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DePauw Events

Monday October 29, 2018
Mon Oct 29

ArtsFest 2018: Art & Horizons

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Organization: Performing Arts Production
Organizer: Peterman, Jacob Performing Arts Production

Policing Los Angeles: Race, Resistance, and the Rise of the LAPD

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When the Los Angeles neighborhood of Watts erupted in violent protest in August 1965, the uprising drew strength from decades of pent-up frustration with employment discrimination, residential segregation, and poverty. But the more immediate grievance was anger at the racist and abusive practices of the Los Angeles Police Department. Yet in the decades after Watts, the LAPD resisted all but the most limited demands for reform made by activists and residents of color, instead intensifying its power. In Policing Los Angeles, Max Felker-Kantor narrates the dynamic history of policing, anti-police abuse movements, race, and politics in Los Angeles from the 1965 Watts uprising to the 1992 Los Angeles rebellion. Using the explosions of two large-scale uprisings in Los Angeles as bookends, Felker-Kantor highlights the racism at the heart of the city's expansive police power through a range of previously unused and rare archival sources. His book is a gripping and timely account of the transformation in police power, the convergence of interests in support of law and order policies, and African American and Mexican American resistance to police violence after the Watts uprising.

Location: Pulliam CCM Watson
Organization: History
Organizer: Sutherlin, Hope Ann

Tokyo Gate One Trio

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One of Japan’s most respected jazz groups, Tokyo Gate One Trio will perform at Music on the Square on October 29th from 6–7pm. While the trio has garnered wide acclaim in their home country, touring and performing regularly, their visit to M2 is a part of their debut U.S. tour! The group consists of members Shinji Hashimoto, guitar; Mariko Kajiwara, vocals; and Junichiro Ohkuchi, piano. Join us for this exciting evening of jazz, which is a part of DePauw’s ArtFest 2018

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Location: School of Music Music on the Square
Organization: School of Music
Organizer: Flegal, Christopher D Performing Arts Production

Faculty Select Series: Tony Weinstein and Karina Avanesian-Weinstein, piano

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In response to this year’s ArtsFest theme, “Art and Horizons,” faculty pianist Tony Weinstein and his wife and chamber partner Karina Avanesian, turn to horizons within. During the nineteenth century, music for the piano-four-hand became a medium through which the entire musical world could be captured. For DePauw’s Faculty Select Series, the Weinsteins demonstrate the expanded horizons of the four-hand piano repertoire with performances of Schubert’s great Fantasia in F minor, a masterpiece specifically composed to elevate a genre that had been, up to that point, seen as a pleasant diversion or an acceptable activity for a date; Brahms’s arrangement of the famous Schumann Quartet for piano, violin, viola and cello, which allows two players one instrument to share the interplay of the variety of colors and textures it normally takes four to produce; and the ultimate band-in-a-nutshell, Nadezhda Rimsky-Korsakov’s arrangement of Tchaikovsky’s “Romeo and Juliet” Overture-Fantasy – interpreting the sounds of an entire orchestra through the tips of twenty fingers. 

Tickets available at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/faculty-select-series-tony-weinstein-and-karina-avanesian-weinstein-tickets-48849514212

#Music #Arts

Location: GCPA Thompson
Organization: School of Music
Organizer: Hassler, Barbara S Performing Arts Production