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Events for: #consafos

Friday October 6, 2017
Fri Oct 6

Department of Art & Art History Presents: Performance Artist, Josh T. Franco

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Scriptorium con safos: Prologue is a 3-hour durational performance piece. The setting comprises a backdrop made from woven cornhusks, each individually inscribed with “C/S” and coated in beeswax. In front of this is a simple table, carrying a bowl of quartz crystal pebbles, a blank notebook, and red and black pens. Next to the table on the ground is a stack of books. The books are examples of those by Chicano authors banned in the states of Arizona and Texas in recent years. At the table sits the artist. He wears black pants, while his torso, arms and face are covered in red “C/S”’s. For three hours, he transcribes the banned books by hand. The audience is whoever walks by, and witnesses.   #scriptoriumconsafos#consafos #DePauwArt #Community #TalksAndArts 

Roy O. West Library, inside main doors to your left.

Location: Roy O West Library Library
Organization: Art and Art History
Organizer: Scott, Misti D