bain ’90 and Michael R. Bain

Ann Schueler Bair ’84 and Richard C. Bair

Brenda L. Baker ’86 and Dean Gore

Charles D. Baker ’03 and Erica L.M. Baker

David Lee Baker and Janet Prochaska Baker, Parents

Pamela Brown Baker ’71 and Dan M. Baker

Stacey Riley Baker ’91 and Matthew E. Baker

Michael L. Baldwin ’69 and Nancy J. Baldwin

Michael P. Baldwin ’87 and Karen Barg Baldwin ’88

Anne Freeman Ball ’97 and Christian L. Ball

Gregory M. Ball ’97 and Julie Kollhoff Ball ’98

Projjol Banerjea ’06 and Mihika Banerjea Chatterjee

Barbara Smith Banker ’63 and Larry D. Banker

Jane H. Bankhurst ’02

John H. Bankhurst ’99

Cynthia Storer Baran ’86 and William B. Baran

June Scott Barber ’69

Eileen Matthews Barfknecht ’59

David Southwick Barkhausen ’10 and Mary Therese Schmidt Barkhausen ’09

Jennifer Bieber Barlow ’95 and Daniel M. Barlow

Gary G. Barnes ’58

Ashley J. Barnett ’02

Ann Devlin Barrett ’86 and John C. Barrett

Christi T. Barrett ’80

Sean Matthew Barrie ’03 and Jennifer Watts Barrie ’03

Jody Witherspoon Barry ’78 and Richard P. Barry, Parent

Hugh Cabot Bartlett Jr. ’99

Lindsay Ann Bartlett ’07

Matthew Grant Barwise ’07

Charles C. Bates ’39 and Pauline Barta Bates

Kristine Thorlton Batross ’88 and Michael A. Batross

Elizabeth Battey ’75

Joan Westmen Battey ’54 and Charles W. Battey

Steve R. Battreall ’87 and Susan Seat Battreall ’87

Jennifer A. Bauer ’88

John J. Baughman ’48

Verna L. Baughman ’68

John T. Bauman ’96 and Emily L. Bauman

Paul Amancio Bautista ’00 and Tara McKillip Bautista ’01

Sidney J. Baxendale ’61 and Betsy McCallum Baxendale

Thomas C. Bayer ’84 and Emily Cole Bayer

Judith Yount Bealke ’81 and John Bealke

Christopher W. Bear ’82 and Ivette Moreon Bear

Richard L. Beardsley ’75 and Dianne Korff Beardsley ’75

Walter W. Beatty Jr. ’64 and Anne Lawson Beatty ’64

John R. Beaty ’61 and Linda L. Beaty

Richard M. Beaty ’67 and Thasana K. Beaty

Heath W. Beaver ’95

Lori Rehn Bechthold ’85 and Kurt D. Bechthold

Ann Roettig Becker ’66

Jason E. Becker ’04 and Nicole Pence Becker ’06

Barrett L. Beer ’58 and Jill Parker

Sue A. Beesley ’77

Margie Altwies Beiswanger ’84 and Andrew J. Beiswanger

Allen A. Bell Jr. ’73

Lois Andersen Bell ’53 and James E. Bell

Thomas E. Bell ’73

Damien A. Bender ’98

Leslie Kennedy Bender ’73

Klarysa J. Benge ’99 and Keith J. Israel

Nancy B. Benincasa ’94

Denzil P. Bennett II ’85 and Jennifer Kronland Bennett

Isham Jay Bennett ’91 and Lisa Henderson Bennett ’93

James A. Bennett ’59

Lucinda McGuire Bennett ’63 and William A. Bennett

Mary Jaquelin Bennett ’74

Victoria Edwards Bennett ’79 and Todd E. Bennett

David J. Benson ’05 and Gabrielle Peek Benson ’05

Morton L. Berfield ’55 and Janet C. Berfield

Lindsay Whitaker Berge ’72 and A. Kenneth Berge

Michael Stephen Bergerson Jr. ’04 and Malakia Cox Bergerson

Thomas A. Berghausen ’71

William R. Berglof ’59 and Atsuko Y. Berglof

Betsy Berman ’90

Kristin Ailes Berrier ’92 and Christopher S. Berrier

Amy Thurston Berthouex ’74 and Albert K. Berthouex, Parent

Todd D. Bess ’89

Ronald W. Best

Gloria Routt Beswick ’73

Richard E. Bevis ’01 and Emily R. Bevis

Mark C. Beyer ’73

Ryan P. Bezy ’03 and Jami Snodgrass Bezy ’03

Randal D. Biederstedt ’88 and Betsy Biederstedt

Joan C. Bigge ’53

Christena Trusler Biggs ’59

Kent A. Billingsley Jr. ’80 and Patricia D. Billingsley, Parent

Lynne Arnold Binder ’91 and Jeff Binder

Jinsie Scott Bingham ’56

Katherine Nichole Birge ’08

Janet Gutman Bishop ’58 and Ronald J. Bishop

Jason J. Biss ’00 and Jill Tyner Biss

Richard A. Bittles ’78 and Christina M. Bittles

Frederick L. Black III ’60 and Phyllis J. Black

Linda Reust Black ’85 and James T. Black

Michelle Palmer Black ’97 and Ryan G. Black

David Vincent Blackburn II ’04

D. Marianne Blair ’74

Edward B. Blair Jr. ’71 and Barbara Houston Blair, Parent

J. David Blang ’92 and Joy Rowe Blang ’92

Peter B. Blankenhorn ’77 and Kristie R. Blankenhorn, Parent

Jacob J. Blasdel ’07 and Audra B. Blasdel ’05

Joshua T. Block ’91

Dan R. Blunt ’63 and Phyllis Stormont Blunt ’64

Brian L. Boak ’96 and Lynn Wallis Boak ’96

Melissa Renee Bock ’10

Barrett L. Boehm ’73 and Tamara Watling Boehm, Parent

Bruce Thomas Boese ’68

Katherine Gross Boger ’85 and Lee Boger

Michael E. Bogers ’01

Beth Bogie ’60

Jeffrey H. Bohmer ’95 and Christine Bohmer

Cynthia Smith Bolander ’88 and James E. Bolander, Parent

Robin Ismond Boldt ’75 and Lyle Jerome Boldt

John A. Bollero Jr. and Katherine O. Bollero, Parents

Emmylou Bollinger

Katherine Reis Bonomo ’03 and Michael David Bonomo

Bryce C. Boothby, Parent

J. Kenneth Borgerding ’91 and Karen Jenkins Borgerding ’92

Kristin Schaefer Borgman ’96 and Matthew J. Borgman

Kennard B. Bork ’62 and Katherine Odell Bork ’63

Timothy Scott Borne and Ann Spear Borne, Parents

Christine Elizabeth Borne ’10

Cherry Caudle Bost ’71 and James Armon Bost

Julie Yanson Boswell ’77 and Peter W. Boswell

Susan Risk Bottum ’86 and Roger E. Bottum

Carol Torrens Boucher ’68 and Joseph A. Boucher

Elizabeth Burnett Boulet ’73 and Larry S. Boulet

Matthew W. Bowers ’97 and Emeli L. Irwin

Jay B. Bowles ’03 and Elizabeth Lacey Bowles ’04

Stephen D. Boyce ’70

James H. Boyd ’58 and Leah A. Boyd

Marty Glover Boyd ’80 and Dennis P. Boyd

Trudi L. Boyd ’73

William D. Boyd ’68

Jeffrey A. Boyll ’78 and Jennifer S. Boyll

Ronald K. Boyll ’80 and Peggy Howell Boyll ’80

Adam Dara Brackemyre ’00

Mikelle Holt Brady ’00 and Justin A. Brady

Kirby Brafford ’94 and Kristin Spielman Brafford

Lori Houston Brame ’95 and Scott A. Brame

Kathryn Butler Branstetter ’49 and James P. Branstetter

Allison Brashear ’83 and Clifford A. Ong

Thomas Richmond Brauer and Janice Erica Brauer, Parents

Margaret Kurz Braun ’97 and Eric R. Braun

R. David Bray ’70

John W. Breck ’75 and Sarah Smith Breck ’76

William Breck ’51

Suzanne DeCosted Breckenridge ’57 and James A. Breckenridge, Parent

Robert S. Breger ’80 and Linda M. Breger

Brent E. Breithaupt ’96 and Christina Blasius Breithaupt

Alexander Preston Breitinger ’09 and Ann Schunicht Breitinger ’09

Mary Winkler Brennan ’54 and Jerry E. Brennan Jr.

Elmer P. Brestan ’64 and Marguerite Brestan, Parent

Mary Murphy Bretscher, Parent

André L. Brewer ’93

Heather McDermit Brewster ’01 and Robert C. Brewster

Christian H. Bridgwater ’98 and Sarah Dance Bridgwater ’98

Thomas Casey Briere Sr. and Christine Crane Briere, Parents

Cynthia S. Brinker ’73 and M. Edward Jones

Sonia Olikara Brockway ’04 and Blake Brockway

Jane Elizabeth Brooks

William J. Brooks ’03 and Allison M. Beard

Chester O’Neil Broshears IV ’09 and Katherine Carrico Broshears ’10

John Matthew Broughton ’97 and Wendy Brown Broughton

Carol Endicott Brown ’67 and Tony A. Brown

Charles C. Brown ’60

Dorothea Elizabeth Brown ’06

Karen S. Brown ’70

Paul F. Brown ’45

Sara Ratliff Brown ’92 and Kevin D. Brown

Bess Meredith Browning ’07

Elizabeth Copher Browning ’84 and James W. Browning

Emily Elliott Browning ’84 and Robert Lewis Browning, Parent

Larry S. Browning ’75 and Constance S. Browning, Parent

G. Michael Brubaker ’77 and Susan Compher Brubaker ’77

Richard G. Bruehl ’59 and Nancy J. Stott Bruehl

Eric G. Bruksch ’93 and Terri Ozbun Bruksch ’95

Marjorie Fick Brumitt

Thomas L. Brunkow ’61 and Katherine Ault Brunkow ’64

Judith Hager Bryan ’59

Stacey Kamps Brzegowy ’86 and Paul R. Brzegowy

William D. Bucher ’67 and Jane Arterburn Bucher ’68

Lucas Theodore Buchler ’09 and Katie Gobel Buchler ’08

John Miles Buchta ’08 and Kyle Kenney Buchta ’10

Patricia Parshall Bucklen ’71 and George Blair Bucklen

Allison Lynn Buckley ’06

Howard L. Bull ’64 and Sheila Kay Settle, Parent

Genevieve Renee Bullock, Parent

Kristin Kagler Burbank ’85 and John R. Burbank

Joshua W. Burch ’99 and Rebecca R. Burch

Mark A. Burgess ’88 and Shannon Lynch Burgess ’88

Ryan M. Burke ’97 and Amanda Kasl Burke ’01

Victoria Ann Burton Burke ’70 and David L. Burke, Parent

Lucile E. Burkett, Parent

Joanne Gits Burnham ’59 and Keith W. Burnham, Parent

Stephen G. Burns and Joan W. Burns, Parents

Andrew B. Buroker ’84 and Susan Novak Buroker, Parent

William G. Burrill

Vic K. Burriss ’81 and Susan West Burriss ’81

Mary J. Burtelow ’75 and John J. Moellering

John W. Busey II ’90 and Maribeth Steimle Busey ’88

Shawn Neal Bush ’04 and Abbie Raderstorf Bush ’05

Holly G. Bushnell ’69

Jonathan F. Bushnell Jr. ’70

Donna Fordice Bushong ’74 and Kim Irwin Bushong

Scott Hunter Bushroe ’01 and Kyleen Jensen Bushroe ’01

Cheryl S. Butcher

Lydia Jane Butler ’03 and Michael D. Baird

Tobias J. Butler ’04

Charles L. Byrum ’66 and Bonnie Blair Byrum

Matthew Edward Calby ’09 and Chloie Mieko Favinger ’09

Taylor Gatens Calderon ’10

Charlotte Dennerline Callahan ’53 and James F. Callahan

Daniel P. Callanan ’92 and Niki Bavelis Callanan ’92

Kathryn Doermer Callen, Parent

Thomas Bradford Doermer Callen ’10

Erin E. Camin ’04

Claire N. Campbell ’56

James A. Campbell ’72 and Margaret Sweeney Campbell

Laura A. Campbell ’91 and Paul B. Albee

William F. Campbell ’60 and Helen Cooper Campbell ’61

Sarah Campbell-Wood ’01 and Robert R. Wood Jr.

Christopher T. Cantwell ’89

Dorothy Scott Capp ’50 and Clifton C. Capp, Parent

Jennifer Maude Carlin ’93 and Stephen E. Carlin

Bruce L. Carlson ’60 and Jean D. Carlson

Glenn F. Carlson Jr. ’81

Nancy Carlson, Parent

Kepten D. Carmichael ’93 and Michelle Carmichael

Thomas M. Carpenter ’68

Suzanne Power Carpine ’57

Ryan P. Carr ’99 and Katherine Riester Carr

Richard L. Carson and Mary Carson, Parents

Guy A. Carter ’63 and Sondra Carter, Parent

Jennifer Carns Carter ’91 and Thomas L. Carter III

Leone B. Carter ’53

Clayton P. Carter and Lindsay Stegman Carter

Stacey Noonan Carter ’85 and Donald Lyle Carter Jr., Parent

Nicholas Leo Casalbore ’08 and Patricia Jane McShane ’07

Brian W. Casey

David L. Casey ’65 and Lorraine A. Casey

Peter M. Casper Jr. ’83 and Julie Casper

John M. Cassady ’91 and Elizabeth Marie Cassady

John C. Cassidy ’82 and Susan McNichols Cassidy ’82

Judith Banker Castellini ’81 and Jerome A. Castellini

Wendy M. Casterton ’02

Steven Thomas Catton and Debra Tarshes Catton, Parents

Caitlin Maureen Cavanaugh ’09

Philip W. Cecil ’90 and Karie Cecil

James V. Cerone II ’86 and Rosanne Cerone

Douglas R. Chamberlain and Linda J. Chamberlain, Parents

Stephen P. Champion ’83 and Melanie Owen Champion ’83

Jason J. Chan ’99 and Margaret L. Stahr ’00

Jessica Brianne Chandler ’01

Brandon Marcus Chapman ’02

Dawn Ahlgren Chapman ’00 and Brian J. Chapman

Karen Turek Charen ’71 and Walter David Charen

Patricia Bressler Chatt ’80 and James A. Chatt II

Richard T. Childs ’00 and Amanda B. Childs

Justin P. Christian ’95 and Darrianne Howard Christian ’95

Kathy Peters Christian ’81 and Dean A. Christian

John Daniel Christophersen ’03 and Kristin Christophersen

Cynthia Ullem Christy ’91 and Geoffrey R. Christy

Thomas Christy Jr. ’54 and Mary Danielson Christy

Kevin L. Chumlea ’87 and Bridget Rosko Chumlea

Charlotte Churchill ’48

Lindsey Rean Ciochina ’05

Benjamin T. Clark ’98 and Krista L. Clark ’98

Carol Reed Clark ’88 and Jeffrey Allen Clark

Clayton Adam Clark ’06

Frank J. Clark ’75 and Kimi Scott McGreevy, Parent

Philip D. Clark ’91 and Alice Bryce Clark ’91

Todd A. Clark ’98 and Janna Clark

Kristen Wagner Clarke ’02 and Michael M. Clarke

Margaret Butts Clarke ’66 and Gordon A. Clarke

Sharon Mallough Clarkson ’60 and Charles Clarkson

Dorothy L. Claypool ’45

Ross C. Clayton ’95 and Anne Hain Clayton ’96

Douglas V. Cleaves ’86 and Jill Hall Cleaves ’87

Allison Ket Clem ’06 and Brian J. Clem

John W. Cleveland and Joan E. Cleveland, Parents

Rebecca Reasner Cleveland ’77 and Peter D. Cleveland, Parent

Todd M. Cleveland ’90 and Melissa Kay Beck

Douglas S. Clift ’80 and Anne Todd Clift

George E. Clift ’73 and Catherine A. Clift

Shirley Beistle Climo ’50 and George F. Climo Jr.

