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DePauw Events

Sunday September 23, 2018
Sun Sep 23

DePauw at ITA Regional Championships (hosted by Kalamazoo College; Kalamazoo, Mich.) - Women's Tennis Athletics Website

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DePauw at Rhodes College Fall Collegiate Golf Classic - Men's Golf Athletics Website

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Location: Tunica National Golf Resort; Tunica, Miss., 1st of 2 rounds

DePauw vs. Wooster - Field Hockey Athletics Website

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Location: Wooster, DePauw, 2nd half - 3500, 0-0

DePauw University Orchestra

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The DePauw University Orchestra begins its academic year with a festive tone, opening Sunday’s concert with “Roman Carnival Overture” by French composer Hector Berlioz, based on musical themes from his opera “Benvenuto Cellini.” Maurice Ravel’s “Une barque sur l'océan” (A Boat on the Ocean) provides an impressionistic contrast before the program’s grand finale: a unique version (and one of the first) of Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky’s masterful “Pictures at an Exhibition,” arranged by Mikhail Tushmalov, a student of the great Russian orchestrator and composer Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov. Music director Orcenith Smith will conduct. 

General admission: $5; seniors, youth and all students: free.

Get tixs: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/depauw-university-orchestra-tickets-48886752593

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Location: GCPA Kresge
Organization: School of Music
Organizer: Hassler, Barbara S Performing Arts Production

The Defamation Experience

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THE DEFAMATION EXPERIENCEA three-phase interactive diversity eventTHE DEFAMATION EXPERIENCE is a unique interactive diversity program comprised of three components; the play which explores the highly charged issues of race, class, religion, gender, and the law with a twist: the audience is the jury. Through deliberations and post show discussions, audiences engage in civil discourse that challenges preconceived notions."Whether we like it or not, we still have major divides in this country. Most of us still go to bed at night in cities, communities and neighborhoods that are segregated by race, religion, ethnicity and/or class. I wanted to write a play that encourages open, honest conversation that leads to greater understanding and empathy to combat today's prevailing trends."-Todd Logan, PlaywrightThe PlayDEFAMATION is an old-fashioned courtroom drama. The premise is a civil suit: A South Side African American female business owner sues a wealthy Jewish North Shore real estate developer for defamation. What follows is a 75-minute riveting trial that "holds the audience's own prejudices and assumptions under a powerful lens, and does not let go except by the way of an unsettling self-examination"The DeliberationAfter the most dramatic testimony, the judge tells the audience they are going to be the jury. A first poll is taken. The choices are for the plaintiff, the defendant, or undecided. The tally is announced. Then for 15 minutes, the judge leads the deliberation. Jurors stand to explain and advocate their reasons for their vote. When a consensus of views have been heard, the judge polls the audience again with only the option to vote for either the plaintiff or the defendant, and this final vote decides the outcome of the trial.The Post Show DiscussionImmediately following the trial, a seasoned facilitator steps forward and invites the audience to stay for a post-show discussion. The purpose is not to re-litigate the case; the post-show is an opportunity for safe, open honest and meaningful conversations about race, class, religion, gender, and the law.


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Location: GCPA Thompson
Organization: School of Music
Organizer: Linville, Steven R Performing Arts Production

A Sukkot Celebration In The Sukkah

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A Sukkot Celebration In The Sukkah.  Free Desserts and fun facts about the holiday!

Location: Hoover Hall Stewart Plaza
Organization: Religious Life Center
Organizer: Dinn, Kristi Ann

ZooSoul DrumCircle's: Sundays every other week

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Our intention is to create an open-hearted community by bringing diverse voices together into a shared rhythm.  We will be using drums in different ways to promote healing, harmony, and just plain fun.  For ZooSoul, drumming is a way to have an individual place in the midst of a group that still supports the underlying rhythm.  It's a conversation wothout words, where everyone has his or her chance to speak.  Don't be fooled:  you need not be an expert and you don't even have to play a drum; all you need to join us is to listen and respond! bbenedix@depauw.edu

Organization: Religious Life Center
Organizer: Dinn, Kristi Ann