DePauw Events

Monday January 21, 2013
Mon Jan 21

Kaplan MCAT Course

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Location: Julian 156
Organization: Professional Opportunities
Organizer: Davis, Cynthia J Civic Opportunities

SOM auditions registration/reception

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Location: GCPA 1100 Great Hall / Rotunda A
Organization: Admission
Organizer: Meyer, Kelly Joelle Houpt

School of Music - 01/21/2013 Audition Day Instrumental Only (M)

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Organization: Admission
Organizer: Judy, Teresa M

School of Music Audition Day

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Organization: Music
Organizer: Bagwell, Janice E Music

MLK Day Luncheon & President's Inauguration

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On Monday, January 21st at 11:30am* in the Daseke Board Room (2nd floor, north end of the UB) we will have a live screening of the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony. Immediately following the completion of the President Obama's speech we will begin our MLK Day Luncheon. Our distinguished guest, Dr. Stanley Warren will lead us in a convocation entitled “I Know Where I’ve Been” followed by a short Q&A session.     Dr. Warren, an esteemed historian, researcher, writer and community member, held many prominent roles during his 21-year tenure at DePauw University. Once the Director of Black Studies and a faculty member in both the History Department and the Department of Education, Dr. Warren retired from DePauw as Dean of Academic Affairs in 1993.     I hope you can join us as we both remember and celebrate our influential leaders on this very important day. Seats are limited. Arriving early is recommended.     This event is free and open to the public, and is sponsored by the Black Studies Program and the Multicultural & International Life Office.     *Please note that the exact start time of Presidential Inauguration has not yet been released to the public. Therefore, we now estimate that the start time is 11:30am, and I will update you confirmed start time of our events, once the White House makes this information available.

Location: Union Building Trustees
Organization: Campus Life
Organizer: Covarrubias, Elizabet

SOM audition day lunch

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Location: Union Building Ballroom
Organization: Admission
Organizer: Meyer, Kelly Joelle Houpt

FYE Committee meeting

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Location: East College 110
Organization: Student Life
Organizer: Setchell, Cara L


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Appropriate for all levels. #Wellness

Location: GCPA 0201
Organization: Student Life Division
Organizer: Servais, Jeanne M

Italian Review Session

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Location: Roy O West Library Media Cl
Organization: Modern Languages
Organizer: Albin Menzel, Heidi Catrina