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DePauw Events

Thursday December 13, 2018
Thu Dec 13

Advent- Christian

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Organization: Hartman House
Organizer: Babington, Christina Mae

Collective Quiet at Four with Professor Joseph Heithaus

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After living for 10 months in Monteverde, Costa Rica while on sabbatical last year, I became involved in a Quaker community there founded by a group of Quakers who left the U.S. in the early 1950 after four members of their community in Alabama were arrested, tried , and served time for refusing to sign up for the peace time draft initiated after World War II. I came to love going to Quaker meeting on Wednesdays with the school children at the  Monteverde Friends School and on Sundays with an evolving and ever-changing group of people who sat for "meeting."We sat in an open circle in quiet. Sometimes a member would be moved to speak and share, but generally it was a peaceful and quite hour of collective silence. While I'm not a Quaker, I want to bring this form of mediation and worship (or maybe it is just stopping to breathe with others) to DePauw. All are welcome to this-believers and non believers, and people of any faith tradition. We'll meet at the Religious Life Center at 4 on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month. You don't have to be on time. Invite whomever you'd like to come with you. There are no rules other than you sit without a book or a phone or a computer. We'll stay quiet for about half hour and maybe lengthen that as the semester goes along. jheithaus@depauw.edu 


Location: Bartlett Center for Spiritual Life. 411 East Seminary Street 

Organization: Religious Life Center
Organizer: Dinn, Kristi Ann