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Good food made by good people

Curry Friday was started September 2018 by Chaplain Sami Aziz. Started to bring together people of different colors, ethnicities, religions, sororities and fraternities, and community members; to sit, eat, and get to know each other. Curry Friday is a way to bring people together with some good food and chai (tea) that heals the soul. The spices in here, the recipes used are ancient, they’re sacred. Cooking from scratch transfers love and spirituality. We believe that good food, made by good people for good reasons transfers love and brings people’s hearts together. Curry Friday is organized every Friday at 11:30 am-3pm by Chaplain Sami Aziz at the Center for Spiritual Life on 411 E Seminary Street.

If you want to be involved or want to cosponsor Curry Friday, please fill out the form below!