DePauw Events

Thursday October 18, 2012
Thu Oct 18

Fall Break

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Organizer: Nightenhelser, Keith E Convocations

The Crucible-Production

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Location: GCPA Moore
Organization: Communication and Theatre
Organizer: Anthony, M S Communication and Theatre

Football Meetings

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Location: Julian 151
Organizer: Jett, Eric

Football Meetings

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Location: Julian 152
Organizer: Jett, Eric

Mind Space: Maximalism in Contrasts

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September 7 - December 7, 2012

This exhibition of mixed media installations portrays a new realm of artistic expression.  Mind Space introduces 4 Chinese abstract artists who convey the concept of "Maximalism" to a global audience.  Maximalism is a term coined by curator Dr. Gao Minglu, one of the world's leading scholars of Chinese contemporary art.  Maximalism expresses the meditative mind of the abstract artist during the creation process, emphasizing the spiritual experience of art-making.  The creations of Zhu Jinshi, Zhang Yu, Lei Hong, and He Xiangyu are a dialogue between artist and nature, an inventive response to a rapidly changed material world.

Mind Space is curated by Gao Minglu and developed by Pearl Lam Galleries, Shanghai, China with tour organized by International Arts & Artists, Washington, DC.

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Location: Peeler Art Center Low Gall
Organization: Art and Art History
Organizer: Scott, Misti D

Project 35

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Project 35 is a program of single-channel videos selected by 35 international curators who have each chosen one work by an artist that they think is important for audiences around the world to experience today.

Project 35 is produced and circulated by iCI (Independent Curators International), New York.  The exhibition and tour are made possible by grants from the Cowles Charitable Trust; Foundation for Contemporary Art; the Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation; The Toby Fund; and iCI Benefactors Agnes Gund, Gerrit and Sydie Lansing, Jo Carole Lauder, and Barbara and John Robinson.

#Community #PeelerArtExhibit

Location: Peeler Art Center Up Gall
Organization: Art and Art History
Organizer: Scott, Misti D

Creating surveys, questionnaires, and applications

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An introduction on creating online surveys using Google Forms. Topics include different question types, sending and collecting form responses, and form themes. Facilitated by Dave Diedriech, Technical Training Coordinator.

Location: Julian 108
Organization: Information Services
Organizer: Diedriech, David Allen

DePauw at Earlham - Field Hockey Live Video Live Stats

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Location: Richmond, Ind. — North Coast Athletic Conference game

Feminista! meeting

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Feminista! is a multicultural feminist and women's rights activist group; We welcome everyone to join us.  Make your mark an exclamation!



Location: The Womens Center Lounge
Organization: Womens Center
Organizer: Weltz, Annie Harris

DePauw vs. Rose-Hulman - (JV) Men's Soccer

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Location: Boswell Field