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Monday November 18, 2013
Mon Nov 18

Dogs of Doubtful Origin

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In a quirky spin on the traditional sabbatical exhibition, sculpture professor Lori Miles invites six of her former students, all recent MFA recipients, to create a massive, collaborative exhibition.  Though sparked by themes central to Miles’ own work, the exhibit will be conceived, designed, and executed by all six artists collectively.  Overtly exploring the vertical exchange of information from teacher to student, this project also delves deeply into horizontal knowledge; those cultural memes that spread laterally through transfer, imitation, and replication.  Dogs of Doubtful Origin refers both to an incorrect research loop referenced by cryptozoologists and to the ambiguous artistic ownership of the exhibit itself. 

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Location: Peeler Art Center Vis Art
Organization: Art and Art History
Organizer: Scott, Misti D

Global Matrix III

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Peeler Art Center, University Gallery (upper level)

“GLOBAL MATRIX III,” a contemporary review of fine art printmaking from around the world organized as a traveling exhibition in the U.S. from 2012 to 2014.  Works have been selected for the exhibition by a team of printmaking and gallery professionals: Kathryn Reeves, Professor of Art & Design at Purdue University; Kimberly Vito, Associate Professor of Art & Art History at Wright State University; Sean Caulfield, Associate Professor of Art & Design at the University of Alberta; and Craig Martin, Director of Purdue University Galleries.  Artists include Verapong Sritrakulkitiakarn (Thailand), Janne Laine (Finland), Yuji Hiratsuka (US), Szu-Wei Ho (US), Jochen Koehn (Germany), and others.

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Location: Peeler Art Center Up Gall
Organization: Art and Art History
Organizer: Scott, Misti D

Living As Form

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Peeler Art Center, University Gallery (lower level)

In collaboration with twenty-five curators from around the world, Nato Thompson has selected 50 projects as the foundation of this exhibition, which will expand as it travels. New additions will be selected by each host institution, increasing the diversity of works made in the last twenty years that are represented in the show. Circulating via a hard drive, on which the new projects will be uploaded, Living as Form (The Nomadic Version) will provide a broad look at a vast array of socially engaged practices that appear with increasing regularity in fields ranging from theater to activism, and urban planning to visual art.For More Information: #Community #PeelerArtExhibit  

Location: Peeler Art Center Low Gall
Organization: Art and Art History
Organizer: Scott, Misti D

Aunnie Patton '07- The Robert C. McDermond Center Lecture Series

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Aunnie Patton '07

Lecturer, Researcher

Said Business School

Oxford University


Free and open to the public

RSVP to Sandy Smith



Location: Union Building Ballroom
Organization: Ctr for Managmnt + Entrepreneurship
Organizer: Smith, Sandra Beth

Dr. Dominique Corti discussed her work at the Lacor Hospital at a lunch for students and faculty

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Bring your lunch and learn about the Lacor Hospital in Uganda, from the daughter of its founder.  DePauw Professor Sharon Crary's nonprofit works to benefit the hospital, and Dr Corti has come to accept on behalf of the hospital an Archon Award from Sigma Theta Tau, the Honor Society of Nursing.


Location: Union Building Trustees
Organizer: Nightenhelser, Keith E Convocations

Tabling to Promote International Education Week (Nov 18 - Nov 23)

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DePauw will celebrate International Education Week Nov. 18-23 with events that feature the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide. The week culminates with the much-anticipated International Bazaar. DePauw’s 264 international students, representing 40 countries, will share their culinary specialties, in addition to performing cultural songs and dances. So stop by our information table in the HUB to learn about the exciting events we are planning to celebrate International Education Week

Location: Memorial Student Union Building Hub Lower Level Tabling 2
Organization: Multicultural + International Life
Organizer: Jirari, Loutfi


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Appropriate for all levels. #Wellness

Location: GCPA 0201
Organization: Student Life Division
Organizer: Servais, Jeanne M


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Located in Lilly Center, south court of the Neal Fieldhouse, Ropes training provides an overall aerobic and strength conditioning workout. #Wellness

Organization: Student Life Division
Organizer: Servais, Jeanne M

TrainIT - Introduction to Atomic Learning

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Learn how to access online learning modules on popular software applications, anywhere, any time, on Atomic Learning. Discover how to use Atomic Learning to further your professional development.

