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Events for: #EnvironmentalFellows

November 2017
Tue Nov 7

Documentary: The City Dark (a search for night on a planet that never sleeps)

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The City Dark is an Emmy nominated documentary film by filmmaker Ian Cheney about light pollution.  Cheney will visit campus on April 17, 2018 as DePauw's Earth Week keynote speaker.

The City Dark is being screened in collaboration with Physics & Astronomy in preparation for a  lecture from guest astronomer, Larry Silvestri, who will speak about light pollution during the lunch hour on November 16.

From PBS.org:  Is darkness becoming extinct? When filmmaker Ian Cheney moves from rural Maine to New York City and discovers streets awash in light and skies devoid of stars he embarks on a journey to America's brightest and darkest corners, asking astronomers, cancer researchers and ecologists what is lost in the glare of city lights. 

This event is free and open to the public.

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Location: Pulliam CCM Watson
Organization: Environmental Fellows
Organizer: Hecko, Amber Marie