Margaret Richmond Cline ’09

Ellen Myers Clippinger ’62 and W. Michael Clippinger, Parent

Lynn Williams Cluskey ’82 and Kennan J. Cluskey

Jonathan Todd Coan ’98 and Julia G. Coan

Sara Coapstick ’77

Katherine Murphy Cobb ’07 and Nathan Cobb

Steven A. Cobb ’93 and Kenya Stella Cobb ’93

Dean P. Cobble ’83 and Margaret W. Cobble

Cynthia Lewellen Coble ’85 and Christopher L. Coble, Parent

Pamela Jane Coburn ’74

Thomas M. Cockerill ’96 and Alison Hammerschmidt Cockerill ’96

Jonathan Christopher Coffin ’06

J. Robert Coffin ’58 and Kay J. Coffin

Elizabeth Liederbach Coffman ’77 and Timothy J. Coffman

J. Kevin Cogan ’75

Brent W. Coil ’90 and Theresa L. Herman

Traci Bailey Coil ’97 and Wayne I. Coil

Melinda R. Colbert ’04 and Ruben Mesta

John D. Colbrunn ’50 and Betsie Sperry Colbrunn

Alexandra Lutzow Cole ’76 and William L. Cole, Parent

Andrew Bond Cole ’07 and Carolyn Walker Cole ’05

Amy Beth Coleman ’09

James R. Collins ’63 and N. Lynne Collins

Kathleen A. Collins ’90

Charles S. Combs ’62 and Virginia Nelson Combs ’62

Earle M. Combs IV ’80 and Karla Kreisher Combs ’81

Ben D. Comer ’93 and Meg Tewel Comer ’93

Courtney Hughes Comer ’91 and Guy Comer

Mary Webster Compton ’07

Kimberley Wheat Condas ’83 and Steven J. Condas

Colin R. Connor ’98

Susan Kamm Connors ’75 and John Joseph Connors

Thomas R. Conrad ’88 and Tamara DeJong Conrad ’91

Carolyn C. Cook ’53

John Colter Cook ’10

Melissa Carter Cook ’99 and Cameron Cook

Rebecca Cook

Andrew P. Coolidge ’93 and Emily Smith Coolidge ’93

Alice Holdeman Cooper ’90 and Thomas R. Cooper

Lynn Bresnahan Cooper ’67 and Ronnie F. Cooper

Robert A. Cooper ’71 and Sarah Wilson Cooper ’73

Helen Youngblood Cope ’40 and Paul R. Cope

David A. Copple ’00

David C. Coquillette ’88 and Romy E. Coquillette

Diane Davis Cordell ’68 and Alan S. Cordell, Parent

Elle K. Cordes ’08

Andrew J. Cornelius ’99

Carol Hector Cornwell ’66 and Thomas C. Cornwell

Robert Page Cotton ’05 and Jaclyn Renneisen Cotton

Linda J. Coveleskie ’71 and Michael J Drummond

Robert E. Cox ’49 and Kathlyne Cox

Kimberly Stimmel Coyne ’98 and John A. Coyne

Michael J. Coyner and Marsha Coyner

Jeff A. Cozad ’86 and Jane Maxwell Cozad ’86

Karen Fifield Crain ’91 and James T. Crain III

Pamela Miller Crain ’81 and Kevin J. Crain

Nicole Christine Craker ’10

James R. Cramer ’79 and Mary Ann Cramer

Laura Anderson Cramer ’79 and Charles W. Cramer

Frederick M. Crampton ’01 and Joy M. Duginske ’01

Laura Sursa Crampton ’83 and David Lee Crampton

Richard B. Crandall ’49 and Catherine A. Crandall

Robert V. Crane ’69 and Shirley Ruskin Crane

Lindsey R. Crawford ’80

Andrew Richard Creighton and Katherine Mary Creighton, Parents

Newton F. Crenshaw ’85 and Susan M. Crenshaw, Parent

Marjorie C. Crichton ’55

Stephen B. Crilly ’94 and Amy Massman Crilly

Janice Shoemaker Cripe ’64 and Rodger L. Cripe

Michael J. Cripe ’63 and Constance Malm Cripe ’63

James P. Croaning ’90 and Stephanie Frederick Croaning ’89

David E. Crook ’96 and Susan Theobald Crook

Patrick E. Crossin ’89 and Heather H. Crossin

Crystal D. Crowdus ’84

D. David Cryer ’58 and Britt Swanson Cryer

Jonathan D. Cryer ’61 and Judy Bartlett Cryer

David G. Cserep ’62 and Suzanne E. Cserep

Barbara Brasmer Cudmore ’51 and Jack D. Cudmore

Brian Jeffrey Culp ’06

Todd E. Cumbow ’91 and Misty Ayers Cumbow ’91

Paul Allan Cummings ’02 and Dana Bowen Cummings ’99

S. Troy Cummings ’96 and Carrie F. Klaus ’93

Craig Andrew Cunningham ’06 and Rachael Samantha Puente

Leslie Wilkinson Cunningham ’95 and Richard C. Cunningham

Rebecca McConnell Cunningham ’99 and Scott C. Cunningham

Erin Linville Curley ’96 and Stephen R. Curley

John R. Current ’69 and Caroline Oetzel

Robert James Current ’59 and Celinda Elizabeth Current

Jane Crandall Curtin ’91 and Philip J. Curtin

Amanda Jedlicka Custer ’96 and Adam W. Custer

Carol Smith Cutler ’66 and Irwin H. Cutler Jr.

Alexandra Nelson Cyr ’06 and Nathaniel Cyr

Melinda Walthers Dabbiere ’82 and David K. Dabbiere

Jack Dalenberg ’68 and Judy Dalenberg, Parent

Ann T. Daly ’81

Stephen X. Daly ’80 and Candace Johnson Daly ’81

Susan Richards Daly ’93 and Michael D. Daly

Frank E. Danaher ’89 and Sylvia Danaher

Harry G. Dandelles ’67 and Barbara Dandelles

Rosalind Rogge Dandrea ’64 and Donald E. Dandrea

William K. Daniel II ’87 and Robin Wieland Daniel ’87

Katherine Pell Daniello ’93 and John Daniello

Alexandra Marie Daniels ’10

Brian Thomas Daniels ’04 and Ariane Jaskolka Daniels ’05

Ryan J. Danks ’99

Deborah Johnson Darnell ’72 and William F. Darnell

Russell R. Dart and Marilyn Sue Dart, Parents

Joan Reamer Daugherty ’70 and Daniel R. Daugherty

Ruth Borgmeier Daugherty ’47

James W. Davidson ’63 and Susan Moore Davidson ’64

Gina Gard Davies ’72 and Rick D. Davies

Susan Steffey Davies ’66 and Wayne D. Davies

Luis R. Davila ’81 and Deborah White Davila ’82

Beau T. Davis ’03 and Elizabeth C. Ephraim ’02

Cynthia M. Davis ’02

Kathryn Jean Davis ’08

Kelli Smith Davis ’04 and Paxton L. Davis

Nancy Mathieu Davis ’56 and Ronald M. Davis

Philip R. Davis ’79 and Victoria Reed Davis

Thomas O. Dawson ’62 and Bonnie Cole Dawson ’61

Richard A. Dean ’70 and Gretchen Marie Cupples Dean

James W. DeArmond ’61 and Patricia Murphy DeArmond ’62

Anita M. Deckard ’69

Amanda Mary Elizabeth Decker ’07

Henry A. Deering ’63

Harry C. Dees Jr. ’67 and Patricia Brown Dees

Lynn Fishbeck DeHahn ’62 and Kenneth Chester DeHahn

Kenya Taray Delemore ’96 and Alisha Tipton Delemore ’96

Denise Castillo Dell Isola ’96 and Christopher D. Dell Isola

Douglas L. Dell ’85 and Miriam Cohen Dell

Steve M. Dellinger ’99 and Theresa Nysewander Dellinger ’00

George Robert DeLong ’57 and Nancy Ade DeLong ’57

Matthew Lorimer Demmings ’91 and Elizabeth Koenig Demmings ’75

Katherine Gee Desaulniers ’05

Michelle Belval DeVito ’77 and Anthony DeVito

David Cary DeVrou ’07 and Stacey Ann Johnson ’07

Isabel Taylor Dewey ’52 and E. Thomas Dewey

Kristina Amarantos DeYoung ’05 and Wick C. DeYoung

Joshua Troy Dials ’03 and Meghann Huels Dials ’03

Elizabeth Cole Dickerson ’72 and Paul Dickerson

Pamela Shields Diddie ’69 and Kenneth R. Diddie

Michael J. Diekhoff ’02 and Kathryn Rudolph Diekhoff ’03

Abigail Huffer Diener ’04 and Benjamin A. Diener

Jonathan C. Dill ’87 and Nan Bohlsen Dill ’88

Cynthia Ann Diller ’73

Daniel C. Dillon ’64 and Catherine Hash Dillon ’65

R. Dale Dillon and Lisa S. Dillon, Parents

William C. Dillon ’87 and Sarah Clark Dillon ’87

Robert D. Dilts ’92 and Kathrine Nero

Mark B. Dinwiddie Sr. ’71 and Sally Reid Dinwiddie ’70

W. Randy Dippell ’91 and Diane Faunda

Allen W. Dirrim ’50 and Susan Morse Dirrim ’58

Diana Patterson DiSabato ’80

Robert J. Distler and Margaret K. Distler, Parents

R. Victor Dix ’56 and Carolyn M. Dix

Brian E. Dixon ’01 and Kathryn Longer Dixon ’03

Nancy Ruyle Dodge ’58

Mary K. Dodson

Patrick R. Doherty ’73

Jody Michelle Dolder ’05

Cherie Blankenbuehler Dolehanty ’91 and Darrin M. Dolehanty

Peter M. Donahower ’70 and Lucia P. Donahower, Parent

Kate K. Donahue ’00

Justin J. Donaldson ’01 and Dorothy Doggett Donaldson ’01

Stephanie Zoll Donley ’01 and Matthew Ray Donley

Kenneth J. Dorsch ’54

Howard W. Doster ’59

Jaclyn Sehrt Doty ’67 and

Jo Walsh Doubet ’75 and Arthur Kirk Doubet

Herbert K. Douglas ’56 and Sharon Ronneau Douglas

Robert J. Dow and Vicki D. Dow, Parents

Duane L. Dowell ’58 and Vera Ferris Dowell ’60

Sarah Lockwood Downs ’45 and Thomas A. Downs

Betty Sue Drake ’54

Philip B. Dray and Meredith L. Dray, Parents

Gary J. Dressel and Marilyn Sue Dressel, Parents

Richard A. Drewes and Sandy Drewes, Parents

Douglas Hallward Driemeier ’89 and Mary Hallward Driemeier

Jennifer Cook Driscoll ’91 and Sean P. Driscoll

Heather Dubes Dubes ’95 and P. Douglas Bennett

Ralph H. Dude ’59 and Karleen L. Dude

James E. Dudley ’54 and Valerie Uebele Dudley

Sara Schacht Dugdale ’82 and Jeffrey Paul Dugdale, Parent

Susan Todd Duker ’91 and Daniel G. Duker Jr.