Location: Roy O West Library Lab PC
Organization: Information Services
Organizer: Diedriech, David Allen

Curtis Acosta, "Pedagogies of Hope and Resiliency: Responding to the Criminalization of Chicano/Latino Youth"

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Free and open to the public.

Recent policies have banned bilingual education and Mexican American Studies in Tucson public schools, and also have benned undocumented students in Georgia from attending public universities. Furthermore, hundreds and thousands of youth in the U.S. are criminalized due to inadequate and inhumane immigration policies that violate civil and human rights. Simultaneously, the prison industrial complex has exploded and the convergence of these two phenomena proves to be far from coincidental.

     However, pedagogies of hope and resiliency shine a beacon of optimism for the future in communities that have seen unparalleled regressive political attacks on Chicano/Latino youth. This talk focuses on the relationship between the political context for Chicano/Latino youth and the resiliency and creativity of those who strive for justice, equality and education for liberation in their community.


About Curtis Acosta (from

     Curtis Acosta is an unlikely leader in the Chicano Studies educational movement.  He's half Swedish, half Mexican.  He doesn't speak Spanish.  And at the El Dorado Hills, California high school where he went to school he admittedly ran away from his ethnicity.  But he shares a profound bond with the other 10 litigants in this historic case.


     “Our styles are different, our intellectual curiosities go in deep ways but we are a community among ourselves,” Acosta says.  “One thing we have is a deep, deep love of youth, for our country and wanting to make this world a better place.”


     Acosta teaches at Tucson High Magnet School – a school older than the state of Arizona itself.  The school is roughly 65 percent Chicano and 23 percent Anglo.  It has been a historic school for Tucson's African American population.  His course load includes three Latino literature classes and two freshman English classes.  He aspires to make his classes as culturally relevant as possible, finding material for discussion in everything from Shakespeare's The Tempest to contemporary writer Luis Alberto Urrea's The Devil's Highway and Junot Diaz' Drown.


     “I pick the literature to be provocative and it has to be beautiful,” he says.  But his picks have also made him a lightning rod of controversy.  “I have one of probably the most visited classrooms in America,” Acosta notes.  “I've had the superintendent, assistant superintendent, CNN, and the LA Times just in my room alone. Education Weekly just left. Senator (John) Huppenthal has been here.  So for someone to say there's no transparency or that we hide it every time somebody walks in is ludicrous.


     “All of us have glowing evaluations,” he says of his fellow Ethnic Studies educators.  “Our students are a glowing evaluation.  They're critical thinkers.  They're comfortable in their identity and their beliefs.  They're still forming their beliefs.  We just provide the soil for them to grow in.  We nurture them.  So for anybody to want to dismantle something beautiful that has academic success, a track record of student achievement, of hard working professionals that have created something that's an anomaly within not only the no child left behind era but in TUSD and the state of Arizona itself, then they have another agenda.”

Location: Union Building Ballroom
Organizer: Nightenhelser, Keith E Convocations

Hip Hop Fitness

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A Hip Hop fitness dance class that is easy to follow and burns calories!  #Wellness

Location: Lilly Center Dance Rm
Organization: Student Life Division
Organizer: Servais, Jeanne M

Indoor Cycling

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Indoor cycling is a class that provides a fun and varied cardio workout on stationary bicycles, led by certified instructors. The class is adaptable for all fitness levels.  Located in Lilly Center, Racquetball Court #2. #Wellness

Organization: Student Life Division
Organizer: Servais, Jeanne M

DePauw Horn and Trombone Ensembles

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Location: GCPA Thompson
Organization: Music
Organizer: Bagwell, Janice E Music