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Washington C. DePauw Lifetime Society

Trustee Associate Lifetime

Philip Forbes Holton ’29 and Ruth Clark Holton ’29



East College Lifetime

Timothy H. Ubben ’58 and Sharon Williams Ubben ’58



President’s Lifetime

Judson C. Green Jr. ’74 and Joyce Taglauer Green ’75

R. David Hoover ’67 and Suzanne Anderson Hoover ’67

Janet Prindle Seidler ’58



Old Gold Lifetime

Don R. Daseke ’61

Jane L. Emison

Christine Plank Rales ’74

Steven M. Rales ’73

Lee E. Tenzer ’64 and Marilyn E. Tenzer, Parent



Charter Lifetime


Frank W. Braden ’23

Kathryn Fortune Hubbard ’74 and Allan B. Hubbard

Elizabeth Emison Peterson ’40 and Theodore Peterson

Marshall W. Reavis IV ’84 and Amy Zino Reavis

Evans McWhirter Rust and Roberta Rust

Theodore M. Solso ’69 and Denny Manning Solso ’69

James G. Stewart ’64

Michael Scott Welch ’82 and Kimberlee Ann Welch, Parent

Maurice B. Wood ’50 and Jean Wood

Richard D. Wood ’48 and Billie Lou Wood



Partner Lifetime

Elizabeth Pfeffer Allen ’56 and Robert E. Allen


J. William Asher ’50

Theodore S. Bacon Jr., Parent

James R. Bartlett ’66 and Susan Bartelsmeyer Bartlett ’66

Thomas W. Boswell ’66 and Cheryl K. Boswell

Lucy W. Brennan

Robert W. Browne

Rhett W. Butler ’62 and Kay Burney Butler ’62

Robert G. Casey ’70 and Leslie L. Casey

Nicholas D. and Eleanor Chabraja, Parents

Beth Pinkley Christensen ’43

Lawrence W. Clarkson ’60 and Barbara Stevenson Clarkson ’61

Kenneth W. Coquillette ’82 and Carrie Melind Coquillette ’82

James M. and Kathy Cornelius, Parents

Robert J. Darnall ’60 and Marletta Farrier Darnall ’61

Sue Howard Delves ’51

Anthony J. de Nicola ’86 and Christie B. de Nicola, Parent

Jane Rowles Dickson ’54 and William M. Dickson

Patricia Fehl ’49

J. David Field

Robert R. Frederick ’48 and Carolyn Smith Frederick ’49

Betty Davis Givens ’54 and David W. Givens

Greg T. Greenwood ’78 and Kristina L. Greenwood

M. Lewis Gulick ’44

Vernon (Bud) Hamilton ’64 and Valerie Watson Hamilton ’65

C. Salen Herke ’51

Ronald K. Holmberg ’54 and Cynthia Brooks Holmberg ’56

Marcia Raber Hughes

John Jakes ’53 and Rachel Payne Jakes ’51

Julia R. Johnson

Donald W. Jones ’43 and Patricia S. Jones

Vernon E. Jordan Jr. ’57

Marilou Morrell Kelly ’55

Edith B. Kinsey, Parent

John W. Kinsey ’52

Arthur E. Klauser ’45

Robert L. Krouse ’77 and Sarah Strauss Krouse ’74

Henry A. Leander ’52 and Louise Ford Leander ’52

Charles A. Leis ’52

George L. Mazanec ’58

Beverly McDermond

Susan Dohrmann Moore ’67 and Thomas R. Moore

David J. Morehead ’53 and Marjorie Davis Morehead ’54

Erik G. Nelson ’61 and Eleanor Nelson

Richard S. Neville ’76 and Janet Asp Neville

Phyllis Walker Nicholas ’55 and Bruce S. Nicholas

Robert H. O’Hair, Class of 1918

Andrew J. Paine Jr. ’59 and Jane Medaris Paine ’60

Richard W. Peck ’56

Thomas S. Porter ’65

Myrta J. Pulliam

Gilbert H. Reese ’79

Ellen Gordon Roberts

Martha Steele Robes ’66

Ian M. Rolland ’55 and Miriam V. Rolland, Parent

Stephen W. Sanger ’68 and Karen Ogren Sanger ’68

Nelson Schaenen and Nancy Shelly Schaenen ’51

Jane Turk Schlansker ’63

Bradley L. Sexauer ’73

Barbara E. Smith ’62

Douglas A. Smith ’68 and Phyllis Gilbert Smith ’69

Douglas I. Smith ’85 and Ann U. Smith

Elaine Showalter Smith ’36

Michael L. Smith ’70 and Susan Leet Smith ’71

Otto L. Sonder Jr.