David R. Duncan ’76 and Janine M. Duncan

J. Walter Duncan IV ’88 and Ann Clore Jones Duncan ’89

Drew D. Dunlavy ’84 and Sheri Ann Dunlavy

Cole G. Dunnick ’96 and Christina Martin Dunnick ’99

Cherie LaFollette DuPuy ’95 and James David DuPuy

Thomas G. Durham ’70 and Judith T. Durham

John W. Dutton ’00 and Greta Hickman Dutton ’99

Randall R. Dwenger ’80

Justin C. Dye ’94 and Jennifer I. Dye

Steven C. Earnhart ’92 and Lisa A. Earnhart

Devon Thompson Ebbing ’97 and Jonathan James Ebbing

James J. Eckerle and June A. Eckerle, Parents

David M. Eckert and Aileen F. Eckert, Parents

Elizabeth English Eckert ’99 and Kevin J. Eckert

Robert W. Edmunds ’55

Roger Edvenson and Peggy Edvenson, Parents

Garth N. Edwards ’63 and Jennifer Ross Edwards ’63

Megan Reese Edwards ’88 and Eric L. Edwards, Parent

John Thomas Effinger ’03 and Palak Pandya Effinger ’02

Jeremy D. Efroymson

Peter R. Egbert ’63 and Marian Egbert

Norman H. Eggert ’61

Matthew J. Ehinger ’06

Randall D. Ehm ’91 and Margaret Gelder Ehm

Garrett Jeffrey Elam ’84

Jennifer Schmaltz Ellis ’98 and Joshua W. Ellis

William H. Ellis ’64 and Carmelita Wolfe Ellis

Janet Juergens Ellsworth ’60

Beth Eloe-Reep ’72

J. Richard Emens ’56 and Beatrice Emens Wolper

David Weston Emison ’03 and Ashley Patton Emison ’05

Mary K. Emison

Matthew Mark Enenbach ’01 and Laura A. Enenbach

Sheila Steinbach Engel ’70 and Gary E. Engel

Ellen Husselman England ’75 and Bruce P. England

Jennifer Poehler England ’02 and Rodney Michael England

John A. England ’75 and Marian England

William R. England III ’71 and Brunita K. England

John T. Engle ’66

Ashley S. English ’01

Joan Steward Erb ’53 and Joseph P. Erb

Thomas Owen Erb ’67 and Karen Simmons Erb

Blake Lawrence Erdel ’04 and Katherine Gehring Erdel ’04

Steven M. Erickson ’76 and Sally Slater Erickson, Parent

Linda K. Ernst ’77 and Patrick Ronan

Angela Mulzer Erwin ’73 and Henry A. Erwin

Carrie Reavis Erzinger ’83 and Christian H. Erzinger, Parent

Kevin R. Eskew ’94 and Deborah Dalenberg Eskew ’98

Craig E. Ethier ’73 and Barbara A. Ethier

Kathleen Vietzke Evans ’61 and Donald J. Evans, Parent

Charles C. Eynon ’53 and Susan Healey Eynon ’54

Blair P. Faber ’82 and Lisa Hohnstreiter Faber ’84

L. Penfield Faber ’52 and Marilyn Melvin Faber

Richard L. Fairchild ’62 and Susan Fairchild

Remington P. Fairlamb IV ’85 and Jennifer Robinette Fairlamb ’85

Stephen A. Falace ’98 and Katharine Heldt Falace ’99

Deborah Kiernan Fannin ’71 and Thomas R. Fannin

Richard Joseph Fantus and Pamela Patrick Fantus, Parents

Rebecca Ruehl Farley ’85 and Blaine W. Farley

Donald G. Farquhar and Jeanne H. Farquhar, Parents

Elizabeth A. Farrelly ’07

Barbara Evans Farris ’50

Benjamin M. Farris ’01

Susan Mahan Fasig ’86 and Robert N. Fasig

John W. Faulkner ’80 and Mary Elisabeth Faulkner

Melissa C. Feemster ’97 and Mark Munson

Charles E. Feenstra ’73

Peter M. Fellegy and MaryEllen D. Fellegy, Parents

Christopher P. Felts ’91

Tonya Heetland Fenske ’00 and D. Christian Fenske

Marilyn Sanders Ferguson ’64 and Roy J. Ferguson, Parent

Stuart J. Ferguson ’84 and Jennifer Kneisley Ferguson ’84

Matthew Mark Ferrell ’05

Richard B. Ferrell ’65 and Melanie Cash Ferrell

Susan Hohlfelder Ferreri ’86 and Frank S. Ferreri

John L. Ferringer ’98 and Gretchen Ferringer

Frederick C. Feth ’60 and Lois Johnson Feth

Michael C. Field ’02 and Anne Plymate Field ’03

Carolynn Smart Fields ’80 and David S. Fields

Shirley Garnant Figeas ’49

Jacquelyn Cowan Fike ’60 and Charles Theodore Fike

Christopher M. Finch ’86 and Karen Finch

David M. Findlay ’84 and Susan Scott Findlay, Parent

Richard K. Finfgeld ’53 and Florence Dalrymple

Gordon B. Finley Jr. ’65 and Margaret Finley

Nancy Horner Fischer ’62 and William L. Fischer

Stephen E. Fischer ’01 and Sarah Burnett Fischer ’00

Stephen W. Fischer ’62 and Rebecca Watson Fischer

William B. Fischer ’43 and Vicki C. Fischer

Arthur D. Fisher Jr. ’04

Michael Justin Fisher Jr. ’91

David W. Fitzgerald ’93

James B. Fleece ’60 and Karen Hoven Fleece ’60

Pamela Simpson Fleece ’74 and Steven M. Fleece

Robert J. Fleschler ’87 and Katherine Roob Fleschler ’88

Kathlyn E. Fletcher ’92 and John Carl Littrell

Caryl Flickinger

Todd W. Fliss ’84 and Ellen Lipe Fliss ’84

DeAnn L. Flora ’03

Andrew W. Florell ’02

Shatrese M. Flowers ’95

C. Thomas Floyd ’51 and Charlotte Thiemelke Floyd

Keely A. Floyd ’09

George E. Fogel ’93

Walter R. Foltz ’62 and Michele Brinneman Foltz

David G. Fontana and Jeanne Fontana, Parents

Amber Love Foreman ’04

Elise M. Fortman ’72

Jonathan V. Fortt ’98 and Gina Chung Fortt

Rachel Warner Forward ’91 and Paul Forward

Bradley R. Foss ’00 and Leslie Emmert Foss

Janis Vernon Foster ’64 and Randolph H. Foster

Sarah S. Foster ’68

Sharon M. Foster ’82

Susan Campbell Foster ’69 and Stephen C. Foster

Christopher Matthew Fox ’91 and Natalie Fox

Jeffrey E. Francis ’91

Karen Albert Frankenberg ’81 and Eric J. Frankenberg

Scott C. Franson ’02 and Katherine Starkey Franson ’03

Robert A. Frauenheim ’82 and Ann Frauenheim

Linda A. Frauenhoff ’74

Jane Carpenter Frech ’85 and Mark W. Frech

Willard J. Frederick ’70 and Kathryn J. Frederick, Parent

Jill Frederickson ’92 and Joel Grove

Scott A. Fredrick ’87 and Carolyn E. Fredrick

Lin M. Fredrickson ’68

John P. Freese ’96

Patricia Williams French ’59 and Lewis L. French

Richard S. French ’60 and Karen Hyde French

Eric Matthew Freshour ’10

Gloria McVey Frew ’57

Jane Moore Freyfogle ’74 and Eric Thompson Freyfogle, Parent

Beverly Grant Frier ’52

Ernest Frohring

Catherine A. Fry ’99

Eric C. Frye ’85 and Sibley Smith Frye ’85

Matthew J. Fuller ’93

Robert H. Fuller ’63 and Barbara S. Fuller

David Thomas Furman Jr. ’07 and LaDonna Jo Hayden ’06

Jerry G. Gaff ’58 and Julia Friedman Gaff

Emily C. Gage Alvis ’03

Gageby Hill Gaither ’03

Joan D. Gale

Ruth Doyle Gallop ’55 and James L. Gallop

Thomas M. Gamble

Sharon Sanders Gammon ’77 and James R. Gammon, Parent

Lisa L. Gangi ’91

Charles L. Gardner ’71 and Rita Gardner, Parent

Todd G. Gardner ’87 and Wendy Ellis Gardner ’89

Gary J. Garoffolo ’73

N. Anne Garrigus ’05

Nancy Matthei Garrigus ’72 and Mark T. Garrigus

Brian Robert Garrison ’00 and Candace Frates Garrison ’00

David W. Garrison ’01 and Erica Kruse Garrison ’01

Tracy Cochran Garrity ’82 and Dennis J. Downing

Melinda Maine Garvey ’89 and Christopher Garvey

Robin J. Gaston ’75

James R. Gates ’78 and Roberta P. Gates

Kirkland H. Gates and Kathryn G. Gates, Parents

Brian Craig Gau ’96 and Megan Maine Gau ’96

Bonnie Tall Gauger ’60

John William Gaughan and Kathleen Drack Gaughan, Parents

Thomas H. Gee ’73 and Tedra Mosley Gee, Parent

Patricia Fischer Geldard ’65

Martha Hawkes Germain ’64

Judith Stading Gettleman ’82 and Jeffrey W. Gettleman

Ninos Gewargis ’05

Kristi Merrill Gibbs ’01 and Kevin A. Gibbs

Brian R. Gibson ’94 and Darci Oak Gibson ’95

Michael J. Giesecke ’92 and Laura Giesecke

Adam M. Gilbert ’10

Michelle Aymond Gilbert ’03 and Evan F. Gilbert

Gary N. Gildersleeve

Jean Aubrey Gillooly ’55

Christopher Raymond Gines ’07

Kimberly Gingher ’76

Bradley Thomas Giordano ’06

Karen Cadieux Gissy ’77 and James M. Gissy

James M. Gladden ’88 and Sheri Adams Gladden ’89

Lisa Raible Gladson ’81 and Michael Dean Gladson, Parent

Justin Todd T. Glass ’93 and Katherine Bostwick Glass ’97

Eugene Gloria and Karen Singson

Tristan D. Glover ’04 and Megan Casey Glover ’04

Rayna Vaught Godfrey ’92

Lisa M. Goecke ’01

Gregory J. Goetcheus ’90

Rebecca Miller Goggins ’90

Lynn Frazier Goldberg ’90 and Marc Andrew Goldberg

Kenneth H. Golden ’67

Carol Warner Golder ’81 and David Bruce Golder

Elisabeth Goldman ’06

Susan Elkins Goldsworthy ’88 and Richard C. Goldsworthy

David S. Goltermann ’78 and Elizabeth Gray Goltermann ’80

Cheryl A. Gonzalez ’99

Brian S. Gooch ’06 and Melissa Taylor Gooch

Brian T. Goodman ’94 and Portia Renner Goodman ’97

Kathy Cornell Goodman ’71 and Malcolm L. Goodman

Christian William Goodrich ’09 and Jacqueline Smith Goodrich ’09

Karen Vancader Goodwell ’81 and Robert H. Goodwell

Gregory D. Gordon ’86 and Michelle Johnson Gordon ’86

Jeffrey M. Gordon ’88

Carole Thorlton Gorsich ’67

Christopher S. Gorz ’92 and Molly King

Mary Ewing Gosline ’65 and Robert B. Gosline Jr.

Scott D. Gossett ’91 and Randy Moorman

Christopher L. Gottbrath ’96 and Lara A. Dodds ’97

Bret Matthew Govert ’05 and Natalie Shaffer Govert ’05

Olivia Greco Gow ’54 and John E. Gow

Graham C. Grady, Parent

Judith Sutphin Grady ’61 and Michael C. Grady

Craig William Graham ’82

Eric J. Graham ’97 and Nicole Chabraja Graham ’97

Kelly Ortner Grant ’98 and Gordon M. Grant

Sarah M. Grant ’65

Christopher L. Grashoff ’01 and Sarah M. Holian ’01

Gail Brookman Grashorn ’45

Courtenay M. Grass ’02

Kevin D. Graves ’94

W. Philip Gray ’59 and Martha A. Gray

Sarah E. Green ’94 and Patrick Jacobsen

Shirley Hooper Greene ’48 and Warren Herbert Greene

Howard N. Greenlee Jr. ’58

Troy S. Greenlee ’91 and Rebecca L. Greenlee

James A. Greer Jr. ’65 and Denise D. Greer

Gretchen Yetke Greever ’94 and Lane E. Greever

Phillip J. Greiner ’95 and Kerry Replin Greiner ’95

David A. Greiwe ’87 and Sonja Speidel Greiwe ’91

Mari McGaughey Greves ’68 and John H. Greves III, Parent

Perry C. Grier ’53 and Sue Miller Grier

James J. Griffin IV ’96 and Kristin Sasse Griffin ’98

Kerrie Milligan Grimstad ’98 and John H. Grimstad

Benjamin J. Griswold ’01 and Katherine M. McCleary ’01

Mathew T. Griswold ’88 and Jane Reinhardt Griswold ’88

Nancy J. Gritter ’88 and Curtis A. Dansby

Jamie Anne Grivas ’10

Kathleen Detrude Groninger ’87 and Cary P. Groninger

Louise Tavenner Gross ’65 and Robert K. Gross

Thomas G. Grossman ’71 and Molly Cadwallader Grossman ’71

Steven P. Grossnickle ’68 and Loretta Grossnickle

Stephen G. Grove ’96 and Erin N. Grove

Jennifer Steele Guebard ’86 and H. Robert Guebard

Meredith Guldin Guerrera ’96 and Andrew P. Guerrera

Jean Pierre Guilbault ’97

Dianne Fellows Guild ’58 and Douglas R. Guild

John K. Guild Jr ’80 and Dana Grabb Guild, Parent

Judith Drompp Guild ’53

Lori Gulan Hamrock ’86 and Joseph G. Hamrock Jr.

Carol D. Gurney ’82 and Roy W. Ide

Jaymi Edwards Guy ’09 and Billy D. Guy Jr.

Melinda S. Haag ’81 and Jane E. Barker

Laura Claire Haas ’83

Eric K. Habig ’93 and Jane R. Williams

Michelle Silkowski Hackett ’88 and John W. Hackett

Michelle Walter Hadidi ’98 and Cyrus Stephen Hadidi

Gretchen J. Haehl ’08

Ronald T. Hafer ’57 and Ellen Winfield Hafer

Virginia Vonnegut Hahn ’84 and Gregory J. Hahn

Louis S. Hakim ’96 and Ellie Prosser Hakim ’96

A. Grant Hale ’99 and Amy Baker Hale ’04

Kelly C. Haley ’97 and Margaret E. Snow ’98

George C. Halfmann ’57 and Mary Morgan Halfmann ’59

Janet Schroeder Hall ’70 and Mark G. Hall

Kristen E. Hall ’93

Mary Jane Murray Hall ’73 and Robert K. Hall II

Melanie Thexton Hall ’78 and Robert H. Hall, Parent

Victoria Mayfield Hall ’67 and Richard A. Hall

Gerald W. Hallett ’76 and Katherine Harcourt Hallett ’78

Jeffrey D. Hallgren ’78 and Mary L. Hallgren

Bradley S. Hallman ’99 and Jennifer Hetzel Hallman ’00

Laura Valler Halt ’05 and Eric Halt

Marilyn Kitchen Halteman ’62 and David L. Halteman

Sheryl Householder Hambidge ’72 and James C. Hambidge

James Robinson Hamlin ’05

Laura Allport Hammack ’95 and Anthony D. Hammack

Shannon Harris Hammel ’95 and Richard A. Hammel

Ann Lamport Hammitte ’83 and Keith A. Hammitte

Joel C. Hammond ’82

Linda K. Johnson Hammond ’79 and Todd Hammond

William S. Hamrick ’66 and Sandy Streett Hamrick

Lori Gulan Hamrock ’86 and Joseph G. Hamrock Jr.

