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Subject: Services and Hours, visitors to campus, notification update

Dear students, faculty and staff,

As we adjust to a new environment, we thank you for your continued flexibility as we make changes to our current operating procedures. The health and safety of our students, faculty, staff and the Greencastle community are of the utmost importance to us.

Services, hours and essential personnel
In an effort to focus on health and safety, given changing health directives, and based on recent decisions made by Indiana Governor Holcomb, we are closing or limiting hours for some campus buildings and services.

  • Vice Presidents will continue to work to designate essential personnel within their respective divisions and we will move to a model that limits the number of employees who will be required to be on-campus. Employees working from home or who cannot work will still enter their full regularly scheduled hours for compensation, using the COVID-19 code. Use of the COVID-19 code will not be counted against accrued sick or vacation time.
  • As of today, physical libraries will be closed. Library services will continue operation and librarians will respond to student and faculty requests for scanning, research support, class support and handing physical materials to on-campus users where possible. For more information please visit the library’s page.
  • As of dinner last night, Bon Appetit and The Inn at DePauw have started to-go dining only. Options will still be available at Hoover Hall and the Union Building C-Store during posted hours.
  • As of today, Welch Fitness Center, Neal Fieldhouse and Lilly Rec will be closed until further notice.
  • The Nature Park is open for people to access by foot only. The Reflection Center, Welcome Center, parking lots and bathrooms are closed.

Services available across campus, as well as the ways we provide them, will continue to evolve. We have asked offices and departments to update their websites to reflect hours of operation and how and who to contact for services. We would like to call attention to a few specific areas here and encourage you to visit websites of other areas you are interested in:

Visitors to campus
For the health and safety of students who are remaining on campus, as well as our employees who will be providing support and other essential campus operations, no outside visitors -- including students who have departed from campus -- are permitted until further notice. Only students who have been approved due to extenuating circumstances and essential staff should be in their designated residences; likewise, external visitors (including students who have left campus) cannot utilize DePauw facilities (including Hoover, Lilly, Peeler, the library and other service-providing areas) without approval. This decision is necessary to prevent unintended exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19.

Swipe access to buildings
Students, faculty and staff who remain on campus will be given swipe card access only for essential buildings. Physical keys will continue to work as well.

  • Essential personnel & Faculty (for their building only, FM/IT as needed).
  • Students approved to stay (for their residence, specific academic spaces as needed, Union Building, CDI, Center for Spiritual Life, and Hoover).
  • Should you have any issues with swipe card access, please reach out to idcard@depauw.edu.

Spring break power outage update
Given the changing nature of our planning around COVID-19, we will be postponing the spring break power and network outages until further notice. To serve students who are remaining on campus, instead of closing as originally planned Bon Appetit will now be open with modified service through the entire week of spring break. As noted above, please be sure to refer to the website for specific hours.

Correction to information about alerts and notifications to off campus students in the event of illness
An earlier email contained an incorrect date of notification should anyone remaining on campus, including students, faculty or staff, contract the virus that causes COVID-19 two or more weeks following the closure of residence halls. We will notify students/families if any confirmed case of COVID-19 occurs through April 3 (a previous email stated April 17 in error). After April 3, it will no longer be medically necessary to send broadcast emails to those who are no longer living on campus.

We urge anyone who contracts the virus that causes COVID-19 prior to April 3 to notify DePauw Health at 765-658-4555 so that we can alert our faculty, staff and students.

Communication with students remaining on campus
We have designated Heather Wright in Student Academic Life as a point of contact for all students remaining on campus. She will be communicating with those students directly for any needs.

Work Study Students
Students may not work in-person for the remainder of the spring term. Students who can perform their work virtually (e.g., providing peer-tutoring services) may continue to do so with approval of their supervisor. Information about providing financial support for students who are employed through Federal Work Study follows below.

Efforts to support students
In an effort to keep you as updated as possible, we’d like to share the following details about what has been provided in recent days.

  • We have approved $186,000, and already disbursed over $70,000, to students for emergency needs including travel,technology and other requirements. This has been made possible through generous gifts from alumni & friends and DePauw Student Government. We will continue to consider requests as needed. We opened the Business Office over the weekend to distribute checks for departing students.
  • Students were provided with boxes for packing and students were able to leave pre-packed boxes in their University residences. The University is covering the cost of shipping.
  • Free shuttles were provided to the airport and storage units on Monday, March 16.
  • 235 students have been approved to remain on campus based on their specific circumstances.
  • Students who resided in University-owned housing, and who have departed campus, are receiving prorated refunds for room and board charges.
  • Federal Work Study students are still eligible for their awards through the Spring Term even if they are not able to work. Students with work study appointments have been given details regarding how to proceed.
  • Academic Affairs is collaborating with others to provide guidance for faculty regarding academic equity issues for students.
  • Detailed answers to questions regarding room and board refunds and work study are listed on our Q&A page.

We are updating our Q&A page and preparedness page as we are able. We encourage you to use it as an ongoing resource.


Dave Berque, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs
Alan Hill, Vice President for Student Academic Life
Bob Leonard, Vice President for Finance and Administration