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Dear DePauw Students, 

With the fall term underway and Family Weekend occurring in a few days, we wanted to take a moment to update you about the addition to the COVID-19 Dashboard late last week: a campus COVID-19 status. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with each of the levels provided at the bottom of the dashboard page. 

We have identified several trends occurring as we have had a few weeks to live and learn together under the new condition of both a highly vaccinated campus and while the Delta variant is present in our community. Below are a few reminders to help reduce the spread on campus.

  • Monitor your symptoms daily. Report them to DePauw Health Wellness Center at 765-658-4555 as soon as possible. Sending emails to inquire about an appointment may cause a delay.

  • Do not assume any mild symptoms you have are merely a cold or allergies. Many of our positive cases are presenting as stuffy and runny noses, a cough and sneezing. When in doubt, call DePauw Health Wellness Center at 765-658-4555. 

  • All of the cases identified on campus thus far have been due to spread outside of the classroom, Hoover Hall and office environments. Please remember that this virus is spread through respiratory droplets. Refrain from sharing drinks, food, utensils, vape pens and other paraphernalia with others. Do not share a small space with symptomatic individuals while unmasked. This includes travel by car.  

  • Note that COVID-19 vaccines do not mean you will not catch the virus, especially the Delta variant. We are seeing proof of the vaccine working to prevent severe illness and still believe that vaccination is an important mitigation strategy. 

Family Weekend begins this Friday. We urge everyone to remember our masking policies and to be vigilant about reporting symptoms and staying away from others if needed. If you have symptoms, call DePauw Health Wellness Center at 765-658-4555. 


The COVID-19 Mitigation Team