Milo F. Hanke Jr. ’77

Fred L. Hanley ’62 and Marte Hanley

Thomas D. Hanlon ’70 and Judith Talbert Hanlon ’71

Sarah Mannon Hanly ’92 and Paul Hanly

Ellie Runyan Hanson ’96 and Cole W. Hanson

Lyle R. Hardman ’88 and Carolyn Haynes Hardman ’89

John W. Hare ’62 and Sylvia B. Chambliss

Scott A. Harkness ’89 and Nancy Palmeter Harkness ’89

Thelma Hunter Harkness-Thompson ’59 and Thomas O. Thompson

Kara Wood Harlan ’92 and Brent Thomas Harlan

David L. Harlor ’78 and Florence E. Harlor

James A. Harmann ’90 and Carolyn C. Harmann

James A. Harmon ’64 and Karin I. Harmon

Kenneth C. Harms and Pamela S. Harms, Parents

Terry L. Harrell ’86

Daniel L. Harrison ’09 and Joy Collins Harrison ’09

Michael A. Harrison ’97 and Jessica Combs Harrison ’00

Bethany Brewer Hart ’05 and Brady Hart

Katherine M. Hart ’65

Robert M. Hartigan ’74 and Deborah L. Hartigan

William B. Harting ’88

James A. Harvey ’63 and Sally Hartline Harvey ’65

David W. Hasenbalg ’87 and Diana Wade Hasenbalg

William E. Haslem ’58 and Deanna Worl Haslem ’59

Craig R. Hassler ’65 and Patricia A. Cunningham

K. Larry Hastie ’64

Nancy Lewis Haswell ’63

Milton A. Hatfield ’92 and Krissa K. Hatfield

David Scott Hathaway ’84 and Ann Rita Hathaway, Parent

W. Brian Hatton ’95 and Stephanie Benjamin Hatton

Brian P. Hauck ’98

Andrew C. Hawk ’83 and Kathy R. Hawk

James B. Hawkins and Marcia Trisler, Parents

John G. Hawkins and Hollie Twibell Hawkins, Parents

Kyle A. Hawkins ’07 and Kelly Schaffer Hawkins ’08

Lauren C. Hawley ’06

Victor J. Hawthorne ’48

Amy Timmons Hayes ’91 and Jeffrey Hayes

Mary R. Hayes ’91

Ryan M. Hays ’98 and Virginia M. Mischen Hays

William A. Hazleton ’67 and Sandra L. Woy Hazleton

Lester L. Hearson and Patricia Seaton Hearson ’77

Anthony De Wayne Heavin ’92 and Karen Nelson Heavin

Sally Wallace Heckman ’05 and Lee D. Heckman

Ryan Michael Heffernan ’06 and Kye T. Hawkins ’06

Kathleen Dahlman Hegg ’90 and Jeffrey A. Hegg

Ruth D. Hegreness ’40

Heidi Shays Heinbaugh ’91 and Barry Heinbaugh

James P. Heineman ’64 and Susan Allen Heineman ’64

Sharon L. Heinrich ’86

Janice Gooch Heipler ’75 and George Heipler

Jeff H. Heise ’80 and Vicki Ralph Heise

Beverly Hanger Heitzenrater ’54 and H. T. Heitzenrater

Elizabeth Hart Helms ’89 and Rory T. Helms

William R. Hemmig ’73 and Donna Nees Hemmig ’74

Mark R. Hendrickson and Kathleen O. Hendrickson, Parents

Keith P. Henglein ’86

Tamryn Maione Hennessy ’82 and Joseph J. Hennessy, Parent

Robert F. Henry Jr. ’54 and Ellen O. Henry

Janet S. Henry ’74

Peter R. Hensley ’56 and Patricia Pippin Hensley

John Richards Herrick ’10

Linda Berkey Herrick ’75 and Robert W. Herrick

Jennifer Burger Herrmann ’00 and Jeremy L. Herrmann

Brian M. Hersh ’99 and Lauren Bennett Hersh ’99

Charles W. Hetzel Jr. ’92 and Sarah Sargent Hetzel ’92

Lindsay E. Heyer ’01

Charles F. Hickey and Barbara J. Hickey, Parents

Kathryn Pitts Hickey ’99 and Jon Paul Hickey

Brian T. Hicks ’00 and Sara Warren Hicks ’00

Jarrett L. Hicks ’01

Jennifer Hegman Higgins ’94 and Michael Higgins

Joseph L. High ’99 and Sara High

Randy W. Hildebrandt ’70 and Marguerite Hildebrandt

Amy Wilmer Hill ’83 and David L. Hill, Parent

Lauren Anita Hill ’08

Thomas C. Hillman ’80 and Lou Ann Hillman, Parent

David W. Hills ’83 and Karen Hurst Hills ’83

Dennis P. Himan ’66 and Janet Masterson Himan

Kristin Snyder Himsel ’02 and Matthew Himsel

James M. Hinshaw ’89

Martha Gilpin Hinshelwood ’58 and Frederick G. Hinshelwood

Camela Je’Mia Hixson ’96

Paula Leigh Hoage ’01

Richard P. Hoagland ’58 and Kathleen Saylor Hoagland

Steven S. Hoar ’94 and Shannon Twiford Hoar ’94

Nancy Frebel Hoard ’76 and John Charles Hoard

Andrew Jeffrey Hodge ’06

Matthew Gregory Hodge ’06 and Sabrina Henry Hodge ’08

Mary Ball Hoeltzel ’57 and Rudolph Hoeltzel

Brenda Wright Hoffman ’76

Ivan D. Hoffman ’01 and Andrea Clark Hoffman ’02

Sarah Lynn Hoffman ’05

Patty McClure Hofmann ’75 and William F. Hofmann

Tricia Kirkby Hofmann ’92 and John R. Hofmann

Mark R. Hoke ’92 and Jennifer Nicole Hoke

Caroline Maloney Holland ’84 and John Holland

David L. Hollander ’87 and Amy Best Hollander ’89

William S. Hollatz ’50

Virginia Cooling Hollett ’60 and John E. Hollett III

Steven A. Holt ’70 and Emily Ann Holt, Parent

Inga Zeeb Holton ’97 and Michael D. Holton

Joshua D. Holton ’99 and Lindsey Gottfred Holton ’99

Christina Knutson Honos ’93 and Edward Honos

LuAnne Stanley Hook ’88 and Timothy G. Hook

Herb Wylie Hoover ’81

Sharon Fulton Hoover ’83 and David E. Hoover, Parent

Janice A. Hornaday ’88 and Brett L. Brewer

Timothy B. Hornbacker ’69

Larry R. Horning ’69 and Shirley Horning

John V. Horton ’67 and Kathleen Gross Horton ’68

Richard G. Horton ’73 and Margaret Moore Horton ’73

Nicholas J. Horvath ’01

Karen Horvath-Wulf ’92 and Matthew T. Horvath Wulf

Karl Y. Hostetler ’61 and Margaretha Steur Hostetler

Steven M. Hotopp ’80 and Susan Hotopp

Ula Ammerman House ’48 and Robert E. House

H. Wendell Howard ’49 and Catherine Steadman

Jane Becker Howard ’03

Jerry M. Howard ’83 and Kelli L. Howard, Parent

Mark E. Howard ’73 and Bonnie Williams Howard

Scott D. Howard Jr. ’98 and Sarah Boyer Howard

Michelle Coduti Howisen ’05 and Harry Joseph Howisen

Nancy J. Hubbard and Jimmy R. Hubbard, Parent

Nathan E. Hubbard ’01

Kathryn Adele Huber ’76 and W. Larry Binkley

Nancy A. Huber

Peter J. Huber ’93 and Jennifer Fry Huber ’93

Norman J. Hudak ’54 and Mary Jo Hudak

M. Colin Hudson ’92 and Kelly Carpenter Hudson ’92

Lynda Bayliff Huey ’62

Gretchen Fuller Huff ’56

Thomas C. Huff and Janet Huff, Parents

B. Bruce Huffman ’46 and Esther S. Huffman

Steven B. Huffman ’68 and Kathryn M. Huffman

Mary West Huggard ’48

Amy Symons Hughes ’93 and Chris Hughes

Darren E. Hughes ’03 and Megan Hughes

Jane Roehr Hughes ’59 and Thomas J. Hughes

Todd E. Humerickhouse ’03 and Stacey Lynn Humerickhouse

Mark E. Hungate ’73 and Kristine Ebbesmier Hungate

Evan Daniel Hunter ’10

Sarah Harman Hunter ’79 and John J. Hunter, Parent

Kathleen Burek Huntington ’84 and Henry P. Huntington

Brian David Hurley ’05 and Alexandra Mary Wyatt ’05

John G. Hurley ’60 and Linda C. Wetzel

Brenda Beesley Hurst ’88 and Charles A. Hurst

Lya Kostroski Hurst ’05 and Todd Hurst

Mary Kathleen Huse ’02

Patrick M. Huse ’94 and Lisa Notarianni Huse ’96

Richard A. Huser ’77 and Laura Ann Huser

Frank L. Hussey III ’71 and Gail Lynn Hussey

Lawrence B. Huston Jr. ’64 and Kathleen J. Huston

Robert E. Hutto ’64 and Robyne Evans Hutto

Andrew J. Huys ’00 and Katherine Strickland Huys ’01

Douglas S. Hynden ’78 and Melanie Nicklas Hynden ’78

David J. Ihlenfeld ’87 and Elizabeth Werner Ihlenfeld

Jeannette Iles ’76

Elizabeth Stis Immer ’87 and Stephen L. Immer

Kristin Ingwell-Goode ’95 and Christopher W. Goode

Roger W. Ireson ’61 and Judith Marsh Ireson ’63

Kristen Anne Irgens ’09

Jillian Marie Irvin ’09

Andrew C. Irwin ’02

Michael K. Irwin ’69 and Suzanne Irwin

Charles F. Isaacson ’68 and Ruth Butterfield Isaacson ’68

Anthony P. Isch ’77 and Anna Marie Isch, Parent

Rebecca Wilhoite Jacklin ’95 and Anthony B. Jacklin

Beverly McNamara Jackson ’51 and William C. Jackson

Edwin P. Jacobi ’10

Jan Jacobi and Virginia Newton Jacobi, Parents

Judith A. Jacobs ’74 and Mihaly Kun

Robert J. Jacobson ’58 and Elizabeth R. Jacobson

Kathleen Snell Jagger ’75 and James A. Jagger

Caroline Rosetta James ’10 and Leslie R. James

Jean Gossard James ’67 and Thomas James

Cheryl Sorenson Jamison ’66 and Paul L. Jamison

Charles A. Jarvis ’63

Amy L. Jay ’88

Kemp E. Jaycox ’95 and Cynthia S. Fink

Bruce W. Jeffreys ’65 and Genevieve Jeffreys

Courtney Elizabeth Jeffries ’06

Robert D. Jenkins

Stuart E. Jenkins ’64

Matthew R. Jennings ’09

Sharon McCall Jenson ’66 and Gunnar S. Jenson

Kathryn Saxton Jerz ’64 and James W. Jerz

Mason P. Jett ’69 and Barbara Waters Jett

Ann C. Jilg ’58

Brian R. Joesten ’81 and Heidi Kaufmann Joesten ’83

Andrea W. John ’01

Brently A. Johnson ’95 and Britany Blakeley Johnson ’95

Charles I. Johnson ’54 and Shirley Johnson, Parent

Cory R. Johnson ’04 and Jane Schaadt Johnson ’04

Diane Engel Johnson ’64 and James F. Johnson IV

Donald A. Johnson ’55

Jean P. Johnson ’68

Laura Ann Johnson ’08

Laurence A. Johnson ’71

Paul Michael Johnson ’04

Stephanie Nahra Johnson ’95

Warren M. Johnson ’00 and Katherine Mirro Johnson ’00

William K. Johnson and Martha Johnson, Parents

Douglas E. Johnston ’79 and Carol Ann Johnston

Scot L. Johnston ’96 and Patricia Johnston

Helen Gloyd Johnstone ’61 and Parker N. Johnstone

Harry M. Joiner ’65 and Suzanne B. Joiner

Erica Christophersen Jones ’01 and Michael A. Jones

Jeffrey G. Jones ’76 and Elaine Kovalcik

Susan Bicket Jones ’64 and A. David Jones

Matthew D. Jordan ’85 and Sabine Jordan

Rachel Whitesel Jordan ’64 and Jim M. Jordan

Larry A. Junod ’67

Joseph A. Kacmar ’72 and Barbara W. Kacmar

Christine E. Kaeser ’78 and Stephen S. Holmes

Nickie Karampas Kahle ’92 and John R. Kahle

Kristen A. Kaiser ’00

Brooke Barbee Kallenbaugh ’03 and Bryan S. Kallenbaugh

Georgia Smith Kalman ’49

Scott M. Kalmus ’99 and Jennifer Raney Kalmus ’99

Jason G. Kamler ’97 and Jennifer Lynn Drach

Lauren Bohlander Kanaan ’04 and Tony Kanaan

Jennifer Nielsen Kane ’02 and Benjamin D. Kane

Lynne M. Karmin ’85

Terry L. Karpinski, Parent

Tod Michael Karpinski ’06

Jonathan C. Kasdan ’76 and Lise G. Kasdan

Annichen Bohn Kassel ’54

Anthony Robert Kaufman ’05 and Traci Abbott Kaufman ’05

Linda Forristall Kayler

Julia Smith Keepper ’79 and Lester H. Keepper III

Evelyn Gravesen Keever ’66 and Richard Jenkins Keever

Susan A. Kelleher ’86

Darren P. Keller ’97 and Jennifer Stephenson Keller ’99

Juliana Parker Keller ’09

William M. Keller Jr. ’55 and Barbara H. Keller

Duane M. Kelley ’69 and Susan M. Kelley, Parent

John A. Kellogg ’62

Pamela Ann Kelly ’83

Bradley Alan Kelsheimer and Katrina L. Kelsheimer, Parents

Elisha Modisett Kemp ’02 and Reed Kemp

Scott S. Kemper ’95

C. Travis Kendall ’54 and Janet E. Kendall

Holly Munchoff Kendig ’69

Frederick J. Kent ’50

John F. Kent Jr. ’64 and Nancy Van Sickle Kent ’69

Keith Kenter ’84 and Patricia Lilly Kenter ’85

Kraig A. Kenworthy ’84

Kreg S. Kephart ’77 and Jill Lori Wolk Kephart

Judith Dutchess Kepner ’54 and Paul E. Kepner

Donna Dahlen Kerr ’50

Thomas E. Kerr III ’67 and Bunny Sholder Kerr

Brendan Kyle Kerrigan ’10

Adam W. Kersey ’01 and Nicole Kuhn Kersey ’01

Rosalyn Schneider Kesan ’81 and Vijay P. Kesan

Roland Scott Keske ’96 and Carin S. Keske

Christopher K. Kessler ’03 and Jessica Schneider Kessler ’04

Melody Stevanovic Key ’82 and Charles J. Key

Tory Williams Key ’08

Thomas A. Kiepura II ’96 and Marie Booth Kiepura

Elizabeth Ernst Kilgallon ’05

Mary Lesperance Kimble ’52 and Keith Kimble

Jason D. Kimpel ’96 and Sandra Kimpel

Thomas G. King ’76

Michael R. Kinney ’77 and Catherine B. Kinney

Cheryl Slagell Kinsinger ’68 and Daniel Laurence Kinsinger

Clare Kirby ’67

Lewis L. Kirk Jr. ’52 and Gwen Jean Kirk

James W. Kirkpatrick and Laurann R. Kirkpatrick, Parents

Kenneth J. Kirkpatrick and Anna Parke Kirkpatrick

Jason W. Kistler ’94 and Yuliya Kistler

Jennifer Bundy Kistler ’98 and Jeffrey R. Kistler

Paul S. Kittaka ’85 and Jill H. Kittaka, Parent

Gertrude Macomber Kivett ’54 and Charles H. Kivett, Parent

Cynthia Coridan Klee ’79 and Robert Edward Klee, Parent

Robert B. Kleemeier ’66 and Carol Portle Kleemeier ’69

Marcia Borst Klenbort ’61 and Daniel Klenbort

Matthew J. Kleymeyer ’04 and Andrea Speller Kleymeyer ’06

Amanda Pike Kliber ’80 and David L. Kliber

Jayne Proudfoot Klose ’81 and Kevin V. Klose

Courtney Renee Knies ’10

John B. Kniesly ’73

Virginia Walsh Knight ’60 and Sidney A. Simon

John Robert Knott ’59

Jeffrey F. Knupp ’90 and Colleen Knupp

Emily Jones Knuth ’99 and Dennis M. Knuth

Mark R. Koenig ’86 and Karen Strasma Koenig ’87

Amy Eileen Koester ’09

Catherine B. Kolbeck ’95

Julie McBride Kolettis ’82 and George T. Kolettis

Amy Krahn Konrad ’90 and Timothy G. Konrad

Russel L. Koos ’63 and Karen Luther Koos ’62

John C. Korschot ’73

Susan H. Kosinski ’68

Christopher J. Kosobud ’91 and Suzanna Serfoss Kosobud

Kenneth D. Kostel and Anne Marie Runfola

Robert B. Kottkamp ’66 and Virginia G. Kottkamp

Ruth A. Kovac ’71 and Harry Hertzberg, Parent

Patricia Montgomery Kovach ’85 and Karl J. Kovach

Linda Johnson Kozak ’84 and Gary Kozak

Kevin A. Krakora ’89 and Joanne Krakora

David E. Kranbuehl ’65 and Marjolaine Kranbuehl

Amy Schwartz Kress ’95 and Brady W. Kress

Ashley B. Krieg ’01

Robert A. Kriscunas ’72 and Suzanne Boeldt Kriscunas

Jacob Todd Krouse ’09

Carol Koock Krueger ’59

Richard G. Krueger ’55

Justin W. Kruse ’06 and Jenna Campbell Kruse ’06

Matthew Michael Kubacki ’08

John R. Kuka and Katie Kuka

Beatrice Marquis Kulier ’58 and Charles P. Kulier

Peter F. Kunz and Jane Elder Kunz, Parents

Amanda Madden Kutoloski ’92 and David M. Kutoloski

Douglas L. Lambert and Anna Mae Lambert, Parents

David W. Lamont ’68

Russell O. LaMore ’88 and Timi Watson LaMore ’88

John E. Lancaster ’93 and Kelly Lancaster

Mark T. Lancaster ’85 and Nancy A. Woodruff

Bethea Covington Lane ’01 and Mark Anthony Lane II

Carla Gasbarra Lane ’95 and Patrick W. Lane

Deborah Zonsius Lane ’71 and Jack H. Lane

Todd J. Lane ’01 and Michelle Geary Lane ’01

Jennifer C. Lange ’00

David B. Langhout ’87 and Lisa Sriver Langhout ’87

Arlen W. Langvardt and Mary Langvardt, Parents

Tara Elizabeth Langvardt ’08

Sarah Fischer Lannom ’88 and Christopher John Lannom

Kent W. Lanum ’83 and Dalene M. Lanum

Tracy Ellen Laramie ’08

Catherine Ann Larson ’89 and John Andrew Culwell

Ruth Dodge Larson ’45

Walter J. Larson ’68 and Janet Rose Larson ’68

James D. LaRue ’00 and Amber Franklin LaRue ’00

James E. Lashley ’62 and Barbara J. Lashley

Jane C. Lashley ’56

Mary Matson Latta ’83 and Stuart T. Latta, Parent

Jonathan David Lau ’04 and Meloney Harris Lau

Siobhan Marie Lau ’09

Edward V. Lauing Jr. ’70 and Claire Coleman Lauing

Janet Hoffmark Laut ’57 and Harold W. Laut

John W. Lauter ’54 and Phyllis Hahn Lauter ’56

Robert Raymond Lavieri ’07

Deborah A. Lawrence ’84

William F. Lawrence ’56

Barbara Boots Lawson ’63 and Roger Hugh Lawson Jr.

