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Kiyoshi Saito
BUDDHA (3)1962
Woodblock print on paper
Gift of Dr. Leland Stoddard


APRIL 10 – MAY 18, 2013

Peeler Art Center, second floor exhibition case

Pure Land Buddhism is a devotional sect of Buddhism in East Asia centering on the worship of Amida Buddha. According to the Pure Land Sutras, composed in India in the 2nd century, Amida Buddha vowed to save all sentient beings by granting them rebirth in his realm, the “Western Paradise.” This pure land endowed with miraculous characteristics ensured its inhabitants easy entry into nirvana and salvation from the impure land we now live in. Salvation could be attained by invoking the name of Amida Buddha with absolute faith in him. Those whom Amida Buddha especially wished to save are the sinful and impoverished humans and even tengu anddemons who have no other means of salvation. Thus Pure Land Buddhism claims to be a genuine way of universal salvation.  The case to the left exhibits objects representing good, while the case inside the study room contains objects representing Buddhist evil, or that which prevents the attainment of enlightenment.

The students of ARTH 333, the Supernatural in Japanese Art, designed and curated the exhibition with assistance from Craig Hadley, Christie Anderson, Jerry Bates, and Alex Chamberlain.  Artwork on display is made possible by the estates of Dr. Leland Stoddard ‘40 and Arthur E. Klauser ’45.