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April 19, 2022: Campus Status Change to Yellow

Dear DePauw Students, Staff and Faculty,

We have recently seen an increase in positive cases among our student population, which reflects what we are seeing on other campuses across the country. As a response to this increase, we are changing the campus color status to Yellow.

As a reminder, our COVID-19 mitigation policies and procedures are detailed on our campus dashboard site with highlights shared below for isolation, contact tracing and quarantine.

If you test positive for COVID-19
Since April 4, individuals who test positive must follow public health guidance and use this isolation calculator to reduce transmission of COVID-19. Masking with a well-fitting, high-quality mask (KF94, KN95 or N95) through day 10 is required to avoid transmission to others. Read more.

March 22, 2022: COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies Effective April 4

Dear DePauw Students, Staff and Faculty,

As we consider our community's return from spring break and continue to monitor COVID-19 infection rates, we would like to share updates to our current COVID-19 policies that will go into effect April 4. 

For two years, DePauw joined the rest of the world in support of COVID-19 mitigation strategies to better protect ourselves and each other. Public health regulations were implemented at DePauw for two reasons. 1) Individual health: Significant sections of our community did not have the means to protect themselves from the health threat. 2) Community/infrastructure impact: The infrastructure of the community could have collapsed in the absence of such regulations. Read more

March 9, 2022: Campus Status Change to Blue

Dear DePauw Students, Staff and Faculty,

Over the past two weeks, we have continued to see decreases in COVID-19 positive cases broadly in Indiana, in Putnam County and on campus. As a result, we are moving from Yellow to Blue status effective immediately.

What does Blue status mean for our campus? Read more.

March 2, 2022: Campus Status Change to Yellow

Dear DePauw Students, Staff and Faculty,

Thank you for your continued support as we navigate COVID-19 in our spring term. This email provides updates and reminders on processes and changes to the COVID-19 mitigation strategies so that you know what to expect in the following weeks.

This email contains additional information on:

  • Campus color status
  • New CDC guidance
  • Testing availability
  • Health reminders

Read more

Feb. 14, 2022: Campus Status Change to Orange

Dear DePauw Students, Staff and Faculty, 

Thank you for your continued support as we transitioned back to campus for our spring term.  This email provides updates and reminders on processes and changes to the COVID-19 mitigation strategies so that you know what to expect in the following weeks. 

This email contains additional information on:


Jan. 31, 2022: COVID-19 Beginning of Term Updates and Reminders

Dear DePauw Students, Staff and Faculty, 

We are excited to start spring ’22 term and see so many of you back on campus after a chilly winter break. This email provides updates and reminders on processes and changes to the COVID-19 mitigation strategies so that you know how to plan and what to expect this term. 

This email contains additional information on:

Read more.

Jan. 18, 2022: Campus COVID Status - Red

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff, 

In this message we are sharing a critical campus update:

  • Change to the campus color status: Red

Over the past two weeks, during the transition back to campus for winter term, we have seen the impact that both this transition period and Omicron have had on our campus. This has resulted in increases in the number of positive cases. Detailed information is available on our COVID-19 Dashboard. Read more.

Jan. 14, 2022: Updates to Quarantine and Isolation Directives, Mask Requirements

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff, 

In this message we are sharing two critical campus updates:

  • Changes to isolation and quarantine directives
  • Requirement for KN95, KF94, or surgical mask use on campus beginning Monday, Jan. 17

Quarantine and Isolation

As indicated in our last campus update, we have been reviewing information from the CDC, the Indiana Department of Health and other health agencies related to isolation and quarantine. Effective tomorrow, January 14, DePauw will implement strategies to allow for a reduced timeline for quarantine and isolation for individuals who meet a set of symptom and testing criteria. Read more.

Dec. 31, 2021: COVID-19 Campus Update

Dear DePauw Students, Faculty, and Staff, 

We hope that you have had a restorative winter break however you have spent your time. As we approach the beginning of Winter Term, we want to share some new information and reminders with you.

With the emergence and spread of the Omicron variant, the University is taking the following steps, effective January 3, 2022, to help minimize COVID-19 on campus while maintaining in-person classes: Read more.

Dec. 20, 2021: Booster Requirement and Return to Campus Guidance 

Dear DePauw Students,

Congratulations on the end of a successful term.  As we reflect on the challenges and successes of this semester and plan for winter and spring terms, we are emailing to update you on processes and changes to the COVID-19 mitigation strategies so that you know what to expect on campus. Prior to returning to campus students are expected to:

Read more.

Dec. 7, 2021: COVID-19 Booster Recommendation and International Travel Guidance

Dear DePauw Students, Faculty and Staff,

Given the updated recommendations from the CDC and FDA, the COVID-19 Mitigation Team has updated the campus COVID guidelines to include a recommendation for all students and employees to receive a COVID-19 booster shot. For more information from the Indiana State Department of Health regarding boosters, click here. To find a vaccination appointment in Indiana, click here. Read more. 

Nov. 19, 2021: Additional COVID-19 Testing available this weekend, and a reminder for DePauw Health

Good evening everyone!

Last week, we announced drop-in COVID-19 antigen testing was available Monday through Friday.  To support students traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday, we have decided to add drop-in testing tomorrow (Saturday 3-5pm) and Sunday (10am-12pm).  All testing will take place in Lilly 2029. Read more. 

Nov. 15, 2021: Campus COVID-19 Status Change to Orange

Dear DePauw Students, Faculty and Staff, 

Over the last several days we experienced an increase in the number of positive COVID-19 cases on campus. We are appreciative that these students reported their symptoms to University staff however many delayed seeking assistance at the onset of their symptoms, attributing their symptoms to a cold or allergies. Please continue to be vigilant with personal symptom tracking, and choose to stay home and immediately report your symptoms to DePauw Health Wellness Center. Read more.

Oct. 25, 2021: Campus COVID-19 Status Change to Yellow; Drop-in Testing Availability

Dear Students, 

We hope that you had a restful and restorative Fall Break and are looking forward to the remainder of the term. We are writing today to provide you with an update on the campus COVID-19 status and opportunities for testing. Read more.

Sept. 15, 2021: Campus COVID-19 Update for Students 

Dear DePauw Students, 

With the fall term underway and Family Weekend occurring in a few days, we wanted to take a moment to update you about the addition to the COVID-19 Dashboard late last week: a campus COVID-19 status. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with each of the levels provided at the bottom of the dashboard page. Read more. 

Aug. 23, 2021: COVID Updates, Policies and Resources

Dear DePauw Students, Faculty and Staff, 

As we start the fall term, we wanted to send an update so that the community has clear and current information about COVID mitigation on our campus.  As a reminder...Read more

Aug. 9, 2021: Fall Move in Health Protocols

Hello Student,

We are writing to you today to provide more information regarding the Fall 2021 move-in process for all students. All check-in procedures will be guided by your COVID-19 vaccine status. Please read the entire email carefully so that you understand your particular process as some details have changed from previously announced testing and transition requirements. Read more. 

Aug. 9, 2021: COVID-19 Updates

Dear DePauw Students, Faculty and Staff,  

As the fall term quickly approaches, I am looking forward to welcoming our community back to campus or to campus for the first time, and I know many of you are preparing in various ways as well.  Let us remember our priority to place the health of our students and our community at the forefront of our decisions as we once again find the need to pivot regarding our most recent communication regarding COVID-19 policies. Indicated below are updates and changes to the masking policy. Given the emerging information regarding the COVID-19 Delta variant, we believe these changes will enable us to start the term strong. Read more. 

July 22, 2021: COVID-19 Policy Updates and Fall on Campus

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff, 

I am certainly looking forward to the opportunity for DePauw to return to as normal as possible campus experience. Our ability to do so depends upon our commitment to the health of our entire community--our students and our co-workers. We demonstrated this strong commitment to one another over the last year-and-a-half and I am asking all of us to continue to do so.

As we prepare for the Fall semester, and after gathering input from across campus, I write with an important update regarding COVID-19 university policies for vaccinations, masking and events. Read more.

July 8, 2021: Return to Campus Testing and Transition

Dear Students, 

We are so excited to see all of you back on campus in just a few short weeks. Faculty and staff are working hard to prepare for your arrival and our COVID Re-Start Team continues to review our campus operations to return to a vibrant student experience that also keeps the health of our community at the forefront. 

Today we are writing to share important details about return to campus testing and transition protocols that were developed based on CDC guidance. Read more.

June 23, 2021: Campus COVID Policy Updates

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff, 

As we prepare to return to a thriving, in person, residential experience in the fall, the campus restart team has begun work on our campus plan. In accordance with CDC guidelines and the charge of the Campus Restart Team, please note the following updates to campus policies. We continue to work with campus partners on additional health and safety guidelines and expect to have updates by mid-July and early-August that will further outline the return to campus. The current masking policies remain in place, and will be addressed in the next update. Please remember that pre-COVID policies for learning, living and working together remain in place. Read more 

June 4, 2021: information on COVID-19 vaccine requirement

Dear Tigers:

On April 26, DePauw announced that proof of a COVID-19 vaccination will be required for all students planning to attend this fall.  We believe widespread COVID-19 vaccination will lead to a more robust, vibrant and safe DePauw.  Medical and religious exemptions will be accommodated for all required vaccinations.  

Below is specific information on how to meet this requirement or submit an exemption. Read more.

May 14, 2021: Updates from the COVID-19 Task Force

Dear students, faculty and staff,

Yesterday the CDC updated its guidance regarding masking and distancing of fully vaccinated individuals*. We are encouraged by the CDC’s announcement that enables vaccinated individuals to resume many pre-pandemic activities, however, the CDC announcement does not make specific recommendations to colleges and universities. The CDC also indicated that private businesses and organizations many still require masking as they deem necessary. While we are encouraged by the announcement, we are waiting for additional guidance from the CDC about implications for higher education before we make significant changes to our policies on campus. Read more.

April 26, 2021: Student COVID-19 Vaccinations for Fall 2021

Dear DePauw Students and Families,

As we plan to welcome back all members of our community to our campus this fall we are continuing our strategies to keep our community as safe as possible. The increased availability of the COVID-19 vaccine has already enabled us to protect the health of our students (more than two-thirds of our students to date have been vaccinated) and community, allowing us to expand our campus activities, and plan for two in-person commencement celebrations this May and June.

Global and national health experts have confirmed that we must remain vigilant around COVID-19 public health measures.  Now that it is clear that a COVID-19 vaccination will be more accessible to members of our community prior to or at the start of Fall Term, we join many universities around the country in requiring proof of a COVID-19 vaccination for all students planning to attend this fall. Read more.

Additional announcements moved to two internal newsletters: DeBrief and SALutations.