Norval B. Stephens Jr. ’51 and Diane Forst Stephens ’51

David B. Stevens ’51 and Sally Symon Stevens ’52

James B. Stewart Jr. ’73

David M. Stone ’57

Kenneth H. Stover ’60 and Ronelle L. Stover

Charles A. Vickers ’55 and Martha Johnson Vickers ’55

John H. Wallace ’76 and Sarah Reese Wallace ’76

Richard A. Warne ’54 and Jane Leahy Warne ’54

Jane Preston Watson ’40

Jerry L. Williams ’54 and Jane Jones Williams ’57



Fellow Lifetime

Dorothy Stout Aldridge ’51

Joseph P. Allen IV ’59 and Bonnie Darling Allen ’61


Mrs. Phillip H. Ault

Fred J. Bartizal ’65 and Susan Ferry Bartizal ’65

Joan Westmen Battey ’54 and Charles W. Battey

David B. Becker ’75

Mona Walker Biddlecome ’72, Trustee, and The Honorable George Webster Biddlecome

Darlene Montgomery Boudreaux ’76

Virginia Burns Boynton ’40

Edward W. Cassidy ’54

Cornelsen Charitable Foundation

Sally Smerz Grooms Cowal ’66

Albert E. Crandall ’56 and B. Louise Woods Crandall ’50

George W. Crane Jr. ’42 and Virginia Johnson Crane ’42

Gary P. Drew ’61 and Sandra Aldrich Drew ’62

Carol A. Farmer ’66

Robert J. Fauth II ’60 and Charlotte J. Fauth

Frank Walker Gilmer and Peggy Platt Gilmer

Frederick B. Hendricks ’58

H. David Hilliard and Bonne G. Hilliard

Mary Huber, Parent

Jeffrey R. Johnson ’75

David L. Joyce ’66

Joyce Foster Larson ’53

Robert L. Mitchell ’60

Roger B. Nelsen ’64

Lois M. Olmsted

Pamela Lorman Peternell ’68 and Ben C. Peternell

Robert F. Reckman ’44 and Carleen S. Reckman

J. Gilbert and Louella H. Reese, Parents & Grandparents

Thomas H. Sams ’64 and Susan Sams, Parent

Robert W. Sass ’55

Erwin E. Schulze ’47

James H. Jr. and Mary McCrea Simkins ’76

Ned A. Smith ’52 and Marcia Fobes Smith

Norman E. Strasma ’55 and Janice Strasma, Parent

Marcus R. Veatch ’75 and Cynthia C. Veatch

Mary H. Vogel

Kathy Patterson Vrabeck ’85

Max K. Walker ’35 and Elizabeth Dye Walker ’35

Kathryn D. Weinrichter and Leonard C. Sundeen

William F. Welch ’40

R. Lee Wilson ’76 and Deborah Riefe Wilson ’76

Frederick M. Winship ’45

Edward G. Ypma and Eleanor S. Ypma




Neal B. Abraham and Donna L. Wiley

Charles A. Adams ’64 and Linda Howell Adams ’64

Lynne Butler Adams

David T. Allen ’61 and Carol Ann Allen, Parent

Beverly Byram Anderson ’53

Dean K. Anderson ’50 and Gretchen Scott Anderson ’49

John T. Anderson ’52 and Nancy Filkey Anderson ’52


Susan M. Ansel ’82

Jason A. Asbury ’95

Elgan L. Baker Jr. ’71

James K. Baker ’53 and Beverly B. Baker ’59

Roberta O. Barnes ’70 and Clark J. Chandler

Carol Ledford Barrett ’63

William J. Barrett ’61 and Sara Schrock Barrett ’61

E. Webb Bassick IV ’74

Emily Beaman Beals ’69 and Brian L. Beals

Sara E. (Betsy) Behling ’74

Barbara Van Dellen Beré ’47

E. William Bergfeld Jr. ’54 and Margaret A. Bergfeld

