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Events for: #Science

February 2018
Mon Feb 12

Speaker: Prof. Donna M. Jurdy, PhD; Dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Northwestern University

Add to Calendar4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Hosted by the Depts. of Geosciences and Physics and Astronomy, Dr. Jurdy will be presenting a lecture titled, "SETI--The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence: Perspectives of an Earth Scientist". Briefly--After 50 years of listening and searching for evidence for or from an alien intelligence has not led to a single creditable example. What are the possible explanations for "The Great Silence"? What is the "Rare Earth" hypothesis? The scientific, societal, religious and political impacts of an actual 'First Contact' scenario will be included. While discoveries of NASA's Kepler missions continues to provide numerous examples of possible life-hosting planetary systems, what observations would offer proof of life?

This speaker is free and open to all. The event is generously sponsored by the Assoc. of Women Geoscientists, DPU Depts. of Geosciences, Physics & Astronomy and Women in Science. #Speaker  #Science #TalksAndArts

Location: Julian AUD 147
Organization: Science Research Fellow Program
Organizer: Pigg, Tavia S

Tue Feb 13

Speaker: Dr. Donna M. Jurdy, PhD; Dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences; Northwestern University

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Depts. of Geosciences, Physics and Astronomy along with the generous support of the Association of Women Geoscientists are happy to host Dr. Donna Jurdy, PhD for a lunch talk titled "Mars Magnetic Mystery". Briefly, Mars--the Red Planet-- has long fascinated humans from its earth-like polar ice caps revealed by telescopes to wonderings of intelligent beings. NASA's technology has revealed even greater surprises: water flows, a magnetized crust but an unknown interior. NASA's current InSight missions will be the first dedicated to study the Martian interiors with a seismometer, heatflow probe and magnetometer. This mission could establish the current temperature regime and crust and mantle structure, as well as size and state of martian core. #Speaker  #Science #WomeninScience  This event is free and open but seats are limited and an RSVP to marydonohue@depauw.edu by Friday, Feb. 9 is required to reserve a seat and have lunch.

Location: Julian 251
Organization: Science Research Fellow Program
Organizer: Pigg, Tavia S