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Why I Give

When asked "why do you give to DePauw?" this is what our donors said.

"When you give to DePauw and give at the Washington C. DePauw Society level, you are saying how significant your DePauw education is for you.  You are also saying that you want others to have the extraordinary experience that you had at DePauw."

John L. Rabb '66

"DePauw does change, but the school's 'DNA' does not: engaged students, learning from each other, and from faculty members who care about teaching.  I give to provide resources for the core to continue, even as the school adapts to new circumstances."

Wendy Blythe Gifford '71

"Simply put, DePauw changed my life.  Helping to shape and change the lives of today's youth has become my life's work because of this.  The annual gift my wife, Jennett (McGowan, Class of 1985), and I give to the college allows this wonderful legacy to continue for others who follow.  I am proud to be a member of the DePauw family."

Alan P. Hill '81

"Including DePauw in our estate plan is one way we can ensure its support after we are gone.  We continue to be grateful for the education we received and friendships made at DePauw.  A planned gift is a simple, permanent way to express our gratitude."

Robert C. Moore '69 and Sarah Jane Proctor Moore '69

"My annual gift to DePauw helps the University continue to provide its students with an amazing, life-changing four-year experience with a first-class faculty and state-of-the-art facilities.  And it's my way of saying 'thanks, DePauw!'"

Julie Houk Goodrich '73

"My Annual Fund gift and estate gift are both designated as unrestricted.  I understand the University has changing needs over time, and I trust the leadership to put my gift toward the best use.  I know that wherever my gift is directed, it will further the mission of DePauw University and create our world's next generation of thinkers and leaders."

Eric A. Wolfe '04

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