Michael A. Lawton ’96 and Kelley L. Lawton

James A. Layton ’55 and Carol McWard Layton ’56

James E. Leath ’60 and Carolyn Phillips Leath ’60

Allison Rechter Lechleiter ’04 and Daniel Mark Lechleiter

Nik E. Lee ’82 and Laura Winans Lee ’83

Robert L. Lee ’65 and Marjorie Self Lee ’65

Robert R. Lee ’60 and Patricia A. Lee

Robert G. Lehnen ’64 and Sandra B. Lehnen

Barbara A. Lehnhardt ’72

Erik A. Leighton ’94 and Melinda Nicholson Leighton ’93

Wendy Leinbach-Stricker ’86 and Kevin R. Callahan, Parent

William B. Leist ’56 and Mary Kendall Leist ’58

Elizabeth Rothfus Lenz ’64 and David E. Lenz ’63

Timothy Carl Lesch ’76 and Ellen Rae Rosevear Lesch, Parent

Virginia Cook Lester ’68 and Raymond M. Lester

Jill Matthews LeVan ’71 and George L. LeVan

Charles S. Levings III ’52 and Mary Catherine Levings

Barbara Odt Lewis ’69 and Steven McGowan Lewis

Jill E. Lewis ’82

Kathleen McIntyre Lewis ’69 and William J. Lewis

Tege E. Lewis ’93

Peter N. Liebetreu ’91 and Renee Vaske Liebetreu ’91

John F. Liechty ’70

Leticia C. Liggett ’99 and Daniel Landau

Nicholas S. Linardos ’86 and Melia C. Linardos

Frank W. Lincoln ’61 and Marlene B. Lincoln, Parent

Carl R. Lindberg ’66 and Patricia Toms Lindberg

T. Barrett Lindsey ’65 and Carole A. Lindsey

Charlotte T. Linge ’59

Mark W. Lingen ’86 and Christine M. Koman ’86

Joann Brookmeyer Lininger ’68

Susan Farquhar Lipchak ’68

Charles Mytron Lisby ’72 and Kathy Rambadt Lisby ’72

Marilyn K. Litt ’74

James T. Little ’48

Phillip A. Livengood ’59 and Judith Gardner Livengood ’60

Richard Anthony Livingston ’05 and Katherine Elizabeth Dalin ’08

Jean Gileno Lloyd ’94 and Christopher M. Lloyd

Robert W. Lloyd III ’65 and Bonnie Stout Lloyd ’66

Jonathan T. Locke ’85 and Kathleen Galliher Locke ’85

Richard J. Loeffler ’66 and Maria T. Loeffler

Carol Larson Loew-Kalbas ’52

Sarah Plymate Lofton ’06 and Michael L. Lofton

Blair Alyse Loftspring ’06

Francis J. Lolli ’84

John F. Lombardo II ’85

D. Scott Looney ’86 and Leslie M. Short ’88

Marcelino G. Lopez ’03 and Jamie Oslawski Lopez ’04

James S. LoPrete ’75

Kent G. LoPrete ’85 and Ruth Roettger LoPrete ’85

Jeffrey E. Lortz ’65

Daniel Hamilton Lowe ’00 and Angie Lyn Hamilton Lowe ’00

Jay A. Lowe and Patricia Arthur Lowe ’84

Kelly Leigh Lowery ’07 and Doug Temeyer

Richard G. Lubman ’64 and Patricia Leggett Lubman

Joel A. Luckhaupt ’98 and Sara Peters Luckhaupt ’98

Joan Jackson Lucky ’61 and Robert W. Lucky, Parent

Margaret Diaz Luderer ’70 and Albert A. Luderer

David W. Luhman and Carol A. Luhman, Parents

Robert S. Lukemeyer II ’78 and Carol Brown Lukemeyer

John I. Lundmark ’52 and Mary Ehrlich Lundmark ’53

Tiffany Madden Lundquist ’93 and John C. Lundquist

Mary Bridges Lyne ’92 and Timothy G. Lyne

Abigail Longardner Lynn ’04

Bryce Steven Lynn ’07

Matthew James Lytle ’05

Judeth Kropp Macdonald ’60 and Robert D. Macdonald

Nancy Norberg MacGregor ’66 and Norman E. MacGregor, Parent

Diana J. Mackie ’68

Robert Stephen MacLaughlin ’09

Thomas L. MacMillan ’89 and Jessica Gregory MacMillan ’90

Jonathan T. Macy ’93 and Dair Brown

Nathan A. Macy ’98

Kent P. Madden ’94 and Suzanne Carroll Madden

Andrew H. Madsen III ’78 and Paula Banchy Madsen

Kate Ziegelgruber Magee ’08 and William Magee

Erin Allyse Mahoney ’86 and Rick Ray Sutherland, Parent

J. Kurt Mahrdt Jr. ’56 and Linda R. Mahrdt

Brent W. Maier ’98 and Heidi Boeckel Maier ’98

Maximilian Michael Maile ’04 and Katie Beehler Maile ’04

Jeffrey S. Main ’89 and Joy M. Main

M. Mac Main ’61 and Sandra Q. Main, Parent

Linda Morgan Maini ’65 and Paul B. Maini

Janice R. Mair ’57

Ellen Dinerman Malone ’83

Gregory L. Manifold ’71

John G. Manlove ’60 and Marilyn Manlove

Bruce L. Mann ’75 and Carla Sue Mann

Jane Everly Manning ’71 and Stephen R. Manning

Mary L. Manning ’57

Robyn Ratcliffe Manzini ’87 and Aldo Manzini

Robert Justin Mapes ’00

Nancy Scism Marble ’48

Emily Smith Margosian ’99 and Charley Margosian

Michele Nicholson Marinko ’91 and Darren Marinko

Cynthia A. Maritz ’76

Diane Hotham Mark ’70 and Richard S. Mark

Kara Matoi Mark ’70 and Alan Mark

Janet Bruggeman Marks ’58

Amy L. Marschand ’82

Tyler B. Marsh ’94 and Kristin Marsh

Jay P. Marshall II ’68 and Susan Jeffries Marshall

Benjamin G. Marston ’04 and Stephanie Hartman Marston ’05

Catherine Hein Martin ’67 and David Hilgemann Martin

Craig P. Martin ’85 and Lorraine Dunn Martin ’84

F. Kirke Martin III ’71 and Marguerite F. Martin

Jennifer Cunningham Martin ’97 and Keith C. Martin

Norman K. Martin ’52 and Charlotte Nelson Martin

Penelope S. Martin ’97

Robert Salvatore Martino Jr. ’81

William E. Martinov Jr. ’86 and Kathleen Theresa Martinov

David G. Martyn ’84 and Monica J. Martyn

David J. Marzullo ’91

Lester B. Mathieson ’57 and Sally Pottle Mathieson ’58

Daniel Bernard Matuszewski ’04

Christine Lynn Maxey ’06

Scott W. Maxwell and Leslie L. Maxwell, Parents

Christopher A. May ’72 and Karen S. May

Sherry Pierpont May ’58 and William W. May

Chad C. Mayer ’95 and Nicole S. Mayer

Margaret Schatz Mayfield ’71 and James Logan Mayfield

William P. Mayr ’70 and Barbara Brucklacher Mayr ’70

Roger K. McAlister ’75 and Karen H. McAlister

John K. McAllister ’42 and Susie H. McAllister

Robert B. McBride ’87 and Robyn Nave McBride ’87

Glenn R. McCain ’01 and Megan McCain

Stacy Wilson McCann ’91 and John B. McCann

Diana Lacy McClaurin ’92 and Rory McClaurin

Kevin R. McClellan ’74 and Mary A. Dougal

James T. McCoy ’62 and Linda Bollinger McCoy ’62

Jerry D. McCoy ’63 and Virginia Cox McCoy ’63

Kenneth B. McCoy Jr. ’64 and Barbara Swensrud McCoy ’64

George C. McDermit and Donna A. McDermit, Parents

Leslie Baird McDonald ’72 and William Douglas Froh

Thomas A. McElhaney ’63 and Janice M. McElhaney, Parent

Nancy Nicely McFerron ’01 and Brian A. McFerron

Craig L. McGaughey ’71 and Kathleen McGaughey

Martha Leader McGeehon ’06 and Nicholas David McGeehon

Joseph Francis McGonigal and Denise Roney McGonigal, Parents

Betty D. McGowan ’56

Christopher C. McGrann ’91 and Sharon Ness McGrann

Kyle Patrick McGrath ’05 and Danielle Dravet McGrath ’07

Amber Wolma McGuire ’02 and Kevin McGuire

Elizabeth Bailey McIntire ’82 and Donald J. McIntire

Peter J. McIntosh ’65 and Nancy Mavity McIntosh

Lee Anne McKelvey ’05

Neal Jerron McKinney ’09

Terrance O. McKinney ’93

Theodore L. McMullen ’91 and Kelli J. McMullen

Jack H. McNairy ’55 and Mary Condon McNairy ’55

Jill Robertson McNay ’86 and Mark L. McNay

Meghan Elizabeth McNulty ’05

Brian L. McPheters and Michal McPheters, Parents

Kiley J. McQuinn ’02 and Matthew L. Smith

Camille Inman Mealy ’72

Stephen R. Meiners and Sharon C. Meiners, Parents

George L. Meisenger ’61

Elizabeth Brickel Melcher ’92 and John H. Melcher

Kevin M. Mendenhall ’96 and Lori Mendenhall

Patricia H. Mercer ’74

Joy Buckner Merder ’63

Elizabeth Combs Merit ’71 and Wayne H. Merit

Joseph G. Merrill ’39 and Bonita E. Merrill

Charles A. Merriman ’69 and Lynda Merriman

Shirley Zivich Mertz ’68

Melanie Garrett Messer ’99 and William M. Messer

Christine Szillat Messerschmidt ’89 and John M. Messerschmidt

Thomas L. Metz ’67 and Elizabeth Campbell Metz

Rosemary Lobraico Metzger ’61 and Martin B. J. Metzger

Ann Boyer Meyer ’06 and Kevin Meyer

Charles F. Meyer ’86 and Ann Ferry Meyer, Parent

Charles J. Meyer ’92 and Karen Meyer

Daniel Lee Meyer and Anne F. Meyer, Parents

John G. Meyer III ’69 and Marsha Meyer

Lauren Mercedes Meyer ’10

Timothy Edward Meyer ’82 and Melissa Phillips Meyer ’81

Laura Frey Michael ’91 and Mervyn Dodson Michael II

Delbert L. Michel ’61 and Sara Sare Michel ’61

Microsoft Corporation[D1] 

Charles Mathew Middleton ’05 and Connie Shim Middleton ’08

Charles Rickie Miller ’69 and Janel Howell Miller ’69

Garrett Hedgespeth Miller ’98 and Ross W. Miller

James E. Miller ’63 and Sheila Hart Miller

Kathryn Weesner Miller ’46

Kevin M. Miller ’94 and Sara Toole Miller ’96

Matthew J. Miller ’88 and Patricia S. Miller

Merle H. Miller Jr. ’53 and Rebecca Richardson

Paul R. Miller ’51 and Margaret Nezarey

Rebecca Dodd Miller ’04

Rhonda Miller ’73

Ryan James Miller ’07 and Stefanie Baldauf Miller ’08

Thomas T. Miller ’83

Thomas W. Miller ’68 and Robyn L. Warner

Brian Gregory Millis ’06 and Ashley Millis

Charles D. Mills ’90 and Rebecca M. Mills

Lawren K. Mills ’01

Cheryl Holl Milukas ’86 and Joseph M. Milukas

Stephen M. Minett ’74 and Christine Holtermann Minett

Ellen Thomas Minor ’69 and William X. Minor

Corey A. Minturn ’91 and Katharine Post Minturn ’91

Gail Pulianas Miofsky ’75 and Thomas George Miofsky

Clint D. Mitchell ’97 and Kimberly Grove Mitchell

William J. Mitchell ’63

Deborah Mitchell-Nagpal ’90 and Ajay Nagpal

Christy Umlauf Moberly ’82 and Michael F. Moberly

Nathan M. Moch ’03 and Jessica Olson Moch ’02

Amanda Martin Mock ’92 and Randall Mock

Dana Coffin Moell ’95 and Brian A. Moell

Scott Carpenter Moen ’07

John S. Moffet ’73

Jeffrey D. Mohl ’99 and Patricia Guagliardo Mohl ’99

Marilyn Miller Monahan ’86 and Michael J. Monahan

Karrie Travis Monce-Shotts ’99 and Byron J. Shotts

Jotham Zachary Monsma ’91 and Genevieve Jacobs Monsma

Bill W. Montgomery ’72 and Suzanne V. Montgomery

Troy Allan Montigney ’09

Lucinda Blitz Moody ’62 and Dixon M. Moody

Devon E. Moon Jr. ’75 and Christine K. Moon

Stephen M. Mooney ’91

John W. Mooningham and Gretchen M. Mooningham, Parents

Christopher Michael Moore ’09 and Sarah Mitchell Moore ’09

Jack L. Moore and Kathleen M. Moore, Parents

James D. Moore ’74 and Diana P. Moore, Parent

Steven J. Moore ’75

Catherine Cockerill Moran ’84 and Michael J. Moran, Parent

Kimberly Fitzgerald Moran ’92 and Michael R. Moran

Kendra Gordon More ’92 and Lance M. More

Lewis V. Morgan Jr. ’51 and Linda Holmes Morgan

Mary Berger Moriarty ’56

Pamela Weeks Morley ’90 and Patrick Morley

John E. Morrill ’57 and Whitney Fearer Morrill ’59

Amanda Matis Morris ’97 and Brian F. Morris

Jay A. Morris ’52 and Marilyn Miller Morris ’54

Sally Terry Morris ’63 and John R. Morris

Tami L. Morris ’87

James R. Morrison ’86 and Betsy Morrison

Michael J. Morrison ’79 and Christi Morrison

Sarah Dewart Morrison ’81 and George Gordon Morrison III, Parent

Richard F. Morrisroe and Sylvia C. Morrisroe, Parents

Abigail Lounsbury Morrow ’98 and Alexander Morrow

J. Brad Morrow ’90 and Julie Carson Morrow ’91

John C. Morrow ’92 and Heather Olson Morrow ’92

John W. Morse ’95

Peter A. Morse Jr. ’90 and Elizabeth Boxell Morse ’90

Barbara Trimble Mortimore ’67 and Robert H. Mortimore

Elaine Volkerding Moser

Lyndsi Habegger Moser ’03 and Tyler J. Moser

Peter C. Mountz ’60

Carol A. Moyer ’77 and Louis T. Zaczkiewicz

Megan Marie Mrowiec ’06

Rebecca Wheat Mrugacz ’72 and Gary A. Mrugacz

Thomas E. Mueller ’64

Lynn A. Mulholland ’94

Harold R. Muncie ’52

Betty Scarborough Munnings ’51

Peter J. Munson ’88 and Lisa A. Munson

Mark T. Muraida ’82 and Christi Califano Muraida

Alphonsus C. Murphy, Parent

Elizabeth Jane Murphy ’02

Michael Allbee Murphy and Fran Garrison Murphy, Parents

Karen Hopkins Murphy ’84 and Christopher J. Murphy

Katie Lewis Murphy ’04 and Patrick M. Murphy

Michael Ryan Murphy ’08

Richard C. Murphy ’59 and Nancy Turner Murphy ’59

William J. Murphy ’93

Anita Smith Murray ’95 and Andrew W. Murray

Robert P. Musgrave II ’79 and Cheryl Waldron Musgrave ’79

Gregory T. Mutz ’67

Blake T. Myers ’86 and Ann Marie Henry Myers ’89

Christopher M. Myers ’95 and Molly Myers

Timothy M. Myers ’90 and Sarah M. Myers

Melissa F. Nachman ’80

John Michael Nafziger and Margo Eileen Nafziger, Parents

Caroline E. Nagy ’99

Sami B. Nammari and Joan Nammari, Parents

Matthew Collin Nance ’10

Gabriele Goerlich Nash-Hammond ’82

Shelley Clark Naum ’83 and Chris C. Naum

Roger J. Naus ’54

Bonnie Moore Nealon, Parent

Raymond J. Nealon II ’91

Nancy Shafer Near ’76 and James Edward Near

Brian R. Neff ’89 and Kristine Krone Neff

Michael J. Neff ’77 and Kristie L. Neff

Shara G. Neidell ’89 and Carlos A. Martin

Cristin Danielle Neil ’05

Charles J. Nelson ’85 and Stacey Trowbridge Nelson

James B. Nelson ’63 and Jean S. Nelson, Parent

Libby Bradshaw Nelson ’97 and Bobby Nelson

Travis S. Nelson ’93 and Kyra Gebhardt Nelson

Ryan Everette Nesbitt ’06 and Kerry O’Connor Nesbitt

Warren L. Netherland ’59

William A. Neumann and Jacqueline D. Neumann, Parents

Barbara Thelen Newell ’64

Sharon Minns Newman ’75 and Mark S. Newman

Jane Krause Newsome ’66

Sonya Jones Nicely ’59 and James E. Nicely, Parent

Christopher A. Nichols ’85

Timothy James Nicholson ’10

Christopher Shea Nickell ’81 and Carolyn Sue Watson

Elizabeth F. Nickels ’92

Thomas Irvie Nickols ’10

Berhanemeskel Alemu Nida ’10

Janice Wolle Nielsen ’54 and Mitchell F. Nielsen

Gregory T. Niemesh ’04 and Lindsey Jane Holden ’04

Jessica Leonard Niesing ’04 and Jeffrey S. Niesing

Emilio Nieves ’92

Edmund B. Nightingale ’02 and Rebecca Hedge Nightingale ’02

Troy Noard ’93 and Kerri Noard

Theresa Ann Marie Noble ’03

Amy Reavis Noden ’87 and Todd Noden

Leslie A. Nolan ’01

Maxine Blue Noll ’63

John B. Norberg ’70 and Jeanne V. Norberg

Diane M. Norman ’78 and Michael Markowski

Maria Herrera Norman ’04 and Amos Antwan Norman

David S. Norris ’82 and Anne Boyd Norris ’82

Franklyn K. Norris ’48 and Lois L. Norris

George Wilking Norris ’87 and Kimberly Hinkle Norris ’87

Joycelyn Bauer Norris ’45 and Robert B. Norris

Susan Priess Norris ’65 and K. Scott Norris

Richard W. North ’87 and Leslie Alexander North ’87

Stephen J. North ’96 and Brooke Young North ’98

Holly Cheesman Northam ’88 and Paul G. Northam

Northwestern Mutual Foundation[D2] 

Melanie J. Norton

Carolyn J. Noss ’49

John L. Novak ’49

Christine Hohenberger Novalis ’01 and Daniel Novalis

Shirley Nusbaum ’56

Leslie Dunn Nutt ’83 and Steven L. Nutt

Kent C. Ober ’67 and Marsha Sue Ober

Judith Johnson Oberholtzer ’54

Haley Ann O’Brian ’08

Mary Sullivan O’Brien ’88 and Todd Robert O’Brien, Parent

Michael F. O’Brien ’66 and Alice Weyeneth O’Brien ’66

Abbe Trainor Obszanski ’07 and Paul Obszanski

Donna Maly Odar ’61

Max Davis O’Guinn III ’92 and Jennifer O’Guinn

Greg O’Herren ’81

Amy D. George Oldfield ’95

Douglas B. Oler ’62 and Brenda Oler, Parent

Robert C. Oliver Jr. ’70

Christine A. Olson ’92

John F. Olson ’72 and Barbara Amy Olson

Steven L. Olson ’77 and Jo Ellen Alberhasky

Timothy W. Olson ’68 and Maureen L. Olson

Jay B. O’Neal ’91 and Leslye Eichinger O’Neal

Dennis M. O’Neil and Susan K. O’Neil, Parents

Jacob M. O’Neill and Michelle B. O’Neill, Parents

Nathan Patrick O’Neill ’07 and Anne Burnett O’Neill ’06

Ryan J. Opeka ’00 and Nicole M. Torrado

Michael Anthony Oren ’06

Susan MacVay Orlosky ’62

Jonathan A. Orr ’86

Anita Eddingfield Osborn ’61

Scott E. Osborne ’90 and Amy Haugk Osborne ’90

Skye McQuary O’Shaughnessy ’03 and Stephan O’Shaughnessy

Neil R. Oslos ’74 and Suzanne V. Oslos

David C. Ott ’76 and Becky L. Ott

John C. Otteson ’84 and Elizabeth Cartwright Otteson ’85

Cline William Owen ’81 and Heather P. Owen

Joseph Connar Owen ’08 and Meredith Kohr Owen ’09

Earl L. Owens and Marjorie W. Owens, Parents

Marcia Spencer Owens ’86 and Joe C. Owens

Anne Page ’78

Heather Oster Pajak ’02

James V. Palmer ’65

Meredith Towner Palmer ’60

Ryan C. Palmer ’99 and Anna Eidson Palmer ’99

Margaret Haefner Palo ’53

Kristen Tubergen Pantzer ’95 and Thomas K. Pantzer

Patricia Howell Papero ’64 and Daniel Papero

Nicholas A. Parcell ’00 and Lauren DeWell Parcell

Sara Seger Parente ’55

Kara Quillico Paris ’99 and Mark E. Paris

Camron Micheal Parker ’09

Donald E. Parker ’58 and Sharon Havlik Parker ’59

Leonica Keilman Parker ’99 and Ryan George Parker

Carolyn Steussy Parkinson ’75 and Richard G. Parkinson

Caroline Anne Parsons ’09

Guilford L. Parsons ’71 and Carolyn Berger Parsons ’72

James D. Parsons, Parent

Bruce E. Partner ’58 and Ruth A. Partner

Robert H. Partridge ’68 and Jeanne Chapman Partridge ’68

Jo Anne Pasvolsky ’62

Natalie Stahl Patchell ’74 and Christopher B. Patchell

Duane A. Patterson ’53 and

Joshua G. D. Patterson ’98 and Kara Vozel Patterson ’99

Andrew J. Paul and Leann Paul, Parents

Shelley Rutter Payne ’95 and Bryan B. Payne

David R. Peaper ’99 and Katherine Peaper

James Trent Pearson ’99 and Susan Cartwright Pearson ’99

Kathleen Meredith Pearson ’87 and Thomas Joseph Pearson, Parent

Nancy Hieronymus Pearson ’56 and Don Cary Pearson

Wiley H. Pearson ’70 and Jane Henry Pearson ’70

Brian M. Pease ’92

Charles F. Peck ’65 and Margaret A. Peck

Juan M. Pedroza Jr. ’03 and Natasha Basey Pedroza ’03

Marj Peeler

Karen Pratt Peiffer ’69 and James E. Peiffer

Richard W. Pell ’63 and Jane E. Pell

William D. Pennell ’69 and Anita N. Pennell

Carrie McPike Perkins ’94 and Scott A. Perkins

Marla Stanish Perkins ’91 and Christopher E. Perkins, Parent

Tara Rae Perkins ’04

Pat Unger Pernicano ’76 and Kevin M. Pernicano

Brian S. Perry ’93 and Rachel Perry

JoAnne Garner Perry ’93 and Douglas G. Perry

Kirk D. Perry ’91 and Nancy Sears Perry

Robert S. Perry ’89 and Lara S. Perry

Marcia Edwards Peterson ’53 and Robert L. Peterson

Jason G. Petrovich ’93 and Melissa A. Petrovich

Drago Petrusic ’08 and Katherine Doogan Petrusic ’08

Jean B. Pfaff ’76 and Dana Stuart Pfaff, Parent

John G. Pfleeger ’96 and Martha Grayson Pfleeger ’96

J. Zachary Phelps ’94 and Julie R. Phelps

Jason M. Phelps ’98 and Miranda Phelps

Paul C. Philips and Marti Philips, Parents

Clarenda M. Phillips ’92

Jonathan R. Phillips ’95 and Susan Hatke Phillips

Susanna Kenyon Phillips ’63

Diane E. Phillis ’75

Marjorie G. Phipps ’71

Teresa Sizer Pickford ’80 and James C. Pickford

Bradley A. Pierce ’01 and Molly Carrell Pierce ’01

Mila Flickinger Pierce ’72

William E. Pike and Brooke A. Pike

Stephen E. Pinaire ’81 and Beverly Lay Pinaire, Parent

Kimberly Edgar Pionzio ’87 and John Pionzio

Mary Erwin Pitcher ’54

Joshua M. Pitcock ’98 and Katherine A. Seaman

Jeffrey C. Pittsley ’87 and Michele Mathes Pittsley

Nathanial E. Pitzer ’00 and Angela K. Pitzer

Pamela L. Plouhar ’76

Holly Richards Polites ’01 and Michael Polites

Liz Rebecca Polleys ’07

Todd W. Ponder ’81 and Carolynn M. Ponder, Parent

Eugene M. Ponzi and Leilani Ponzi, Parents

J. Todd Poole ’86 and Laura Gallina Poole ’87

Dale S. Porfilio ’92 and Carol Campbell Porfilio ’90

Gregory S. Portell ’92 and Terese L. Friel

Audrey Russell Porter ’09

Barbara Armitage Porter ’51

Robin Purkey Potvin ’73

Richard Eric Pound ’72 and Sharon Wright Pound

James Nathaniel Powell ’00 and Margaret Booth Powell

Terry L. Powley ’65 and Sarah Ainsworth Powley ’65

Michael S. Prakel ’85 and Christine M. Stemley

Frederick Ryan Prall ’98 and Tyler Ann Prall

Steven H. Pratt ’80 and Julie Pratt

Barbara Cheney Prellberg ’54 and Marvin W. Prellberg

John A. Price ’99 and Susan Bender Price ’99

Morgan Lynne Price ’08

William Scott Priebe ’00 and Lindsay Hunt Priebe ’01

Jamison S. Prime ’93

Pauline Prince ’79

Susan Nichols Pringle ’86 and Patrick D. Pringle

Barbara Jane Pritchard

Brian W. Pritchard ’00 and Rachael Lessmann Pritchard ’98

David T. Prosser Jr. ’65

Don E. Prosser ’71 and Darcy Anderson Prosser

William R. Prosser ’59 and Ann Phillips Prosser ’60

John W. Pruitt ’85 and Lisa Elliott Pruitt

Ian Merle Prunty ’05

Lloyd P. Pullen ’45

Myrta J. Pulliam

Philip M. Puterbaugh

Robert E. Quast ’85 and Anne M. Quast

Carolyn Raup Queisser ’58

Elizabeth Doeller Radcliff ’61

Robert M. Radle Jr. ’52 and Virginia S. Radle

Mark D. Radlinski ’92

Matthew B. Rager ’96

Christine E. Rales ’74

Annette K. Ramos ’66

Shirley Morris Ramsey ’51 and E. Blaine Ramsey

Michael C. Randall ’89 and Elizabeth Kline Randall

Daniel H. Ransdell ’81 and Rhonda Sue Ransdell, Parent

Stephen A. Rappaport and Pamela Flummerfelt Rappaport, Parents

David P. Rardon and Karen L. Mahakian, Parents

Adrienne Rasbach ’94 and Bryan Sharpe

Melissa M. Rasmussen ’92

Kevin Christopher Rasp ’04 and Brady Katherine Jones ’04

Sarah Tarbox Ratner ’03 and Eric D. Ratner

Molly Monroe Ratterman ’05 and Jeff Ratterman

Jonathan Micah Rauch ’02 and Kristal Brick Rauch ’02

Kim T. Rawlinson ’58

Andrew C. Ray ’85 and Catherine L. Ray

Larry R. Raymond ’76 and Lynn Marie Raymond

Marshall W. Reavis IV ’84 and Amy Zino Reavis

David E. Reberg ’59

Daniel Marshall Reck ’03 and Rebecca Johnson Reck

Caroline Follansbee Redington ’69 and Richard R. Redington

Mary Simmons Reece ’55 and Plenny J. R. Reece, Parent

Norval Duane Reece ’56 and Ann Caroline Benson Reece

Michael David Reed ’10

Nancy Doup Reed ’63 and Thomas F. Reed

Brent D. Reeder ’93 and Erin K. Reeder

Mary Jones Regan ’82 and John S. Regan

Erica Levy Reh ’98 and John E. Reh

Jean Baumgardt Reichenbach ’74 and John C. Reichenbach Jr.

Richard K. Reider and Patricia D. Reider, Parents

Margaux DeMoss Reilly ’08

Vernay N. Reindollar III ’84 and Avril M. Reindollar

Melode Gifford Reinker ’65

Kay Theobald Reissing ’62 and Theodore C. Reissing Jr.

Michael A. Revnes ’77 and Nancy Hardman Revnes

Sara Copeland Reynolds ’61

Scott R. Reynolds ’00

Antony David Rhine ’06 and Jennifer Williams Rhine ’05

Haley Rhoades ’03 and Bill Richards

John R. Rhode ’63

Briana Leigh Rhodes ’03

Edward A. Rhodes ’98

Andrew N. Rice ’64 and Katherine Jeffcott

Patricia Van Riper Rice ’54 and Arthur Gardener Rice

Donald K. Rich ’60

Elizabeth Duncan Rich ’90

Judith S. Rickard

Richard Rifkin and Soula Rifkin, Parents

John L. Rikhoff ’56 and Karen Knutson Rikhoff ’56

Abbey Bishop Riley ’67 and Peter J. Riley

Daniel J. Riley and Rebecca Riley, Parents

Mary Beth Robinson Riley ’07 and Blake Riley

William Calvin Riley ’05 and Sarah Elizabeth Summers ’08

Mark C. Rinehart ’03 and Marianne Rinehart

Jane C. Rininger ’60

Scott A. Ritchie ’78 and Lin Grace Rohr

Kenneth N. Ritz ’72

Patricia Cooksey Riveire ’04 and Jon T. Riveire Jr.

Jennifer Green Robbennolt ’92 and Paul Robbennolt

Sally Smith Robbins ’64 and William H. Robbins III, Parent

Kimberly King Roberts ’82 and John R. Roberts

Sue Galbraith Roberts ’57 and James B. Roberts

Eric Robertson ’68 and Marie Robertson

Stephen J. Robinson ’04

Sue Robinson ’67

Jan B. Robitscher ’76

John M. Rockwood Jr. ’65 and Virginia Myre Rockwood ’66

Stephanie Wiley Rodgers ’93 and Todd M. Rodgers

Thomas J. Roesch ’86

Thomas A. Rohm ’51 and Barbara J. Rohm

William H. Rohrer ’77 and Susan P. Rohrer

Joseph H. Rohs ’84 and Barbara D. Rohs

Robert D. Romeril Jr. ’77 and Carol H. C. Romeril

Dustin J. Romine ’99 and Rachel Katherine Miller ’01

Edward M. Roob ’56 and Barbara Leske Roob ’57

Thomas L. Root ’72 and Diane E. Plummer

Joaquin J. Rosario-Cacho ’96 and Lourdes M. Buringrud

Orrin M. Rose ’61 and Stephanie A. Rose

Rusty W. Rose ’74 and Priscilla Hader Rose ’81

Donald H. Rosenbaum Jr. ’74 and Lola Sicard Rosenbaum

Robert R. Ross ’91 and Sandra Ross

Bruce Ross-Shannon ’73

Jeffrey Matthew Roth ’06 and Elizabeth Tassell Roth ’08

Shannon Garner Rotvold ’90 and Greg R. Rotvold

Rachel Kathleen Routh ’08

Jill Jennings Rowe ’96 and Gregory Alan Rowe

Daniel R. Roy ’96 and Jennifer R. Roy

Michael C. Rubino ’80 and Stephanie Dee Rubino

Jan Walton Rubsam ’76 and Wolfgang Rubsam

Barry O. Rudert and Rosalie Rudert, Parents

Blair Kathryn Rudert ’07

Rhys A. Rudolph and Laura B. Rudolph, Parents

Richard H. Ruedi ’57

Martin A. Ruiz ’98 and Kristin N. Derington Ruiz

Samuel Stanford Rund ’08

Jessica Louise Runkel ’08

Michelle Aiello Rusie ’93 and Richard A. Rusie

Gail Kelly Russel ’62

Jennifer D. Rutkowski Smith ’99 and Jeremy E. Smith

Andrew D. Ryan

Barbara M. Ryan ’61

Christine N. Ryan ’95

Mark S. Rye ’92

Reid W. Sakel ’07 and Bianca Rose Sakel

Molly J. Salatich ’94

Sara Wooden Salsbury ’64 and Phillip J. Salsbury, Parent

Nancy Eppert Sampson ’64 and Robert D. Sampson

Keith J. Sanborn ’79 and Kimberly Bowman Sanborn

Martha Sanders Saunders ’52 and Cecil Vann Saunders Jr.

Daniel A. Saver ’76 and Sara Francis Saver ’76

Sarah A. Sayger ’76 and Robert Burns Becht

Gail Van Epps Schaberg ’59 and Albert L. Schaberg

Richard L. Schaefer ’61 and Katharine R. Schaefer, Parent

Scott T. Schaefer ’93 and Tracy J. Schaefer

Garnet Schafer ’64

Anita G. Schausten ’76

Deva J. Scheel ’72

Gregory L. Schenkel ’84 and Brucie Holler

G. David Schiering ’62

Christopher W. Schmidt ’90

Jennifer Schwartz Schmidt ’98 and Jon Schmidt

Johnathon Edward Schmidt ’10 and Dana Genet Schmidt ’09

David A. Schmitz ’85 and Nancy F. Schmitz

Sarah Schnepf ’83

Breton A. Schoch ’86 and Laura Parsons Schoch ’87

Robert Emery Schoen and Lori Ann Schoen, Parents

John Leo Schomburg ’08

Stephen Sylvano Schott ’08 and Laura Mitchell Schott ’08

Amy Youngblood Schuermann ’90 and Brian S. Schuermann

Richard E. Schulte ’69 and Jamie McDaniel Schulte ’70

Jennifer Roessler Schultz ’92 and Fred W. Schultz

Charles L. Schulze ’61 and Bonnie J. Schulze

Kathryn Raphael Schumacher ’04 and David Schumacher

Katherine N. Schureman ’90

Jane H. Schussler ’74 and Michael W. King

Robert G. Schwegler ’67

William M. Schwein Jr. ’63

Karen Knudsen Schwepler ’68 and Douglas N. Schwepler

Jason Randolf Schwerdt ’05

Gregory L. Schwipps ’95 and Alissa Cayton Schwipps

Beverley Barnes Scott ’63 and Gene A. Scott

David Adam Scott ’03

Edwinnia Wood Scott ’43

Timothy L. Scott ’66 and Rosetta V. Scott

John A. Scully ’79 and Karen N. Scully, Parent

Kimberly A. Seaman ’95

James F. Sears ’43

Ann Willis Sebrell ’64 and Ralph L. Sebrell

Paul P. Secrest ’77 and Lisa Mary Secrest

Mary Patricia Wilson Seitz ’94 and Aaron L. Seitz

Christin Elizabeth Serenbetz ’05 and Adam Weberman

Steven J. Setchell ’96 and Cara Brumby Setchell

Sara E. Shade ’98

David Patrick Shanahan ’02 and Katherine Hunt Shanahan ’03

Benjamin D. Shane ’00 and Kristin M. Lentz

Barbara Beadles Shapiro ’63

Rosemary Davis Shaw ’58 and Laurence H. Shaw

Donna Marie Shawhan ’06

Thomas B. Shearman III ’79 and Noni Ewing Shearman

Anne Lipe Sheehan ’86 and Joseph B. Sheehan

Clinton W. Sheets ’99 and Carrie B. Sheets

Roger A. Sheppard and Janine Susott Sheppard, Parents

Paul M. Shimer ’64 and Susan Adams Shimer

Rose Shingledecker ’04

William R. Shinn ’83 and Brenda A. Shinn

Nan Collins Shively ’61

Charlie Shivers III ’03 and Jessica Tackett Shivers ’03

Rachel Hoffmann Shockley ’98

Brenton Alexander Shultz ’06 and Helen Carlson Shultz ’06

Janet Ann Shupe ’70

Christopher J. Sidor ’98 and Bobbi Ruehter Kay ’99

Stephen Andrew Silca ’02

Kenneth R. Simmons ’52 and Patricia L. Simmons

Fred J. Simon Jr. ’74 and Maria Virgilio Simon

Julie Tippett Simon ’94 and Kenneth J. Simon

Erik Paul Simons ’07

Joseph R. Sims ’65 and Susan Ford Sims

Lesley Heiberger Sims ’85 and Douglas R. Sims

Rachel Lucas Sinders ’05 and Justin S. Sinders

Carl P. Singer Jr. ’86 and Stacy Aschenbrener Singer ’86

Carl P. Singer ’66 and Margaret M. Singer, Parent

David L. Singer ’91 and Andrea Powelson Singer ’92

Ryan Michael Sipe ’05 and Brooke Augustin

Gregory Allen Sissel ’94 and Therese Ivancovich Sissel

Gerald Skidmore and Sarah G. Skidmore, Parents

Jill M. Skogheim ’00

Danielle Elizabeth Anne Skwierczynski ’07

Angela Arihood Sleeman ’86 and Mark Sleeman

Grant N. Slocum ’80

Alyshia Kaye Smalley ’10

Mary Petticrew Smalling ’69 and Marlin L. Smalling

Charles J. Smidl ’59

Helen Lockhart Smiley ’60

Mark A. Smiley ’98 and Melody Klein Smiley

Beryl Ramsay Smith ’63 and Robert H. Smith

Betty Hanlin Smith ’52

Blayne R. Smith ’88 and Suzanna Smith

Carol Hoopengarner Smith ’85 and Ronald R. Smith

Elizabeth Nelson Smith ’71

Freedom Shalane Nicole Smith ’01

Gail Jurgens Smith ’62 and Thomas H. Smith

George J. Smith ’50 and Phyllis Luttrell Smith ’51

Harry C. Smith ’90 and Marcia Van Nest Smith ’89

Joseph L. Smith Jr. ’91 and Karen Henry Smith ’94

Kenton B. Smith ’99

Kimberly Bruninga Smith ’85 and S. Amos Smith

Kimberly C. Smith ’87

Kristin Wyer Smith ’04 and Matthew C. Smith

Lowell S. Smith ’96 and Kimberly Smith

Matthew T. Smith ’84 and Christine Trentadue Smith ’85

Melissa Tharpe Smith ’77 and Gregory W. Smith, Parent

Robert C. Smith and Cynthia M. Smith, Parents

Sara Patterson Smith ’79 and Mark H. Smith

Serena Longyear Smith ’02 and Christopher Smith

Steven R. Smith ’85

Stuart B. Smith ’84

Suzanne Clemons Smith ’52

Heather J. Snead ’84

Tyler J. Snouffer ’93 and Miriam E. Cleveland ’93

John A. Snyder ’87 and Reisa J. Snyder

Laurie D. Snyder ’96

Lucas Anthony Snyder ’02

Mary Elizabeth Snyder ’10

Robyn Snyder ’95

Roger A. Soderdahl ’65 and Joyce E. Madsen Soderdahl

R. Brandon Sokol ’04

Stephanie Somers ’86 and Kelly J. DeRango

Tyler B. Somershield ’69 and Betsy Ellis Somershield

John W. Sorenson ’69

Jennifer Clarkson Soster ’88 and Frederick M. Soster, Parent

Jessica Collins South ’99 and Damien South

Charles H. Southwick ’70 and Nancy Herbert Southwick ’70

Barbara Wolf Sovereign ’59 and Michael G. Sovereign

Janet Butler Spadoni ’78 and James J. Spadoni

Heike Cockerill Spahn ’92 and Philip Spahn

James M. Sparks ’68

Pamela Charlson Speer ’71 and Douglas Rick Speer

H. Nelson Spencer Jr. ’01 and Katherine Swift Spencer ’01

Lindsay Ann Spiers ’08

Jason Aaron Spilbeler ’07 and Anne Stephens Spilbeler ’08

Donna J. Sprague ’78

Christopher Carl David Sprehe ’07

Robert H. Springer Jr. ’66 and Susan P. Springer

Brent E. St. John ’89 and Katherine Cornelsen St. John ’90

Julie Wiele Stainfield ’81 and Bryan K. Stainfield

Jonathan Jeffrey Staley ’06

Michael Scott Stanek ’06

Warren S. Stanley ’70

Homer E. Stavely Jr. ’61

Lesley H. Stavola ’59

William L. Stearns ’78 and Sandrea Pavlik Stearns

Denette Peck Steele ’92 and Matthew F. Steele

Jack Steele ’64 and Carolyn B. Steele

Robert McKay Steele ’69 and Carol Susanne Steele

Cynthia Boyd Steffens ’75

Dennis J. Stehlik ’89 and Melissa Straubinger Stehlik ’89

Jeffrey J. Stengel ’78 and Linda Muller Stengel

James N. Stephens ’86 and Tammy Cannon Stephens

John Barry Stephens ’03 and Kathryn Brauer Stephens

Kay Leonard Stephens ’53

Mary Cattran Stephens ’52

Mary Lee Geoghegan Stephens ’85 and Mark E. Stephens

Mary Wollenhaupt Stern ’53

James A. Stevens ’79

Susan Maffett Stevens ’93 and Stanford Stevens

Susan Neubacher Stevens ’85 and Brian D. Stevens

Dorothy R. Stevenson ’47

Benjamin L. Stewart ’99

Carroll B. Stewart ’63

Fauneil Brattain Stewart ’52

Kimberly J. Stewart ’78

Peter Bleier Stickler ’74 and Nancy Joan Stickler

Kate Elise Stiemann ’07

Ronald L. Stier ’90 and Lori Stier

Johnathon B. Stigall ’98 and Melissa Roehm Stigall

John J. Stimson Jr. ’68 and Nancy Englehart Stimson ’68

Eric M. Stisser ’94 and Rebecca S. Stisser

Amanda Marie Stoermer ’07

Scott R. Stokke ’98 and Amy K. Weisenbach ’98

Ian Michael Stone ’05 and Dana Hudson Stone ’05

David Allen Storms ’04

Raymond M. Stout Jr. and Teri L. Stout, Parents

Thomas M. Strader ’85 and Kelly Wodetzki Strader ’85

David A. Strickler ’71 and Jane Kurath Strickler ’72

Daniel Freeman Stroh ’09 and Lauren Toerner Huff ’08

Amanda Mears Stroop ’72 and Timothy R. Stroop

Stephen E. Strup ’84 and Sue H. Strup, Parent

Kim W. Suchy ’77

Laura Rae Suchy ’08

Terri L. Suchy, Parent

Kennan R. Sullivan ’88

Ralph C. Sullivan ’71

Cynthia Batts Summers ’66 and Jim A. Summers

Caleb Michael Sutton ’03 and Natalie Deer Sutton ’03

Patricia Hollister Sutton ’76 and Larry Gene Sutton, Parent

Lance A. Swank ’83 and Brenda J. Swank

Charles A. Swannell ’63 and Ruth Ann Swannell

Julia J. Swanson ’93

Alice Trickey Swiatek ’59

Linda Erf Swift ’67

Thomas N. Swift II ’77 and Elizabeth Swift

Peggy L. Swihart ’74

Lori L. Switzer ’93

A. Eugene Taber

Richard L. Talbott ’57 and Ruth Lighter Talbott ’58

Jill Darnall Tanner ’91

Sallie Reid Tasto ’63 and Robert N. Tasto

Carol Pontius Taylor ’86 and James R. Taylor

Clark E. Taylor ’56 and Kathryn Orr Taylor ’58

R. Clay Taylor ’08 and Sarah Veronica Bowers ’08

Dale Orr Taylor

Jonathan Ryan Taylor ’04 and Michelle Rhodes Taylor ’05

Karen M. Taylor ’67

Perry L. Taylor Jr. ’70 and Karen Beardsley Taylor ’70

Wendy DeWitt Taylor ’65 and J. Michael Taylor

William H. Taylor Jr. ’56 and Karen Lorraine Taylor

Charles R. Templin ’49 and Edith K. Templin

Carol Schmeichel Tennessen ’60 and William Lewis Tennessen

Christopher J. Terhune ’02 and Mary Cox

Bruce Stephen Terlep ’81 and Virginia Stephens Terlep ’82

Sandra Schneider Thabet ’85 and Samie Thabet

Gene R. Thiem ’86 and Rebecca Brumbaugh Thiem ’85

Brad A. Thomas ’97 and Heidi Thomas

David C. Thomas ’78 and Rosemary Walsh

Donald M. Thomas ’55 and Mary Daugherty Thomas ’58

Michael H. Thomas ’63 and Carole Goins Thomas ’63

Maynard D. Thompson ’58 and Judith Bryan Thompson

Michael M. Thompson ’77 and Jacqueline Williams Thompson

Shelby M. Thompson ’97

Victor B. Thompson ’95 and Britton D. Rink ’96

Judith Melvin Thornburg ’56 and Larry L. Thornburg, Parent

Richard A. Thornburg ’48 and Joyce Ledstone Thornburg

John R. Thornburgh ’77 and Deborah G. Thornburgh

Wesley T. Thornhill ’04 and Megan Bevington Thornhill ’03

Christine Pavlovich Thornton ’06 and Matthew Thornton

H. Bruce Throckmorton ’58

Mary Gadd Tiemann ’69 and Robert D. Tiemann II, Parent

Robert L. Tilly ’64 and Darle Eichler Tilly ’64

Elizabeth Brooks Tisdale ’69 and David E. Tisdale

Daniel Aaron Toleikis ’07

Virginia Chittick Tolford

John R. Tolle ’70 and Paulette A. Cichon

Marilyn Floridis Tolnitch ’52

Marissa Anne Tomasic ’07

Frank J. Tomecek Jr. ’83 and Tonya Tomecek

James M. Tomsic ’69 and Rita B. Tomsic

Robert S. Tongren ’69 and Deborah Kaurich Tongren

Christopher B. Torie ’80 and Catherine A. Torie

James M. Totman ’55

Alexander Hilmes Toumey ’06 and Melissa Webb Toumey ’06

Donald E. Town ’71

Laura Williams Town ’96 and Allen W. Town

Ellen Morrison Townsend ’94 and John F. Townsend III

Thomas R. Trager ’67 and Barbara M. Trager

Michael J. Traylor ’88 and Derek R. Holmgren

William J. Tremaine and Kathleen I. Tremaine, Parents

Dennis A. Trinkle ’91 and Kristina Thomas Trinkle ’90

Michael P. Triplett ’06 and Jennifer Miller Triplett ’05

David M. Trogden ’04 and Casey Brackney Trogden ’04

Janet Love Trout ’87 and Samuel J. Trout

Virginia A. Trout ’65

Perry J. Trowbridge ’99 and Alissa Ewald Trowbridge ’00

Helen M. Truax ’76 and Ian Ross

Vincent P. Truax III ’86 and Kristy Dalby Truax ’87

Susan Innes Trudell ’67 and Donald B. Trudell

Ryan S. Truitt ’03 and Meredith Mulvey Truitt ’02

Elizabeth Christman Tryon ’88 and Donald L. Tryon

Daniel C. Tsui and Ann G. Tsui, Parents

Barb Martin Tubekis ’80 and Thomas C. Tubekis, Parent

Theodore Constantine Tubekis ’08

Sandra Lee Tudor

Rachel Bone Tuohy ’92 and Martin Tuohy

Stephen P. Turan ’94 and Erika Taylor Turan ’96

CoraLyn Newman Lowe Turentine ’09 and OlaJowon Turentine

Stephen C. Turley ’76 and Barbara Alt Turley

Heather Updike Turner ’98 and John J. Turner

Tracy Weston Turner ’87 and James D. Turner, Parent

Krista Mullman Tweed ’92 and Steve Tweed

Brian Alan Tweedie ’07 and Jill Anderson Tweedie ’06

Mary McCracken Tyndall ’90 and David A. Tyndall

Elisabeth Colby Tyrol ’68

Diane Uecker-Flink ’71 and James R. Flink

Obinna Derrick Ugokwe ’05

David A. Uhrick ’59 and Patricia Martin Uhrick

Nathan A. Ulery ’00 and Kristen Bamberth Ulery ’00

Brian N. Ullem ’93 and Denise Dwyer Ullem

Scott Benjamin Ullem ’89 and Elizabeth Daley Ullem

Shawn Highland Ullman ’97 and Ryan Ullman

Joan Brown Ulrey ’75

Deborah A. Ulrich ’76

Amy Parkinson Underwood ’93 and John P. Underwood

James Philip Updike ’07

Mary Karyn Emison Uptain ’98 and Jeremy Brent Uptain

Kenneth B. Valentine and Flora M. Valentine, Parents

Sarah Lilly Valle-Snyder ’85 and Bryan E. Snyder

Ellen Little Vanden Brink ’54 and Dale W. Vanden Brink

John L. Vander Schilden ’73

Gerald R. Vare ’54 and Janet E. Vare

Michael P. Vasey ’03 and Kate Kibler Vasey

Raymond G. Vasey and Janet Vasey, Parents

Joshua A. Vaughn ’96

Ann Bender Veatch ’61 and Robert M. Veatch

Donna Brown Veatch ’82 and Robert W. Veatch

Katherine Ashley Veatch ’09

Kathryn Svoboda Vermeer ’82 and Kerry D. Vermeer

F. J. Vernberg ’49

Jennifer L. Vesper ’86 and T. M. Andrews

Heather Galloway Vickers ’89 and Jeffrey J. Vickers

Debra Haerr Victor ’80 and James F. Victor

Nicholas A. Videka ’79 and Gina Brennan Videka ’80

Carlos F. Viejo ’84

Timothy J. Vieke ’86 and Lisa T. Vieke, Parent

Ivan J. M. Villasboa ’93

Natalia Scattolini Villasboa

Jacqueline Vincent ’65

John R. Vissing ’70 and Susan A. Vissing

J. Brad Voelz ’87 and Gina L. Voelz

Sava Alexander Vojcanin ’85 and Valerie Rupich Vojcanin

Eric A. Vonderohe ’83 and Barbara Vonderohe

Kathy Patterson Vrabeck ’85

Lynn M. Wachtman ’92

Brenton Wadsworth ’51 and Jean Wadsworth

Corinne Audra Wagner ’07

Sarah A. Wagoner ’96

Katrina L. Wahl ’98

William E. Wainwright ’90

David Matthew Walker ’78 and Patricia Jacks Walker ’80

Jaime Williams Walker ’99 and Scot Hunn

John C. Walker ’51 and Beverly Pierce Walker ’51

Nancy Smith Walker ’71

W. Allan Walker ’59 and Ann Suttler Walker

Hugh J. Wallace ’80 and Donna Love Wallace ’80

John Gerald Wallace ’08

John Gilbert Wallace ’08

Michael S. Wallace ’84 and Kristin Schurmeier Wallace ’85

Patricia Fogle Wallace ’60 and Locke Wallace

John D. Waller ’90 and Dena M. Waller

Gregory C. Wallis ’91 and Elizabeth Ingham Wallis ’91

Rachel Emma Walsh ’08

Barbara Griffiths Walters ’59 and Donald B. Walters, Parent

Thomas Matthew Walz ’09

Andrew S. Ward ’95

Brad Michael Ward ’05 and Cara Barnett Ward

Jennifer Dyke Ward ’86 and Randall J. Ward

Calvin R. Warner ’85 and Kimberly A. Warner

David C. Warner ’00 and Ann Triplett Warner ’02

David M. Warner ’76 and Charlotte Mason Warner ’77

Kelsey J. Warsinske ’08

Mathew T. Watkins ’96

Gregory M. Watson ’95

John M. Watson ’74

Stuart B. Watson ’68 and Christine M. Watson

Shaun Tyler Watts ’00 and Adrienne Gough Watts ’01

Julia Crouch Wayne ’04 and Peter H. Wayne IV

Marshall Chapman Weadick ’10

Daniel A. Weas ’95 and Kimberly Svenson Weas ’97

Christine Yarger Weaver ’92 and Patrick M. Weaver

Gerald D. Weaver ’67 and Glenda F. Weaver

Brian D. Webb ’01 and Elizabeth M. Webb

Jeffrey C. Weber ’83 and Tina Marie Kravetz

Steven M. Weber ’68

Katherine Whitlow Webster ’75 and David Fradd Webster

Kathryn Noll Webster ’92 and Brian R. Webster

Mary Hunter Wedding ’85 and Steven E. Wedding, Parent

Lauren Budreau Weigle ’07 and Kristopher L. Weigle

Donald L. Weimer ’73 and Rebecca Jones Weimer ’73

Jane Vahle Weingartner ’65 and James J. Weingartner Jr.

Constance Riddiough Weisbroth ’69 and Benjamin S. Weisbroth

M. Scott Welch ’82 and Kimberlee A. Welch, Parent

Matthew Lawrence Welch ’11 and Christine Elise DiGangi ’11

John J. Wellik and Susan A. Wellik, Parents

Glenn E. Welliver and Edith Welliver

Christopher J. Wells and Anastasia Wright Wells

Randy Ray Wells ’77 and Sarah Kile Wells ’78

Kathryn L. Welter ’04 and Richard J. Bieterman Jr.

Julie Schoop Wemhoff ’95 and Charles D. Wemhoff

Janie Whittaker Wendelken ’68 and John F. Wendelken

Carin Chappelow Werbeck ’99 and Ryan K. Werbeck

Kristin Spellmeyer Werne ’02 and Nicholas A. Werne

Julia Chalmers Werner ’89 and Adam C. Werner

Jennifer L. Wesolowski ’96

Deborah Schmidt West ’95 and Max J. West

Robert D. West ’57 and Bonnie R. West

Stephen R. Wetoska ’88 and Kelly Burk Wetoska ’87

Barbara Riggs Wever ’51

Aaron John Wham ’08

Jacob Paul Wham ’06 and Katherine Knight Wham ’07

Paul Wham and Gail Hurley Wham, Parents

Gary E. Whitaker ’73 and Rebecca Wagner Whitaker

Brian A. White ’99

David S. White ’70 and Susan P. Hendricks

Kipling N. White ’70

Nancy L. White ’75 and Raphael Guerin

Laura Hatfield Whitelaw ’90 and Kenneth R. Whitelaw

Carolyn E. Whittier ’97

Scott A. Wickman and Karen H. Wickman, Parents

Julie H. Widman ’84

Julie Smith Wiehl ’74 and Roger S. Wiehl

Virginia Wieland-Mast ’56 and William A. Mast

Anne Becker Wierbicki ’99 and Paul Wierbicki

Shawn A. Wietbrock ’93

Kirsten Lani Wilcox ’05

John B. Wildman ’80 and Jane Larsen

Heather Lee Ann Wiles ’03 and Clayton McCoy

Bert M. Wilhoite ’65 and Caryl Fernandes Wilhoite ’65

Ann Wilkinson ’63

DiJeana C. Wilks ’98

Bonnie J. Williams ’71

David L. Williams ’63 and Patricia Dunn Williams ’63

Frederick R. Williams ’56 and Nancie Clark Williams ’58

James E. Williams ’92 and Kathryn Perrin Williams ’92

Jesse Warren Williams ’07 and Elizabeth Helen Brack ’07

Kimberly Hodges Williams ’73 and Kenneth L. Williams

Virginia Barlow Williams ’55

Lauren Kiely Willis ’89 and Jeff Robertson Willis

David Wilson ’75 and Barbara Hamilton Wilson ’76

Dawna Sinnet Wilson ’82 and Larry J. Wilson, Parent

Grace Hanson Wilson ’55 and Dan L. Wilson

Jack R. Wilson Jr. ’61

Joshua Mark Wilson ’05

Wayne L. Winter and Nickey Winter, Parents

Beverly Bryan Wirsching ’57 and Charles P. Wirsching Jr.

Ann M. Wise ’94

Nancy Krigbaum Wise ’84 and Richard Wise

Sue Palmer Wise ’67 and Claude T. Wise

Carol Smith Witherell ’63

Albert H. Wohlers, Parent

James C. Wohlleb ’68 and Mary Elizabeth Remmel

Kay Reinhart Woike ’65

Thomas P. Wolf

Carol Herriott Woloson ’62 and Bart D. Woloson

Cindy Herzog Wood ’92

Paul Robert Wood and Corinne Joyce Gieseke Wood, Parents

David W. Wood ’89

Douglas B. Wood ’74

Kimberly Rymer Wood ’00

Justin C. Woodard ’02 and Julia Demske Woodard ’02

John Philip Woods ’81 and Susan Lewis Woods ’80

Joan Hirschman Woodward ’80 and Warren F. Woodward

Mary C. Woolling ’78

Barry Solomon Wormser ’02

A. Marie Wright

Creighton B. Wright Jr. ’90 and Kimberly Willis

Eldon S. Wright ’47 and Beverly Wright

Susan Ewert Wright ’54 and John W. Wright

Wendy Ferguson Wright ’73

Robert J. Wulff ’66 and Marion Wulff

Deborah Hill Wyght ’77 and Geoffrey J. Wyght

Mayako Yamashita ’98 and Robert L. Baughman

John M. Yarger ’89 and Carrie S. Yarger

Felix P. Yau ’01

Carson R. Yeager ’73 and Dawn Cornell Yeager

James A. Yoder ’70 and Ellen White Yoder, Parent

Susan Ervin York ’66 and Richard D. York

Gayle Syska Young ’82 and Stanley A. Young

Laura Downs Young ’00 and Todd R. Young

Russell D. Young ’89 and Leslie Young

Molly Murray Yuska ’97 and David T. Yuska

Michael Jason Sered Zabelin ’05 and Kate Sabatini

Geoffrey Edward Zabinski ’07

Debra Doyle Zablock ’83 and Lawrence P. Zablock

Megan Patterson Zalokar ’99 and Michael W. Zalokar

Mary Purnell Zapp ’72 and Thomas E. Zapp

Barbara Zaring ’69 and Stephen J. Rose

Murray A. Zelnick ’95

Nancy K. Ziegler ’80

John E. Zimdars ’93

Elizabeth Y. Zimmerman ’65

Mary Benson Zink ’65 and John C. Zink

Vernon R. Zink Jr. ’69 and Martha Depler Zink ’69

Jeremy W. Zoladz ’98

Stephanie Zoll Donley ’01 and Matthew Ray Donley

Report of gifts received and pledges made July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2014. Names in italics indicate donors who are deceased.

DePauw University has made every effort to maintain accuracy in the preparation of the Donor Annual Report and Honor Roll of Donors. Unfortunately, mistakes and omissions can and do occur. If you should find an error in these reports, please notify the University so that our records can be corrected. Write: DePauw University, Stewardship Office, Attn: Donor Annual Report, Greencastle, IN 46135-0037 or email: