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Student Philanthropy

Student philanthropy initiatives enable current students to start engaging in the University while they are living on campus, through the shared mission of "Go, Give, Help and Connect."

Go to events on campus, in your city and online to engage in the life and mission of DePauw.
Give philanthropic support of academic endeavors of your peers. 
the University by sharing your time, talent and expertise. 
Connect with a global network of accomplished alumni.  

STUDENT Alumni Board

The DePauw University Student Alumni Board functions as an arm of the division of Development and Alumni Engagement and serves to educate the student body on the importance and impact of philanthropy, pre-alumni education, volunteerism and charitable support. The Board supports The Fund for DePauw through various promotional and fundraising events, which helps to build a strong tradition of DePauw engagement and giving on campus. 

If you are interested in learning more or joining the Student Alumni Board, send us an email: spc@depauw.edu

Senior Gift Drive 

The Senior Gift Drive (SGD) began with the class of 1998 and is one of the many long-standing, proud traditions at DePauw. Donations to the Senior Gift Drive, which contributes to The Fund for DePauw, ensure future generations of DePauw students have the same experiences enjoyed by generations of former students. 

Why give?

A donation to The Fund for DePauw is the first step towards transitioning from student to alumnus. By giving through the Senior Gift Drive, you join thousands of other proud alumni in support of the University and show that you value the degree you earned over the last four years. The collective impact of your class gift will allow future students to enjoy the same world-class experience that you have received. 

What if I can't afford to give? 

Your participation in the Senior Gift Drive is meaningful in and of itself. The percent of people who give to The Fund for DePauw each year is an important metric of DePauw's success. No matter the size, your gift matters.

How can I give? 


Give Now 

or contact the Office of Annual Giving by email at annualgiving@depauw.edu or by phone at 765-658-4085.

If you have any questions, please contact any of the Senior Gift Drive committee members, found on the left side of the screen.