Nini M. Bermudez-Webb

Bruce P. Bickner ’65

Alfred D. Biggs Jr. ’54 and Ruth Hawkins Biggs ’54

Jeffrey C. Bird ’81 and Susan A. Bird, Parent

William V. Blake III ’59 and Linda Blake

David A. Bohmer ’69 and Lynn Reuss Bohmer ’69

James B. Bolen Jr. ’50

Marilyn Davis Boles ’50

Don M. Bollinger ’36 and Emmylou Bollinger

William L. Brown III ’69 and Susan Lange Brown ’68

James E. Brumbaugh ’55

Daniel E. Brunette ’74

Arthur L. Bryant ’56 and Carol Shanahan Bryant ’58

Curtis R. Bryant ’58 and Pat Bryant

Neil W. Budelsky ’69 and Linda Spreen Budelsky ’69

Anne Husted Burleigh ’63 and William R. Burleigh, Parent

Barbara Burris

H. E. Barney Burroughs ’57 and Sandra Louy Burroughs ’57

John W. Busey ’61 and Judith R. Busey, Parent

William J. Butler ’82 and Kim Klinger Butler ’81

Stanley H. Byram ’28

Robert C. Canfield ’60 and Patricia Harms Canfield ’57

Cindy I. Carlson ’71

Robert R. Carpenter ’78 and Sally Henning Carpenter ’79

Brian W. Casey, President

Nancy Ford Charles ’57

Jack P. Cittadine ’63 and Karen A. Cittadine

Carolyn Hancock Cleland ’58 and Arthur C. Cleland

Timothy C. Collins ’78 and Andrea Collins

Steven G. Conant ’71

Janice Mullen Cooke ’51

Dorothy D. Craddock, Parent

Alan M. Craft ’50

Newton F. Crenshaw ’85 and Susan M. Crenshaw, Parent

William L. Crist ’69 and Carol Prentice Crist ’70

Karen ’94, Michael ’98, and Brian ’00 Curley

Melinda Walthers Dabbiere ’82 and David K. Dabbiere

Loren D. Daily ’51 and Gloria Lindquist Daily ’52

Ann Trump Daniel ’75 and James W. Daniel

William K. Daniel II ’87 and Robin Wieland Daniel ’87

Matthew S. Darnall ’85 and Jennifer Lindamood Darnall ’85

Ruth Ellen Borgmeier Daugherty ’47

Robert N. Davies ’58

Luis R. Davila ’81 and Deborah White Davila ’82

Bronson C. Davis ’65 and Cathie Valeska Davis ’66

Kathryn Rudolph Diekhoff ’03

Mark B. Dinwiddie Sr. ’71 and Sally Reid Dinwiddie ’70

Lee E. Dirks ’56

Morris A. Dodd ’41

Elaine Aiken Doenges ’47

Pauline Douglas ’42

John P. Douglass ’68 and Emily R. Douglass

Theodore D. Driscol ’58

Margaret Jolly Dunton ’41

Aura May Durham ’46

Kris Elftmann and Linda Elftmann, Parents

Eileen Sullivan Emison ’47

James W. Emison ’71 and Kathryn Holmes Emison ’72

Theodore M. Englehart ’42

Mark E. English ’64

Robert L. Erickson ’58

Philip N. Eskew Jr. ’63 and Ann L. Eskew

Robert W. Evans ’59

Glady Caley Faires ’56

Robert H. Farber ’35 and Vera May Knauer Farber ’36

Gerry L. Fathauer ’75

Allan W. Ferrin

John D. Fetters ’50 and Marilyn Holtman Fetters ’54

Guy A. Fibbe ’49

Janet Risi Field ’81

Donald C. ’56 and Judith Lilly Findlay ’57

James A. Fisher ’68 and Elizabeth Y. Fisher

Gerald F. Fitzgerald Jr. ’72 and Denise McMahon Fitzgerald

Allen D. Fleener ’52 and Margaret Fleener

Marvin E. Flewellen ’85 and Caren L. Flewellen

Roger R. Fross ’62 and Madelon R. Fross

Ruth Doyle Gallop ’55 and James L. Gallop

Lou Aileen Garriott ’61

James R. Gates ’78 and Roberta P. Gates

Stephen K. Gauly, Parent

Nancy J. Geiss ’68

William D. George Jr. ’54 and Ellie George

Raymond I. Geraldson ’62 and Melinda Paine Geraldson ’65

William G. Gerber ’61

Paul O. Germann Jr. ’52

Thomas R. Gibson ’64 and Sophie Harned Gibson, Parent

Wendy Blythe Gifford ’71

Carolyn Beasley Gilbert ’58

Robert H. Giles ’55 and Nancy M. Giles, Parent

David S. Goltermann ’78 and Elizabeth Gray Goltermann ’80

Joan Austin Goodwin ’59 and David G. Goodwin

Graham C. Grady, Parent

Carol Fisher Graham ’63

William W. Graham ’62 and Loraine C. Graham

Craig C. Grannon ’70 and Linda D. Grannon

Kent M. Grathwohl ’85

J. Thomas Grayson ’63 and Helen Gerber Grayson ’63

Frederick M. Green ’66 and Judy L. Green, Parent

Kimberly Bass Gulli ’83 and Benjamin Gulli

Michelle Walter Hadidi ’98 and Cyrus S. Hadidi

Ruth Haimann

John W. Hake ’56

Ellie Prosser Hakim ’96

Richard A. Hall ’67

Arlene R. Hamilton

Donald L. Hamilton ’57 and Emily Hooton Hamilton ’58

John R. Hammond III ’76 and Diana H. Hamilton

Glenn C. Hannah ’52

Richard A. Hansen ’53 and Joan K. Hansen

T. Lyle Harlor ’48

Sharon Kniebbe Hartshorn ’66 and Terry Hartshorn

Jacquin Johnson Herran ’76

Michael A. Herrell ’60 and Helen H. Herrell, Parent

Anne Mossberg Hillman ’51

Hillswood Foundation on behalf of Jane Emison and Family

Max W. Hittle Jr. ’66

Robert B. Holland ’65 and Elizabeth Gross Holland ’65

James Hollensteiner ’53

Joe Gregory Hollingsworth ’71 and Nancy Bartlett Hollingsworth ’72

Carroll Hoover, Parent

Herbert W. Hoover ’51 and Barbara Burton Hoover ’49

William M. Horne Jr. ’42 and Alice Hobart Horne ’45

Robert E. Houk ’42 and Marion Pfitzner Houk ’42

Heidi Schultz Huizenga ’67

John H. Huneke III ’67 and Ruth Russ Huneke ’68

Jane Cockerill Hunt ’63

John G. Hurley ’60

Hirotsugu (Chuck) Iikubo ’57

Norman F. Jay ’55 and Judith H. Jay, Parent

T. Benjamin Jennings ’87

David C. Johnson ’72 and Linda M. Johnson

David S. Johnson ’53 and Anne Prindle Johnson ’54

Karl R. Johnson ’70

Carolyn T. Jones ’58

Sandra Brooks Jordan ’51

Robert S. Julian ’59 and Marjorie Moore Julian ’60

George G. Karas ’56 and Shirley Craig Karas ’56

Ingrid Grujanac Kay ’78

Donald J. Keller

Dennis B. Kelley ’72

Barbara Meilinger Kleid ’49

Marilyn Shanks Klingaman ’54 and Thomas Klingaman

Elizabeth Harvey Kraft ’59 and Michael B. Kraft

Vern T. Kraushaar ’53

Virginia Dirks Krauss ’65 and Frederick G. Krauss

Richard J. Laker ’57 and Helen Pigott Laker ’58

E. Henry Lamkin Jr. ’56 and Martha D. Lamkin, Parent

Thomas A. Lancaster ’58 and Marilyn Hansen Lancaster ’58

Kyle E. Lanham ’79 and Sally E. Lanham, Parent

Robert J. Lavidge ’43

Betty-Jane Yuncker Lee ’42

Daniel E. Lewis ’58 and Linda Brainard Lewis ’60

Nancy Johnson Lewis ’64 and Kenneth J. Lewis

Kathryn Gloger Liebschutz ’62

Judy Blang Locke ’58

James S. LoPrete ’75

Kent G. LoPrete ’85 and Ruth Roettger LoPrete ’85

Michael R. Maine ’61 and Suzanne Bauman Maine ’62

Richard K. Mallery ’59

In Memory of Jane Marshall Mansager ’60

Larry J. Marfise ’74 and Suzanne Marfise

Catherine Thies Marino

John S. Marlatt ’69 and Peggy Marlatt

William C. Marlatt ’65 and Kathryn G. Marlatt, Parent

R. Glen Mayfield ’63

Catherine Tillotson McCord, Class of 1918

Michael B. McCracken ’79 and Wendy Reuter McCracken, Parent

Elisabeth C. Meeker ’78

Katherine Kemp Mendenhall ’61

Engrid Hitch Meng ’66

Verna M. Meyer ’51

John Fredrick Meyers ’64 and Sally Zoller Meyers ’64

Susan Reichert Milanak ’84

Ellen S. Miller ’76

Kathryn A. Miller ’73

William G. Miller Sr. and Lorraine Miller

Mark C. Mills ’73

Martha Dunlavy Mitchell ’52

Bruce M. Montgomerie ’68

C. Lane Moore ’50 and Marian Miner Moore ’50

Robert C. Moore ’69 and Sarah Jane Proctor Moore ’69

Kenneth C. Mosier II ’66 and Brenda Mosier

Thomas R. Mote ’74

Robert L. Muller ’55

James M. Mullin ’83

Gregory T. Mutz ’67

Walter L. Naftzger ’65 and Colleen Riley Naftzger ’65

Richard H. Neuman ’50 and Sylvia H. Neuman

Martha Weddell Nicholson ’84 from the Nicholson Family Foundation

Lois Smisek Owen ’56

Frank T. Page, Parent

Andrew J. Paine III ’91 and Amy Orlando Paine ’90

John B. Parks ’63

Sandra Frakes Parsons ’62

John T. Peters ’54

Harold A. Petersen ’55 and Karen E. Petersen

Steven W. Peterson ’77 and Betsy Danielson Peterson

David S. Pickard ’78

John D. Pidgeon ’66 and Jane D. Pidgeon

Jerry D. Pontius ’56 and Mary Goff Pontius ’57

James L. Powers Jr. ’78 and LuAnn Powers

Dennis A. Priser ’63 and Marilyn Mead Priser ’63

Paul F. Radcliffe ’49 and Sue Oettinger Radcliffe ’47

Carole Lee Clark Randall ’61

Lois E. Randolph

Amy Reese

Marjorie Rackow Reichart ’66

Corrine V. Reichert, Parent

Sarah Marks Richards ’63

Blair A. Rieth Jr. ’80 and Teresa O. Rieth

Todd R. Roberson ’82 and Marian Blew Roberson ’81

Frank H. Roberts ’41

John T. Roberts ’80 and Robin Richey Roberts ’80

Kenneth Dyer Rogers ’42

Joseph H. Rohs ’84 and Barbara D. Rohs

Rhys A. Rudolph and Laura B. Rudolph, Parents and Lauren M. Rudolph

John P. Rudy ’51 and Barbara M. Rudy, Parent

Jan Goetcheus Ryan, Parent

Walter W. Sampson Jr. ’58 and Ann M. Sampson

John W. Sanger ’61 and Suzanne Charbonneau Sanger ’62

Ralph E. Savage ’73 and Janet Teter Savage ’73

David K. Schafer ’61

Robert A. Schmidt ’69 and Margaret Sheridan Schmidt ’69

Robert W. Schrier ’57 and Barbara Lindley Schrier ’59

Thomas R. Schuck ’72

Janet Crawford Schwartz ’75

Daniel L. Schwarz ’83 and Family

Frank Lammers Seeger

Charleen Seibel Sessions ’43

Brynne Williams Shaner ’83 and William M. Shaner III

James E. Shields ’56 and Irma Shields

The Sieg and Dunlap Funds

Sara T. Siegesmund

Alvin I. Singer ’53

Gregory A. Sissel ’94 and Therese Ivancovich Sissel

Lucy Brown Sloan ’61

Carolyn Hostetter Smith ’59 and Thomas Tomasian

Gordon Stanford Smith

Ralph E. Snelson ’57 and Diane Woodward Snelson ’58

Carl Sorenson ’51

Moyer Eugene Speicher ’43

Thomas G. Spiece ’70

Linda G. Sprankle ’64

Max L. Stackhouse ’57 and Jean Hostetler Stackhouse ’57

In Memory of Frances Cauble Staley ’31 (on behalf of her son, Paul E. Staley Jr.)

Gilbert D. Standley ’82 and Sarah Englehart Standley ’80

Howard E. Steele ’52 and Marilyn Smith Steele ’52

Charles A. Stevenson ’35

Lance A. Swank ’83 and Brenda J. Swank

John I. Taylor ’80 and Kimberlee Fitzgerald Taylor ’78

John W. Taylor III ’62 and Kaari Taylor, Parent

Robert J. Thomas, Professor Emeritus and Doris R. Thomas, Friend

Anton A. Thompkins ’91 and Joy Armstead Thompkins ’91

Edward E. Thompson ’62 and Marilyn Muse Thompson ’63

John G. Thompson and Jill Greene Thompson ’75

Donald E. Town ’71

Mildred J. Tracht, Parent

Joseph Edward Ukrop ’89 and Katherine Blair Ukrop ’91

Edward L. Unterberg ’58

William R. Van Bokkelen ’68

James C. Van Horne ’57 and Mimi Van Horne

Thomas K. Vandiver ’73 and Carolyn Haimann Vandiver

Jennifer D. Vear

Brenton Wadsworth ’51 and Jean Wadsworth

F. Michael Wahl ’53

Bruce Walker ’53

Frank D. Walker ’57

June A. Walker ’58

Thomas W. Walsh ’68 and Judith P. Walsh

Robert F. Wells ’66 and Barbara Stoner Wells ’66

Robert B. Wessling ’59 and Judith Hanson Wessling ’61

Joann Wine White ’52

Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. White, Parents

William L. White ’53 and Ann B. White

Sandra Major Wiese ’60 and T. O. Wiese, Parent

Steven V. Wilkinson ’63 and Barbara Wells Wilkinson ’63

George B. Williams ’59 and Shirley L. Williams

John D. Williams ’47

Margaret Hardgrove Wilson ’41

Albert H. Wohlers, Parent

Timothy T. and Catherine G. Wright, Parents

Lawrence E. Young Jr. ’84

Report of gifts received and pledges made July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2014. Names in italics indicate donors who are deceased.

DePauw University has made every effort to maintain accuracy in the preparation of the Donor Annual Report and Honor Roll of Donors. Unfortunately, mistakes and omissions can and do occur. If you should find an error in these reports, please notify the University so that our records can be corrected. Write: DePauw University, Stewardship Office, Attn: Donor Annual Report, Greencastle, IN 46135-0037 or email: