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DePauw Loyalty Society Lifetime Members

Consistent support has a substantial, cumulative financial impact and is a tangible endorsement of the DePauw liberal arts experience. Lifetime membership in the DePauw Loyalty Society was created to thank and recognize the University’s most devoted donors. Membership is granted to those who have 25 or more consecutive years of giving.

DePauw Loyalty Society Lifetime Members


Sarah Green Abel ’56

Anne Guild Adams ’82 and Brian Stuart Adams, Parent

Charles A. Adams ’64 and Linda Howell Adams ’64

John W. Adams ’73 and Janis Alling Adams ’74

Marcia Terwilliger Adams ’53

Richard A. Adams ’67 and Barbara Strasser Adams ’67

Ruth Henley Adams ’48

Veronica Wadewitz Adams ’73 and Michael W. Adams

Gene L. Addison ’55 and Betty L. Addison

Frank B. Adney Jr. ’42 and Mary Alice Claycombe Adney ’42

Dorothy Jones Agronick ’47 and Joseph Paul Agronick

Nancy E. Ahern

Mark A. Ahlemann ’78 and Elizabeth Bottorff Ahlemann ’79

J. Patrick Aikman ’57

Carolyn Timmons Akers ’68 and William Akers III

Stephen R. Albin and Stephen R. Albin, Parents

Melinda McCracken Alcorn ’66 and Charles Alcorn

Merritt K. Alcorn ’71 and Carolyn Quigley Alcorn

George H. Aldrich ’54 and Rosemary Balmfarth Aldrich

Dorothy Stout Aldridge ’51

Alana Alexander ’57

Marcia Pritchard Alig ’63 and Roger Alig

Shirley Andrew Allard ’43

Joan L. Allemand ’53

David T. Allen ’61 and Carol Ann Allen, Parent

Elizabeth Pfeffer Allen ’56 and Robert E. Allen

Helen Reis Allen ’46

Joseph P. Allen IV ’59 and Bonnie Darling Allen ’61

Melvin L. Allen ’53 and Joyce Vietzke Allen ’53

Peter T. Allen ’67 and Sally Hauck Allen ’67

Wesley H. Allen ’51

Paul R. Allison ’80 and Tamara J. Allison

William W. Allison ’54

William R. Allred ’59

William C. Alston III ’68 and Anne Tharpe Alston ’68

Mary E. Althaus ’69

Richard A. Ames ’60 and Marcia Barron Ames ’59

J. Bruce Amstutz ’49 and Nan G. Amstutz

Marilyn Younker Anders ’47 and Robert J. Anders

Ann Freehafer Andersen ’58 and Donald K. Andersen, Parent

Jane Carpenter Andersen ’56

Beverly Byram Anderson ’53

Bradford L. Anderson ’79 and Debra Messenger Anderson ’79

Dean K. Anderson ’50 and Gretchen Scott Anderson ’49

Diane E. Anderson ’67

John T. Anderson ’52 and Nancy Filkey Anderson ’52

Karen Jones Anderson ’61

Tamara Boston Anderson ’77 and Stephen James Anderson

Thomas Robert Anderson ’61 and Joan Montague

James L. Andrew ’64 and Nancy Andreae Andrew ’64

Ellen Jacobsen Andrews ’48

Robert J. Angeli ’86 and Christine R. Angeli

Bruce J. Annett Jr. and Amy Walker Annett

Don B. Ansel ’52 and Irene Koebke Ansel ’52

Susan M. Ansel ’82

Barton Anson ’50 and Ruthann Floyd Anson ’51

Inez Mann Antle ’53

Donald E. Archer ’53 and Janet Carlisle Archer ’53

Elizabeth Archibald, Parent

Samuel Richard Ardery ’80 and Patricia Stevens Ardery ’80

Lee Livingston Arend ’63 and Roger B. Arend

Lee Woods Armlovich ’79 and Joel A. Armlovich

J. Allan Arnold ’89

Jack M. Arnold, Parent

Philip E. Arnold ’58 and Laura Damon Arnold

Susan Bondurant Arnold ’62 and Phillip G. Arnold

Raymond R. Arvay ’68 and Barbara Blecha Arvay ’69

Carolyn S. Arvidson

Louise Quinn Ashbaugh ’63 and Noel E. Ashbaugh

J. William Asher ’50 and Dorothy A. Asher

William C. Ashman ’52 and Gloria A. Ashman, Parent

Donald B. Aslan ’67

Sharon Early Atherton ’62 and Harper B. Atherton

John C. Attig ’58

Thomas G. Attig ’68 and Carol Klinker Attig ’68

Kathleen Marie Auchter ’77

Fred G. Augspurger ’58 and Joyce Elaine Augspurger

Mimi A. Awad ’84

John T. Axelberg ’83 and Alice M. McLane

Helen Porter Ayres ’42

Gunther W. Baatz, Parent

Maurlea Scannel Babb ’49 and Russell W. Babb[D1] 

Lynn Maish Babcock ’61 and James L. Babcock, Parent

Peggy Cooper Babcock ’54

Ann Flachmann Babington ’70 and Thomas K. Babington

Theodore S. Bacon Jr., Parent

Stanley L. Bahler ’66 and Bobbette Hendricks Bahler ’66

Brenda J. Bailey ’67

Thomas R. Bain ’72 and Trudy Searles Bain

Brevoort Baker II ’51 and JoAnn Givens Baker ’51

James K. Baker ’53 and Beverly B. Baker ’59

Robert M. Baker ’49 and Cynthia Dreher Baker ’50

Frederick V. Bales ’62 and Janice Stebing Bales

Charles E. Ballinger ’57 and Venita Riggs Ballinger

Carolyn Slutz Baranouskas ’74 and Terry J. Baranouskas

Barbara Forsell Barbieri ’51

Charles E. Barbieri ’77 and Lorie Seitz Barbieri

Genny Barclay

Douglas J. Bark ’76 and Kathleen Dombhart

David T. Barker ’64 and Kathryn Donaldson Barker

Susan Suckow Barkhausen ’78 and David N. Barkhausen, Parent

Nancy K. Barnes ’71

Roberta O. Barnes ’70 and Clark J. Chandler

John V. Barnett Jr. ’65 and Susanne Lamar Barnett

Carol Ledford Barrett ’63

Dale A. Barrett ’70 and Susan S. Barrett

William J. Barrett ’61 and Sara Schrock Barrett ’61

Lester S. Barritt ’55 and Elizabeth L. Barritt

Ruth Jolly Barrows

Dorothea Gother Barsness ’61 and Richard W. Barsness

Phoebe Yeo Barta ’44

Paula John Bartel ’84 and Paul R. Bartel

Douglas K. Barth ’74 and Linda S. Barth

F. Evert Bartholomew ’41 and Colette Bartholomew

Fred J. Bartizal Jr. ’65 and Susan Ferry Bartizal ’65

James R. Bartlett ’66 and Susan Bartelsmeyer Bartlett ’66

William A. Baum ’71 and Nancy Lamond Baum

Richard A. Baumgartner

Nancy Barton Bavisotto ’63 and Peter F. Bavisotto

Marcia Romsted Bay ’66

Robert C. Bayer ’51 and Patricia Bayer, Parent

John P. Beall ’70 and Janet M. Beall

Emily Beaman Beals ’69 and Brian L. Beals

James D. Beard ’59 and Patricia Brown Beard ’59

Kathryn A. Beard

Marjorie Gahan Beardsley ’42

Florence E. Beatty ’74

Susan Christensen Beatty ’56

Sharon Young Beaver ’64 and Monte L. Beaver, Parent

Jane Briner Beavers ’48

Catherine Beck

Sharon Latham Beck ’65 and Arthur F. Beck, Parent

David B. Becker ’75 and Christine E. Becker, Parent

Marjorie Snyder Beckett ’47 and Richard H. Beckett

Mirriel Bedell

Carolyn Bednar-Good ’75 and Steven Kent Good, Parent

Melvin A. Bedree ’81 and Kathleen Kernan Bedree

Laura Johnson Beeler ’85

Arthur J. Beer Jr. ’56

Emily B. Beer ’36

Marianna Hahl Beers ’49

Lester E. Beesley ’50 and Nancy Gatling Beesley

Sara E. (Betsy) Behling ’74

Kenneth H. Behrendt ’76

Otto K. Behrens Jr. ’61 and Diane Rankin Behrens

Elizabeth Roys Beiser ’59

Elizabeth Rydell Bejarano ’87 and Stephen A. Bejarano

George H. Belhobek ’65 and Jeanie Brown Belhobek ’66

Janet Daniels Bell ’57 and Robert E. Bell

Peggy Carey Beman ’53 and Anson L. Beman

Robert A. Bender ’64 and Judith Anderson

G. Kirk Bennett Jr. ’77 and Margaret Cash Bennett ’77

David John Bennett and LuAnn Bennett, Parents

Robert A. Bennett ’49 and Enid Meredith Bennett ’49

W. Charles Bennett ’74

Karin Hennings Bennington ’53 and Lewis R. Bennington, Parent

Kimberly Langhout Benson ’84

Mary Taylor Benson ’51

Barbara Van Dellen Beré ’47

Ralph A. Berg ’51 and Dorothy L. Berg

Thomas R. Berg ’71

Janet Robison Berger ’67 and Bill Berger

Muriel Nelson Berger ’52 and Louis R. Berger

Elliot William Bergfeld Jr. ’54 and Margaret A. Bergfeld

Jane Evans Berghoff ’46

Karen Dunlap Berman ’65

A. B. Webb and Nini M. Bermudez Webb

Jeffrey M. Bernacchi ’79 and Mary Lynn Scovill Bernacchi ’79

Cynthia Best Bradley ’72 and David J. Bradley

Kathryn Gloin Betley ’64 and Leonard Betley

Zack F. Bettis Jr. ’71 and Karen Riley Bettis

Robert L. Bever ’75 and Amy J. Bever

Suzanne Schurmeier Bible ’66 and William E. Bible

Alfred D. Biggs Jr. ’54 and Ruth Hawkins Biggs ’54

Marlene Schild Bilger ’60 and Calvin L. Bilger

Allen K. Billingsley ’54

Elmer Billman ’39

Beryl Bobinette Bills ’65

Jeffrey Clyde Bird ’81 and Susan Anne Bird, Parent

William D. Bischoff ’79

John A. Blake ’66 and Susanne Trubey

Susan Moffett Blake ’52

William V. Blake III ’59 and Linda Kistner Blake

Mary Briggs Blanchard ’30

Daniel C. Blaney ’67 and Donna Blaney

Donald E. Blatchley ’55

Mary Blatchley Hibbard

Joel M. Blumberg ’62 and Judith Green Blumberg

Luella Boonstra Boaz ’45

Aileen Perkins Bockstahler ’44 and George W. Bockstahler

Tavia Thorwaldson Bodenstedt ’49 and Charles Bodenstedt

Sara Lord Bodi ’49

Carol Stinemetz Bodinson ’63

Christine Boeke ’78

Rachael Andrew Boezi ’89 and David Boezi

James L. Bogue ’52 and Madelyn Hatch Bogue ’53

David A. Bohmer ’69 and Lynn Reuss Bohmer ’69

Charles E. Bokar ’76 and Laura L. Bokar

Loraine Boland ’65 and Raymond V. Nelson

Edwin E. Boldrey ’63 and Catherine Oliphant Boldrey

James B. Bolen Jr. ’50

Frederick F. Boling ’56 and Miriam Query Boling ’58

Thomas R. Bollinger ’65 and Dana Owens Bollinger

Thomas A. Bond ’64 and Sue Huffman Bond

Bruce J. Bondurant ’65 and Catherine A. BonDurant

Megan McAuliffe Boschini ’83 and Victor J. Boschini Jr.

Elizabeth Witler Bosin ’67 and Talmage R. Bosin, Parent

Vivian Hora Bosquit ’47

Nancy Bardonner Bossert ’51

Charles W. Boston ’49

Lois Bearss Boswell ’45

Thomas W. Boswell ’66 and Cheryl K. Boswell

Robert G. Bottoms and Gwen Bottoms

Darlene Montgomery Boudreaux ’76 and Lionel Boudreaux

Jeffrey J. Bowe ’85

Alice Barger Bower ’49

Lynn Tozer Bowles ’52

Barbara Pontius Bowman ’83 and Denis Bowman

Jill Bowman ’68

Marilyn Smith Boxell ’61 and John F. Boxell, Parent

Max L. Boyd ’51 and Betty Soukup Boyd ’53

Charles C. Boyer ’59 and Jane Sansome Boyer ’62

Patricia Boyer

Peter A. Boyer ’66 and N. Ling Boyer ’66

H. Dale Bracey ’57 and Barbara Nelson Bracey ’60

Randall L. Braddom ’64 and Diana Verdun Braddom

Frank W. Braden ’23

Margaret Verhulst Bradford ’60 and Walter G. Bradford

Philip F. Bradford ’55 and Sally F. Bradford, Parent

Shanna Underwood Bradford ’78 and Clifford Dale Bradford

Cynthia Best Bradley ’72 and David J. Bradley

Kevin B. Bradshaw ’82 and Eve C. Bradshaw

Gordon H. M. Brain, Parent

Marilyn Lichvar Branco ’54 and Arthur M. Branco

Karen Luce Branding ’79 and David W. Branding

Robert R. Branson ’53

Mark A. Brant ’82 and Tracy M. Brant

James A. Braunsdorf ’60 and Donna Munson Braunsdorf

Judy Breeden, Parent

Russell Breeden III ’71

Miriam Cole Breese ’57 and Robert F. Breese, Parent

Elizabeth McMahon Brengelman ’64 and Russell McDill Brengelman

Lucy W. Brennan

Debra N. Breunling ’79

Parke M. Brewer ’75 and Denise Ward Brewer ’75

Rebecca A. Brewer ’73 and Gregory J. Pfister

Scott R. Brewer and Carol B. Brewer, Parents

Carol Mason Bricher ’44

Marjorie Colegrove Brickley ’61 and James A. Brickley

C. Lee Bridges ’74

Walter C. Bridgewater

Charles L. Briggs ’67 and Patricia Anderson Briggs

James M. Briggs ’42 and Betty Thornburg Briggs ’43

Virginia J. Bright ’46

Alan R. Brill ’64

Stephen C. Brill ’75 and Barbara Hopke Brill

Ann Wilhoite Brilley ’68 and Michael C. Brilley

John J. Briones and Deborah Briones

Robert D. Britigan Jr. ’58 and Susan Locke Britigan, Parent

David W. Britton Jr. ’52 and Sharon Smith Britton ’55

William W. Bromer ’49 and Patricia Ryan Bromer ’50

Carolyn Van Epps Brookmeyer ’65 and John D. Brookmeyer Jr.

James E. Brooks ’48

Andrew J. Brown ’74 and Betsy Steffen Brown ’74

Phillip W. Brown ’73 and Kathy Sue Brown

Preston C. Brown ’48

Raymond P. Brown ’48 and Lourdes Rushton Brown

Robert F. Brown ’63 and Mary Ann Brown

Suzanne McMakin Brown ’59 and Raymond K. Brown

William L. Brown III ’69 and Susan Lange Brown ’68

Chester W. Browne Jr. ’54 and Jeanne Moe Browne

Linda Kissell Browne ’62 and Franklin Gilbert Browne

Jean Denton Brubeck ’69

William E. Brubeck Jr. ’72 and Elizabeth Vonnegut Brubeck ’72

Janice Shugg Bruce

Ann Woods Bruehl ’87 and Terry L. Bruehl

Wendy Waggoner Bruestle ’76 and Eric George Bruestle

James E. Brumbaugh ’55

Sarah Van Wye Brumfield ’53

Robert W. Brumitt ’49[D2]  and Marjorie Fick Brumitt

Daniel E. Brunette ’74 and Mary Beth Dreyer Brunette, Parent

Sharon McBroom Brunjes ’57 and Jack O. Brunjes

Beverly Tansey Bryan ’59 and John I. Bryan, Parent

Arthur L. Bryant ’56 and Carol Shanahan Bryant ’58

Cathy A. Bryant ’86

Curtis R. Bryant ’58 and Pat Lawson Bryant

Helen Marxer Bryant ’41

Elsa Buchanan

Jane Fredericks Buchanan ’54

Amy Ebner Buck ’84 and James R. Buck

Norman F. Buck ’40 and Janet Sorenson Buck

William R. Buckley ’73

Alberta Matzke Buckman ’59 and William M. Buckman, Parent

Neil W. Budelsky ’69 and Linda Spreen Budelsky ’69

James M. Buell ’54

William H. Buettin ’49 and Arline Kraft Buettin ’49

William D. Bugher ’51 and Beverly Baird Bugher ’52

Elizabeth Wolfe Bull ’80 and Eddie U. Bull Jr.

Gretchen Hageman Bullock ’66 and John D. Bullock

M. Loren Bullock ’47 and Hazel Pagan Bullock

Jerry M. Burand ’55 and Joann Decker Burand ’55

Virginia Jordan Burchard ’56

David F. Burg ’58

Mary Jeanne O’Gara Burger ’87 and David A. Burger

Beverly Burgess ’60

Donna Jensen Burke ’57 and William T. J. Burke

Dorothy Walsman Burkhart ’47 and Calvin Burkhart

Alice Rowe Burks

Anne Husted Burleigh ’63 and William R. Burleigh, Parent

Robert G. Burney ’58 and Kathleen Wisner Burney

Patricia Orr Burnham ’55 and Robert A. Burnham

Carolyn Adams Burns ’83

John E. Burns Jr. and Martha W. M. Burns, Parents

John M. Burns ’66 and Linda F. Burns

Jill Vance Buroker ’67

James A. Burrier ’68 and Kay Koontz Burrier ’67

Sheila T. Burris ’45

H. E. Barney Burroughs ’57 and Sandra Louy Burroughs ’57

John W. Busey ’61 and Judith R. Busey, Parent

Judith Staebler Bushouse ’63 and Stanley R. Bushouse, Parent

Cary D. Bussema ’78 and Helga Hampe Bussema

Candace Judah Butler ’73

Rhett W. Butler ’62 and Kay Burney Butler ’62

Viola B. Butler

William J. Butler ’82 and Kim Klinger Butler ’81

Sarah Mills Butzin ’67 and Peter A. Butzin

Christopher R. Byler ’74 and Helen Kira Byler ’75

Stanley H. Byram ’28

Joyce Suess Cailor ’62 and George Gerald Cailor

William C. Caldwell Jr. ’50

Donald Keith Campbell ’47 and Mary Fran Campbell

Jack B. Campbell ’68

John C. Campbell ’69 and Mary P. Campbell

Sara Campbell ’71

Thomas R. Campbell ’59 and Shirley L. Campbell

Timothy F. Campbell ’69 and Linda M. Campbell

Margaret Wilder Camuti ’83 and E. F. Camuti

Robert C. Canfield ’60 and Patricia Harms Canfield ’57

Mary Jean Sims Cannell ’61 and Roger Cannell

Marjorie Streed Canter ’45

Richard T. Carlin ’68 and Roberta Graef Carlin ’69

Cindy Irma Carlson ’71

Joseph B. Carney Sr. ’50

Carolyn Grall Carpenter ’56 and George Carpenter

Robert R. Carpenter ’78 and Sally Henning Carpenter ’79

David C. Carr ’75 and Teresa Ruppert Carr

David J. Carr ’81 and Sandra S. Carr

James G. Carr ’55 and Carol Warren Carr ’55

Louis O. Carr ’53 and Marjorie Stutz Carr ’55

Patricia Wylie Carr ’51

Joan Schafer Carrodus ’52 and J. Paul Carrodus

William F. Carroll Jr. ’73 and Mary Cooke Carroll

Colleen Ryan Carstens ’86 and Timothy R. Carstens

Barbara Huls Carter ’80 and Glenn J. Carter

Rebecca Collins Carter ’68 and Dale A. Carter

John T. Casey ’67 and Mary Butt Casey, Parent

Robert G. Casey ’70 and Leslie L. Casey

Edward W. Cassidy ’54 and Jacqueline Rolfe

Anita Hursh Cast ’61 and William R. Cast

Nicholas D. Chabraja and Eleanor Chabraja, Parents

Walter W. Chaffee ’53 and Candice Marie Chaffee

James K. Chamness ’52 and Dorothy Frey Chamness ’53

Mary Zeluff Chandler ’67 and Douglas R. Chandler

Karen Keppel Chappell ’64 and Edward G. Chappell

L. Terry Chappell ’65 and Barbara E. Chappell

Joseph T. Charles Jr ’87 and Jennifer Jackman Charles

Nancy Ford Charles ’57

Richard G. Cheney ’49 and Gene Hahn Cheney ’50

Carolyn Swartzbaugh Chenoweth ’48

Karen Furlong Childs ’73 and Joseph Childs

Patricia Smith Choban ’77 and Stephen J. Choban

Ellen Silva Chrapla ’72 and Michael L. Chrapla

Robert L. Chreist ’62 and Mary Lynn Chreist

Beth Heuring Christensen ’43

Cheng Lok Chua ’60

Kelly A. Cichy ’80 and Lorenzo Cristaudo

Susan Miner Cirigliano ’76 and William J. Cirigliano

Jack P. Cittadine ’63 and Karen A. Cittadine

Constance Evans Claar ’58 and Richard E. Claar, Parent

David A. Claar ’64 and Virginia Jackson Claar ’63

Deborah R. Clark ’72

Ginger Wahl Clark ’62 and A. Thomas Clark Jr.

James R. Clark ’66 and Anna H. Clark

Joseph H. Clark ’49 and Barbara Brewer Clark ’52

Robin J. Clark ’86

Ronald R. Clark ’61 and Claudia Otten Clark

Lawrence W. Clarkson ’60 and Barbara Stevenson Clarkson ’61

Carole A. Clause ’82 and Robert Larocque

John R. Claycombe ’48 and Elizabeth Gift Claycombe ’48

Richard J. Claycombe ’74

Rollin L. Clayton ’61

Edward W. Cleary ’41 and Arita Hefferan Cleary

Carolyn Hancock Cleland ’58 and Arthur C. Cleland

Jacqueline Du Jardin Clemenson ’49 and F. William Clemenson, Parent

Joseph C. Cleveland ’57

David W. Clifford ’61 and Jean McCalister Clifford ’60

Samuel G. Clifford Jr. ’48

Cynthia Cline Roberts ’52 and William E. Roberts

Shirley Dungan Cline ’56

Pamela R. Clinkenbeard ’77

Mary Renkenberger Closz ’52

Nancy Hilliger Coan ’69 and Henry Coan, Parent

John H. Coats ’52 and Helen L. Miller

Barbara Tracy Cochran ’58

Benjamin G. Cochran ’55 and Patricia Sutton Cochran, Parent

Paul T. Cochran ’60 and Linda Diane Cochran

William M. Cockrum ’59

J. Robert Coffin ’58[D3] 

Sarah Robinson Coffin ’74 and Rick L. Coffin, Parent

Elizabeth Phelps Cole ’46 and Lucius Cole

Ernest J. Cole

Miriam Cole Breese ’57 and Robert F. Breese, Parent

Pamela A. Collins ’75

Kathryn Schwarz Colten ’50

Virginia Colten Bradley ’74 and Michael G. Bradley

Charles A. Compton ’89 and Barbara Miller Compton ’89

D. Sidney Condit ’60 and Allison E. Condit

Mark J. Conklin ’82 and Beverly Risma Conklin

Douglas P. Conner ’79 and Tracy Gibson Conner ’79

Harriet E. Conner ’46

Willis B. Conner ’48 and Katherine R. Conner

Barbara Boynton Connor ’71

Richard E. Connor

Colleen Cook

Harold J. Cook ’40

John David Cook ’66 and Ann Barrow Cook ’67

Joyce Hopewell Cook ’61 and William Byron Cook

Thomas D. Cook ’42 and Catherine Peet Cook ’43

Harold Groves Cooke III ’67 and Carol Hubbard Cooke

Janice Mullen Cooke ’51 and Bruce H. Cooke

Charlotte Taylor Cooney ’52 and William H. Cooney

Ronald E. Coons ’58 and Charles Linn

Galen M. Cooper ’66

Marc E. Cooper ’76 and Linda K. Cooper, Parent

Tom P. Cooper ’66

Daniel P. Cope ’68 and Mary Ladd Dixon Cope

Barbara Brooks Copple ’41

Charles R. Copple ’57

Ken W. Coquillette ’82 and Carrie Melind Coquillette ’82

Nancy Boyd Costin ’54

Page Cotton Jr. ’71 and Narda Greising Cotton ’72

Sally Smerz Cowal ’66 and Robert L. Muse

Robert R. Cowie ’72 and Diane Clark Cowie

David B. Cox ’48 and Myrtle H. Cox

Lee Sheridan Cox ’38

Loraine Loomis Cox ’54

Stuart G. Cozzens ’62 and Barbara A. Cozzens

Dorothy D. Craddock, Parent

Alan M. Craft ’50

Alwin M. Cramer ’37

Albert E. Crandall ’56 and B. Louise Woods Crandall ’50

Bradford E. Crandell ’85 and Lisa Hildebrand Crandell ’84

George W. Crane Jr. ’42

Carol Rossman Creelman ’57 and Stewart Elliott Creelman

Neal L. Creswell ’50 and Ann Hartenstein Creswell ’50

Douglas Daniel Cripe ’82

Lisa A. Cripe ’83

Kathleen J. Crispell

Terry A. Cromwell ’60 and Janice Cromwell, Parent

James A. Crossin III ’85 and Stephanie Paine Crossin ’87

Edward K. Crossman ’60 and Sharyn Marie Crossman

Gregory A. Crow ’78 and Arlene Burnside Crow ’78

Brenda Mercer Cruikshank ’64 and Wayne Giddings

Elizabeth Oxnam Cullen ’59

Bette Doolittle Culver ’52 and John P. Culver Jr. ’52

James S. Cunning ’74 and Lisa Stone

Betty Mourning Curl ’47

Cynthia Dugan Curnow ’88 and Scott W. Curnow, Parent

Carol Strom Currie ’88 and Neil William Currie

Jane Ann Nicholls Curto ’48

Wilbur C. Cylke ’50 and Betty Jane Cylke

Anne Harvey Dabbs ’51

Marjorie Latimer Dailey ’54 and Allen H. Dailey

Waneta Maxwell Dailey ’54

Loren D. Daily ’51 and Gloria Lindquist Daily ’52

Charles H. Dale ’50 and Mary Stone Dale

Sarah Sturmon Dale ’83 and Steven W. Dale

Carleton E. Dangremond Jr. ’52 and Roberta Schultheis Dangremond

Ann Trump Daniel ’75 and James W. Daniel

Margaret W. Daniel ’47

Deborah J. Daniels ’73 and Lyle J. Mannweiler

Joseph H. Danks ’65 and Carol Nickles Danks

Matthew S. Darnall ’85 and Jennifer Lindamood Darnall ’85

Robert J. Darnall ’60 and Marletta Farrier Darnall ’61

Rebecca Zabel Das ’63 and Ajit K. Das, Parent

Don R. Daseke ’61 and Barbara Daseke

Byron Wade Daugherty ’79 and Leslie Freeby Daugherty ’80

Carolyn Schwentker Daus ’50

W. Douglas Davidson ’80

Robert N. Davies ’58 and Gail P. Davies

Bronson C. Davis ’65 and Cathie Valeska Davis ’66

Glenn E. Davis ’79 and Susan Melberg Davis ’79

James D. Davis ’80 and Anna H. Davis

James W. Davis ’78 and Louanne W. Davis

Jeffery W. Davis ’84 and Julia R. Davis

John Baird Davis ’59

Michael A. Davis ’74 and Mara Pindell Davis

Nancy Farris Davis ’80

Phillip C. Davis ’53 and Mary Emison Davis ’53

Robert C. Davis ’79

Suzanne Wagner Davis ’58 and Richard F. Davis, Parent

Evelyn Stone Dawson ’63 and Harry H. Dawson

Helen Dunham Dawson

Julia Whitney Dawson ’58

Thomas Horton Day ’26

Tony J. de Nicola ’86 and Christie B. de Nicola, Parent

Harold A. Deadman Jr. ’63 and Mary Catherine Deadman

William G. Deadman ’63 and Roxana Carrick Deadman ’64

Elizabeth Davis Dean ’53

Dolly Weaver Deary ’55

Claudia Melby Deasy ’60

William E. Decker ’65

Richard E. Deer ’54 and Lee T. Deer, Parent

Anne Turner Deetz ’84 and Thomas L. Deetz

Rebecca Wray Degitz ’43

Christopher A. DeGraw ’72 and Terri L. Muilenburg

Jeanne Thompson Deichmiller ’53

Marco L. DeLucio ’81 and Elizabeth Mernitz DeLucio ’83

Sue Howard Delves ’51

Vesta Stepniewski Demester ’76

William H. Dempsey Jr. ’67 and Carol Henvis Dempsey ’67

Howard E. Denbo ’54 and Lana Louise Denbo

Margaretta Ryder Denham ’52

Richard F. Dennis ’66 and Alison Finnegan

Robert S. Densford ’61 and Sandra H. Densford, Parent

David R. Dent ’63 and Sarah Dent

Paul S. Detlefs ’77 and Katie Cassidy Detlefs ’81

Judson W. Detrick ’63 and Sharon C. Detrick

Nancy Wittgen DeVoe ’46

Robert C. DeVries ’48 and Ruth Wood DeVries

David M. Dickens ’87 and Lynn Woelfl Dickens ’89

Jane Rowles Dickson ’54 and William M. Dickson

Kathryn Lewis Dierkes ’76 and Joseph Richard Dierkes

Benjamin Diesbach ’68 and Marianne H. Diesbach

Pamela Allen Diliberto ’77 and Emanuel J. Diliberto

John J. Dillon III ’82 and Anne Trudgen Dillon ’81

David M. Dirks ’63 and Laura McClure Dirks

Lee E. Dirks ’56

Virginia Dirks Krauss ’65 and Frederick G. Krauss

Carol Gray Dixon ’56 and John D. Dixon

Don M. Dixon ’57

Patricia Crays Dixon ’52 and Norval Wayne Dixon Jr.

Sara Calvert Dixon ’49

Michael D. Dixson ’68 and Pamela Bond Dixson ’69

Dan L. Doan ’75 and Debra Doan

Morris A. Dodd ’41

Morris B. Dodd ’64 and Sandra Olson Dodd

Mary Jane Glover Dodds ’78 and Christopher V. Dodds

C. Brooks Dodson ’59

Elaine Aiken Doenges ’47

Joyce Dunbar Dolan ’44

Frank C. Donaldson Jr. ’73 and Alison Van Nada Donaldson ’73

Rachael Lahti Donnelly ’59 and Frank Donnelly

Florence Jome Donner ’44

Merrill Dean Dooley ’47 and Cornelia Tomescu Dooley, Parent

J. William Doolittle ’51 and Annette Bush Doolittle

William Daniel Doty ’72 and Paula Jane Doty

Mary Loop Doughten ’45 and Philip T. Doughten, Parent

Pauline A. Douglas ’42

John P. Douglass ’68 and Emily R. Douglass

Dale Brumbaugh Dowlen ’69 and Lon W. Dowlen Jr.

Raymond A. Down ’65 and Judith Ryan Down

James W. Downey ’66 and Abigail A. Downey, Parent

Sara Custer Downing ’49 and James H. Downing

Deborah Johnson Downs ’74 and Stephen Downs

Joanne Dehollander Downs ’59 and Floyd L. Downs

Larry Robert Downs ’70 and Suzanne Maureen Crouch

John A. Drees ’65

Frances Tuttle Drew ’52

Gary Paul Drew ’61 and Sandra Aldrich Drew ’62

James B. Drew ’62 and Lynn Urwitz Drew

Wendell R. Drew ’67 and Elaine S. Drew

Donald H. Driemeier ’60 and Joyce Driemeier, Parent

Theodore D. Driscol ’58 and Karen Driscol

Dennis C. Drury ’63 and Robin Ann Nice

Dale J. Ducommun ’50 and Anna Cain Ducommun ’52

William M. Dugan Jr. ’60 and Ann Carper Dugan ’61

Ruth Herold Dumond ’50 and Alan E. Dumond

Mary Greenawalt Dunbar ’63 and Jeffrey B. Dunbar

Helen Boardman Duncan ’65 and F. Bowie Duncan II

Lawrence S. Dunham ’44

Jane Chapman Dunkle ’41

Carolyn Hungness Dunlap ’62 and Charles E. Dunlap

Brice H. Dunshee ’87 and Laura Runyan Dunshee ’87

Margaret Jolly Dunton ’41

Aura May Durham ’46

Frank W. Durham Jr. ’48 and Shirley Gilbert Durham ’47

James W. Dutton ’67 and Sarah Katterhenry Dutton ’69

L. Garrett Dutton Jr. ’62 and Mary Jane Dutton

Peggy Brown Dwyer ’76 and Michael J. Dwyer

Susan E. Dwyer ’83

Dorothy Giles Dyer ’47 and Colin M. Dyer

Elsie Manny Eads ’51 and James Harvey Eads Jr.

Cathy East Early ’74 and Steven A. Early

Charles A. Eberle III ’66 and Janet C. Eberle, Parent

Julie McFadden Eble ’81 and John N. Eble

Marianne Eckhart ’79

William F. Edington ’43 and Helen Simpson Edington

Judith A. Edstrom ’70

Barbara Zerell Edwards ’57

R. David Edwards ’84 and Andrea Adsit Edwards ’85

Diane R. Egley

Charles R. Ellinwood ’51 and Susanna Bowers Ellinwood ’52

Donald F. Elliott Jr. ’43 and Dorothy Yates Elliott, Parent

John N. Elliott ’53 and Joyce Whitehead Elliott ’53

Charles M. Ellis ’88 and Mindy Laukitis Ellis ’89

Tracy J. Ellis ’75 and Nancy Smith Ellis ’75

Howard W. Eloe ’48

Sanford Elson Elton ’55 and Joanne Mulvihill Elton

Thomas C. Ely ’69 and Pamela Vance Ely ’69

Susan Metcalfe Elzemeyer ’52

Carol Olson Emens ’62

Anne Emison Harmon ’54 and Howard L. Harmon Jr., Parent

Gordon D. Wishard and Anne Louise Emison

David L. Emison ’73 and Elizabeth J. Emison

Eileen Sullivan Emison ’47

James W. Emison ’71 and Mary Kathryn Holmes Emison ’72

Jane Larson Emison

Janet Kolb Emison ’78 and Martin R. Sinnott

Kathleen Crowley Emison

Mark A. Emkes ’75 and Maria Concepcion Emkes, Parent

Robert W. Emmert ’74 and Linda E. Garrison

Grey M. Emmons ’69 and Lurie S. Emmons

Jacquelyn McElfresh Emperly ’82 and Joseph L. Emperly

Elizabeth Cooney Englbrecht ’73

Theodore M. Englehart ’42 and Dorothy Englehart

Mark E. English ’64

Mary Palmer Enroth ’62

David S. Ensing ’83 and Gretchen L. Rohm ’83

Gretchen Erickson Spaulding ’63 and C. Richard Spaulding

Robert L. Erickson ’58 and Rita Luther Erickson ’59

Nancy Oviatt Erkkila ’61 and Jacob B. Erkkila

Don C. Erman ’62 and Nancy A. Erman

Thomas N. Ertel Sr. ’61 and Brooke Boroughs Ertel

Walter O. Erxleben Jr. ’62 and Bette Alexander Erxleben ’62

Curtis B. Eskew ’66 and Nancy Eskew

Philip N. Eskew Jr. ’63 and Ann Brewster Eskew

Lois Aydelott Eskilson ’51 and Jack E. Eskilson

Bonnie Combs Etters ’77 and Leslie G. Etters Jr.

David H. Evans ’62 and Jean Rose Evans ’63

Francis E. Evans ’50

Jerry J. Evans ’59 and Barbara Evans

Nancy Fraser Evans ’50

Robert W. Evans ’59

Thomas E. Evans ’61

Dick Everard ’51

Kathryn A. Everman ’70

Patrick M. Ewing ’58 and Sharon K. Ewing

Eiji Ezoe ’61

Glady Caley Faires ’56 and Ross N. Faires, Parent

James P. Fairfield ’49 and Martha Fairfield

Richard M. Faner ’68 and Madeline S. Faner

Richard L. Fanyo ’69 and Mary E. Fanyo

Diane Severns Farage ’50 and Anthony Farage

Robert H. Farber ’35

Sue Shafer Farmer ’48

Elizabeth Fawcett Farone ’45 and Joseph T. Farone

David G. Farquhar ’87

Linda Nohacs Farquhar ’73

Martin F. Farrell ’67

Gerry L. Fathauer ’75

Kris Maroon Faulk ’76 and David L. Faulk, Parent

Robert J. Fauth II ’60 and Charlotte J. Fauth

Karen Hardin Fedor ’76 and John M. Fedor

Timothy S. Feemster ’68 and Gretchen Benedek Feemster ’68

Patricia K. Fehl ’49

Maxine Hofmann Ference ’50 and William James Ference

Robert E. Ferguson ’54 and Gwen Schlesinger

Carolyn Miles Fermann ’64 and Anthony F. Fermann

Allan W. Ferrin

Vicki Lind Ferringer ’69 and Bernard F. Ferringer, Parent

Nancy Blessing Fetter ’66

John D. Fetters ’50 and Marilyn Holtman Fetters ’54

James R. Feutz ’68 and Vickie J. Feutz

Guy A. Fibbe ’49

John M. Field ’66 and Barbara B. Field

Donald C. Findlay II ’56 and Judith Lilly Findlay ’57

Roger W. Findley ’57 and Suzanne Erickson Findley

Arline Fink

Elizabeth Parsons Fischer ’85 and John E. Fischer

Barbara Miller Fisher ’53 and Duncan G. Fisher

James A. Fisher ’68 and Elizabeth Y. Fisher

Jeffrey E. Fisher ’68 and Nancy M. Fisher

Martha Jackson Fisher ’65 and William J. Fisher III

Carol Hack Fitzgerald ’61 and Linwood E. Fitzgerald

Gerald F. Fitzgerald Jr. ’72 and Denise McMahon Fitzgerald

Jane Lancaster Fitzpatrick ’85 and Owen B. Fitzpatrick, Parent

Robert L. Fitzpatrick ’81 and Beatrice Elizondo Fitzpatrick ’81

Hilliard J. Fjord ’47

Mark S. Flegenheimer ’83 and Anne Hepting Flegenheimer

Ted C. Fleming ’36

William H. Fletcher ’45 and Helen E. Fletcher

Marvin E. Flewellen ’85 and Caren Lyons Flewellen

John K. Flickinger ’74 and Laura L. Flickinger

Ivan D. Floyd ’62

J. Kent Flummerfelt ’63 and Jane Rutledge Flummerfelt

Marilyn Stamstad Fogdall ’61 and Larry C. Fogdall

Sallie Martin Foley ’72 and Steven J. Foley

Karen Lind Folland ’68 and Edward D. Folland

Kester Li Jen Fong ’81 and Ellen Fu Fong

Anita Thompson Ford ’68 and Lee Roy Ford III

R. Scott Ford ’73 and Laura Skorupa Ford ’75

Jean Lusk Forsythe ’64 and Frank E. Forsythe

Katherine Hays Fox ’65 and John N. Fox Jr.

Katherine Tweedle Fox ’62 and Alan F. Fox

Marion Radcliffe Fox ’58 and Graydon C. Fox

Susan Wittgen Fox ’53

Thomas C. Fox and Betty W. Fox, Parents

Charles W. Foxwell ’78

Linda Sellen Frazier ’62 and Marc A. Frazier, Parent

Eric W. Fredbeck ’78 and Jan Lukens Fredbeck ’80

Robert R. Frederick ’48 and Carolyn Smith Frederick ’49

Paul D. Frederickson ’59 and Suzanne Wedeking Frederickson ’58

C. William Freeby ’51 and Marcia Andrews Freeby ’50

Russell L. Freeland ’51 and Joan Miles Freeland

Jerry A. Freeman ’53 and Alice Rogers Freeman ’53

Margery Graham Freshley ’48

Donald R. Fretz ’44

Patricia Boynton Frey ’65 and William James Frey

Thomas F. Frey Jr. ’69 and Roberta Hallan Frey ’69

Charles S. Frick ’73 and Nancy Milligan Frick ’74

Wayne Friend ’58 and Maria Friend

Roger R. Fross ’62 and Madelon Rose Fross

Alison E. Frost ’69 and Richard L. Bender

Phyllis Wefel Fruechtenicht ’47

Veryl F. Frye Jr. ’57 and Linda Lyon Frye

Jamie Leschansky Fullenkamp ’77 and Larry D. Fullenkamp

Richard W. Fulmer ’52 and Shirley White Fulmer

Steven H. Fulton ’71 and Sue Vickery Fulton ’71

Catherine Ward Funderburg ’85 and R. Robert Funderburg Jr.

Jane Brazes Funke ’78 and David W. Funke, Parent

Bradley S. Fuson ’82 and Teresa Gayle Fuson

James A. Fuson ’69 and Monica Haviland

Charles M. Gadd Jr ’67

Richard D. Gaines ’66

P. Richardson Gale ’43

Nancy Hunger Galliher ’57 and David A. Galliher, Parent

Cynthia L. Gamble ’76

Martha Faitz Gamble ’57

Kelly R. Gannon

Paul E. Gard ’65 and Claudia Trout Gard

Donald B. Gardiner ’62 and Karen Ottsen Gardiner

David R. Gardner ’63 and Caren Campbell Gardner ’63

Nancy Driscol Gardner ’52

Pamela J. Garland ’75

Joanne Jones Garrigus ’56

Lou Aileen Garriott ’61

Sandra Garriott-Stejskal ’67 and Richard Garriott Stejskal

Lois McQueen Gartner ’52

Frederick S. Gass ’64 and Margery Stoops Gass ’66

Stephen K. Gauly, Parent

Joan Vosbrink Geel ’62 and Stanley Geel

Nancy Young Gehlbach ’58 and Frederick R. Gehlbach

G. Richard Geier Jr. ’62 and Patricia Majorowicz Geier

Nancy J. Geiss ’68

Marilyn G. Genther ’73

William D. George Jr. ’54 and Ellie Elsing George

Raymond I. Geraldson Jr. ’62 and Melinda Paine Geraldson ’65

William G. Gerber ’61 and Shannon Fitzgerald Gerber

Suzanne Carroll Gerhold ’69

Suzanne Noble Gerke ’62 and Ronald D. Gerke

Paul O. Germann Jr. ’52

James W. Gesler ’72 and Lana J. Gesler

James P. Getgey ’88 and Amy Williams Getgey ’90

Ann L. Getzoff ’61

Robert K. Gibson ’50 and Lynn Sturgeon Gibson, Parent

Thomas R. Gibson ’64 and Sophie H. Gibson, Parent

William P. Giddings ’54 and Rochelle S. Giddings

Wendy Blythe Gifford ’71

Carolyn Beasley Gilbert ’58

David W. Gilbert ’65 and Margaret Becker Gilbert, Parent

Ronald W. Gilbert ’34

William H. Gilbert ’66 and Kathleen McKay Gilbert ’68

Robert H. Giles ’55 and Nancy M. Giles, Parent

Gretchen S. Gill ’58

Thomas A. Gilley ’73 and Linda Bergin Gilley ’73

Ronald L. Gillum ’60 and Elizabeth Feigel Gillum ’60

Walker Gilmer

James G. Gilmore Jr. ’81 and Kim Marie Gilmore

Dave Gislason ’82 and Susan Clift Gislason ’82

Betty Davis Givens ’54 and David W. Givens

Robert L. Glass, Parent

Marjorie Willett Glenn ’64 and William C. Glenn

Nancy Zippel Gloe ’70 and Steven Gloe

James W. Godwin ’64 and Kim Robinson

John P. Godwin ’67 and Sylvia J. Godwin

Robert P. Godwin ’59 and Patricia Zwickel Godwin ’60

Barbara Goldberg

Anne Troxel Golden ’72 and Thomas R. Golden, Parent

Carl H. Goltermann ’50

Warren A. Goodlad ’50 and Elizabeth Frisbie Goodlad ’49

Dorothy Gardner Goodnough ’43

Julie Houk Goodrich ’73 and David W. Goodrich, Parent

Joan Austin Goodwin ’59 and David G. Goodwin

Patricia A. Goodwin ’49

Margaret Lavidge Gosselink ’70 and Paul Gerard Gosselink

Cynthia A. Gossett ’77

Joyce Moore Gouwens ’52

Sheri Little Gow ’70 and David R. Gow

Brad S. Grabow ’85 and Stephanie Mannon Grabow

Bruce Wm. J. Graham ’53

Carol Fisher Graham ’63

Jo Ann G. Graham ’50

William W. Graham ’62 and Loraine C. Graham

Craig C. Grannon ’70 and Linda D. Grannon

Mark W. Grannon ’78 and Gai Crawford Grannon

Thomas J. Grant ’56 and Ann Luttrell Grant ’57

David Edward Grass ’67 and Mary Ann Grass, Parent

Kent M. Grathwohl ’85

Barbara Sward Graves ’48

Sarah Graser Gray ’73 and David Welker Gray, Parent

Virginia Van Kirk Gray ’62 and Edman Lowell Gray

J. Thomas Grayson ’63 and Helen Gerber Grayson ’63

Frederick M. Green ’66 and Judy L. Green, Parent

Judson C. Green ’74 and Joyce Taglauer Green ’75

Elizabeth Roberts Greene ’43

Judith Peterson Greene ’66

Thomas L. Greenough III ’71

Greg T. Greenwood ’78 and Kristina L. Greenwood

John B. Gregg ’60 and Catherine O’Connor Gregg

Pauline Grossman Gregory ’44

David W. Greising ’82 and Cynthia Hedges Greising ’82

Jon R. Gresley ’68 and Gudrun Dybdal

Linda Hesson Grice ’81 and Gregory Steven Grice

Michael N. Griffin, Parent

Barbara Klingner Griffith ’63

Sandra McClelland Grimes ’60 and Ronald Ray Grimes

Marjorie Volwiler Grinnell ’46 and Joseph F. Grinnell

Jane Hickam Grizzell ’46

Tim A. Grodrian ’67 and Marilyn Lightner Grodrian ’68

Philip B. Groebe ’62 and Elizabeth T. Groebe

Helen Picken Grogan ’49

John B. Gross Jr. ’69 and Julie Domaille

Bruce P. Grossnickle ’74 and Jeanne Sankey Grossnickle ’73

Elizabeth S. Grotberg ’42

Elbert L. Groves ’39 and Marion L. Groves

Herbert J. Grubb ’52 and Lois Jean Grubb

Gerald H. Gruber ’59 and Linda Asper Gruber, Parent

Allan W. Grundstrom ’59 and Ann Egbert Grundstrom ’59

John N. Grundy ’55 and Diane Flick Grundy ’56

Steven A. Guild ’85 and Teresa A. Guild

M. Lewis Gulick ’44

Kimberly Bass Gulli ’83 and Benjamin Gulli

Jody Tweed Gullifor ’81 and Michael E. Gullifor

Frances Gilpin Gumpper ’51

Barbara Gurney ’51

John W. Guy ’63 and Chichi Guy

Jeffrey L. Haake ’81 and Amber K. Haake

Megan Lewis Haddox ’79 and Craig A. Haddox

Stephen W. Hadley ’67 and Jill P. Hadley

Susan Schacht Hagaman ’64 and T. Carter Hagaman

Mary Whitmore Hague ’52 and Leslie James Hague Jr.

Katharine Draper Haimbaugh ’44

Stephen L. Haines ’63 and Beverly K. Haines

John W. Hake ’56

Norman H. Hake ’50 and Carol V. Hake

Elizabeth Nesbit Halbert ’76 and Donald N. Halbert, Parent

Barbara Bowen Hale ’74 and Charles C. Hale Jr.

David E. Hall ’64 and Kathleen Zinn Hall, Parent

James A. Hall ’79

Janet Foresman Hall ’58 and James D. Hall

Katherine Suydam Hall ’56

Richard A. Hall ’67

Richard A. Haller Sr. ’52

Jon S. Halstead ’64

A. Theodore Halsted ’49

James B. Haman ’38

Arlene R. Hamilton

Donald L. Hamilton ’57 and Emily Hooton Hamilton ’58

Lee H. Hamilton ’52

Mark B. Hamilton ’88 and Elisabeth Shorney Hamilton ’88

Richard E. Hamilton ’49

Sandra A. Hamilton ’74 and William L. Hall

Stanley Hamilton ’63 and Hilary H. Hamilton

Vernon O. Hamilton Jr. ’64 and Valerie Watson Hamilton ’65

William P. Hamilton IV ’72 and Jacqueline Bird

C. Craig Hammond ’70 and Candice Endicott Hammond ’70

Jane Thoma Hammond ’57

Jarrell B. Hammond ’78 and Laura Gardner Hammond

John R. Hammond III ’76 and Diana H. Hamilton

Mary Ellen Carr Handwork

Norman L. Handy

David H. Hannah ’72 and Martha Musser Hannah ’72

Glenn C. Hannah ’52

Martha Yelton Hanpeter ’46 and John Andrew Hanpeter

Richard S. Hansell ’72 and Cathy M. Hansell

Jeffrey A. Hansen ’86 and Gayle R. Hansen

Richard A. Hansen ’53 and Joan K. Hansen

Sabra Hansen Qua ’55 and George F. Qua, Parent

Eleanor M. Hanson ’48

Judith Jackson Hanson ’49

Teri Bernacchi Hanson ’87 and Timothy M. Hanson

Lois J. Harbert ’50

David C. Harbottle ’68

Marion G. Harcourt ’50

Sharon Garner Hardern ’70 and Darryl Keith Hardern

J. David Field, Parent and Dianne L. Hardin ’80

Robert Brooks Harding ’64 and Susan Stone Harding, Parent

William N. Hardy ’73 and Tamara S. Hardy

Vera Curtis Harkin ’41

Elizabeth LeDonne Harkins ’87 and N. Thomas Harkins

T. Lyle Harlor ’48 and Pam Harlor

Louis W. Harmening Jr. ’61 and Janet Bloxsome Harmening ’61

Anne Emison Harmon ’54 and Howard L. Harmon Jr., Parent

Billie Jo Adelhelm Harper ’53 and Benjamin L. Harper

Anne Johnson Harris ’79 and Jeffrey J. Harris

Charles M. Harris ’70 and Marie Rhine Harris ’70

Mary Lynn Harris ’57 and Terry E. Harris, Parent

Stephen P. Harris ’80 and Carla A. Harris

Ana Bacallao Harshaw ’82 and Robert Charles Harshaw

Russell H. Hart Jr. ’50

Barbara Hartman ’64 and James E. Melville

Howard L. Hartman ’76 and Marijo R. Hartman

Nancy Grant Harvey ’60

Geoffrey T. Hatch ’66 and Jane Ellen Hatch

R. Randolph Hatch ’67

Philip C. Hauck ’64 and Kathrine Harris Hauck ’64

Robert E. Hausner ’67

Robert O. Hausser ’67

Jill Taubensee Havey ’81 and Michael James Havey

Barbara Babcock Hawes ’61 and David Holbrook Hawes

Donna Walker Hawk ’66 and Raleigh B. Hawk

Fred W. Hawk ’57 and Gail Achtner Hawk ’57

Dorothy D. Hawkins ’42

Nancy Cessna Hawthorne ’51 and George D. Hawthorne

Kris A. Hayden ’78 and Susan Showalter Hayden ’78

Clarke L. Hayes ’64 and Virginia Keim Hayes ’64

Larry J. Hayes ’74 and Mary Eichelberger Hayes ’75

William F. Hayes Sr. ’47 and Susan Seaforth Hayes

Kenneth H. Haynie ’54

Joseph Denny Haythorn ’69 and Lori Johnson Haythorn

Frances Wilson Hayward ’58

Judith Warren Heaps ’63 and Kenneth P. Heaps

Jane Heaton ’53

L. Charles Hebel Jr. ’52

James A. Heckler ’64

Ann Hendrix Hedde ’74 and Charles C. Hedde

Craig R. Hedin ’72 and Andrea K. Hedin

David L. Heetland and Kathleen K. Heetland, Parents

Carole Kelly Hegenbarth ’58 and James T. Hegenbarth

Janelle Heise ’81

John I. Heise III ’74

Richard F. Helfrich ’60 and Virginia Hale Helfrich ’61

Nancy Crane Heller ’60

Robert E. Heller ’63 and Lois Jane Heller

Patricia L. Henderson ’66

Sally Sohngen Henderson ’54 and Thomas S. Henderson

Dan L. Hendricks ’70 and Barbara Beal Hendricks ’70

Frederick B. Hendricks ’58

Cynthia Glass Henk ’63 and Russell H. Henk

Virginia Law Henke ’73 and Wolfgang Henke

Mary McCallum Henrichs ’58

H. Andrew Henrikson ’83 and Jennifer Knapp Henrikson ’84

Gordon W. Henriott and Joyce Clark Henriott ’71

Laurin L. Henry ’42 and Kathleen Jane Stephan

Robert F. Henry Jr. ’54

Gail Ritchie Henson ’73 and C. Edward Henson Jr.

Joyce Jones Herbert ’61 and Bruce Allen Herbert

Betty Staples Herdman ’47

Susan Stoll Herin ’53 and John Samuel Herin

F. Edward Herran

Jacquin Johnson Herran ’76

Michael A. Herrell ’60 and Helen H. Herrell, Parent

Charles A. Herrick ’64 and Shirley Unruh Herrick ’64

James W. Herrick ’61 and Virginia V. Herrick

Marilyn Horak Herrick ’60

Nancy Rich Herrin ’66 and John Q. Herrin, Parent

G. Richard Hershberger ’57 and Jo Petry Hershberger ’57

Charles O. Hershey ’69 and Linda Ann Hershey

Kay Heckman Hervey ’71

Earl T. Herzog Jr. ’59 and Karen Herzog

Kristina Nelson Hesbol ’72 and Douglas Gordon Hesbol

David C. Hess ’85 and Patricia M. Hess

James M. Hess ’65

Roma Williams Hess ’64 and Thomas E. Hess

Marilyn Brier Hewitt ’59 and Jack G. Hewitt

Philip G. Heyde ’72

William G. Hibbs ’44 and Marilyn Johnson Hibbs ’45

Cleveland P. Hickman Jr. ’50 and Rae Rickenbacher Hickman ’49

David E. Hickman ’73 and Jacquelyn Hickman

G. William Higbee ’68 and Heather Cibulka Higbee ’68

Shaun O’L. Higgins ’71

Julie Read Hildebrand ’74 and David Hildebrand

Prudence Dix Hilger ’57 and James Robert Hilger

Alan Preston Hill ’81 and Jennett McGowan Hill ’85

Albert F. Hill ’50

Gloria Reichenbach Hill ’60 and Herbert N. Hill, Parent

Nancy Stooker Hill ’76 and Raymond Hill

Richard T. Hill Jr. ’58 and Roberta Gates Hill ’58

Bonita G. Hilliard

Anne Mossberg Hillman ’51

Scott L. Hillstrom ’65 and Mary Ann Hillstrom

Scott A. Hime ’80 and Vicky Martin Hime ’81

Hubert T. Hinds ’60 and Ann Harger Hinds ’60

Richard B. Hinely ’59 and Jan Lawson Hinely

Robert B. Hirschman ’56 and Janis K. Hirschman

Scott V. Hitchcock Jr. ’73 and Mary Jean Hitchcock

Elizabeth Surbeck Hitchner ’42

Max W. Hittle Jr. ’66 and Vicki Noe Hittle ’71

David T. Hittner ’83 and Tonya J. Hittner

Joann S. Hoadley

Dianna Pohl Hoag ’59

William H. Hoag ’53 and Marie J. Hoag

Scott T. Hocking ’73 and Barbara Albrecht Hocking ’73

Jeffrey L. Hodge ’80 and Kathryn Beth Hodge, Parent

Mildred Greenleaf Hodshire ’50

William B. Hoenig Jr. ’56 and MaryBelle Ferguson Hoenig ’56

William J. Hoenig ’80

Carol Rummell Hoffman ’61 and F. Eugene Hoffman

Cynthia Rice Hogan ’50

Richard J. Hoge ’82 and Patricia Hart Hoge ’82

Donald F. Holcomb ’49

John B. Holdeman ’61 and Dian Alfrey Holdeman ’63

James M. Holland ’54 and Jackie P. Holland, Parent

Richard C. Holland ’52 and Barbara Swisher Holland

Robert B. Holland ’65 and Elizabeth Gross Holland ’65

Judith Bain Hollar ’71 and Douglas E. Hollar

James A. Hollensteiner ’53 and Wanda Peterson Hollensteiner, Parent

John V. Hollensteiner ’89 and Mary Ostergren Hollensteiner

Joe Gregory Hollingsworth ’71 and Nancy Bartlett Hollingsworth ’72

William E. Holloway ’65 and Jane Kullberg Holloway ’65

Ronald K. Holmberg ’54 and Cynthia Brooks Holmberg ’56

Douglas A. Holmes ’58 and Martha L. Holmes

Jane H. Holt ’44

Mark B. Holt ’73

Thomas L. Holthouse ’57 and Joy Uphaus Holthouse ’57

Philip F. Holton ’29 and Ruth Clark Holton ’29

David W. Holty ’61 and Jane Striebeck Holty ’61

Karen Burkhardt Holy ’67 and John Allen Holy

David E. Hood ’55 and Joanne Christensen Hood ’53

Bernard E. Hoogenboom ’54 and Louise Brown Hoogenboom ’56

John R. Hook ’49

James E. Hoover, Parent and Carroll B. Hoover, Parent

Herbert W. Hoover ’51 and Barbara Burton Hoover ’49

R. David Hoover ’67 and Suzanne Anderson Hoover ’67

Marcia Fergus Hopkins ’71 and Donald W. Hopkins

Christina M. Horn ’85 and Jeffrey Bernstein

William M. Horne Jr. ’42 and Alice Hobart Horne ’45

Margaret Horrigan ’71 and Terry N. Foster

Pamela Hathaway Horton ’76 and Dan B. Horton

Susan M. Hossli ’86

Sarah Roberts Houghland ’65 and Wright B. Houghland

Robert E. Houk ’42 and Marion Pfitzner Houk ’42

Jane Broyhill Houser ’68 and Richard Douglas Houser

Carl Howard ’42 and Kathleen Costello Howard

R. Keith Howard ’83 and Karen Carlson Howard ’85

Pamela S. Howell ’74

Holly Hanscom Hoxie ’66 and Frederick Hoxie

John S. Hubbard ’49 and Josephine McDavid Hubbard

Kathryn Fortune Hubbard ’74 and Allan B. Hubbard

Maxine May Hubbard ’64 and Douglas M. Hubbard

Mary Braun Huber, Parent

Leonard W. Huck ’44 and Suzanne L. Huck

Sue Huffman Hudelson ’59

Marillyn Knuepfer Hudson ’48

Michael A. Huesing ’86 and Sarah Race Huesing ’85

Joan Bethel Huestis ’49

Linda Link Huff ’60 and Noble F. Huff, Parent

Debra Smith Hughes ’83 and Christopher A. Hughes

Jean Montgomery Hughes ’42

Marcia Raber Hughes

Mary Lou Coyle Hughes ’66

Peggy Ragan Hughes ’52

Lois Kjellberg Hughet ’44 and Keith R. Hughet, Parent

Heidi Schultz Huizenga ’67 and Peter Huizenga

John H. Huneke III ’67 and Ruth Russ Huneke ’68

Mary Jo Hunsberger ’61

James L. Hunt ’64 and Dorothy Shake Hunt ’65

Jane Cockerill Hunt ’63 and Donald S. Hunt

Roger S. Hunt ’65 and Mary Libby Hunt ’63

Thomas W. Hunter ’47

Tim B. Hunter ’65 and Carol K. Hunter

Carol Porter Hupp ’78

Joanne Blake Hurst ’50 and Raymond L. Hurst

Erwin Huston ’47 and Alice M. Huston

David C. Hyde, Parent

Richard W. Hynson III ’75 and Michelle Hayes Hynson

Hirotsugu Iikubo ’57 and Yoshiko Iikubo

Jane Stevens Illich ’42

William A. Imler ’48 and Dona Lou Wilson Imler ’48

Ninalouise Hart Isaacson ’51 and Lofton Lee Isaacson

Anna Ashton Iseri ’51 and Oscar A. Iseri

David F. Isler ’74 and Joyce M. Isler

Kristine A. Iverson ’75

Joseph T. Ives Jr. ’53 and Mary Shattuck Ives ’53

Robert T. Ives ’79 and Carol Funk Ives ’79

David M. Ivey, Parent

Rosanne Miller Jacks ’57

Jacob R. Jackson ’81 and Karen Robinson Jackson ’82

Miriam White Jacobs ’46

Nancy Witte Jacobs

Robert W. Jacobs ’66 and Sheryl Lou King Jacobs

Robin R. Jaeger ’74

John W. Jakes ’53 and Rachel Payne Jakes ’51

Thomas A. Jameson ’56 and Sandra B. Jameson

Dorothy Lockwood Jamison ’60 and Rex Lindsay Jamison

Robert P. Janowski ’81 and Beth Ann Janowski, Parent

Norman F. Jay ’55 and Judith Harding Jay, Parent

Karen Meiks Jeffries ’58

Jean Hixon Jelliffe ’47

Charlotte Biernatzki Jeltsch ’45

Virginia McCartney Jenkins ’51 and David B. Jenkins

William Jenks, Parent

John A. Jennings ’54 and Patricia Williams Jennings ’53

Wayne G. Jeronimus ’68 and Virginia Nelson Jeronimus

Marvin R. Jewell Jr. ’54 and Mary Jane Jewell, Parent

John R. Jewett ’44 and Marybelle Bramhall Jewett ’45

John R. Jewett Jr. ’77 and Perry Bockstahler Jewett, Parent

L. Edward John, Parent

Janet L. Johns ’85

Darrell R. Johnson ’85 and Elizabeth A. Johnson

David C. Johnson ’72 and Linda M. Johnson

David S. Johnson ’53 and Anne Prindle Johnson ’54

David W. Johnson ’85 and Caroline Trout Johnson

Edward W. Johnson ’62 and Amy Wu

Ellen Hoisington Johnson ’51

Jeffrey R. Johnson ’75

Julie Reeves Johnson

Karl R. Johnson ’70

Kristin M. Johnson ’87 and Michael T. Johnson

Patricia Dickey Johnson ’57 and Robert Kenneth Johnson

Robert W. Johnson ’63 and Rebecca D. Johnson

Ruth Ann Weber Johnson ’73 and Thomas Alan Johnson

Dana Drew Johnston ’88 and William S. Johnston

Phyllis Madden Johnston ’49 and Parke B. Johnston

T. Scott Johnston ’67

Ann Montgomery Jones ’67 and Arnold R. Jones

Anne Nelson Jones ’55 and Eckess Jones

Carolyn T. Jones ’58

David Jones

Donald Jones ’49 and Salena Hotchkiss Jones ’49

Janet L. Jones ’69

Jean MacRae Jones ’44

Jeffrey D. Jones ’80 and Suzann M. Jones

John S. Jones ’71

Nicholas L. Jones ’57

Patrice Moore Jones ’54 and Clifford Jones

David P. Jones and Susanne B. Jones, Parents

John T. Jordan ’48

Sandra Brooks Jordan ’51

Vernon E. Jordan Jr. ’57

Elizabeth Craig Joseph ’58 and Albert L. Joseph

Frances Chambers Joswick ’51

David L. Joyce ’66

Katherine Koch Joyce ’77 and Robert E. Joyce

Betty McDonald Judy ’45 and James W. Judy

Shirley Brooks Judy ’52

Robert S. Julian ’59 and Marjorie Moore Julian ’60

Emmett F. Kaelble ’53 and Martha Davidson Kaelble ’55

James R. Kanney ’52 and Lucille C. Kanney

George G. Karas ’56 and Shirley Craig Karas ’56

Diane S. Kartalia ’70 and Theodore H. Hoppock

Helen Hall Kasper ’78 and Robert A. Kasper

James F. Kasper ’72 and Sherryl Davis Kasper ’74

Linda Martin Katula ’62

Ingrid Grujanac Kay ’78 and John Douglas Kay, Parent

Sue Buell Kay ’71 and Steven E. Kay

James Allan Kayler ’63 and Deborah Hall Kayler

Ann Brigham Kazmar ’50 and Kenneth Richard Kazmar

William N. Keadey Jr. ’68 and Penelope Morse Keadey ’69

Katherine L. Keck ’77

Genevieve O’Hair Kee ’37

James R. Keene ’50 and Martha Ingram Keene ’50

Carter O. Keith ’80 and Jilian vanRensburg Keith

Margaret Showalter Keith ’47

Jane M. Keller ’58

Florence Ullrich Kelley ’53

Carole Kelly Hegenbarth ’58 and James T. Hegenbarth

Marilou Morrell Kelly ’55

Jean Olson Kelminson ’68 and Leslie L. Kelminson

Margaret Thomson Kelsey ’81 and J. Michael Kelsey

Anne Getty Kelvin ’73 and Frederick M. Kelvin

John S. Kemper ’59 and Margaret McElwain Kemper ’60

John L. Kendall ’63 and Jayne Long Kendall

Constance Klarer Kenerley ’80 and Charles Miller Kenerley

Betty S. Kennedy ’48

Dana Alu Kennedy ’70 and Thomas M. Kennedy

Ronald C. Kennedy ’65 and Elaine S. Kennedy

Carol B. Kenney ’58

Charles A. Ker ’56 and Connie Louise Ker

Joseph C. Kerlin and Grace Roselyn Kerlin ’70

Janice Pahl Kern ’71 and Robert M. Kern

Dorcas Owens Kerr ’48

Robert E. Kersey ’56 and Jayne R. Kersey

Margaret Tucker Key ’65 and Ronald P. Key, Parent

Joan Erlandson Kiburz ’72 and Arnold J. Kiburz, Parent

Judith McNew Kiely ’60 and Donald E. Kiely, Parent

Cheryl A. King ’75 and Bernard Zimmermann III

Jane Clements King ’55 and James Howie King, Parent

Julie Reynolds King ’77 and Robert M. King, Parent

Rowena King

Kurt Edward Kingseed ’78 and Lisa M. Kingseed

David C. Kingsley ’64 and Judy C. Kingsley

Linda Bellinger Kinnett ’72 and Joe D. Kinnett, Parent

Edith B. Kinsey, Parent

John W. Kinsey ’52 and Patricia A. Kinsey

Jeanne Petracek Kipp ’57

Robert C. Kirk Jr. ’71 and Lucinda Tucker Kirk ’71

Beret Carlson Kischner ’63 and Michael Kischner

Karen L. Kish ’64

Robert G. Kissell Jr. ’64 and Susan Bullis Kissell

Neal E. Kitchell ’72 and Diana T Kitchell, Parent

Lois Kjellberg Hughet ’44 and Keith R. Hughet, Parent

Constance Ceeley Klarer ’43

Arthur E. Klauser ’45

Barbara Meilinger Kleid ’49 and Edward R. Kleid

Jane Messing Kleinschmidt ’50

Thomas R. Kleinschmidt ’81 and Blythe Anne Kleinschmidt

Meredith Miller Kling ’55 and Carl Kling, Parent

Marilyn Shanks Klingaman ’54 and Thomas Klingaman

Laurie Mann Klion ’82 and Reid E. Klion

Gary L. Klotz ’74 and Terri L. Klotz

Richard E. Knapp ’56 and Ann Bland Knapp ’57

Carolyn L. Knapton ’49

Norman J. Knights ’44

Barbara Steele Kniskern ’76 and Robert J. Kniskern, Parent

Carolyn Straub Knoblock ’56

Julie Ehman Knostman ’78

Charles M. Knueppel ’48 and Virginia Auble Knueppel ’48

David V. Koch ’59 and Loretta Peterson Koch

James A. Koch ’53 and Sharen Gordon Koch

Samuel A. Kocoshis ’69 and Marie S. Kocoshis

Robert L. Koenig ’51 and Janet Wray Koenig

William B. Koenig ’77 and Susan Rose Koenig

Edward L. Koosed ’44 and Barbara B. Koosed

Lisa Yen Kopp ’87

Nancy Leis Kota ’76 and J. Michael Kota

Richard B. Kotila ’77

Christine Hill Koukola ’68 and Peter W. Koukola

Susan Haney Kozak ’84 and Craig P. Kozak

Richard C. Kraege ’70 and Anne Beekman Kraege ’70

Elizabeth Harvey Kraft ’59 and Michael Baker Kraft

Barbara Garrett Krause ’57 and Joseph T. Krause

Elizabeth Basquin Krause ’84 and Philip C. Krause

Robert E. Krause ’69 and Mary Orr Krause ’71

Vern T. Kraushaar ’53

Virginia Dirks Krauss ’65 and Frederick G. Krauss

Elizabeth Hughes Krebs ’84 and Kenneth C. Krebs

Donald E. Kreider ’63 and Phyllis Ernst Kreider ’63

Catherine Duncan Kress ’64

A. Richard Kriegsman ’71 and Nancy Ann Lange

Thomas H. Krigbaum, Parent

Dale Hanscom Krone ’70 and Philip Sand Krone

Robert L. Krouse ’77 and Sarah Strauss Krouse ’74

Carolyn Watson Kruger ’63 and James I. Kruger

Molly Rorschach Krumme ’72 and Larry Gibson

Thomas V. Kruse ’70 and Pamela Stoakes Kruse ’71

Kenneth J. Kubat ’78 and Lynn E. Kubat

James R. Kuehl ’62 and Joyce Kuehl

Elizabeth Spangler Kuehling ’66

Margaret Dailey Kuehrmann ’57 and Otto V. Kuehrmann

Colby H. Kullman ’66

Neil J. Kurland ’77

Jeanne Albrecht Kurtz ’78 and Carl B. Kurtz

Nancy Wegener Kwiat ’78

Thomas F. Kyhos ’69 and Marion Gaither Kyhos

Wayne C. Kyhos ’66

Carol Mead LaBorde ’60 and John LaBorde

Joan Elsenbarth Lacey

A. Jeanne LaDuke ’60

Evelyn Whaley LaFollette ’63 and James W. LaFollette, Parent

Leland A. Lahr ’52 and Nancy Cox Lahr ’52

Marcia H. Lake ’68

Richard J. Laker ’57 and Helen Pigott Laker ’58

E. Henry Lamkin Jr. ’56 and Martha Dampf Lamkin, Parent

Paul E. Lancaster ’52 and Susan Metcalf Lancaster

Thomas A. Lancaster ’58 and Marilyn Hansen Lancaster ’58

David L. Landsittel ’62 and Darlene M. Landsittel

Jean Folck Lane ’60 and William Lane

Sally Shield Lange ’59 and Harold T. Lange

Kyle E. Lanham ’79 and Sally Erickson Lanham, Parent

Carol Risk Lankton ’59 and James R. Lankton

Larry D. Lankton ’69 and Rachel Bourland Lankton ’69

Carolyn Mueller Lanter ’79 and Earl Edward Lanter

Shirley Veneman Lanum ’51 and Raymond L. Lanum

Gail Vanthournout Lanznar ’77 and Howard S. Lanznar

Betty L. Laramore

Ronald E. Large ’74 and Marny M. Livingston

Elaine Bertram Larkin ’61

Jon P. Larrick ’62 and Pamela Maphis Larrick

Albert H. Larson III ’67 and Susan P. Larson

Joyce Foster Larson ’53 and Arlyn J. Larson

Thomas P. Laskey Jr. ’83 and Betsy Baker Laskey ’83

Constance Ryan Lathrop ’72 and John M. Lathrop

David F. Lau ’73 and Nancy Pfeffer Lau ’75

Kathryn Senseman Laudick ’84 and James Laudick

Michael W. Laukitis ’64 and Lora W. Laukitis

Everett L. Laury ’54 and Margaret Laury

Barbara Cash LaVelle ’53

Robert J. Lavidge ’43

Doris J. Lawhead

Roger S. Lawton ’70 and Virginia Lawton

Peter M. Layden ’63 and Kathleen Morrissey Layden

William H. Lazear ’42 and Nancy Harshman Lazear

Henry A. Leander ’52 and Louise Ford Leander ’52

Betty Jane Yuncker Lee ’42

Elizabeth Tinsman Lee ’87 and Charles Sidney Lee Jr.

Kathi Hancock Lee ’73 and Edward Lee

Paul H. Lee Jr. ’52 and Suzanne Sturges Lee ’52

Ruth Wade Lee ’38

Judith Hawkinson Lefferdink ’71

John S. Leffler ’71 and Leslie McGaughey Leffler ’72

Roger E. Legg ’59 and Gayle Lepree Legg

Thomas D. Leidy ’68 and Mary Ellen Leidy

June Leighton

David A. Leighty ’63 and Lisa Luther Leighty

Deborah Andersen Leipzig ’77 and Thomas J. Leipzig

Charles A. Leis ’52

Helen M. Lemry

Kathryn Mason Lentz ’71 and David L. Lentz

Joe C. Leonard ’62 and Karen Leonard

Paula Eddy Leslie ’40

Elizabeth Herrick LeTerneau ’61 and John R. LeTerneau

Robert L. Levy ’69 and Betsy A. Levy, Parent

Jane T. Lewellen, Parent

Daniel E. Lewis Jr. ’58 and Linda Brainard Lewis ’60

Henry Lewis ’50 and Pat Croghan Lewis, Parent

Janet Miller Lewis ’54 and Richard T. Lewis

Michael L. Lewis ’87

Nancy Johnson Lewis ’64 and Kenneth J. Lewis

W. J. Lewis Jr. ’48 and Ann Hodson Lewis, Parent

George H. Libman ’65 and Leona P. Libman

James E. Liebig ’51 and Margaret Ann Cook Liebig

Kathryn Gloger Liebschutz ’62 and Lynn C. Liebschutz

Ronald W. Liechty ’55 and Anna Lucille Liechty

Carol Lawrence Light ’64 and Norman D. Light

Kristin Wiese Lillibridge ’86 and Anthony C. Lillibridge

Thomas E. Lilly ’59 and Marianne Schlosser Lilly, Parent

Jo Ankeny Lindamood ’62

Ann Koenig Lingner ’87 and Kirk E. Lingner

James F. Lininger ’71 and Enola Gay Lininger

M. Alan Lish Jr. ’64 and Jeannine Buchanan Lish ’67

Penelope Leitner Lisi ’73 and Peter W. Lisi

Thomas E. Lister ’70 and Sarah Robinson Lister ’70

Robert P. Little ’59 and Susan Stirling Little ’59

Ellis K. Locher Jr. ’61 and Lynn Grainger Locher ’62

G. Richard Locke III ’83 and Jean L. Locke, Parent

Judy Blang Locke ’58

Richard A. Loescher ’61

Molly Williams Loeser ’64 and Richard O. Loeser

C. Sumpter Logan ’59 and Linda Ware Logan ’61

Douglas M. Long ’73 and Katherine Beard Long

Tracy N. Long ’79 and Donald Allen Taylor

Ronald L. Longnecker ’59 and Bonnie C. Longnecker

Patricia Spain Lord ’74 and Bruce C. Lord

Richard W. Loring ’52 and Janet Teetor Loring ’52

George C. Lortz ’62 and Rebecca Watts Lortz ’63

Richard T. Louttit ’54

Nancy Wells Lovett ’74

Deborah Triebel Loyd ’78

Anne Hartshorn Luber ’51 and Fred G. Luber

Betty Wilkening Luce ’66 and Ned Luce

Charlotte Nelson Lueckel ’58 and William J. Lueckel Jr.

Michael G. Luegers ’78 and Marilyn S. Luegers

Jon D. Lundy ’90 and Beth Behrendt Lundy ’91

Richard A. Lutes ’72

Paul A. Luther ’73 and Angela Gail Luther

Ronald D. Luther ’70

Jack W. Lyle ’56 and Linda Garrard Lyle

Mary Spencer Lyman ’61 and James R. Lyman Jr.

Lillian F. Lynch ’52

Tamara Lewis Lynch ’86 and Joseph F. Lynch III

Frances Swanstrom MacCollum ’54 and M. S. MacCollum

James S. MacDonald ’70 and Christine Collyer MacDonald ’70

Saundra Fabrick MacGregor ’62 and Michael D. MacGregor, Parent

Marcia Golightly Mackay ’78

Robert J. Macoy ’66

Susanne Hanna MacTavish ’69 and Douglas S. MacTavish

Warren E. Magnuson ’62 and Robbin Magnuson

Eleanor Page Magorien ’49 and Richard J. Magorien

Joan McCormick Mahoney ’54 and Bertram W. Mahoney

Nancy Vititoe Mahoney ’71 and David F. Mahoney

Michael R. Maine ’61 and Suzanne Bauman Maine ’62

Sandra Major Wiese ’60 and Theodore O. Wiese Jr., Parent

Amy Dolan Malaney ’79 and Dennis Malaney

Patricia Thoma Mallers ’61 and James C. Mallers

Eugene R. Mancini ’74

Sally Gifford Manion ’66 and Robert C. Manion

Phyllis Manring Truesdell ’67 and Charles C. Truesdell

Thomas M. Mansager, Parent

Mary Timms Mardiguian ’76 and Armen Mardiguian

J. Dennis Marek ’64 and Cathleen S. Marek

Larry J. Marfise ’74 and Suzanne Reep Marfise

M. Osterhout Markley ’73 and Daniel C. Markley

David N. Marks ’71 and Suzanne I. Marks

John S. Marlatt ’69 and Beatrice Fox

William C. Marlatt ’65 and Kathryn G. Marlatt, Parent

Steven D. Marlin ’76 and Patricia M. Marlin

Richard F. Maroney ’57 and Joyce Ragland Maroney ’58

Elizabeth Friend Marsh ’48

John C. Marshall ’28

David A. Martin ’70 and Cyndy Lorman Martin ’70

David W. Martin ’79 and Elizabeth Rigby Martin

Edward B. Martin ’73 and Anne Zonsius Martin ’73

Frances Swain Martin ’52 and William Donald Martin

Margaret Roth Martin ’45 and Robert S. Martin

Suzanne Gill Marty ’63

James H. Mason ’52 and Anabel Russell Mason ’52

John C. Mason ’80 and Jane Oberlin Mason ’81

Ann Croughan Massengill ’69 and Michael Massengill

Ann MacLean Massie ’65

Nancy Cain Matheny ’56 and Stanley Howard Matheny

Yvonne Evans Matson ’48

Dwight E. Matthews ’73 and Ellen L. Matthews, Parent

Robert E. Matthews, Parent

Roland C. Matthies ’31

Anne Beattie Maverick ’72 and Andrew W. Maverick

Doris Taylor Maxwell ’60 and Allen B. Maxwell

Marian Buchanan Maxwell

Wayne May ’41

Lynn R. Mayfield

George L. Mazanec ’58

Carmel J. Mazzocco ’64

Joan Drompp McAfee ’50 and William J. McAfee

C. R. McAlister, Parent

Marilee Lidikay McCallister ’57

Thomas W. McClain ’65

James B. McClenahan ’53 and Glenda Tracy McClenahan

Beverly Stern McCleve ’54 and Don E. McCleve

Kristin Roehr McClure ’87 and Michael S. McClure

Michael D. McClure ’64 and Brenda McClure

Catherine T. McCord ’18

Pamela A. McCord ’66

Stanley E. McCormack ’71 and Janis B. McCormack

John P. McCormick ’65 and Barbara Brenesell McCormick

Patricia Kuhns McCormick ’59 and Ralph W. McCormick

Michael B. McCracken ’79 and Wendy Reuter McCracken, Parent

Michael S. McCrea ’74 and Gay P. McCrea, Parent

Lexy C. McCulloch ’67

Susan Campbell McCully ’68 and Thomas R. McCully

Nina Fay McCunniff ’48 and Thomas G. McCunniff

Mary McTague McDaniel ’77 and William Joseph McDaniel, Parent

R. Griffith McDonald ’64 and Patricia Peckinpaugh McDonald ’66

James S. McElwain ’59 and Ruth Eichelman McElwain ’59

Douglas R. McFarlan ’77 and Norma J. McFarlan

Gregory McGarvey ’72 and Peggy Ann McGarvey

Susan Webster McGimpsey ’63 and Earl R. McGimpsey

Patricia McGinley McGrath ’49 and James Edward McGrath

R. Edward McGreevy Jr. ’54 and Patricia McGreevy, Parent

Juliana Bialek McGrew ’84

L. Neal McHoes ’64

James B. McIntyre ’66

Joan Stephens McKay ’50

Mary Jo McKeag, Parent

Holiday Hart McKiernan ’80 and Philip B. McKiernan

Douglas McLaren ’62 and Judith Williams McLaren ’62

Anita Henderson McLoughlin ’51

Carol Borge McMahon ’50

Nancy A. McMillan

Lynn Cooley McMillion ’56 and Lee N. McMillion

William T. McMurry ’56 and Patricia High McMurry

Nancy Emmert McNab ’78 and Thomas C. McNab

Katherine L. McQueen ’71

Marilyn Masters McQuistan ’47 and Richmond B. McQuistan

Gary K. McWilliams ’59 and Nancy Redding McWilliams, Parent

Barbara Miller Meeker ’52

Elisabeth C. Meeker ’78

Deborah Woody Megginson ’71 and Ted C. Megginson

Jill Galbraith Meider ’62 and Wayne P. Meider

George A. Meier ’70

John C. Melangton ’52

D. Thomas Mellin ’72 and Sharon Anderson Mellin ’72

Engrid Hitch Meng ’66 and Jack Meng, Parent

Dora Hildebrand Meredith ’50

Kenneth L. Merrick ’48 and Barbara Carroll Merrick ’48

JoAnn Baker Mets ’52

Carolyn Martin Meyer ’70 and Charles Robert Meyer

Edgar A. Meyer ’47 and Jean Dawson Meyer

Gayle Torian Meyer ’73 and Robert R. Meyer

James F. Meyer ’86 and Jiaying Meyer

John F. Meyers ’64 and Sally Zoller Meyers ’64

Robert B. Micklewright ’53

Susan Reichert Milanak ’84 and Daniel K. Milanak

Jeffrey R. Millard ’78 and Tracey M. Millard

Ann E. Miller ’82 and David O. Selzer

Clayton Z. Miller ’56

Connie Delawter Miller ’68 and Steven H. Miller

Ellen S. Miller ’76

Frederick W. Miller ’81 and Melinda Morlan Miller ’82

Herbert A. Miller Jr. ’52 and Nancy Bye Miller

Jane Schwalm Miller ’54

Kathryn A. Miller ’73

Patricia Young Miller ’68 and Wallace H. Miller

R. Drew Miller ’43

Rosalie Amory Miller ’53 and Richard K. Miller

Irene Kinzer Milliken ’63

Julia Knipe Mills ’74 and Donald L. Mills

Mark C. Mills ’73 and Leslie B. Mills, Parent

Theodore E. Mioduski Jr. ’80 and Eileen Mioduski, Parent

Kim Vanderkolk Mirowski ’85

John Mirza ’44

John H. Mitchell ’51 and Dorena Van Voorhies Mitchell ’52

Martha Dunlavy Mitchell ’52

Philip C. Mitchell III ’74 and Karen Marie Mitchell

Robert L. Mitchell ’60 and Rebecca A. Mitchell

George P. Mitru ’61 and Diane C. Mitru

Sherri R. Modrak ’87

David Moessinger ’52 and Jeri Taylor

Louise Martin Mohler ’48

Patricia Osborne Mohr

C. Scott Molden ’68 and Jane Heineman Molden ’68

Karen Wichterman Molitoris ’73 and Bruce Molitoris

Jack C. Moll ’52 and Dorothy Nelson Moll ’54

Richard W. Moll ’56 and Wallace Pinfold

Patricia Scott Monahan ’63 and Lawrence P. Monahan

Judith Tanner Moon ’76 and Lawrence Pierce Moon

Charles A. Moore ’69 and Judith W. Moore

Charles Lane Moore ’50 and Marian Miner Moore ’50

Garry S. Moore ’62 and Berit Elvira Moore

Richard W. Moore ’58 and Marie Bromer Moore ’58

Robert C. Moore ’69 and Sarah Jane Proctor Moore ’69

Sarah Barnett Moore ’61

Susan Dohrmann Moore ’67 and Thomas R. Moore

Karilyn Rice Moores ’60 and William Moores

Barbara Furr Moorman ’46

Elizabeth Reller Moragne ’88

Mary Johnson Moran ’79 and Michael J. Moran, Parent

David J. Morehead ’53 and Marjorie Davis Morehead ’54

Dorothy McCullough Morehead ’45

John A. Morehead ’57 and Janet A. Morehead, Parent

Martha Curry Morey ’52

Emily B. Morgan ’63

Jerry A. Morgan ’59 and Christine Johnson Morgan ’61

H. Richard Morgenstern ’55 and Nancy K. Morgenstern

Frances Yamasaki Mori ’44 and Bruce S. Mori

John W. Morris ’50 and Wilma Elaine Bishop Morris

Norman G. Morris ’51

Thom J. Morris ’84 and Gwen G. Morris, Parent

Larry R. Morrison ’65 and Nancy Mueller Morrison ’65

Marilyn Stevenson Morrison ’51

R. Earl Morrison ’36

Anne Heller Morrissey ’90 and Peter G. Morrissey

John H. Morrow ’65 and Mary Jo Morrow, Parent

Peter A. Morse ’65 and Kathryn Murvin Morse ’65

Donald B. Moser ’64

Randall S. Moskop ’72 and Wynne Walker Moskop ’71

James M. Moss, Parent

John R. Mote ’50

Thomas R. Mote ’74

Patricia Jacobs Mottweiler ’50 and John W. Jenkins

Nick Mourouzis and Marilyn Mourouzis

John L. Mowry ’58

Jennifer Davis Moy ’82 and Eric Richard Moy, Parent

Carolyn Schrank Mugge ’66 and Larry J. Mugge, Parent

John C. Mull ’52 and Joan Kaniewski Mull ’52

Robert L. Muller ’55

Alice Fairbank Mulligan ’52 and Thomas E. Mulligan, Parent

John H. Munson ’55 and Peggy L. Munson

Marjorie Whitehouse Munson ’67

Duane R. Murphy ’42

Patricia L. Murphy ’65 and Donald L. Blamberg

David C. Murray and Susan V. Murray, Parents

Stephen M. Murray ’69 and Anne Cisle Murray

David E. Muschler ’68 and Ann L. Becker

Allen R. Musheno ’69 and Susan J. Musheno

Joel D. Myers ’85 and Mary Kate Myers

Bruce D. Myrehn ’82 and Kimberly Holycross Myrehn ’83

Walter L. Naftzger ’65 and Colleen Riley Naftzger ’65

M. Constance Nagel ’48

David W. Neeb ’64 and Sarah Carroll Neeb ’62

Virginia Condon Neff ’51

Heather Elaine Neier ’72 and Robert H. Snoddy Jr.

John T. Neighbours ’71 and Sharon Smith Neighbours

Roger B. Nelsen ’64

Barry L. Nelson ’79 and Jeanne M. Nelson

Erik G. Nelson ’61 and Eleanor D. Nelson

Harold E. Nelson ’46 and Joan H. Nelson, Parent

Marcia Jensen Nelson ’67 and David L. Nelson

Susan Sawens Nelson ’52 and Paul T. Nelson

Wayne L. Nelson ’67

William R. Nesbit ’52 and Nancy Hartz Nesbit ’52

Richard H. Neuman ’50 and Sylvia H. Neuman

Richard S. Neville ’76 and Janet Asp Neville

Jon E. Newcomb ’67 and Connie J. Newcomb

Barbara Barr Newlin ’50 and Robert E. Newlin, Parent

James R. Newman ’70 and Margaret Means Newman ’71

Robert Kurt Nicewander ’63 and Susan C. Nicewander

Phyllis Walker Nicholas ’55 and Bruce S. Nicholas

Phyllis Walcott Nichols ’44

Martha Weddell Nicholson ’84 and Todd Nicholson

Richard P. Nicholson ’55 and Beverly Lewis Nicholson ’55

William A. Nicoll ’46 and Ruth B. Nicoll

William R. Niersbach Jr. ’74 and Karen Maier Niersbach ’74

Elizabeth Miller Niesen ’82 and George Hagen Niesen

Ronnie J. Noble ’60 and Susan Luree Noble

Sheila Griffith Nolin ’52

Leon A. Nolting

Peter D. Norberg ’75 and Janie Blackburn Norberg ’73

Robert C. Nordvall ’62

Donald G. Norman ’58 and Monica M. Norman

Marcia Rothweiler Norman ’60 and Jasper E. Norman

J. Raymond North Jr. ’56 and Sue Sappenfield North ’56

Joseph S. Northrop ’71 and Marcia Utter Northrop ’71

Anne Gibbs Nostrand ’83 and Matthew A. Nostrand

Kerry E. Notestine ’79 and Laura Boys Notestine

Clare Grier Noyes ’49

Kay Mussetter Noyes ’55

John S. Null ’61 and Nancy Spier Null ’59

Robert J. Nunn ’54 and Joyce Milnar Nunn ’55

Carolyn Lukens Nyren ’87 and David F. Nyren

Mary Schwartz Oakley ’54 and Joseph C. Oakley

Elizabeth Macy Oates ’64 and William A. Oates Jr.

Carilee Phillips O’Banion ’81 and Dan J. O’Banion, Parent

John L. Oberrieder Jr. ’76 and Marsha Gaugler Oberrieder ’76

Beth Granger O’Connell ’77 and Patrick S. O’Connell

Elizabeth McKenzie O’Donnell ’49

Robert F. Ogden ’49 and June Jensen Ogden, Parent

Robin Barnett Oldfield ’83 and Robert D. Oldfield III

Elizabeth McBride Olin ’76 and Paul E. Olin

N. Randolph Oliver ’78 and Martha Linscott Oliver, Parent

Patricia Wilcox Oliver ’54 and William N. Oliver

Rebecca Longden Oliver ’48

Lois M. Olmsted

Donald M. Olson ’64 and Mary Harrison Olson ’65

JoAnn Neudecker Olson ’57

Linda Lischka Olson ’86 and Donald R. Olson

Thomas M. O’Neil ’69 and Beth K. O’Neil, Parent

Serene Panama Onesto ’48

Thomas W. Orcutt ’64 and Mary Orcutt

Clark Orr ’65 and Kathleen W. Orr, Parent

Mark Z. Orr ’75 and Dorothy Dwoskin

Patricia Orr Burnham ’55 and Robert A. Burnham

Bruce F. Osborne ’64 and Susan Lager Osborne ’66

William B. Osterland ’70

Gerald A. Ostermann ’65 and Tsue Asami Ostermann

Robert M. Oswalt ’60 and Dorothy Jane Oswalt

Betty Corder Outerbridge ’53

William M. Ouweneel ’52 and Catherine Ouweneel

Steven Scott Overman ’72 and Mary Horton Overman ’72

David M. Owen ’81 and Louise M. Owen

Kenneth A. Owen ’82

Lois Smisek Owen ’56

Barbara Williamson Pack ’62 and Ralph William Pack

Donald A. Page ’50 and Barbara R. Page

Frank T. Page, Parent

Andrew J. Paine III ’91 and Amy Orlando Paine ’90

Andrew J. Paine Jr. ’59 and Jane Medaris Paine ’60

Raymond A. Paladino ’71 and Rosemary Edwards Paladino

Elizabeth Saucerman Paris ’50 and Gus E. Paris

William M. Park ’74

Carlisle K. Parker ’53 and Kathleen Anderson Parker ’56

Fredrick W. Parker II ’69 and Barbara White Parker ’69

Jane O’Bannon Parker ’48 and Philip T. Parker

Jeanne Merten Parker ’58

Maclyn T. Parker ’51 and Patricia Opie Parker ’51

Susan Faust Parker ’66 and Harrison W. Parker

Teri Zimmer Parker ’75 and James L. Parker

J. Bergen Parkhill ’56 and Marilyn Basinger Parkhill ’56

John B. Parks ’63 and Roberta L. Parks, Parent

MaryAnn Palmert Parks ’61 and D. W. Parks

Sandra Frakes Parsons ’62

Bruce E. Partner ’58 and Ruth A. Partner

Kay E. Pashos ’81 and Neal W. Steinbart, Parent

Patricia Hancock Passer ’51

Joyce Adams Patterson ’51

Richard R. Patterson ’61 and Sarah Neely Patterson ’61

Ben L. Pauley ’85 and Donna Schreiner Pauley

Mary Simmons Pauley ’48

Mary Woodford Pavlikowski ’56 and Albert A. Pavlikowski

Raymond J. Payne ’51 and Elizabeth Class Payne ’53

Bonnie Schiffman Pearson ’80

Mary Frances Pearson ’76 and Joseph Graham Howe II

William H. Pearson ’41 and Maxine B. Pearson

Dorothy Wright Peck ’46

Marilyn Wiegand Pecsok ’51 and John G. Pecsok

Donna Hostetter Peebles ’57

Thomas S. Peirce ’61

Robert B. Pence ’40

William A. Pendl ’54 and Deborah G. Pendl

William David Pendl ’78 and Deborah Meier Pendl, Parent

Christopher H. Penn ’72 and Diane Disosway Penn

Louise Elliott Perez ’71 and Michel A. Perez

Eleanor Hockey Perris ’51

Lois Stewart Perry ’58 and Ronald A. Perry, Parent

Pamela Lorman Peternell ’68 and Ben C. Peternell

Jean Hartsock Peters ’52 and Gordon S. Peters, Parent

John T. Peters ’54

Pamela Blake Peters ’66 and Robert K. Peters

Victoria Gilbert Peters ’78 and Jeffrey S. Peters

Harold A. Petersen ’55 and Karen E. Petersen

Elizabeth Emison Peterson ’40 and Theodore R. Peterson

Steven W. Peterson ’77 and Betsy Danielson Peterson

Jane Pheiffer Petree ’81

Patricia Christiansen Petrick ’74 and Edward A. Petrick

R. R. Petterson ’54

Michael D. Peyton ’65 and Nancy Ann Peyton

F. Garret Pfleeger ’67 and Marcia Swearingen Pfleeger ’67

Donald M. Phelan ’79 and Maurie Jones Phelan ’79

Elizabeth Phelps Cole ’46 and Lucius Cole

Carol Brown Phemister ’66 and James M. Phemister

Kristen D. Phend ’73

Joan Rideout Phillips ’57 and Edwin McCreary Phillips

Richard L. Phillips Jr. ’79 and Penney Phillips

Virginia Phillips

Brian C. Phipps ’69 and Teresa S. Phipps, Parent

David S. Pickard ’78

Katherine Wright Pickert ’46

John D. Pidgeon ’66 and Jane Dickey Pidgeon

Joan Hockersmith Piercefield ’53 and Julian G. Piercefield

Dolores Lehmann Pierson

Mary L. Pierson ’75 and William M. Wadden IV

Margaret E. Piety ’73

Gene Tunney Pilkinton

Marilyn Seabrook Pinaire ’48

Jean Holmes Pine ’46 and Theodore A. Pine

Joanne Bigham Pinner ’51 and William Ellis Pinner

Cyndalu Stivers Piquette ’49

Luis C. Pi Sunyer ’63 and Nancy Arny Pi Sunyer

Lynne Savidge Pi Sunyer ’66 and Joseph Steigauf

Jeanne DeCosted Pittman ’61 and Glen D. Pittman, Parent

Cynthia Meyers Plate ’89 and David E. Plate

JoAnn Russell Plenge ’67 and Charles F. Plenge

Donna Wright Plock ’56 and Raymond Stewart Plock

Bruce E. Ploshay ’75 and Anne Hensley Ploshay ’76

John W. Plum ’54 and Nancy K. Plum

Glenn Todd Plymate ’75 and Elizabeth Myers Plymate ’76

Barbara Hibberd Podlach ’58 and Stanley Podlach Jr.

Nancy Martin Podurgiel ’70

Eunice Blanchard Poethig ’51 and Richard P. Poethig

David A. Poggemeier ’79

John L. Pogue ’66 and Marilyn Rhoades Pogue

Carl C. Polster ’68 and Ann Cunliff Polster ’68

David W. Pomeroy ’60 and Ann F. Krick Pomeroy

Kristi Sheahan Ponder ’87

Jerry D. Pontius ’56 and Mary Goff Pontius ’57

Elizabeth Booth Poor ’71

Helen L. Poorman ’82

Barbara Armitage Porter ’51

Liz Purdy Porter ’79 and Don Porter

Marian Osborn Porter ’47

Thomas S. Porter ’65

Marni Atkins Powell ’55 and Ralph G. Powell

William R. Powell ’57 and Paula Weir Powell ’58

James L. Powers Jr. ’78 and LuAnn Powers

Rita Alliss Powers ’86 and Kevin R. Powers

John L. Prather ’70 and Dala B. Prather

Bing Byington Pratt III ’58 and Susan Pettijohn Pratt, Parent

Gloria Rick Price ’44 and Willis J. Price

Val Price Jr. ’50 and Kathryn Ellis Price

Dennis A. Priser ’63 and Marilyn Mead Priser ’63

Jack E. Priser ’59 and Elsie Weikert Priser ’60

Harmon O. Pritchard Jr. ’52

Julie Scholz Proctor ’64 and Frank E. Proctor Jr.

Michael P. Protogere ’83 and Angeline Shaneff Protogere ’84

Peter D. Prowitt ’77 and Nancy Gibson Prowitt ’76

Barbara Britt Przetak ’51 and Louis Przetak

James L. Puckett ’67 and Kristen P. Puckett

Robert H. Puckett ’57

Salvatore J. Puntarelli Jr. ’78 and Cecilia Maron Maron Puntarelli ’78

George A. Purnell ’71 and Diane Lynn Purnell

Barbara Derrick Puterbaugh ’54

Carol Dorsett Pyle ’58 and Timothy C. Pyle

Jeffrey L. Pytlarz ’69 and Cheryl A. Pytlarz

Sabra Hansen Qua ’55 and George F. Qua, Parent

Elizabeth Fitzsimmons Raab ’87

Michael G. Raab ’87

John L. Rabb ’66 and Sharon Freeman Rabb, Parent

Charles E. Racine ’59 and Joyce D. Racine

Marion Radcliffe Fox ’58 and Graydon C. Fox

Paul F. Radcliffe ’49 and Sue Oettinger Radcliffe ’47

William M. Radostits ’80 and Kathryn Jennings Radostits ’79

Rex B. Ragan ’51

Nancy Markham Ragatz ’63 and John B. Ragatz

Elizabeth Chezem Ramos ’81 and Fidel Ramos

Jean Ferguson Ramsey ’62 and Frederick W. Ramsey

Mary Leonard Ramshaw ’70 and Gregg Ramshaw

Ronald L. Randall ’62 and Carole Lee Clark Randall ’61

Lois E. Randolph

Thomas R. Ransom ’57 and Donya Dixon Ransom

Cynthia Adolphsen Rasp ’70 and Fred L. Rasp, Parent

Patricia Cullen Ratcliff ’54 and Richard S. Ratcliff

Allen W. Ratcliffe ’59 and Marilyn E. Ratcliffe

Erick R. Ratzer ’54 and Jeanne Mason Ratzer ’54

W. Wyatt Rauch ’61 and Betty J. Rauch

Gretchen Strasma Rauschenberg ’55 and Roy Rauschenberg

Mark C. Rauschert ’87 and Cynthia Rankin Rauschert ’87

Charles E. Ray ’58 and Frances Bagby Ray ’59

James A. Readey ’67 and Linda Gold Readey

Donald M. Reamer, Parent

Richard A. Reck ’71 and Susan Marshall Reck ’70

Robert F. Reckman ’44 and Carleen Stone Reckman

Ruth Falk Redel ’58

Charles V. Reed ’51

Douglas F. Reed ’70 and Deborah L. Reed

Amy R. Reese

Gilbert H. Reese ’79

Steven L. Reff ’77 and Patricia Smith Reff ’77

Mary Thompson Regenhardt ’59

Diane Lippincott Reich ’80 and Robert S. Reich

Marjorie Rackow Reichart ’66 and Alan L. Reichart

Margaret S. Reid ’70

Stephen M. Reim ’63 and Sarah Harrison Reim

Karen West Reiman ’63 and Timothy A. Reiman

Sarah Jones Reincke ’80 and Terry L. Reincke

Linda Ieler Reinhardt ’56 and Charles F. Reinhardt, Parent

Carol Rylander Reitan ’52

Richard H. Reitz ’62 and Catharine Pierson Reitz ’63

Nancy Lyman Repp ’64 and John R. Repp

James G. Reynolds ’58

Sally Lehman Reynolds ’51 and David C. Reynolds

Jose S. Ribares ’55 and Elizabeth B. Ribares

Martha Clark Rice ’52

Sarah Marks Richards ’63 and G. Manning Richards

Edward E. Richter ’41

John J. Rick ’50 and Nancy Payne Rick ’50

Cynthia Allen Ricketts ’51

Alice E. Ridgway ’83 and Kevin E. Noll

Margot H. Riecker

David D. Riefe ’85 and Susan Sampson Riefe ’85

Blair Anderson Rieth Jr. ’80 and Teresa Onole Rieth

Sara M. Riley ’56

Barbara A. Ringley ’61

Lawrence D. Rink ’62 and Eleanor Zimmerly Rink ’62

Michael L. Roach ’63 and Nancy Weaver Roach

Phillips W. Robbins ’52 and Dorothy Robbins

Todd R. Roberson ’82 and Marian Blew Roberson ’81

Charles C. Roberts ’70 and Cristine A. Roberts

Cynthia Cline Roberts ’52 and William E. Roberts

Donald R. Roberts ’53 and Nancy B. Roberts

Dorice Conner Roberts ’40

Ellen Gordon Roberts

Frank H. Roberts ’41

Jean Wallin Roberts ’57

John T. Roberts ’80 and Robin Richey Roberts ’80

Thomas A. Roberts ’73

Alice Boykin Robertson, Parent

Colleen Sontag Robertson ’72

Jeanette Robertson ’59

John B. Robertson ’47 and Eleanor M. Robertson

Mark A. Robertson ’72 and Susan Jennings Robertson, Parent

Thomas E. Robertson ’77 and Catherine Krumwiede Robertson ’77

Martha Steele Robes ’66 and Dana R. Robes

Gloria Kimmel Robinson ’46

James E. Robinson ’70 and Carolyn Russ Robinson ’71

Larry R. Robinson ’57 and Sharon Moore Robinson ’58

Robert P. Robinson ’49 and Marjorie Robinson

Steven K. Robison ’76

Lovell L. Roe III ’79 and Catherine Vickerstaff Roe ’81

Richard T. Roessler ’66 and Janet Williams Roessler ’66

Alexander L. Rogers ’65 and Sherry D. Rogers

Kenneth Dyer Rogers ’42 and Louise B. Rogers

Gary N. Roggenkamp ’68 and Sarah L. Roggenkamp

Jane Watson Rohm ’53

Ian M. Rolland ’55 and Miriam V. Rolland, Parent

Gordon J. Rollert ’57 and Suzanne Hiller Rollert ’57

Julie Tsaros Rominger ’76 and Michael C. Rominger

John N. Rooks ’70 and Mary N. Rooks, Parent

James N. Ross Jr. ’62 and Marcia Collins Ross ’62

Stephen S. Ross ’68 and Paula Lynn Ross

Douglas L. Rossiter ’66 and Rosemary Rossiter, Parent

Patricia Ross-Polito ’69 and Robert J. Polito

Margaret Roth Martin ’45 and Robert S. Martin

James W. Rowlett ’54 and Barbara J. Rowlett

Barbara Bennett Ruble ’52 and Byron C. Ruble

Carol Wischmeyer Rucker ’55

L. C. Rudolph ’48

William H. Rudolph Jr. ’54 and Beverly Rudolph

John Forney Rudy and John Forney Rudy

John P. Rudy ’51 and Barbara M. Rudy, Parent

Anne Keeney Ruedig ’51

Ned P. Rule ’61 and Lynn Rezek Rule ’61

Todd C. Rumsey ’87 and Barbara Wallace Rumsey ’88

Catherine Walz Rundle ’70 and Sidney Dennis Rundle

D. James Runyon ’50 and Barbara Sandquist Runyon

Elizabeth Pool Rupert ’61 and William B. Rupert Jr.

Laura Carlstedt Rush ’73

Margaret Kleine Rush ’62 and Dumont Rush

A. Eugene Rushing

Ruth Ritz Rusie ’40

J. Wayne Russell ’62

Scott F. Russell ’78

Evans M. Rust and Roberta Rust

Alexandra Cary Rustan ’72

Sharon Tarplee Rutan ’63 and Robert Earl Rutan

Ann Meeker Ryan ’81 and Steven M. Ryan, Parent

Janet McLeod Ryan ’87 and Robert L. Ryan

Jan Goetcheus Ryan, Parent

Jennifer Walter Ryba ’84 and Steven M. Ryba

Tina L. Rzepnicki ’73 and Barry Rapoport

Marguerite Erdman Sailor ’43

David B. Sailors ’62 and Alberta L. Sailors

Edwin C. Salter ’47 and Ellen Malone Salter

Robert C. Sammons ’57 and Sandra Swisher Sammons ’58

Dean R. Sampson ’50 and Joan Hoy Sampson ’49

Walter W. Sampson Jr. ’58 and Ann M. Sampson

Lucinn T. Sams ’62

Thomas H. Sams ’64 and Susan Sams, Parent

Margaret Gage Sanchez ’48 and Santiago Sanchez

Thomas F. Sandblom ’64

Joseph L. Sanders ’62 and Mary Sutter Sanders

Louie Brown Sanders ’65 and Mary L. Sanders

Margaret Maroney Sanders ’61 and John I. Sanders

James E. Sanford ’71

John W. Sanger ’61 and Suzanne Charbonneau Sanger ’62

Steve W. Sanger ’68 and Karen Ogren Sanger ’68

Margaret Steffen Sant’Ambrogio ’57

Joanne Reiman Santoriello ’72 and Peter A. Santoriello

Barbara Ryrholm Sarason ’51 and Irwin G. Sarason

Thomas A. Sargent ’55 and Frances Petty Sargent

David B. Sarver ’61 and Maxine Sarver

Robert W. Sass ’55

Robert Sattler ’47

E. Stewart Saunders ’58 and Margaret O. Saunders

Martha Sanders Saunders ’52

Richard R. Savage ’48 and Patricia Dungan Savage

Jilann Wilkins Savery ’86 and Joseph B. Savery, Parent

Wayne A. Sayre ’78 and Betty L. Sayre

Jane Rinehart Scanlon ’47

Mary Ellen Pearman Scarbeary ’45

W. Curtis Schade ’71

Mildred Trares Schaefer ’53

Nancy Shelly Schaenen ’51 and Nelson Schaenen Jr.

Sandra Watson Schafer ’56 and Morgan Schafer

Jacquelyn Lapsys Scheibelhut ’51

Rosaneil Reynolds Schenk ’41

Daniel L. Schermer ’67 and Beth Ritter Schermer ’67

Donald G. Schilling ’64 and Mary E. Schilling

Jeanne A. Schirmer ’51

Jane Turk Schlansker ’63

Gary W. Schlegel ’67 and Elaine Aston Schlegel

David L. Schmalz ’60 and Mary Ann Schmalz

Marilyn Miller Schmid ’60 and Walter F. Schmid, Parent

Albert J. Schmidt ’49 and Kathryn Jung Schmidt ’50

Marilyn Hatch Schmidt ’53

Robert A. Schmidt ’69 and Margaret Sheridan Schmidt ’69

Kara Knight Schmitt ’67 and Neal W. Schmitt

Ellen Rosselot Schneider ’61 and Arthur Eugene Schneider Jr.

Frank L. Schneider ’59 and Karen Backlund Schneider

John F. Schneider ’58 and Frances Harnach Schneider, Parent

Thomas M. Schneider ’82 and Nancy W. Schneider

Janet Sollitt Scholtes ’52 and Richard W. Scholtes

Michael R. Schramm ’70 and Penny Schramm

Robert W. Schrier ’57 and Barbara Lindley Schrier ’59

Thomas R. Schuck ’72

Erwin E. Schulze ’47 and Jean Schulze

Dawn Follett Schumann ’58 and George R. Schumann

Edward G. Schussler III ’65 and Sharon Gierach Schussler ’65

Ann Walbert Schwandt ’64 and Max Schwandt

Janet Crawford Schwartz ’75

Russell M. Schwartz ’78 and Ruth Marie Schwartz

Daniel L. Schwarz ’83 and Amy Hight Schwarz

Sherry Gross Scircle ’85 and John A. Scircle

Daniel Reed Scism ’58 and Paula Sedgwick Scism ’57

Frank P. Scommegna ’83

Jean Rudolph Scott ’79 and Paul Scott

Larry E. Scott ’74

Patricia Martin See ’49

Diane Black Seebass ’64 and James Stewart Seebass, Parent

Karen Markstrom Seehausen ’73 and John H. Seehausen

Dawn Swain Segelken ’81 and Edward M. Segelken

Brenda Beck Seger ’80 and Theodore J. Seger

Marion Bauman Sego ’52

Janet Prindle Seidler ’58 and Charles J. Seidler Jr.

Jane Crum Seigel ’76 and Christopher Dean Seigel, Parent

Phyllis Rauth Sells ’57 and L. Ray Sells, Parent

Antoinette Henricks Selsley ’61 and Michael J. Selsley

William B. Semmer ’75 and Mary H. Semmer

Miriam Campbell Senger ’40

Charleen Seibel Sessions ’43

Susan Vogel Sevin ’76 and Philippe R. Sevin

Bradley L. Sexauer ’73

Scott W. Shafer ’70 and Nancy Brady Shafer ’70

Robert H. Shaffer ’36 and Joye Coy Shaffer

William T. Shaffer Jr. ’65 and Katherine Herkner Shaffer ’64

Mary Ann Curry Shakespeare ’54 and Joseph D. Shakespeare Jr.

Anne Korb Shane ’71 and David N. Shane

Brynne Williams Shaner ’83 and William M. Shaner III, Parent

Patrick E. Sharp ’58 and Nancy J. Sharp

William H. Sharp ’48

Steven D. Shattuck ’66 and Susan Hodge Shattuck

Carole Summers Shaw ’79 and Kevin Trent Shaw, Parent

Robert H. Shaykin ’71 and E. Gabrielle Egger ’71

William R. Sheahan ’64 and Penny D. Sheahan

Elizabeth Hirsch Shearer ’77

Kendrick Shedd ’53 and Jeanette R. Shedd

Rebecca L. Shedd ’77 and Douglas M. Halliday

Ellen Beebee Shelby ’37

Dorothy Donlen Shepard ’42

Lynda Wisehart Sherer ’82 and James T. Sherer, Parent

Charles H. Sheridan ’43 and Marjorie Hamblin Sheridan ’44

Alice Stout Sherman ’61

James E. Shields ’56 and Irma Huber Shields, Parent

William E. Shields ’63 and Carol Powell Shields ’64

Ronald L. Shiffler ’66 and Martha Drake Shiffler ’68

Thomas J. Shively ’50

Marsha Hardesty Shockley ’71

Marianna Shoemaker ’66

A. Glenn Shoptaugh Jr. ’50 and Joan Foltz Shoptaugh

Erika Esser Shorney ’61 and William G. Shorney, Parent

Sidney H. Showalter II ’64

Stuart Showalter ’68

Sue Lett Showalter ’68

Kathryn Reeves Shroder ’76 and Robert W. Shroder

Joyce Shoptaugh Shumaker ’55

Stanley A. Shuman

Sara T. Siegesmund

Penelope Simison ’63

Mary B. McCrea Simkins ’76 and James H. Simkins Jr.

Morgan F. Simmons ’51 and Mary L. Simmons

Nancy Husband Simpson ’68 and Thomas C. Simpson, Parent

Wendell K. Simpson ’37

Alvin I. Singer ’53

Johanna Lichvar Sinks ’51

Harriet Stallman Sirotkin ’48

Suzanne Barker Sjostrom ’70 and Darryl B. Sjostrom

Glenn J. Slanec ’57 and Alice Jones Slanec ’58

John W. Slater III ’60 and Gracia Walker Slater

Lucy Brown Sloan ’61

John Michael Slocum ’74 and Patricia Hayden Slocum ’73

Kendall K. Slusher ’59 and Sarah A. Slusher

Elaine Smiley

Larry L. Smiley ’59

Barbara E. Smith ’62 and William E. Phillips

Betty Macy Smith ’39

Carolyn Hostetter Smith ’59 and Thomas Tomasian

Colin P. Smith ’77 and Julia Kelly Smith ’78

Colleen White Smith ’49 and Robert D. Smith

David Smith ’50 and Marion Greenleaf Smith ’50

Donald R. Smith and Elaine L. Smith, Parents

Donald S. Smith ’78 and Debra Jo Smith, Parent

Donna James Smith ’53

Douglas A. Smith ’68 and Phyllis Gilbert Smith ’69

Douglas I. Smith ’85 and Ann U. Smith

Elaine Showalter Smith ’36

Gregory L. Smith ’52 and Mabel Schloot Smith ’52

Gretel Heinzerling Smith ’54 and Donald E. Smith, Parent

John H. Smith ’48 and Elizabeth Rhodes Smith ’51

Judie Roser Smith ’57

Kerry Tracy Smith ’78 and Russell L. Smith

Margaret Smith ’70

Marilyn Shaw Smith ’48

Mary Ann Smith ’53

Michael L. Smith ’70 and Susan Leet Smith ’71

Muriel Roberts Smith ’44

Ned A. Smith ’52 and Marcia Fobes Smith

Patricia Sommer Smith ’53 and Ralph E. Smith

Paul Douglas Smith ’68 and Rebecca A. Gonzalez

Raymond G. Smith ’74 and Susan W. Smith

Robert F. Smith ’56 and Sharon Noll Smith ’57

Ronald D. Smith ’53 and Marilyn H. Smith, Parent

Roy T. Smith ’59 and Marilyn F. Smith, Parent

Sara Rife Smith ’55

Sarah Guild Smith ’88 and Timothy S. Smith, Parent

Wrede Howard Smith Jr. ’71 and Melissa Uelk Smith, Parent

Janet E. Snape ’54

Ralph E. Snelson ’57 and Diane Woodward Snelson ’58

Joan Van Dervoort Snider ’50

Elinor Snow

Leonard E. Snyder ’57 and Linda Lee Snyder

Ginger A. Socolofsky ’69

Jon E. Socolofsky ’68

Sogi Soder ’49 and Alice Soder, Parent

John C. Soderstrom ’62

Theodore M. Solso ’69 and Denny Manning Solso ’69

Ronald W. Sondee ’56 and Mary McCorkle Sondee ’58

Otto L. Sonder Jr.

George C. Sonnichsen ’63 and Maradel B. Sonnichsen

Carl S. Sorenson ’51 and Sally Campbell Sorenson

Marjorie A. Sorge, Parent

Virginia Mezey Sorley ’56 and Lewis Sorley

Robert M. Soule ’39 and Francis Soule

Jane Ann Oliver Southard ’68 and Harold O. Southard

Doris Roesener Southerland ’66 and Mark J. Southerland

Thomas J. Spackman ’59 and Donna Stewart Spackman ’59

Gretchen Erickson Spaulding ’63 and C. Richard Spaulding

Larry C. Spears ’78 and Beth A. Lafferty ’79

Betty Murray Spehar ’53

Moyer Eugene Speicher ’43

Ralph E. Spelbring ’67

Mary Baughman Spilman ’53 and Donn H. Spilman, Parent

Judson P. Spore Jr. ’50

Linda G. Sprankle ’64

Steven A. Spreen ’64 and Retta Spreen

Gustav E. Staahl Jr. ’67 and Mary Thomsen Staahl, Parent

Patricia Shissler Stach ’59 and Glenn A. Stach

Max L. Stackhouse ’57 and Jean Hostetler Stackhouse ’57

Susan Katchka Staelin ’68 and Stephen H. Staelin

Jean Whitten Stafford ’55

Karen Good Stahly ’64

Patricia Harmison Stanbery ’60 and C. E. Stanbery

Gilbert D. Standley ’82 and Sarah Englehart Standley ’80

Douglas A. Stanley ’80 and Karen Myers Stanley ’82

Judith O’Dell Stanley ’61 and Jerry Hardesty

Vicki Vance Stanton ’72 and D. Allen Stanton Jr.

Lark Morgan Stark ’84

Carol Hauser Stark ’57 and Fred J. Stark Jr., Parent

Howard E. Steele ’52 and Marilyn Smith Steele ’52

Paul E. Steele, Parent

Ralph S. Steele ’46 and Myrene L. Steele

Jane Judkins Stegemiller ’79 and Matthew W. Stegemiller

Marjorie Mogg Steiger ’46 and Phillip C. Steiger Jr.

Lizabeth Squires Stein ’86 and Joel Kenneth Stein

Philip Steinberg ’53 and Doris B. Steinberg

Mary Smoot Steinbrecher ’69 and Ed Steinbrecher

Sue E. Stemen ’80 and Mark J. R. Merkle

Norval B. Stephens Jr. ’51 and Diane Forst Stephens ’51

Barbara Creel Stephenson ’67 and Steven L. Stephenson

Margaret J. Stepniewski ’80

Ralph F. Stepp Jr. ’50

David B. Stevens ’51 and Sally Symon Stevens ’52

Ellen Weathers Stevens ’49

Kenneth T. Stevens ’74 and Elizabeth R. Stevens

Lisa Head Stevens and Mark R. Stevens, Parent

Susan Overstreet Stevens ’56

Charles A. Stevenson ’35

John G. Stevenson ’89 and Dale Gossard Stevenson ’89

John F. Stevenson ’81 and Sharon Keever Stevenson

James B. Stewart Jr. ’73

James G. Stewart ’64 and Andrea Anania Stewart

John E. Stewart ’68 and Debra Fenzau Stewart

Alice Plasterer Stickler ’48

Thomas L. Stiers ’60 and Brenda Enmeier Stiers ’60

Steven M. Still ’76 and Lynn Bryant Still ’78

Todd Carlson Stilson ’83 and Stephanie Rychlak Stilson ’83

Lynn Beré Stine ’77 and Robert C. Stine

Leigh A. Stocking ’51

Beverly Mullen Stodghill ’58 and Jack R. Stodghill, Parent

Craig R. Stokely ’67

Barbara D. Stone

Edward N. Stoner ’69 and Mari Doren Stoner ’70

Jean T. Stoops ’39 and Margaret Mobberley Stoops ’40

Barbara Young Story ’48

Carol L. Stoudt ’56

Stephen H. Stout ’63 and Blanche B. Stout

Kenneth H. Stover ’60 and Ronelle Campbell Stover

Mary McDonald Stragand ’41

Peter M. Stragand ’74

Mary Helen Cleary Straker ’44 and J. William Straker

Margaret Thomas Strandjord ’51

Norman E. Strasma ’55 and Janice Strasma, Parent

Donald M. Strathearn III ’70 and Joanne Arnold Strathearn

Patricia Roane Straube ’71 and Barry M. Straube

Joan Lubman Strawn ’53 and James R. Strawn

Michael W. Street ’65 and Teresa R. Street

Phyllis Hanson Strick ’42

Carlton B. Stringfellow ’58 and Joellen McFarland Stringfellow ’58

Doris Nealis Strock

Susan P. Stuart ’73

George L. Stubbs Jr. ’62 and Karen Miene Stubbs

Judith Fernald Sturmer ’67

Elizabeth Baxter Sullivan ’42 and Thomas J. Sullivan

Helen Donahoe Sullivan ’51

Betty Ballhorn Sultzer ’49

Sue Farrell Supple ’57 and Robert N. Supple, Parent

Nancy Stewart Surber ’67 and Donald E. Surber, Parent

Stephen W. Sutherlin ’61 and Kay Hansen Sutherlin ’60

Ann Pace Sutton ’74

Robert S. Swaim Jr. ’53 and Bonnie H. Swaim

Clare Johnson Swanson ’62 and Douglas C. Swanson, Parent

Donald C. Swanson ’62 and Shirley L. Swanson

Jeannie Mulligan Swanson ’76 and James E. Swanson

Marlys Johnson Swanson ’65 and Robert A. Swanson

James E. Swearingen ’80 and Tracy Dentel Swearingen ’80

Dorothy Cox Sweet ’63

Susan Lawrence Swezey ’58

Anne Swift

Daniel L. Swift ’69 and Susan Christopher Swift ’69

Karen Swope ’64

S. Russell Sylvester ’69 and Nancy Landry Sylvester

Judith Huffman Taft ’64 and Timothy N. Taft

Bradley Joe Tandy ’81 and Jennifer Whitehead Tandy, Parent

Audrey Wagner Taylor ’49

Elizabeth Rauch Taylor ’52

Gregory D. Taylor ’86

James M. Taylor ’67 and Geraldine A. Taylor

John I. Taylor ’80 and Kimberlee Fitzgerald Taylor ’78

Judy Hoyt Taylor ’62 and Ronald K. Taylor

John H. Tedford ’51 and Joan Lindemeyer Tedford ’51

Thomas R. Teegarden ’67 and Karen J. Teegarden

Richard M. Temple ’57 and Nancy Lindquist Temple ’58

Hannah Hofherr Ten Eyck ’66

Lee E. Tenzer ’64 and Marilyn E. Tenzer, Parent

Julia D. Terhune ’81

James B. Terry Jr. ’66 and Judith Fawks Terry ’65

Mary Wylie Thauvette ’65 and William R. Thauvette

Deanna Thibodeau, Parent

Cynthia Carll Thie ’80 and James C. Thie

Susan Leis Thiele ’79 and Howard N. Thiele

Raymond S. Thiem ’52 and Vanita Thiem, Parent

Deborah Schade Thomas ’67 and Daniel P. Thomas

Jane C. Thomas, Parent

John A. Thomas ’67

Lott H. Thomas ’56 and SuAnn Johnston Thomas

Natalie Richardson Thomas ’85 and John R. Thomas

Robert J. Thomas and Doris R. Thomas

Anthony G. Thompson ’86

Brent Ray Thompson ’89 and Sarah Jorgensen Thompson, Parent

Edward E. Thompson ’62 and Marilyn Muse Thompson ’63

Jill Greene Thompson ’75 and John G. Thompson

Mary Catherine Downs Thompson ’43

Peter N. Thompson ’69 and Vicki Zink Thompson ’71

Suzanne Steubs Thompson ’73 and Kenneth C. Thompson

Robert T. Thoms ’66

Joanne Canary Thornburg ’51 and Myron Thornburg

John D. Thornburg ’76 and Elizabeth Gregory Thornburg

Judith Osterland Thornton ’65 and Theodore Alan Thornton

Richard J. Thrapp ’80 and Linda Walker Thrapp ’84

Laurence G. Tidrick ’66 and M. Reagan Tidrick

Anna Fenoglio Tift ’83

Robert J. Tilley ’48 and Frances T. Tilley

John W. Timothy Jr. ’73

Anne Harter Tobik ’76 and David Vance Tobik, Parent

Donald A. Todd ’40

Eleanor Hokanson Todd ’58 and Graham W. Todd

Kenneth R. Todd ’60 and Jo Ann Eggers Todd ’61

H. Edward Tolle ’55 and Jean Basher Tolle

Blake S. Tollefsen ’79 and Joan Engelbrink Tollefsen

Margaret Stahl Tomlin ’60 and Philip A. Tomlin

Hampton Scott Tonk ’65

Barbara Kingman Toohey ’61

George R. Tovey ’50

Jeanne Guild Townsend ’46

Calliope Cotomata Tracewell ’56

Mildred J. Tracht, Parent

Robert P. Trautman ’53 and Kathryn H. Trautman

Jeffrey H. Travis ’85 and Susan Pittman Travis ’87

John S. Trees ’54 and Dianne Schneider Trees ’56

Russell F. Triebel ’51 and Jeannine Spangler Triebel ’51

J. Scott Troeger ’78 and Holly L. Troeger

L. Carr Trovillion Jr. ’77 and Ellen W. Trovillion

Julie A. Trowbridge ’88

Martha Moore Trowbridge ’58

Phyllis Manring Truesdell ’67 and Charles C. Truesdell

Steven L. Trulaske ’79 and Elise H. Trulaske

Constantine L. Tsaros, Parent

Frederick Tucker III ’69 and Nancy Tucker

John D. Tucker ’48 and Carolyn Costin Tucker ’49

Rebecca Morris Tucker ’69

William H. Tucker ’74 and Sandra E. Tucker

Thomas L. Turk ’58 and Judith Prochnow Turk

Jane Ettinger Turley ’57 and Thomas A. Turley

Richard L. Turmail ’54 and Dorothy Louise Turmail

Mary Hardy Turner ’61

Ann Kainz Tvaroha ’68 and Frank W. Tvaroha

Jack B. Tykal ’52 and Helen Gibson Tykal ’52

Steven L. Tyler ’73 and Carol Tyler

Timothy H. Ubben ’58 and Sharon Williams Ubben ’58

Joseph E. Ukrop ’89 and Katherine Blair Ukrop ’91

Lynn Downing Underwood ’72 and Robert A. Underwood

Edward L. Unterberg ’58 and Gale Edwards Unterberg

Sally Adams Urban ’61 and Kenneth A. Urban

Jo Misselhorn Usher ’61

Jane Hale Utterback ’50

Eric J. Vale ’81 and Ruth Vale

Mary Kilgore Vallad ’70 and Patrick L. Vallad

Robert Glen Vallee Jr. ’76 and Kimberly Carol Vallee

William R. Van Bokkelen ’68 and Cheryl S. Van Bokkelen

Mary Lou Van Buren ’51

Roy M. Van Cleave ’69 and Pamela Kelerchian Van Cleave

Catherine Curtis Van Duzer ’82 and John B. Van Duzer Jr., Parent

Patti Parkison van Eys ’83 and J. Peter van Eys

James C. Van Horne ’57 and Mimi Van Horne

John T. Van Meter ’68

Robert E. Van Metre ’63 and Barbara A. Van Metre, Parent

Paul P. Van Riper ’38

Ronald F. Van Vactor ’52 and Doris B. Van Vactor

Johanna Nash Van Valkenburgh ’50 and Karl J. Van Valkenburgh

Anne Strehlow Vance ’42

Susan Bresnahan Vanderby ’72 and Ray Vanderby Jr.

Thomas K. Vandiver ’73 and Carolyn Haimann Vandiver

James M. Vandivier ’57 and Sharon R. Vandivier

Kathleen Spangler Vashaw ’63 and V. Harward Vashaw

Gloria Vaughan ’50

Noel Wyandt Vaughn ’59

Susan Vaughn ’73

Lorraine Phillips Vavul ’85 and Rick Vavul

Charles T. Vear ’50 and Gloria Vear

Jennifer D. Vear

Marcus R. Veatch ’75 and Cynthia Carll Veatch

Randall H. Veatch ’78 and Jean K. Veatch

Dorothy Williams Venning ’53

Cynthia L. Vernon ’76 and Monta M. Potter

Charles A. Vickers ’55 and Martha Johnson Vickers ’55

Mary H. Vogel

Clara Snepp Vogt ’49 and Clifford M. Vogt

Sandra Bekins Von Riesen ’76

Alexander Vraciu ’41

Raymond E. Wachter Jr. ’55 and Johanna Wachter

Clark L. Wagner ’54 and Joan Wagner

Jerome Wagner and Norma Wagner

John W. Wagner ’59 and Bobbie B. Wagner

F. Michael Wahl ’53

Richard L. Waldron ’63 and Susan Cook Waldron ’64

Bruce Walker ’53 and Mary Frances Walker

C. Richard Walker Jr. ’68 and Elizabeth Kaiser Walker ’70

Frank D. Walker ’57 and Jane Tatman Walker

Melissa Watson Walker ’61 and Richard L. Walker, Parent

Thomas J. Walker ’60 and Ellyn Vyhnalek Walker ’59

Robert E. Wall ’70 and Christine Huber Wall

John H. Wallace ’76 and Sarah Reese Wallace ’76

Philip David Waller Jr. ’64 and Gail Robertson Waller ’66

Thomas W. Walsh ’68 and Judith P. Walsh

Joseph E. Walsmith ’64 and Susan Scully Walsmith ’65

Bayard H. Walters ’63 and Rosemary Lab Walters

Joel R. Walters ’77 and Carolyn J. Walters

Dwight F. Walton ’57 and Lou Ubben Walton ’57

Jay R. Walton ’68

Jeanne Walton

Gerald L. Ward ’56 and Gail Loomis Ward ’57

Robert L. Ward ’80

Susan Charlesworth Ward ’70 and Stephen Rosborough Ward

Willis W. Ward ’47

Janice Morfee Wark ’74 and Wm. James Wark

Richard A. Warne ’54 and Jane Leahy Warne ’54

Pauline Peterson Warner ’46

Richard H. Warnes ’55 and Nancy Warnes

Jane Warren

John M. Watkins ’54 and Martha Swintz Watkins ’54

Robert T. Watson ’44 and Jean Mehlig Watson ’45

William H. Watson ’67 and Marianne L. Watson

Sharon Stallings Watson-Wardrum ’60 and Earl R. Wardrum

Mary Goodrich Watts ’52

Susan Alvis Weakley ’44 and Paul R. Weakley

Elaine K. Weaver ’71

Jerry F. Weaver ’49

Arthur B. Webb ’51 and Suzellen Roest Webb

Michael M. Webb ’61 and Margaret F. Webb

William A. Webb and Susan Webb, Parents

Sue A. Webb-Dickson and Barry Dickson

Marsha Brown Webster ’81 and Stephen Lee Webster, Parent

James D. Weddle ’75 and Stacey Shepherd Weddle ’75

Gary L. Wegenke ’60 and Sandra S. Wegenke

Richard E. Wehnes ’69 and Elaine Eberle Wehnes

John W. Wehrenberg ’90 and Wanpen Wehrenberg

Carolyn Smith Weimar ’64

Kathryn D. Weinrichter and Leonard C. Sundeen

Robert O. Weiss and Ann Weiss, Parents

Stephan E. Weitzel ’71 and Jeanne Imbs Weitzel

Brian W. Welch ’73 and Susan A. Welch

William F. Welch ’40 and Jean K. Welch, Parent

Lawrence E. Welker ’69 and Joyce A. Welker, Parent

Janice Myers Weller ’54 and George Dale Weller

Gayle Williams Welling ’53 and Brenton Welling

Kenneth B. Welliver ’51 and Mary Lee Hickman Welliver ’51

Alan K. Wells ’67 and Josephine Muzzy Wells

Robert A. Wells ’64 and Binney Kitchel Wells

Robert F. Wells ’66 and Barbara Stoner Wells ’66

Fred N. Wendelboe ’66 and Malinda Williams Wendelboe ’65

Robert B. Wessling ’59 and Judith Hanson Wessling ’61

Barbara Carnahan West ’74

Charles A. West ’49 and Carol Venerable West

Richard A. West ’48 and Florence West

Tom H. West ’60 and Deanna Bryant West

Risdon J. Westen ’45 and Lois A. Westen

Anna Roberta Westfall

Ruth G. Weston ’74

Marion Palmer Weyrauch ’46 and Paul H. Weyrauch

James L. Wheeler ’82 and Joan Werleman

Paul J. Wheeler ’75 and Marianne Wheeler

Bertha K. Whitaker

Caroline A. White ’56

Diane McDonald White ’62 and Loren Clifford White Jr.

Douglas P. White ’75 and Rebecca Brown White

Glenn A. White ’66 and Frederica Sheridan White ’66

Joann Wine White ’52 and William H. Beckett

Robert A. White ’69 and Tracy Truchelut

Stanley G. White ’51 and Madalene Bowler White

William L. White ’53 and Ann B. White

Jane Grissom Whitesides ’70 and Lawson E. Whitesides Jr.

James L. Whitlatch ’80 and Ann Baur Whitlatch ’80

Dickson L. Whitney Jr. ’79 and Ann Tobin Whitney ’79

Nancy L. Wicker ’75

Elizabeth Smock Wickman ’46

James C. Widman ’51 and Ruth Ann Widman

Kenneth A. Wieland ’53 and Janyce Kishman Wieland ’53

Sandra Major Wiese ’60 and Theodore O. Wiese Jr., Parent

Stuart H. Wildman ’48 and Ann Bennett Wildman ’48

Jack W. Wiley ’74 and Rhonda K. Wiley

Matilda J. Wilhoite ’73

Richard W. Wilkinson, Parent

Steven V. Wilkinson ’63 and Barbara Wells Wilkinson ’63

Catherine Hess Williams ’70 and Douglas G. Williams, Parent

Dianne Senger Williams ’67 and Charles R. Williams

Dorothy Gildemeister Williams ’50 and George Carr Williams

George B. Williams ’59 and Shirley Lorene Williams

James H. Williams ’52 and Jo Williams

James R. Williams ’50 and Nancy S. Williams

Jerry L. Williams ’54 and Jane Jones Williams ’57

John D. Williams ’47

Robert E. Williams Jr. ’48 and Barbara S. Williams

Sueann Stedman Williams ’56

Marietta May Willman ’68 and John R. Willman, Parent

Don L. Wills ’61

Julia Nisbet Wilson ’63 and David B. Wilson

Margaret Hardgrove Wilson ’41

Mary Glick Wilson ’69 and Harry M. Wilson III

Melani Welker Wilson ’84 and Peter C. Wilson

O. Roderick Wilson ’72 and Christine Hosler Wilson ’74

Pamela Parkhill Wilson ’61 and Ken Wilson

R. Lee Wilson ’76 and Deborah Riefe Wilson ’76

Norma Hawkinson Winemiller ’56

Scott F. N. Wing ’71 and Joan K. Wing

Gerald L. Wingate ’59 and Sandra Ohley Wingate ’60

Mary Baker Winning ’45

Stephen M. Winning ’68 and Deborah Smith Winning

L. Alan Winslow ’62

Sonja Nay Wise ’60

Park A. Wiseman ’40 and Marjorie Nelson Wiseman ’41

John J. Wittich ’44 and Leah Elliott Wittich ’44

Lucy Freehafer Wold ’60 and Richard Thompson Wold

Jeannine McNeill Wolf ’80 and Stephen E. Wolf

Marian Gregory Wolf ’48 and Thomas P. Wolf

Eric Andrew Wolfe ’04 and June Javens Wolfe ’04

Marilyn J. Wolfe ’63

Marta Hawthorne Wolfe ’76 and Douglas Walter Wolfe, Parent

Phyllis Osborn Wolfe ’61

Helen Wenrich Wood ’45

James W. Wood ’59 and Sandra McDermond Wood ’61

Jane Ehmann Wood ’53 and James C. Wood

Maurice B. Wood ’50 and Jean Wood

Richard D. Wood ’48 and Billie Lou Wood

Susan Scoins Wooden ’54

Susan Geeslin Woodhouse ’89 and Kevin C. Woodhouse

Julie Harper Woodrome ’76 and Cyril C. Woodrome

Robert B. Woodruff ’64 and Dorothy DeLong Woodruff ’64

Victoria Stembridge Woodward ’67 and James Roy Woodward

Paulette Bridenhager Worcester ’77 and Richard A. Worcester

Peter B. Work ’61 and Elisabeth P. Work

Nancy May Woulfe ’54 and Donald P. Woulfe

Lloyd M. Wright and A. Marie Wright

Marianna Soaper Wright ’75 and Robert B. Wright, Parent

Olwen Twyman Wright ’68

Thomas A. Wright ’53

Timothy T. Wright and Catherine G. Wright, Parents

Christopher J. Wurster ’69 and Lynne A. Tweedie ’71

Lynn Halloran Yaeger ’73

David G. Yahnke ’61 and Marilyn Rist Yahnke ’61

Julia Trost Yake ’49 and William H. Yake

Julia Countryman Yanson ’50

Laura Sandberg Yeo ’75

Thomas S. Yeo ’70

Dennie Eaton Yianakopolos ’86 and Stephen C. Yianakopolos

Cynthia Watson Yingling ’83 and Jeffrey W. Yingling

J. Michael Yohe ’57 and Nancy Peyton Yohe

Nancy Haupt York ’52 and James L. York

Barbara Brown Young ’79 and Richard William Young

David L. Young ’53 and Susan Guild Young ’55

Jeanette Cochran Young ’75

Kimberlee Tweedy Young ’73 and Richard A. Young, Parent

Melissa L. Young ’80 and Robert K. Davidson

Steven J. Young ’67 and Linda Harris Young ’67

Robert N. Younger ’57 and Janet Younger

Eleanor S. Ypma

Roland S. Yunghans ’50 and Dorothy Cline Yunghans ’49

James D. Zachritz ’55 and Arlene Calkins Zachritz ’60

Nina Streepey Zanes ’51

Pamela L. Zdunek ’81

Lawrence J. Zelenz ’78 and Marguerite Carroll Zelenz

Elaine Hebel Zeuthen ’55

Robert C. Zimmer ’50 and Ethel Ford Zimmer, Parent

Nancy Lemen Zimmerman ’53

Joelen Cox Zimont ’54 and Charles R. Zimont

Elizabeth Weidman Zuercher ’66 and Gary C. Zuercher

Miriam Ely Zukoski ’52

Report of gifts received and pledges made July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2014. Names in italics indicate donors who are deceased.

DePauw University has made every effort to maintain accuracy in the preparation of the Donor Annual Report and Honor Roll of Donors. Unfortunately, mistakes and omissions can and do occur. If you should find an error in these reports, please notify the University so that our records can be corrected. Write: DePauw University, Stewardship Office, Attn: Donor Annual Report, Greencastle, IN 46135-0037 or email: