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Washington C. DePauw Annual Society

Steven C. Aanenson and Beverly K. Aanenson, Parents

Neal B. Abraham and Donna L. Wiley

Karen Koning AbuZayd ’63

Charles A. Adams ’64 and Linda Howell Adams ’64

Michael D. Adams ’00

Frank B. Adney Jr. ’42 and Mary Alice Claycombe Adney ’42

Mark A. Ahlemann ’78 and Elizabeth Bottorff Ahlemann ’79

Laura McLarney Akre ’96 and Kristen Akre

Pegeen H. Albig ’64

Denise Hart Alfeld ’89 and Chad Steven Alfeld

Elizabeth Pfeffer Allen ’56 and Robert E. Allen

George C. Alter and Elyce J. Rotella, Parents

Caryn Cockerill Anderson ’89 and David T. Anderson

Dean K. Anderson ’50 and Gretchen Scott Anderson ’49

Jane Eklund Anderson ’65 and Allan James Anderson

John R. Anderson II ’64 and Mary Watson Anderson ’64

John T. Anderson ’52 and Nancy Filkey Anderson ’52

Thomas F. Anderson ’61

Alison Merrell Andrews ’08


Don B. Ansel ’52 and Irene Koebke Ansel ’52

Susan M. Ansel ’82

Kirsten Hagen Anthony ’02 and Leonard Anthony

Robert S. Apatoff ’80 and Vicki Garrison Apatoff ’80

Janet Carlisle Archer ’53

William H. Arends ’72

Jason A. Asbury ’95 and David Smith

J. William Asher ’50 and Dorothy A. Asher

John Fullilove Avery III ’05

Russell W. Babb

James Patrick Babington and Cynthia Ann Babington

Stanley L. Bahler ’66 and Bobbette Hendricks Bahler ’66

William Bret Baier ’92 and Amy Hills Baier

Ann Schueler Bair ’84 and Richard C. Bair

Gregory M. Ball ’97 and Julie Kollhoff Ball ’98

Jeffrey R. Balser and Melinda S. Balser, Parents

John H. Bankhurst ’99

Lee C. Banks ’85 and Elizabeth Beatty Banks

David T. Barker ’64 and Kathryn Donaldson Barker

Susan Suckow Barkhausen ’78 and David N. Barkhausen, Parent

Roberta O. Barnes ’70 and Clark J. Chandler

Analisa Boatman Barrett ’99 and Thomas Barrett

Sean Matthew Barrie ’03 and Jennifer Watts Barrie ’03

Fred J. Bartizal Jr. ’65 and Susan Ferry Bartizal ’65

James R. Bartlett ’66 and Susan Bartelsmeyer Bartlett ’66

Verna L. Baughman ’68

Emily Beaman Beals ’69 and Brian L. Beals

Christopher W. Bear ’82 and Ivette Moreon Bear

Florence E. Beatty ’74

Emily B. Beer ’36

Kathleen McKirnan Belden ’09

George H. Belhobek ’65 and Jeanie Brown Belhobek ’66

Denzil P. Bennett II ’85 and Jennifer Kronland Bennett

Isham Jay Bennett ’91 and Lisa Henderson Bennett ’93

W. Charles Bennett ’74

Barbara Van Dellen Beré ’47

Elliot William Bergfeld Jr. ’54 and Margaret A. Bergfeld

Jeffrey M. Bernacchi ’79 and Mary Lynn Scovill Bernacchi ’79

Benjamin A. Betz ’04 and Alexa Pennak Betz

Bruce P. Bickner ’65 and Joan A. Bickner

Mona Walker Biddlecome ’72 and George Webster Biddlecome

Jeffrey Clyde Bird ’81 and Susan Anne Bird, Parent

David Vincent Blackburn II ’04

Edward B. Blair Jr. ’71 and Barbara Houston Blair, Parent

William V. Blake III ’59 and Linda Kistner Blake

Peter B. Blankenhorn ’77 and Kristie R. Blankenhorn, Parent

Kristina Cornelsen Boctor and Sam Boctor

Michael E. Bogers ’01

Tony Bolazina ’84 and Amy Robb Bolazina ’84

James B. Bolen Jr. ’50

Thomas R. Bollinger ’65 and Dana Owens Bollinger

Richard J. Bonaccorsi ’85 and Desiree S. Dimond ’85

Thomas A. Bond ’64 and Sue Huffman Bond

Thomas W. Boswell ’66 and Cheryl K. Boswell

Peter A. Boyer ’66 and N. Ling Boyer ’66

Frank W. Braden ’23

Robert R. Branson ’53

André L. Brewer ’93

Scott R. Brewer and Carol B. Brewer, Parents

Thomas Casey Briere Sr. and Christine Crane Briere, Parents

Andrea Hannon Brown ’74 and Blake H. Brown

Robert J Bruce, Parent

Thomas L. Brunkow ’61 and Katherine Ault Brunkow ’64

Arthur L. Bryant ’56 and Carol Shanahan Bryant ’58

Albert Carl Buehler III ’78

Mark A. Burgess ’88 and Shannon Lynch Burgess ’88

Lucile E. Burkett, Parent

Anne Husted Burleigh ’63 and William R. Burleigh, Parent

Robert G. Burney ’58 and Kathleen Wisner Burney

John W. Busey ’61 and Judith R. Busey, Parent

William J. Butler ’82 and Kim Klinger Butler ’81

Rhett W. Butler ’62 and Kay Burney Butler ’62

Tobias J. Butler ’04

Kathryn Doermer Callen, Parent

James A. Campbell ’72 and Margaret Sweeney Campbell

Mary Jean Sims Cannell ’61 and Roger Cannell

Richard T. Carlin ’68 and Roberta Graef Carlin ’69

Glenn F. Carlson Jr. ’81

Holly Klunk Carollo ’01 and Christopher A. Carollo

Robert R. Carpenter ’78 and Sally Henning Carpenter ’79

William F. Carroll Jr. ’73 and Mary Cooke Carroll

Philip L. Carson ’64 and Susan Weeks Carson ’64

Karen M. Casey ’65

Robert G. Casey ’70 and Leslie L. Casey

Lisa K. Crawley ’84 and Julie A. Cason ’84

John M. Cassady ’60 and Nancy Earls Cassady, Parent

John C. Cassidy ’82 and Susan McNichols Cassidy ’82

Judith Banker Castellini ’81 and Jerome A. Castellini

Nicholas D. Chabraja and Eleanor Chabraja, Parents

Nancy Ford Charles ’57

Beth Heuring Christensen ’43

Justin P. Christian ’95 and Darrianne Howard Christian ’95

Lindsey Rean Ciochina ’05

Lawrence W. Clarkson ’60 and Barbara Stevenson Clarkson ’61

Todd M. Cleveland ’90 and Melissa Kay Beck

Emily D. Cline ’85

Peter E. Coburn and Susan D. Coburn, Parents

Barbara Tracy Cochran ’58

Benjamin G. Cochran ’55 and Patricia Sutton Cochran, Parent

Jonathan Christopher Coffin ’06

Sarah Robinson Coffin ’74 and Rick L. Coffin, Parent

David D. Colburn, Parent

Alexandra Lutzow Cole ’76 and William L. Cole, Parent

Andrew Bond Cole ’07 and Carolyn Walker Cole ’05

Timothy C. Collins ’78 and Andrea Collins

Courtney Hughes Comer ’91 and Guy Comer

Charles A. Compton ’89 and Barbara Miller Compton ’89

Colin R. Connor ’98

Janice Mullen Cooke ’51 and Bruce H. Cooke

Andrew P. Coolidge ’93 and Emily Smith Coolidge ’93

David B. Coolidge ’87

Karla Naggs Coolidge ’89

Tom P. Cooper ’66

David C. Coquillette ’88 and Romy E. Coquillette

Ken W. Coquillette ’82 and Carrie Melind Coquillette ’82

John R. Costello and Helen O. Costello, Parents

Gordon K. Costley ’64 and Selina Costley

Page Cotton Jr. ’71 and Narda Greising Cotton ’72

Sally Smerz Cowal ’66 and Robert L. Muse

Lee Sheridan Cox ’38

Jeff A. Cozad ’86 and Jane Maxwell Cozad ’86

Bradford E. Crandell ’85 and Lisa Hildebrand Crandell ’84

Newton F. Crenshaw ’85 and Susan M. Crenshaw, Parent

James A. Crossin III ’85 and Stephanie Paine Crossin ’87

D. David Cryer ’58 and Britt Swanson Cryer

James S. Cunning ’74 and Lisa Stone

Rebecca McConnell Cunningham ’99 and Scott C. Cunningham

Melinda Walthers Dabbiere ’82 and David K. Dabbiere

Loren D. Daily ’51 and Gloria Lindquist Daily ’52

Jack Dalenberg ’68 and Judy Dalenberg, Parent

William K. Daniel II ’87 and Robin Wieland Daniel ’87

Alexandra Marie Daniels ’10

Joseph H. Danks ’65 and Carol Nickles Danks

Ryan J. Danks ’99

Matthew S. Darnall ’85 and Jennifer Lindamood Darnall ’85

Robert J. Darnall ’60 and Marletta Farrier Darnall ’61

Don R. Daseke ’61 and Barbara Daseke

W. Douglas Davidson ’80

Luis R. Davila ’81 and Deborah White Davila ’82

Bronson C. Davis ’65 and Cathie Valeska Davis ’66

Glenn E. Davis ’79 and Susan Melberg Davis ’79

John Baird Davis ’59

Kelli Smith Davis ’04 and Paxton L. Davis

Lorraine Hook Davis, Parent

Philip R. Davis ’79 and Victoria Reed Davis

Tony J. de Nicola ’86 and Christie B. de Nicola, Parent

William G. Deadman ’63 and Roxana Carrick Deadman ’64

Richard A. Dean ’70 and Gretchen Marie Cupples Dean

Richard E. Deer ’54 and Lee T. Deer, Parent

Christopher A. DeGraw ’72 and Terri L. Muilenburg

Matthew Lorimer Demmings ’91 and Elizabeth Koenig Demmings ’75

David W. Devonshire and Lidia S. Devonshire, Parents

Jane Rowles Dickson ’54 and William M. Dickson

Benjamin Diesbach ’68 and Marianne H. Diesbach

Cynthia Ann Diller ’73

John J. Dillon III ’82 and Anne Trudgen Dillon ’81

William C. Dillon ’87 and Sarah Clark Dillon ’87

Lee E. Dirks ’56

Morris B. Dodd ’64 and Sandra Olson Dodd

Nancy Ruyle Dodge ’58

Peter M. Donahower ’70 and Lucia P. Donahower, Parent

John P. Douglass ’68 and Emily R. Douglass

Paul E. Drack and Elaine Drack, Parents

Gary Paul Drew ’61 and Sandra Aldrich Drew ’62

Donald H. Driemeier ’60 and Joyce Driemeier, Parent

Joel Ryan Duckworth ’06 and Emily Steele Duckworth ’06

J. Walter Duncan IV ’88 and Ann-Clore Jones Duncan ’89

Frank W. Durham Jr. ’48 and Shirley Gilbert Durham ’47

Victoria S. Dycio ’89

Justin C. Dye ’94 and Jennifer I. Dye

Megan Reese Edwards ’88 and Eric L. Edwards, Parent

Jeremy D. Efroymson

Randall D. Ehm ’91 and Margaret Gelder Ehm

Susan Metcalfe Elzemeyer ’52

Jane Larson Emison

James W. Emison ’71 and Mary Kathryn Holmes Emison ’72

Mark A. Emkes ’75 and Maria Concepcion Emkes, Parent

Grey M. Emmons ’69 and Lurie S. Emmons

Matthew Mark Enenbach ’01 and Laura A. Enenbach

Sheila Steinbach Engel ’70 and Gary E. Engel

Mark E. English ’64

Mary Palmer Enroth ’62

Beau T. Davis ’03 and Elizabeth C. Ephraim ’02

Robert L. Erickson ’58 and Rita Luther Erickson ’59

Nancy Oviatt Erkkila ’61 and Jacob B. Erkkila

Carleton J. Evans and Lisa Emmert Evans, Parents

L. Penfield Faber ’52 and Marilyn Melvin Faber

Daniel M. Falotico ’88 and Linda Ely Falotico ’87

Richard L. Fanyo ’69 and Mary E. Fanyo

Sue Shafer Farmer ’48

Scott B. Farnham ’97

Benjamin M. Farris ’01

Robert J. Fauth II ’60 and Charlotte J. Fauth

Patricia K. Fehl ’49

Maxine Hofmann Ference ’50

William James Ference

Marilyn Sanders Ferguson ’64 and Roy J. Ferguson, Parent

Richard B. Ferrell ’65 and Melanie Cash Ferrell

James R. Feutz ’68 and Vickie J. Feutz

Mark A. Filippell ’75 and Buffy Gordon Filippell

David M. Findlay ’84 and Susan Scott Findlay, Parent

Donald C. Findlay II ’56 and Judith Lilly Findlay ’57

Roger W. Findley ’57 and Suzanne Erickson Findley

Gordon B. Finley Jr. ’65 and Margaret Finley

Matthew R. Fischer ’82 and Anne Vollette Fischer ’83

James A. Fisher ’68 and Elizabeth Y. Fisher

Robert L. Fitzpatrick ’81 and Beatrice Elizondo Fitzpatrick ’81

Ted C. Fleming ’36

Robert J. Fleschler ’87 and Katherine Roob Fleschler ’88

Kathlyn E. Fletcher ’92 and John Carl Littrell

Marvin E. Flewellen ’85 and Caren Lyons Flewellen

Marilyn Stamstad Fogdall ’61 and Larry C. Fogdall

Anna Christina Fogt ’12

Jonathan V. Fortt ’98 and Gina Chung Fortt

Bradley R. Foss ’00 and Leslie Emmert Foss

Katherine Tweedle Fox ’62 and Alan F. Fox

Jeffrey E. Francis ’91

Robert R. Frederick ’48 and Carolyn Smith Frederick ’49

Scott A. Fredrick ’87 and Carolyn E. Fredrick

Stephanie A. Freeman ’02

Patricia Boynton Frey ’65 and William James Frey

Roger R. Fross ’62 and Madelon Rose Fross

Alison E. Frost ’69 and Richard L. Bender

Edward T. Fry and Kathleen Fry, Parents

Jane Brazes Funke ’78 and David W. Funke, Parent

Nancy Hunger Galliher ’57 and David A. Galliher, Parent

Martha Faitz Gamble ’57

Tracy Cochran Garrity ’82 and Dennis J. Downing

Frederick S. Gass ’64 and Margery Stoops Gass ’66

James R. Gates ’78 and Roberta P. Gates

Nancy J. Geiss ’68

Jeffrey G. Gibson ’90 and Ann Gibson

John W. Gibson ’85 and Pamela C. Gibson, Parent

Thomas R. Gibson ’64 and Sophie H. Gibson, Parent

Michael J. Giesecke ’92 and Laura Giesecke

Ronald W. Gilbert ’34

Robert H. Giles ’55 and Nancy M. Giles, Parent

Ronald L. Gillum ’60 and Elizabeth Feigel Gillum ’60

Betty Davis Givens ’54 and David W. Givens

Marjorie Willett Glenn ’64 and William C. Glenn

Tristan D. Glover ’04 and Megan Casey Glover ’04

James W. Godwin ’64 and Kim Robinson

Robert P. Godwin ’59 and Patricia Zwickel Godwin ’60

Lindsay Schultz Goetz ’02 and Geoff M. Goetz

Carol Warner Golder ’81 and David Bruce Golder

David S. Goltermann ’78 and Elizabeth Gray Goltermann ’80

Joan Austin Goodwin ’59 and David G. Goodwin

Sarah C. Gormley ’94

Christopher S. Gorz ’92 and Molly King

Cynthia A. Gossett ’77

Graham C. Grady, Parent

Eric J. Graham ’97 and Nicole Chabraja Graham ’97

Thomas J. Grant ’56 and Ann Luttrell Grant ’57

Kent M. Grathwohl ’85

Judson C. Green ’74 and Joyce Taglauer Green ’75

Nancy J. Gritter ’88 and Curtis A. Dansby

Kris C. Gruner ’91 and Erika Litterst Gruner ’91

Judith Drompp Guild ’53

M. Lewis Gulick ’44

John W. Guy ’63 and Chichi Guy

Gerald Haberkorn ’83 and Elizabeth Lubiniecki

Megan Lewis Haddox ’79 and Craig A. Haddox

Gretchen J. Haehl ’08

Susan Schacht Hagaman ’64 and T. Carter Hagaman

Katharine Draper Haimbaugh ’44

John W. Hake ’56

A. Grant Hale ’99 and Amy Baker Hale ’04

Linda D. Hale, Parent

Douglas Hallward-Driemeier ’89 and Mary Hallward-Driemeier

Michael W. Halstead and Lisa M. Lanham

Donald L. Hamilton ’57 and Emily Hooton Hamilton ’58

Jeffrey D. Hamilton ’89 and Meg Brennan Hamilton

Vernon O. Hamilton Jr. ’64 and Valerie Watson Hamilton ’65

Joel C. Hammond ’82

John R. Hammond III ’76 and Diana H. Hamilton

Milo F. Hanke Jr. ’77

Glenn C. Hannah ’52

Richard A. Hansen ’53 and Joan K. Hansen

David C. Harbottle ’68

Robert Brooks Harding ’64 and Susan Stone Harding, Parent

David L. Harlor ’78 and Florence E. Harlor

T. Lyle Harlor ’48 and Pam Harlor

Charles M. Harris ’70 and Marie Rhine Harris ’70

Russell H. Hart Jr. ’50

Barbara Hartman ’64 and James E. Melville

Nancy Grant Harvey ’60

David W. Hasenbalg ’87 and Diana Wade Hasenbalg

W. Brian Hatton ’95 and Stephanie Benjamin Hatton

Brian P. Hauck ’98

Kyle A. Hawkins ’07 and Kelly Schaffer Hawkins ’08

Clarke L. Hayes ’64 and Virginia Keim Hayes ’64

Robert E. Heller ’63 and Lois Jane Heller

Jeffrey L. Henry ’68 and Melinda P. Henry, Parent

Robert F. Henry Jr. ’54 and Ellen O. Henry

Keith Alan Herrmann ’05

Philip G. Heyde ’72

Suzanne L. Hickman ’75 and John W. Weber

Alan Preston Hill ’81 and Jennett McGowan Hill ’85

Amy Wilmer Hill ’83 and David L. Hill, Parent

Roberta Gates Hill ’58

Anne Mossberg Hillman ’51

Dennis P. Himan ’66 and Janet Masterson Himan

Max W. Hittle Jr. ’66 and Vicki Noe Hittle ’71

Scott T. Hocking ’73 and Barbara Albrecht Hocking ’73

Donna Payne Hoenes ’54

James M. Holland ’54 and Jackie P. Holland, Parent

Robert B. Holland ’65 and Elizabeth Gross Holland ’65

Virginia Cooling Hollett ’60 and John E. Hollett III

Joe Gregory Hollingsworth ’71 and Nancy Bartlett Hollingsworth ’72

Ronald K. Holmberg ’54 and Cynthia Brooks Holmberg ’56

Steven A. Holt ’70 and Emily Ann Holt, Parent

Herbert W. Hoover ’51 and Barbara Burton Hoover ’49

R. David Hoover ’67 and Suzanne Anderson Hoover ’67

Christina M. Horn ’85 and Jeffrey Bernstein

Nicholas J. Horvath ’01

Susan M. Hossli ’86

Karl Y. Hostetler ’61 and Margaretha Steur Hostetler

Sarah Roberts Houghland ’65 and Wright B. Houghland

Robert E. Houk ’42 and Marion Pfitzner Houk ’42

Mark E. Howard ’73 and Bonnie Williams Howard

R. Keith Howard ’83 and Karen Carlson Howard ’85

Michelle Coduti Howisen ’05 and Harry Joseph Howisen

Kathryn Fortune Hubbard ’74 and Allan B. Hubbard

Maxine May Hubbard ’64 and Douglas M. Hubbard

John E. Huepenbecker and Marcia L. Page, Parents

Michael A. Huesing ’86 and Sarah Race Huesing ’85

Linda Link Huff ’60 and Noble F. Huff, Parent

Elizabeth Miller Huish ’74 and Steven A. Huish

John H. Huneke III ’67 and Ruth Russ Huneke ’68

Mary Jo Hunsberger ’61

Jane Cockerill Hunt ’63 and Donald S. Hunt

Tim B. Hunter ’65 and Carol K. Hunter

Mary Kathleen Huse ’02

Frank L. Hussey III ’71 and Gail Lynn Hussey

Douglas S. Hynden ’78 and Melanie Nicklas Hynden ’78

Hirotsugu Iikubo ’57 and Yoshiko Iikubo

Ninalouise Hart Isaacson ’51 and Lofton Lee Isaacson

Kathleen Snell Jagger ’75 and James A. Jagger

John W. Jakes ’53 and Rachel Payne Jakes ’51

Dorothy Lockwood Jamison ’60 and Rex Lindsay Jamison

Mason P. Jett ’69 and Barbara Waters Jett

John R. Jewett Jr. ’77 and Perry Bockstahler Jewett, Parent

Ann C. Jilg ’58

Arvid C. Johnson and Anne M. Johnson, Parents

David C. Johnson ’72 and Linda M. Johnson

David S. Johnson ’53 and Anne Prindle Johnson ’54

Jeannette Johnson ’20 and Dana A. Dudle

Jeffrey R. Johnson ’75

Carolyn T. Jones ’58

Sandra Brooks Jordan ’51

Vernon E. Jordan Jr. ’57

Lauren Bohlander Kanaan ’04 and Tony Kanaan

Ingrid Grujanac Kay ’78 and John Douglas Kay, Parent

James Allan Kayler ’63 and Deborah Hall-Kayler

William N. Keadey Jr. ’68 and Penelope Morse Keadey ’69

Marilou Morrell Kelly ’55

Michelle Ross Kelly ’00 and Eric P. Kelly

Bradley Alan Kelsheimer and Katrina L. Kelsheimer, Parents

John F. Kent Jr. ’64 and Nancy Van Sickle Kent ’69

Keith W. Keppel ’66 and Gloria A. Keppel

Brendan Kyle Kerrigan ’10

Adam W. Kersey ’01 and Nicole Kuhn Kersey ’01

Melody Stevanovic Key ’82 and Charles J. Key

Judith McNew Kiely ’60 and Donald E. Kiely, Parent

Julie Reynolds King ’77 and Robert M. King, Parent

Sharon Hornbeck King ’63 and Harold W. King

David C. Kingsley ’64 and Judy C. Kingsley

Neal E. Kitchell ’72 and Diana T Kitchell, Parent

Paul S. Kittaka ’85 and Jill H. Kittaka, Parent

Jeralyn M. Klasik

Arthur E. Klauser ’45

Matthew J. Kleymeyer ’04 and Andrea Speller Kleymeyer ’06

Laurie Mann Klion ’82 and Reid E. Klion

Virginia Walsh Knight ’60 and Sidney A. Simon

Jeffrey F. Knupp ’90 and Colleen Knupp

Emily Jones Knuth ’99 and Dennis M. Knuth

Samuel A. Kocoshis ’69 and Marie S. Kocoshis

Robert L. Koenig ’51 and Janet Wray Koenig

David E. Kranbuehl ’65 and Marjolaine Kranbuehl

Virginia Dirks Krauss ’65 and Frederick G. Krauss

Ashley B. Krieg ’01

Robert L. Krouse ’77 and Sarah Strauss Krouse ’74

Carol Koock Krueger ’59

Elizabeth Spangler Kuehling ’66

Beatrice Marquis Kulier ’58 and Charles P. Kulier

Peter F. Kunz and Jane Elder Kunz, Parents

Evelyn Whaley LaFollette ’63 and James W. LaFollette, Parent

E. Henry Lamkin Jr. ’56 and Martha Dampf Lamkin, Parent

James R. Lancaster, Parent

Mark T. Lancaster ’85 and Nancy A. Woodruff

Paul E. Lancaster ’52 and Susan Metcalf Lancaster

Kyle E. Lanham ’79 and Sally Erickson Lanham, Parent

Gail Vanthournout Lanznar ’77 and Howard S. Lanznar

Elaine Bertram Larkin ’61

Joyce Foster Larson ’53 and Arlyn J. Larson

James D. LaRue ’00 and Amber Franklin LaRue ’00

Thomas P. Laskey Jr. ’83 and Betsy Baker Laskey ’83

David F. Lau ’73 and Nancy Pfeffer Lau ’75

Kathryn Senseman Laudick ’84 and James Laudick

David H. Lavelle ’93 and Ann Winings Lavelle

Doris J. Lawhead

Henry A. Leander ’52 and Louise Ford Leander ’52

Allison Rechter Lechleiter ’04 and Daniel Mark Lechleiter

Kathi Hancock Lee ’73 and Edward Lee

Roger E. Legg ’59 and Gayle Lepree Legg

David A. Leighty ’63 and Lisa Luther Leighty

Charles A. Leis ’52

Nancy Johnson Lewis ’64 and Kenneth J. Lewis

Frank W. Lincoln ’61 and Marlene B. Lincoln, Parent

Bonnie Stout Lloyd ’66

Robert W. Lloyd III ’65

G. Richard Locke III ’83 and Jean L. Locke, Parent

James Michael Locke ’89 and Heather Whittemore Locke ’93

Jonathan T. Locke ’85 and Kathleen Galliher Locke ’85

Judy Blang Locke ’58

Mark D. Locke ’87 and Sarah Bovaird Locke

Glenn Bryan Logan and J. Anna Logan, Parents

George C. Lortz ’62 and Rebecca Watts Lortz ’63

Richard G. Lubman ’64 and Patricia Leggett Lubman

Mary Bridges Lyne ’92 and Timothy G. Lyne

Jeffrey C. Lyons ’02

Saundra Fabrick MacGregor ’62 and Michael D. MacGregor, Parent

Susanne Hanna MacTavish ’69 and Douglas S. MacTavish

J. Kurt Mahrdt Jr. ’56 and Linda R. Mahrdt

Jeffrey S. Main ’89 and Joy M. Main

Michael R. Maine ’61 and Suzanne Bauman Maine ’62

Thomas M. Mansager, Parent

Grace Maring

Edward B. Martin ’73 and Anne Zonsius Martin ’73

Lynn R. Mayfield

George L. Mazanec ’58

Carmel J. Mazzocco ’64

Roger K. McAlister ’75 and Karen H. McAlister

Michael D. McClure ’64 and Brenda McClure

Robert D. McClure ’63 and Barbara McClure

James T. McCoy ’62 and Linda Bollinger McCoy ’62

Kenneth B. McCoy Jr. ’64 and Barbara Swensrud McCoy ’64

Mary Axelberg McCoy ’85 and Craig Ellis McCoy

Michael B. McCracken ’79 and Wendy Reuter McCracken, Parent

Susan Campbell McCully ’68 and Thomas R. McCully

R. Griffith McDonald ’64 and Patricia Peckinpaugh McDonald ’66

Jennifer A. McDonough

Michael McGowan, Parent

Edward McGrath, Parent

Neal Jerron McKinney ’09

Jill Robertson McNay ’86 and Mark L. McNay

Elisabeth C. Meeker ’78

Charles F. Meyer ’86 and Ann Ferry Meyer, Parent

Daniel Lee Meyer and Anne F. Meyer, Parents

Patricia J. Middleton ’59 and Jean L. Forest

Charles Rickie Miller ’69 and Janel Howell Miller ’69

Kathryn A. Miller ’73

Kevin M. Miller ’94 and Sara Toole Miller ’96

Nancy Sjostrom Miller ’52 and Gale R. Miller

R. Drew Miller ’43

W. Timothy Miller ’89 and Tonia Mennen Miller

William G. Miller Sr. and Lorraine M. Miller

Johari N. Miller-Wilson ’94

Corey A. Minturn ’91 and Katharine Post Minturn ’91

John Mirza ’44

Robert L. Mitchell ’60 and Rebecca A. Mitchell

Todd D. Mitchell ’85 and Margaret Crowe Mitchell ’86

Deborah Mitchell-Nagpal ’90 and Ajay Nagpal

Christy Umlauf Moberly ’82 and Michael F. Moberly

Nathan M. Moch ’03 and Jessica Olson Moch ’02

Douglas Charles Mogck and Kimberly Mogck, Parents

Allaaddin Mollabashy ’90 and Mitra Mollabashy

Bruce M. Montgomerie ’68 and Claire Montgomerie

Troy Allan Montigney ’09

Judith Tanner Moon ’76 and Lawrence Pierce Moon

Kyle Brenden Moore ’11

Susan Dohrmann Moore ’67 and Thomas R. Moore

Catherine Cockerill Moran ’84 and Michael J. Moran, Parent

David J. Morehead ’53 and Marjorie Davis Morehead ’54

Emily B. Morgan ’63

Jerry A. Morgan ’59 and Christine Johnson Morgan ’61

H. Richard Morgenstern ’55 and Nancy K. Morgenstern

John E. Morrill ’57 and Whitney Fearer Morrill ’59

Michael J. Morrison ’79 and Christi Morrison

John W. Morse ’95

April L. Mosser ’78

Robert P. Musgrave II ’79 and Cheryl Waldron Musgrave ’79

Gregory T. Mutz ’67

Blake T. Myers ’86 and Ann-Marie Henry Myers ’89

Gabriele Goerlich Nash-Hammond ’82

Virginia Condon Neff ’51

John T. Neighbours ’71 and Sharon Smith Neighbours

Roger B. Nelsen ’64

Erik G. Nelson ’61 and Eleanor D. Nelson

Travis S. Nelson ’93 and Kyra Gebhardt Nelson

Ryan Everette Nesbitt ’06 and Kerry O’Connor Nesbitt

Richard S. Neville ’76 and Janet Asp Neville

Phyllis Walker Nicholas ’55 and Bruce S. Nicholas

Martha Weddell Nicholson ’84 and Todd Nicholson

Edmund B. Nightingale ’02 and Rebecca Hedge Nightingale ’02

Troy Noard ’93 and Kerri Noard

Leslie A. Nolan ’01

Donald G. Norman ’58 and Monica M. Norman

Richard W. North ’87 and Leslie Alexander North ’87

Melanie J. Norton

Kerry E. Notestine ’79 and Laura Boys Notestine

John S. Null ’61 and Nancy Spier Null ’59

Kimberly Juffer Olson ’00 and Ryan P. Olson

Thomas M. O’Neil ’69 and Beth K. O’Neil, Parent

Mark Z. Orr ’75 and Dorothy Dwoskin

Scott E. Osborne ’90 and Amy Haugk Osborne ’90

Kenneth A. Owen ’82

Andrew J. Paine III ’91 and Amy Orlando Paine ’90

Andrew J. Paine Jr. ’59 and Jane Medaris Paine ’60

Maclyn T. Parker ’51 and Patricia Opie Parker ’51

John B. Patton and Jodi L. Patton, Parents

Raymond J. Payne ’51 and Elizabeth Class Payne ’53

Bradley L. Pearman ’81 and Cynthia McClain Pearman

Christopher H. Penn ’72 and Diane Disosway Penn

Pamela Lorman Peternell ’68 and Ben C. Peternell

Chad B. Peters ’90 and Heather Seebass Peters ’91

Harold A. Petersen ’55 and Karen E. Petersen

Jason G. Petrovich ’93 and Melissa A. Petrovich

F. Garret Pfleeger ’67 and Marcia Swearingen Pfleeger ’67

Donald M. Phelan ’79 and Maurie Jones Phelan ’79

Clarenda M. Phillips ’92

Joan Rideout Phillips ’57 and Edwin McCreary Phillips

Jonathan R. Phillips ’95 and Susan Hatke Phillips

Richard L. Phillips Jr. ’79 and Penney Phillips

John D. Pidgeon ’66 and Jane Dickey Pidgeon

Stephen E. Pinaire ’81 and Beverly Lay Pinaire, Parent

Pamela L. Plouhar ’76

Glenn Todd Plymate ’75 and Elizabeth Myers Plymate ’76

Jerry D. Pontius ’56 and Mary Goff Pontius ’57

Helen L. Poorman ’82

Dale S. Porfilio ’92 and Carol Campbell Porfilio ’90

Liz Purdy Porter ’79 and Don Porter

Thomas S. Porter ’65

Richard Eric Pound ’72 and Sharon Wright Pound

James Nathaniel Powell ’00 and Margaret Booth Powell

William R. Powell ’57 and Paula Weir Powell ’58

James L. Powers Jr. ’78 and LuAnn Powers

Rita Alliss Powers ’86 and Kevin R. Powers

William Scott Priebe ’00 and Lindsay Hunt Priebe ’01

Peter D. Prowitt ’77 and Nancy Gibson Prowitt ’76

Myrta J. Pulliam

John L. Rabb ’66 and Sharon Freeman Rabb, Parent

Paul F. Radcliffe ’49 and Sue Oettinger Radcliffe ’47

Christine E. Rales ’74

Ronald L. Randall ’62 and Carole Lee Clark Randall ’61

Michael C. Randall ’89 and Elizabeth Kline Randall

Katherine Elyse Rappaport ’09

Adrienne Rasbach ’94 and Bryan Sharpe

James A. Readey ’67 and Linda Gold Readey

Marshall W. Reavis IV ’84 and Amy Zino Reavis

Richard A. Reck ’71 and Susan Marshall Reck ’70

Robert F. Reckman ’44 and Carleen Stone Reckman

Norval Duane Reece ’56 and Ann Caroline Benson Reece

H. Lester Reed ’74 and Christine Reed

Gilbert H. Reese ’79

Lucius E. Reese ’85

Margo M. Reese, Parent

William Thompson Reiners IV ’06 and Elizabeth Reiners

Becky Relic ’89

Carla Bauer Rentrop ’73 and K. Peter Rentrop, Parent

Ted A. Repass and Zrinka N. Repass, Parents

Haley Rhoades ’03 and Bill Richards

Arthur L. Rice III ’68 and Lynn Davies Rice ’68

Mark Alan Rickard ’03 and Rorie Petri Rickard

David D. Riefe ’85 and Susan Sampson Riefe ’85

Blair Anderson Rieth Jr. ’80 and Teresa Onole Rieth

Nigel J. Riggins ’00 and Wandini Dixon-Fyle Riggins ’01

Lawrence D. Rink ’62 and Eleanor Zimmerly Rink ’62

Owen W. Robbins ’51 and Dorothy B. Robbins

Sally Smith Robbins ’64 and William H. Robbins III, Parent

Todd R. Roberson ’82 and Marian Blew Roberson ’81

Frank H. Roberts ’41

Martha Steele Robes ’66 and Dana R. Robes

James E. Robinson ’70 and Carolyn Russ Robinson ’71

Stephen J. Robinson ’04

Steven K. Robison ’76

Stephanie Wiley Rodgers ’93 and Todd M. Rodgers

Louise B. Rogers

Joseph H. Rohs ’84 and Barbara D. Rohs

Edward M. Roob ’56 and Barbara Leske Roob ’57

Barry O. Rudert and Rosalie Rudert, Parents

Blair Kathryn Rudert ’07

Rhys A. Rudolph and Laura B. Rudolph, Parents

John P. Rudy ’51 and Barbara M. Rudy, Parent

Michael Jacob Runge ’03 and Kathryn Elizabeth Olivier ’05

Paul L. Runnels ’73 and Janice J. Runnels

Ruth Ritz Rusie ’40

Scott F. Russell ’78

Evans M. Rust and Roberta Rust

Andrew D. Ryan

Ann Meeker Ryan ’81 and Steven M. Ryan, Parent

William Ryan and Lisa D. Ryan, Parents

Walter W. Sampson Jr. ’58 and Ann M. Sampson

John W. Sanger ’61 and Suzanne Charbonneau Sanger ’62

Steve W. Sanger ’68 and Karen Ogren Sanger ’68

Thomas A. Sargent ’55 and Frances Petty Sargent

Robert W. Sass ’55

Robert Sattler ’47

Michael Scarpelli

Richard L. Schaefer ’61 and Katharine R. Schaefer, Parent

Nancy Shelly Schaenen ’51 and Nelson Schaenen Jr.

Donald G. Schilling ’64 and Mary E. Schilling

Jane Turk Schlansker ’63

Robert A. Schmidt ’69 and Margaret Sheridan Schmidt ’69

Breton A. Schoch ’86 and Laura Parsons Schoch ’87

Richard E. Schulte ’69 and Jamie McDaniel Schulte ’70

Edward G. Schussler III ’65 and Sharon Gierach Schussler ’65

Janet Crawford Schwartz ’75

John W. Schwarz ’88

Daniel Reed Scism ’58 and Paula Sedgwick Scism ’57

David Adam Scott ’03

John A. Scully ’79 and Karen N. Scully, Parent

Kimberly A. Seaman ’95

Diane Black Seebass ’64 and James Stewart Seebass, Parent

Janet Prindle Seidler ’58 and Charles J. Seidler Jr.

Steve Setchell ’96 and Cara Brumby Setchell

Bradley L. Sexauer ’73

Brynne Williams Shaner ’83 and William M. Shaner III, Parent

Scott K. Shelbourne ’03 and Emily Camillo Shelbourne

John E. Sigworth

Grover B. Simpson and Mary Beth Simpson, Parents

Joseph R. Sims ’65 and Susan Ford Sims

David L. Singer ’91 and Andrea Powelson Singer ’92

Gregory Allen Sissel ’94 and Therese Ivancovich Sissel

Jill M. Skogheim ’00

Barbara E. Smith ’62 and William E. Phillips

Carolyn Hostetter Smith ’59 and Thomas Tomasian

Colin P. Smith ’77 and Julia Kelly Smith ’78

Douglas A. Smith ’68 and Phyllis Gilbert Smith ’69

Douglas I. Smith ’85 and Ann U. Smith

Freedom Shalane Nicole Smith ’01

Melissa Tharpe Smith ’77 and Gregory W. Smith, Parent

Michael L. Smith ’70 and Susan Leet Smith ’71

Raymond G. Smith ’74 and Susan W. Smith

Robert F. Smith ’56 and Sharon Noll Smith ’57

Sarah Guild Smith ’88 and Timothy S. Smith, Parent

Stuart B. Smith ’84

Jon E. Socolofsky ’68

Theodore M. Solso ’69 and Denny Manning Solso ’69

Otto L. Sonder Jr.

Carl S. Sorenson ’51 and Sally Campbell Sorenson

Cia Karampas Souleles ’89 and Thomas S. Souleles

Thomas J. Spackman ’59 and Donna Stewart Spackman ’59

Thomas J. Spackman Jr. ’89 and Megan Spackman

Heike Cockerill Spahn ’92 and Philip Spahn

Alexander A. Spiridonov ’05

Linda G. Sprankle ’64

Steven A. Spreen ’64 and Retta Spreen

Brent E. St. John ’89 and Katherine Cornelsen St. John ’90

Michael Scott Stanek ’06

Jeffrey J. Stengel ’78 and Linda Muller Stengel

James N. Stephens ’86 and Tammy Cannon Stephens

John Barry Stephens ’03 and Kathryn Brauer Stephens

Norval B. Stephens Jr. ’51 and Diane Forst Stephens ’51

David B. Stevens ’51 and Sally Symon Stevens ’52

John G. Stevenson ’89 and Dale Gossard Stevenson ’89

John F. Stevenson ’81 and Sharon Keever Stevenson

James B. Stewart Jr. ’73

James G. Stewart ’64 and Andrea Anania Stewart

Ronald L. Stier ’90 and Lori Stier

Thomas L. Stiers ’60

Larry L. Stimpert and Lesley Stimpert

Lynn Beré Stine ’77 and Robert C. Stine

Craig R. Stokely ’67

Randolph H. Stokely ’67 and Lynn Kinsey Stokely ’68

David M. Stone ’57 and Barbara D. Stone

Thomas M. Strader ’85 and Kelly Wodetzki Strader ’85

Joan Lubman Strawn ’53 and James R. Strawn

Nancy Stewart Surber ’67 and Donald E. Surber, Parent

Lance A. Swank ’83 and Brenda J. Swank

Bradley Joe Tandy ’81 and Jennifer Whitehead Tandy, Parent

John J. Tanner and Jill H. Tanner, Parents

Jonathan Ryan Taylor ’04 and Michelle Rhodes Taylor ’05

Maureen Sullivan Taylor ’64 and Elias L. Taylor

Paul Victor Taylor ’09

Nancy Lindquist Temple ’58

Lee E. Tenzer ’64 and Marilyn E. Tenzer, Parent

Susan Leis Thiele ’79 and Howard N. Thiele

Jane C. Thomas, Parent

John A. Thomas ’67

Robert J. Thomas and Doris R. Thomas

Anton A. Thompkins ’91 and Joy Armstead Thompkins ’91

Edward E. Thompson ’62 and Marilyn Muse Thompson ’63

Jill Greene Thompson ’75 and John G. Thompson

Wesley T. Thornhill ’04 and Megan Bevington Thornhill ’03

Laurence G. Tidrick ’66 and M. Reagan Tidrick

Robert R. Torkelson ’82 and Marie E. Doyle

Donald E. Town ’71

Laura Williams Town ’96 and Allen W. Town

Michael J. Traylor ’88 and Derek R. Holmgren

Steven L. Trulaske ’79 and Elise H. Trulaske

Thomas L. Turk ’58 and Judith Prochnow Turk

Timothy H. Ubben ’58 and Sharon Williams Ubben ’58

Joseph E. Ukrop ’89 and Katherine Blair Ukrop ’91

Nathan A. Ulery ’00 and Kristen Bamberth Ulery ’00

Amy Parkinson Underwood ’93 and John P. Underwood

Edward L. Unterberg ’58 and Gale Edwards Unterberg

Robert Glen Vallee Jr. ’76 and Kimberly Carol Vallee

Catherine Curtis Van Duzer ’82 and John B. Van Duzer Jr., Parent

Kaari Taylor Vaughn ’92 and Nicholas Vaughn

Susan Vaughn ’73

Marcus R. Veatch ’75 and Cynthia Carll Veatch

Charles A. Vickers ’55 and Martha Johnson Vickers ’55

Debra Haerr Victor ’80 and James F. Victor

Kathy Patterson Vrabeck ’85

Richard J. Wachtman ’99

Clark L. Wagner ’54 and Joan Wagner

Corinne Audra Wagner ’07

Max K. Walker ’35 and Elizabeth Dye Walker ’35

W. Allan Walker ’59 and Ann Suttler Walker

Hugh J. Wallace ’80 and Donna Love Wallace ’80

John H. Wallace ’76 and Sarah Reese Wallace ’76

Bayard H. Walters ’63 and Rosemary Lab Walters

Dwight F. Walton ’57 and Lou Ubben Walton ’57

Richard A. Warne ’54 and Jane Leahy Warne ’54

John M. Watson ’74

William H. Watson ’67 and Marianne L. Watson

Morris R. Weidner and Katherine S. Weidner, Parents

Kathryn D. Weinrichter and Leonard C. Sundeen

Stephan E. Weitzel ’71 and Jeanne Imbs Weitzel

M. Scott Welch ’82 and Kimberlee A. Welch, Parent

Christopher J. Wells and Anastasia Wright Wells

Robert F. Wells ’66 and Barbara Stoner Wells ’66

Kathryn L. Welter ’04 and Richard J. Bieterman Jr.

Robert B. Wessling ’59 and Judith Hanson Wessling ’61

Joann Wine White ’52 and William H. Beckett

Nancy L. White ’75 and Raphael Guerin

James L. Whitlatch ’80 and Ann Baur Whitlatch ’80

Sandra Major Wiese ’60 and Theodore O. Wiese Jr., Parent

Jack W. Wiley ’74 and Rhonda K. Wiley

Steven V. Wilkinson ’63 and Barbara Wells Wilkinson ’63

Frederick R. Williams ’56 and Nancie Clark Williams ’58

George B. Williams ’59 and Shirley Lorene Williams

Jerry L. Williams ’54 and Jane Jones Williams ’57

Melani Welker Wilson ’84 and Peter C. Wilson

O. Roderick Wilson ’72 and Christine Hosler Wilson ’74

R. Lee Wilson ’76 and Deborah Riefe Wilson ’76

Douglas B. Wood ’74

Paul Robert Wood and Corinne Joyce Gieseke Wood, Parents

Jane Ehmann Wood ’53 and James C. Wood

Richard D. Wood ’48

Jeffrey Marsh Wright II ’05

Christopher J. Wurster ’69 and Lynne A. Tweedie ’71

Lynn Halloran Yaeger ’73

Cynthia Watson Yingling ’83 and Jeffrey W. Yingling

Lawrence E. Young Jr. ’84 and Judith A. Young

Elaine Hebel Zeuthen ’55

Elizabeth Y. Zimmerman ’65

Mary Benson Zink ’65 and John C. Zink

Vernon R. Zink Jr. ’69 and Martha Depler Zink ’69

Report of gifts received and pledges made July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2014. Names in italics indicate donors who are deceased.

DePauw University has made every effort to maintain accuracy in the preparation of the Donor Annual Report and Honor Roll of Donors. Unfortunately, mistakes and omissions can and do occur. If you should find an error in these reports, please notify the University so that our records can be corrected. Write: DePauw University, Stewardship Office, Attn: Donor Annual Report, Greencastle, IN 46135-0037 or email: